Just stick to the weather. Idiot.

I know that meteorology is not an easy field to conquer. I took astronomy as an undergrad and I barely survived the course. I don’t even know what I would have had to do to pass any sort of class beyond simple stargazing—that’s about as high in the sky as I have ever cared to look. To actually consider atmospheric science would have crippled me, especially since it has so much more to do with simply looking upward. (Hello: Haiti earthquake.) And given the recent round of global warming and its arguments, it cannot be an easy job.

So I don’t mean to diss on meteorologists with this post. But I am really kinda disgusted at the following two videos I saw when I was surfing online the other night—both appeared on my screen one right after the other:

Like really. Do these idiots think this is funny? Do they really think that women in whatever town they happen to be reporting about the weather in are going to call up the station and take interest in this freak of a man bragging about his “9 inches”?

And the second video is even worse by the mere fact that his female co-worker had to sit there and faux laugh at his offensive joke about “69 sex,” most likely because she was so embarrassed that she wasn’t really sure of what else to do.

Gentlemen, (dare I even call these losers gentleman?) this is not funny. It’s offensive. And frankly, it’s a form of sexual harassment. I am not really sure of why guys think it’s funny to joke about sex with women they don’t know. Yes, I said women they don’t know. Because, you know what? When you are with a group of your friends, that’s one thing. But these two idiots (take a drink every time I call them idiots) are in a very public position, one of responsibility.

And before you start saying that I am a raging feminist—which I am, proudly—I want you to consider this: They owe it to their audience to be professional. Because their audience is your mother. And your sister. Your Aunt. And your grandmother. Do you really think it’s cool and funny that a male newscaster tells your grandmother about his “9 inch”? Yeah, see. Takes on a whole new connotation when you place it into the larger picture. As I said, idiots.

As I was composing this post, I hit up You Tube to see what other idiot meteorologists might be out there. And guess what? There are plenty. But none made me rage more than this guy:

I think what is most disturbing is that this guy’s whole crew sits in the back and laughs with him—some even encourage it. He obviously has an audience in the studio that he is playing to. He jokes in one of the videos that the station manager called him to reprimand him for his behavior. Why wasn’t this guy fired? I did some (very limited, I admit) research on this guy and there is not much out there. He has an IMDb listing and a bio page that he wrote himself for Fox News, Charlotte. Here is my favorite part:

And I don’t like to brag but I have to admit that the ladies love me more here at Fox Charlotte. If you know of an on air talent here at Fox trust me when I say that they all have secret crushes on the ole Mathis.

You know, in an era of Mad Men, I get it. But this bio was last updated in June 2009. Times have changed, idiot. You don’t get to be offensive without someone along the way having something to say about it. There is a place for your humor (like a low-level comedy club under some bridge somewhere) but it is not the local news.

I don’t even know if he is still on the air in Charlotte. But I am almost tempted to take a road trip and find out. So I can visit the studio and say directly to this idiot’s face:

Just stick to the weather. Idiot.


11 thoughts on “Just stick to the weather. Idiot.

  1. ghawk65 says:

    Ok I’m going to be honest here for the first couple I awkwardly laughed at the antics of these troubled news men. The big problem I have here is that there is a huge breach of professionalism. While I might find it oddly amusing there are many who tune in only to find out about the extent of the weather rather than the caster’s sexual prowess. If I wanted “borderline” humor I would just tune into a show where the actual talent rests. Politeness aside honestly it wasn’t that funny. The only humor in this event was the break in expectations. In either case Family Guy does a far better job. In either case I’m surprised this guy has not been penalized in any way. Honestly if you have a guy flipping out then he is just an asshole, but the fact the network lets him get away with it what does that say. I can see the draw of sensationalism but at what point would a station stop just to bring actual valid news. Or maybe not enough people watch it to care any more. In either case I’m all for networks for having a little fun but there should be a line where they understand not to cross.

  2. Ashley Yang says:

    I just saw that “9 inches” one on “The Soup” tonight and just about choked on my graham crackers (Yeah we live rockin’ lives here in the honors house. Watching TV, coloring in coloring books, and eating graham crackers on a Friday night.) While it’s kind of funny in a prepubescent-boy sort of way, I agree: The lack of professionalism is horrifically offensive. What a flaming asshole.

  3. Tom Michaud says:

    I think its funny. But only because these guys are making themselves look like huge douchebags. If people want to get up on camera for a living and tell the weather *YAWN* thats their business, but you can tell what kind of airheads it takes to do this job by these upstanding gentlemen here. Not only is their humor offensive, but do they even realize that their show goes out to public households around the state and apparently the internet? Are they that dense that they can’t realize that they are making themselves look bad? The only people who would find these men (and I struggle to call them that) funny are the 12 year old boys; people who you expect to make themselves look like an ass every time they open their mouths. If networks want to make themselves look bad by hiring and keeping these guys on staff, then thats their business, but if it was me, these assholes wouldnt even get an audition.

