“I hope he’s ok.”

Do you ever read Dlisted? It’s one of my favorite celebrity blogs. I like it because Michael K, the blog author, cracks my ass up. What I especially like about Michael K is that he likes Anderson Cooper as much as I do (though, perhaps not in the same way). He calls him Mah Boo and that makes me feel all yummy inside.

This is a guy who got his start on one of the early reality shows that hit in the last decade, The Mole:

As a serious journalist, however, Cooper worked his way up to a well-earned spot on the CNN staff. His take-no-prisoners form of reporting is impressive. He has been up against some fantastic names and he has very little tolerance for political bureaucracy. This is one of my favorite moments from his reporting during Katrina:

Anderson Cooper is in the news again this week. I know. You are wondering how this is an odd thing for me to note, given that he is a journalist and pretty much in the news everyday. But this week the news is about him.

I read AC360 pretty regularly—Cooper is one of the first news people to really utilize the form of blogging. He reaches a lot of people in this way and you probably don’t even think about it anymore since quite a few people in the news blog on a daily basis. But Cooper was one of the first.

So not only is he in our living room through CNN onscreen (or dorm room, iPhone, however and wherever you watch TV), but he reaches out to us through his writing. 360 is a great way to stay on top of the most recent news with reporting that exhibits sense of pathos that is not hindered by ignorance of logic.

This week, a new Anderson Cooper video is making the rounds on the blogs. Cooper is in Haiti right now, helping with the rescue of earthquake victims. Notice I say helping with the rescue and not reporting on the earthquake victims. Apparently, while reporting on the quake, Cooper’s crew stumbled on a store being looted:

As things got really out of control, I saw a looter on the roof of the store they’d broken into throw what I think was part of a concrete block into the crowd. It hit a small boy in the head.

Cooper, without hesitation, ran into the crowd and carried the boy away to safety.

There are more images of the incident and a video on AC360, which you can read about in Anderson Cooper’s own words here.

Make sure you watch the video and see Cooper toss his video camera to the side. Compare it to this:

Oh that Silver Fox. I do so love him.


2 thoughts on ““I hope he’s ok.”

  1. Shane Simon says:

    I’ve never really given any mind to Anderson Cooper and know next to nothing about him or his journalistic endeavors. In fact, for me television is a thing of the past. I get most of my news on-line anyway. Most of the reporters and anchors are so superficial or try much too hard to establish a “connection” with their viewers and break down that fourth wall. There is a long list of television news anchors and pundits who I absolutely loathe. Topping it are Hannah Storm (ESPN Sportscenter), Ann Coulter (any program she appears on), Jim Rome (Rome is Burning ESPN), Skip Bayless (ESPN), and Joe Buck (Fox Sports), just to name a few. As you can probably tell, ESPN is the main channel watched with my four roommates. You might be surprised to learn that Discovery Channel is right up there in the ratings, but how can you hate a host on the Discovery Channel, I mean, c’mon!

    Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to get at is this: how many journalists would have actually done what Anderson Cooper did? Not too many, I think. Sure, there are plenty of journalists who put themselves in harms way to get the story. Reporters who are attached to Army divisions in Afghanistan and Iraq and are captured by al-Qaeda or other insurgent groups are perhaps the best example. Anderson Cooper, however, is an industry big-shot so to speak. I mean, he’s got his own show and is making close to a bazillion dollars a year. Why jeopardize his economic welfare, and more importantly, his life, by tossing aside the camera and rushing into the fracas?

    Probably because he actually gives a damn.

    His actions in Haiti prove that he is more than just a TV personality – he’s somebody who I would want watching my back in a disaster situation. Someone you know would risk everything in a heartbeat to help someone they’ve never even seen before. Dare I say it, but Anderson Cooper could actually be labeled a hero. But not a hero as in the “he’s my journalistic hero” type of way. It would be more like a “Carnegie Hero Award recipient” type of hero. The number of journalists that can add that commendable feat of humanity to their resume are few and far between.

    • Michele says:

      Shane: exactly. Of what little I know about the history of journalism, I think Cooper is the only current journalist that even comes close to giving a damn as much as Morrow, Cronkite, or Wallace did. I mean…can you imagine Coulter in Haiti? She would running around calling everyon “fags” and then blogging about it.

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