Fer cryin’ out loud. Look what I found.

I was in Walgreen’s to pick up something as simple as garbage bags. I left with two bags of these:

A few months ago, this same Walgreen’s had these at the front counter:

This shit will be the death of me. Today in Writer’s Seminar, our freewrite was Favorite Food. I would have easily written about Mac N’ Cheese. I mean, c’mon. How can anyone avoid a big plate o’comfort:

Just looking at this picture is making my mouth water. But then I tried one of these Almond Joy Heaven-In-My-Mouth tasty tidbits.

When I was a kid, one of my brothers would bring a coconut home—a single coconut from the grocery store (I can only imagine what the cashier thought). We would sit outside and he would bust it open with a hammer. He showed me how to scrape your teeth on the coconut and eat the shavings. To this day I keep coconut in my fridge and eat it when I am craving something sweet.

But this candy is a whole new bag of excitement.

Not only does the coconut flavor remind me of being a kid and all the comforts that come with those kid moments of savoring something sweet but it also makes me sing aloud what had to be the best commercial jingle of my youth:

So name it. What’s your favorite candy? I know Sour Patch kids is a favorite among many of my students. They just seem way too painful for me to even attempt a mouthful.


16 thoughts on “Fer cryin’ out loud. Look what I found.

  1. Katie says:

    Oh my gosh! I love coconut anything! Well actually, I’ll make an exception to that comment. When I was in Puerto Rico I ate a real coconut just as you enjoy, however I didn’t think it was as sweet at manufactured coconut candy. Those pieces certainly do look delicious! And I hope those limited edition coconut M&M’s are still on the shelves! Ahhh my mouth is watering.

    As for my favorite candy, twix bars all the way! I eat them very slowly, first chewing off the caramel/chocolate top layer, then eating the cookie underneath…so amazing.

    • Michele says:

      Katie and Cassie: how do you both eat your Reese’s cups? Or Oreos? I think snack food creators purposely create food that can be taken apart and eaten in layers. It helps the potheads revel in their joy of stone-ness.

  2. Cassie says:

    Reading this was possibly the best way to start my morning- ever. Almond Joys are my favorite candy because they were also my father’s favorite! Every year for his birthday I would buy him coconut ice cream and the fun size Almond Joys-then we would make amazing sundaes. Don’t knock it till you try it.

    I always eat around the almond first and save the best for last. I like Mounds too but I don’t understand why they couldn’t just throw an almond in there too. Because it would be an Almond Joy, you say? NO, actually it wouldn’t because Mounds are made with dark chocolate.

    I know my candy.

  3. Rebecca Felt says:

    I literally stared at the picture of mac & cheese for a minute or two, thank you for reminding me that I have yet to eat lunch. I have never been a “candy kid.” In fact, it wasn’t until I was about nine when I realized that it was not normal for Halloween candy to disappear within a 2 hour period of arriving home. I do have a weakness however, aside from mac & cheese (mmmm), dark chocolate was one thing that my mother and I could agree on. I grew up thinking that any chocolate below 75% was not worth eating. I like the ritual you can make of it, a square of dark chocolate and tea before bed.

    I think we could make a blanket assumption that dark chocolate is more of a vitamin… sort of a necessity for life?

  4. stephen raulli says:

    Necco Wafers. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Abby Eustance says:

    Its probably a good thing that i dont enjoy chocolate that much. Yet it saddens me as well because i feel like im missing out on something. Whenever i go to check out at a grocery store there are always bags of candy that just pop out at me and i think “hey why not get it i mean it is just right here.” Thats how they get you! Instead of having to search around the store for such items they put it where everyone will eventually end up. Whenever i buy a bag of candy i try to save it but it doesnt end up happening. On the other hand, mac and cheese is my all time favorite food to eat. I personally love annies mac and cheese because it is white cheddar and for some reason tastes so much better, but of course its more expensive. I think i could live on mac n cheese if i had to, wow that sounds bad. Its probably a good thing that i just had lunch or else i would make myself some mac n cheese right now.

