Guest Blogger: Cindi U.

My first concert was Journey. The real Journey. Journey when they were at their peak in the early 1980s. This was when MTV actually played videos and before that, we had Midnight Special for live music. The summer of my senior year, they were the hottest group on Q102, our local radio station, so I knew I had to see them. Kevin, my boyfriend, had a truck, so I knew we were halfway there. We just had to score tickets. I didn’t have a job, but he did, so I began tossing out strong hints about their upcoming show in Cincinnati. Luckily, I was good at hinting, because we soon had a chance to go. The only downfall…his parent’s didn’t want him driving there. We ended up going with some girl that went to our church (what was her name?) and HER FATHER!! I remember the father had cotton stuffed in his ears and he passed it around the car for us to use, too. I wasn’t about to protect my eardrums…this was my first concert! I remember being mortified that Kevin put cotton in his ears. I think that’s actually when I started questioning how much I really liked him! The opener was Bryan Adams, an unknown act at the time. I think he had one popular song. Our seats were up high, but Kevin had binoculars. I remember being mortified about that, too.

Here’s Wheel in the Sky, one of their popular hits at the time.

That night in Cincinnati changed me as a person. Seeing those musicians live, feeling the bass pounding throughout my body, turned me into the music-loving, concert-going fan I am today.


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  1. Michele says:

    I LOVED Journey. Now, they are getting a bit overplayed for me with The Sopranos and Glee. Why not revisit some real 80s rockers…like Aldo Nova?!

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