FW2: First Concert

My first concert was AC/DC, the “Back in Black” tour. I was 14. It was an amazing concert–of course, what did I have to compare it to, you know? I went with my friend Chris who if I recall, brought a bottle of gin and cherry soda so we can make slow gin fizzes. Half way through the concert, he jumped and knocked my drink out of my hands…it doused the front of me, staining my white jeans. Yeah, I had on white jeans. It was the 80s. We wore shit like that.

What I remember most was that some guy in front of us was hunched over passed out. There was a footprint on his back. I also remember getting a total contact buzz from the audience since we paid extra cash to sit in the pavilion. I don’t think I realized I was high at the time but it was hard not to be–AC/DC fans are loyal with their weed, that’s for sure.

That is one of my fondest memories I have ever had with Chris. I just talked to him about a month ago and we laughed about that concert all over again.


5 thoughts on “FW2: First Concert

  1. stephen raulli says:

    My first concert was just this past summer–Kelly Clarkson; she was amazing. Great vocals; no reliance on bombastic special effects. What I remember most is–I was with my best friend, Katie–how annoyed we were by the drunk girls in front of us who were singing to each other–well, shouting. They were also wearing bump-its, and those things are bad all on their own.

    • Michele says:

      Stephen, there is a entire blog entry that could be created just on bump-its.

      • stephen raulli says:

        My cousin bought one; I thought it was a joke; she was serious; she put it on; I said she shaped it like an egg.

  2. Gian Contro says:

    I have been to multiple concerts but there are a few that stick out in my mind. Speaking of drunk people I was at a Buckcherry concert this past summer and a guy was wasted doing his own interpretive dance to every single song. I was almost in a trance that this guy could come up with a new dance for every song. Buckcherry put on a good show but my mind was not in the show it was this guy in a white tank top with jeans that looked like he did manual labor in them every day doing these insane dance routines. I got my moneys worth not by listening to the 4 or more bands that played but by this guys dancing. To relate to class though I would like to talk about women at concerts. I have been to many shows where women are encouraged to flash the band. I was at a Kiss concert in 6th grade and cannot recall how many boobs I saw. It seems degrading though because the women seem to enjoy doing this but the fact is that most of the people at the concert were drunk men. I saw guys grabbing at the women who would do this and it was kind of weird to me. I wanted to say put down your shirt before you get groped. It’s not fair in my mind for a women to put herself in this situation even though its her decision. If you’re in a crowd of drunk men at a concert and theres lots of boobs being shown its a recipe for disaster.

  3. Alex Cragg says:

    My first concert was Cher and the Village People. I’m not lying. I went when I was in 8th grade with my mom and some of her friends from work. It was AWESOME! Both acts were sensational. The whole concert was filled with crazy lighting, dancers coming down from the ceiling and fantastic costumes. This was also my first experience with seeing men dressed in drag. The strange thing was, coming from a Catholic school and a Catholic family, you would assume that the concept of men in dresses, heels and fake eyelashes would be weird to me or make me feel uncomfortable but looking back on it, I never thought anything of it. I thought of myself as being surrounded by performers. Being a performer (not of drag) myself, it was a very welcoming environment to be in. Even though it was a possibility that we were not performers of the same art, we shared a love of the stage nonetheless.

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