  6. My favorite candy? Well, I do not really have a favorite candy. Though I am a huge fan. I generally like fruity candies, though I also like chocolate. If I were to choose a favorite candy I think I would have to go with Swedish Fish. My Dad and I had a five pound bag once and it was gone pretty quickly considering the size of the bag! My Mom knows I love them so when she sends me a package before finals she always sends me little bags of Swedish Fish to help me get through finals.

    I also really like M&Ms. They really are my downfall. In my house, we have a container on a shelf in my kitchen that is right near the doorway to the next room. So as you walk by you just grab a handful of M&Ms. And that’s what happens almost every time you walk from room to room. A hand in the M&M jar makes a distinct sound so every time you eat some, everyone that is downstairs can hear it. When I was little I would try to sneak them and you would hear my Mom from the front room saying “Christine” in that stern tone of voice that you know you got busted. Another type of M&Ms that my friend and I discovered at Wegmans were Peanut Butter M&Ms! They are really good! Has anyone every had them? Instead of the basic Peanut M&Ms, they have peanut butter inside them, so they are great! They are in the red bag if anyone is interested.

    Lastly, I am basically a fan of fruity candy because I am not a big fan of the aftertaste of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. I always have to have some pretzels or gum or something after because I do not like the lingering taste. Generally, I really love milk chocolate (especially Lindt Truffles with the white or milk chocolate filling… mmm!), but I just cannot do the aftertaste.

  7. ssae12 says:

    I would say almost any candy with chocolate in it, expect dark chocolate (there’s nothing sweet about that). I go through phases with different types.
    I must thank my parents for giving me candy as a small child. It could have been that it was really cheap and was a way of driving our attention from a toy (something more expensive). My father dad likes chocolates and my mom doesn’t really like candy at all. She doesn’t find the joy in it as her daughters do.
    I remember the times my father would bring us each a bag of either M&Ms or snickers. My first favorite candy at that time must have been M&Ms because that’s the first candy I think about my childhood. The peanut covered M&MS are my favorite.
    Next would be Snickers or Twix. There is so much going on in there: chocolate, peanuts and caramel. But sometimes Twix comes out on top because the two sticks make it seem like there is more candy and sweeter. According to Wikipedia, Snickers is “the best chocolate bar of all time.” I know people which not completely agree with this.
    Almond joy, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Creme, Hershey Almond and Kit Kats are among my other favorite chocolate bars.
    I’ve also seen the Almond Joy pieces and I still await the moment in which I with have them in my mouth savoring that awesome combination. Yummy!!(soon)

    – Sandra Saetama

  8. king4648 says:

    Whaaat! Coconut? Coconut is the shit yo!!..When I was young, I used to buy coconut from the market. Oh man! Coconut water is so sweet and natural! I used to drink it all the time. Every kid likes candy. However, I don’t really have a favorite candy. I dislike chocolate candy, unlike how many it is many peoples’ favorite. I used to think that eating chocolate would give me acne (I still do). Thus, I dislike eating chocolate candies such as M&M, Snickers, etc.

    Let’s get back to coconut. Even though, my parents would always beat me if I eat candy too much, I still loved my coconut candies. They just appeal to my eyes. Two candies that I really like as much as coconut candies are Werther’s candies and Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream. So you could say my favorite candies are Coconut, Werther’s and Hershey’s candies. Although I hate chocolate (especially dark chocolate), I love white and milk chocolate. I really loved them when I was young (I still do). I had toothache because of eating these aforementioned candies almost every single day! I just couldn’t live without them; I couldn’t help it. I still do like them though, despite the fact that I don’t eat too much sweets like before.

  9. keysccr8412 says:

    Coconut candy is the best! I use to get those boxes of assorted chocolates for like Christmas or Valentines day and poke a whole in the bottom of every single chocolate in search of the coconut one. Once it was found, I would discard the rest of the box and let my family eat the leftovers. They usually didn’t though because a majority of the chocolates had been punctured by my finger which make them look not to appetizing. Mounds are sooo good, debatably my favorite type of candy. Almond joys are good too but I usually pick off the almond the its basically a Mounds anyways.