  4. sth2391 says:

    In all honesty, is this some kind of joke? How offensive and demeaning to women. To expose this to the public audience absolutely frazzles me and to think these news reporters thinks it’s funny. There’s no doubt in my mind that most boys and even men would find this hilarious. I mean they probably joke around about this kind of disgusting, immature trash on a daily basis. I can’t imagine what I would do if one of my future co-workers made an offensive joke about women and I had to sit through it and fake a smile. Absolutely repulsive! I really wonder why that guys in the last few youtube clips wasn’t booted from his job.

  5. keysccr8412 says:

    The only reason these videos are semi-entertaining is because they are so hard to believe. It seriously makes me question the kind of people these programs are hiring. I think its fine if the weatherman throws in a few jokes, they don’t even have to be funny necessarily (people’s standards aren’t to high when they are watching the weather). However, when they dish out these types of comments that’s when it’s obvious that they truly wanted to be comedians (but weren’t funny enough) and fell back on being a weather man. It’s like they consider their few minutes on the air as stardom when in reality I just wanted to see the weather! You can tell that Mark Mathis is just DIEING to be famous, but guess what, he is never going to be anything more than the inappropriate weatherman who makes more sexual connotations then actually telling me the weather. Hmm… kind of strange because I thought that was their purpose.

  6. samgerken says:

    After watching the YouTube videos on Mark Mathis I cannot agree with you more. He behaves similar to a child. Actually, I think he is less mature than many kids. His jokes are very insipid, rude, and cheesy but his camera crew still continues to “hoot and holler”. Those laughing in the background are just motivating him to continue his childish acts. But who needs weather when you can watch Mark Mathis blurt out useless comments COMPLETELY unrelated to his profession. In the third YouTube video, it was 48 seconds before Mathis even mentioned anything about the weather projected behind him. I don’t know which makes me more irritated: Mathis yelling on screen or the fact that he was actually hired! I feel bad for those living in or around Charlotte who have to put up with this guy. He is very unprofessional and takes no pride in his job. Rather he is more concerned with making his buddies off-screen laugh up a storm with rude comments. It is quite ridiculous for him to call it an on-air talent. His talent should be to tell the audience the weather in a mostly serious and timely manner. The local news is not a circus after all. The comment about his fan base of women also irritated myself. Speaking of himself in the third-person and how the “ladies love me more” is very creepy.

    I can see why you find his “performances” offensive. His comments are completely unnecessary and uncalled for, especially on a local news channel. But according to Mathis they are very entertaining comic performances right? I think I would be more entertained by watching items on QVC. Mark Mathis should not be considered a weatherman, comedian, or even adult. Mathis really does belong in an amateur comedy club and nowhere near a local news channel.

  7. Isaias says:

    If one is on television, he or she should be take the viewers into consideration. crack some jokes here and there. it can’t be so bad. but also not make a fool out of themselves

  8. The Mythical says:

    Ok Ok. So I admit I couldn’t help but seriously laugh at these rediculous weather forcasts. I mean if I were watching the weather one morning and came across this, I don’t know if I’d be able to stop laughing, however its not even that these guys are sincerely funny/witty, no they are just dumbasses. Maybe I gave them the reaction they wanted, but I laugh at anything! And as someone stated previously, standards for “funny” when watching the weather clearly lower, due you merely the fact that its unexpected. On the flip side this Mark Mathis guy is a total douche. Some people take things too far. And yes, all these joke were “offensive” toward women regardless and I should be roaring with anger but its not as big of a deal when in reality America is laughing at these toolbags, like, “who do you think you are?”

  9. The Mythical says:

    Oh and also, I cracked up reading the part where you said, “drink everytime i say Idiot.” Hahaha can’t say I wasn’t thinking something along those line as well!

  10. Rebecca Felt says:

    I think what angers me the most about Mathis is the amount of talented individuals who could do his job so much better. Mathis is able to “strip” on camera, make lewd jokes, and act in all manners unprofessional [for god’s sake “anal exploration”]. I am willing to bet that in his studio there are at least five or six unappreciated qualified employees with potential that far exceeds Mathis’ vulgarity. The broadcasts posted are mostly cheap jokes and laughter lacking actual factual information about the weather. Perhaps, it’s just frustrating to me because that field is so difficulty to succeed in, especially as a woman. Watching him is like watching a train wreck, if I can hypothesize he was a jerk-off in high school & college and most likely thrives on his few minutes of fame each day. By any means, that studio is in serious need of a few professionalism work-shops…

  11. Torie Solomon says:

    When I watched this I actually hit my hand over my head embarrassed for them (and the networks that hired them.) I am not very conservative at all when it comes to entertainment material but I think this is ridiculous. I guess the weather isnt an extremely serious topic, but for some reason in my mind I link it to the news and a sort of public service which means I identify it as something that should maintain a certain degree of professionalism. The towns these men represent should be appalled. I really can’t believe that this is not a joke. Like really, these men have the job of reporting the weather, they are literally on television for minutes a day, so the fact that they are confusing themselves for entertainers and have that sense of cockiness that makes them think people will actually think they’re funny (and not just laugh at them) is ridiculous.

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