    I have to admit I agree with you on the sour candy, it is more painful to eat than enjoyable. The only reason people enjoy it is because after the painful sour part, the sweet part tastes really good. But honestly who can enjoy the “War head” incredibly sour and painful to eat candies. I use to just wash off the sour powder in the sink and then eat the sweet part. My favorite candy would definitely be anything with chocolate, not lollypops or any of that nonsense. M&Ms, kitkats, butterfingers, crunch bars, twix; those are the good types of candy. I want candy just talking about this! The last kind of candy I had was a bad of recess M&Ms which is very good. 🙂

    Not to mention I also love macaroni and cheese. A kind of embarrassing but true story is that I have basically been to Friendly’s at least once a week for my whole life with my friends at home and have literally never ordered anything besides the kids macaroni and cheese. It is just too good!

  10. The Mythical says:

    OOOOOOOHHH WOOOWEY!! I am IN LOVE with coconut anything! I NEED to get those candies, however I will be as big as a house if I do indeed ever get my hands on those! And I’m right there with you with the real cocnuts! My mom bought me one once and I absolutely loved it! To this day I still force her to buy me some, and even had her send me off to school with one for my first semester! 😉 Let’s just say any food excites me. My parents claim I should honestly be about 694 lbs! Kinda of depressing, but i mean it’s just cause I can never get enough of something that I like! And mac and cheese! Don’t get me started I looooove mac and cheese, not so much the Kraft box stuff as much as my mommy’s homemade or panera’s or eeeven SAGA! Ha I love that delicious fattening bull crap. Why is it that everything that taste soooo good is just a heart attack waiting to happen!? God help me!

  11. Courtney O'Brien says:

    My favorite candy? I would definitely have to say that Kit Kat’s are by far my favorite candy ever. I can’t even remember the last time I liked a different candy more than Kit Kat’s. Kit Kat bars are my weakness. When I am in a store, I try really hard to avoid candy sections but unfortunately they place the candy racks right in front of your face at the check out line. I mean seriously? This makes it so difficult for me to resist that urge, “don’t get one, don’t get one, don’t get one”. Right when I think I have convinced myself not to add it to the rest of my unhealthy food choices, I tell myself “it cant be that bad…” Luckily the vending machines in the basement of my dorm don’t have Kit Kat bars or else I may be down there at all hours of the day. It is so easy to eat a candy bar and not realize how bad it really is. I love Kit Kat bars so much that I almost never think of the consequences.
    Although Kit Kat bars are my most favorite candy of all, I do however have one more really big weakness. Fortunately, this is a candy that I don’t have to be concerned about all year because you can only find them in the springtime. Cadbury cream eggs are my all time weakness. I could eat these all day, every day. Growing up, my best friend and I loved Cadbury cream eggs. We always thought of buying them in bulk to last the whole year but we realized that they wouldn’t be as special if we did that. And to be completely honest, I doubt they would last the whole year. I don’t have the will power to put a limit on something so sweet. I know this because even when I buy three at a time, they are gone with in the first hour. Anyways, Cadbury cream eggs are only available to buy around Easter. It’s unfortunate, I know. But at the same time, I am really happy that they are available for a limited time only because then I can’t eat as many. However, during the 3 or 4 months they are available, I really have to limit the amount of times I go into the store. Cadbury cream eggs are everywhere; CVS, Wegman’s, Rite Aid, Wal-Mart etc. So depending how many times I go in those stores is the amount of creme eggs I have.
    I have a very big sweet tooth. I think I would prefer something sweet over an actual meal. I am the type of person who jumps right to the desert. I would rather skip the meal and cut to the sweet stuff. Therefore, I have a really difficult time resisting those sweet urges such as the Kit Kat bars and the Cadbury crème eggs.

  12. Alex Cragg says:

    My mom always had candy around the house when I was younger. She loves candy more than anyone I know. Sometimes, that’s all she will eat all day, just candy. Don’t get me wrong though, I eat candy all the time. As all of my friends and family know, there is rarely a moment that I don’t have candy, a cookie or ice cream in my possession and I would never turn it down if it was offered to me. Even if I’m so full I can’t eat one more bite of my dinner, I will always have room for dessert. I consider it to be more of a talent than anything.
    Of course, my favorite type of dessert is chocolate. I eat it everyday without remorse. However, I’m a little on the picky side. I like there to be something else in my chocolate, like carmel, coconut or both. My only exception to that is M&M’s and Cadberry Eggs because they both have this type of freestanding deliciousness that doesn’t need to be tampered with.
    ALSO! Mac and Cheese is my favorite meal and I eat that almost every day also. My favorite type of boxed mac and cheese is Velveeta because it’s just the best. I would eat it every day if it wasn’t $2 per box. This is the best blog post I have ever read because it combines 2 things that I am really passionate about, candy and mac and cheese.

  13. Peter Cruice says:

    When someone asks me what my favorite food is I have to stop and think for a second. I usually think to myself where is the person from that is asking me this question. If they grew up near the ocean I respond “Maryland Blue Crab”. These by far are my favorite. If you enjoy seafood, and better yet crab, then you must try these. They are absolutely delicious! There are many reasons to why this is my favorite food ever, but my favorite candy is a different story.

    When I was growing up I could eat pounds of candy a day. I used to say all my teeth were “sweet tooth’s”. My dentist had a love/hate relationship for me. They loved to charge me for drilling cavities, but hated doing the work. Now as candy went, I ate everything from skittles, airheads, gobstoppers, Twix, sugar daddy, lollipops, pop rocks, kit kats, sour rope, and etc. I would spend my allowance on one thing, candy. When it was time to eat a real meal “according to my parents”, Maryland Blue Crab was my favorite.

    It was always summer time when these crabs were around and we were able to sit and eat these outside. The best part of all of this is that I was with my whole family. Crabs were fun because it’s not like my parents put a made dinner on my plate and said, “Eat it”. This was something I had to work for. I had to open up each crab and pick out all of the bad/ inedible stuff. Whenever I found a juicy meat nugget it was like I was in a candy store! Crabs aren’t very filling. They taste amazing, but they wouldn’t fill me up. So I usually had a dessert after dinner and a lot of candy. Nowadays I have the perfect combination. Maryland Blue Crabs, candy and beer. I love beer and crabs, what could be a better combo on a hot summer day. The beer would fill me up while I worked away finding juicy nuggets of crabmeat. The crabmeat reminded me up another watermelon sour patch kid in the bag. So I could eat six jumbo crabs now, and have a few beers, a bad of sour patch kids and feel nice and full. Maryland Blue Crabs are my favorite meal because of the family memories tied with them as well as the amazing taste of crabmeat, but candy was the jackpot of the meal.

    Now if I could go back and think of what my favorite type of candy is, I would certainly choose Sour Patch Kids Watermelon, even though there are so many more. I could eat them for days. The were the best tasting candy in my mind, and I never grew tired of eating them. I could buy them at WAWA, CVS, and of course the movie theatres. When I combine my favorite food, beer and candy, well that’s just a whole new ball game. Candy was my best and worst friend. I loved to eat it, but it also made me very hyper. Having a combination of my favorite food, drink helped keep things on an even keel.

  14. kristalongo says:

    My favorite candy would definitely by far be a KitKat. The wafer covered with rich milk chocolate melts in my mouth every time I eat it. I am a sucker for any type of chocolate candy but if I see a KitKat, I go crazy. I really like the commercials for this candy too. The jingle that they have for everyone is so catchy. I sometimes find myself singing it if I randomly see a KitKat somewhere. I used to think the commercials were the only reason I started liking them, but as I ate them more and more, I just fell in love. On Halloween when I was little, I would search for KitKats, and trade with my friends or siblings. I would do anything for that KitKat bar. I would beg my mom to buy packets of it but she never did. And every time I went shopping with her, I would ask to buy just one. Sometimes it would work and other times it would not. To this day though, I still enjoy KitKats. I actually now have a weird way of eating them and every time I’m with my friends, they always make fun of me. I first eat all of the chocolate on the outside. Then I eat off the top layer of the wafer, trying very hard to keep the chocolate in between the wafers there. Then I take the bottom wafer off the same way. I don’t know how I started eating KitKats this way but that’s just the way I eat them!

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