Here comes the sun. Not.

I am not a fan of the sun. This usually surprises most people when I say this but it’s really pretty simple: it is way too bright for my tastes.

When the sun shines, all my productivity stops. I feel as if I should be outside, reveling in the brightness, even though the first thing I do when I see the sun is up is pretty much roll back over in bed and pull the covers up over my head.

This whole shun-the-sun thing of mine has bothered many. I have had doctors tell me I have SAD—Seasonal Affective Disorder—in reverse. As this is usually diagnosed as winter depression, the reverse would be summer depression.

I hate summer. But not because of some silly mood disorder. Because the sun is always too bright. I went to art school in Atlanta. I finally left after five years and it was mainly because of the weather.

Give me a stormy, windy, dreary kind of blur and I am happy.

I mention my distaste for bright sunny skies for a reason (and not because the sun is out today and it made me stay under the covers until 1p, totally blowing my plan to get up early and dive into work). I am trying to watch Dexter. If you haven’t seen Dexter, the show is about a serial killer in Miami. The catch is that Dexter only kills people that “deserve” to die. And he works for the Miami PD as a blood analyst.

I say trying to watch because this is the second time I am making an attempt at getting into this series. I hear so much about it and it is uber popular right now. But it is set in Miami. Which of course means: a hell of a lot of sun.

When I was in high school, Miami Vice was also the show to watch. Again, Miami. Sun.

I cannot watch Burn Notice

Golden Girls

Miami Ink

And what distresses me most: CSI: Miami.

And I really want to watch CSI: Miami. Cuz this is a TV series just ripe for the picking.


19 thoughts on “Here comes the sun. Not.

  1. Tom Michaud says:

    I don’t like the sun too, but not because its too bright, but because it wakes me up. I really enjoy sleeping and staying in bed all day and when the sun is out i just feel bad being inside. Nothing beats a snowday wrapped up in blankets and watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. Those are just the best days ever.

    I recently caught up on dexter and have watched all the episodes so far. I can’t get enough. I really like the opening because it shows how “normal” things like tying your shoes can look like a vicious strangling. I think its a great way to get someone into into the show. It adds this haunting element into the everyday routine. In reality, serial killers wake up like everyone else and this opening is a great way to show that to people.

    I never could get into those other shows though. CSI:Miami was just to shitty. Las Vegas was just sooooooo much better (mostly because of Grisham and now Morpheus). Also the sunglasses thing. I hope he always puts his head down to hide his laughter at his ridiculous lines. He always says something stupid then puts on or takes off his sunglasses! So stupid! This adds nothing to the show. It doesnt make it more dramatic or intense. it just makes me laugh every time i see it.

    I think the main reason i can’t really connect with any of these shows is the fact that I’m from Maine. Its cold and snowy the majority of the year. This idea of constant 90 degree sunny days is as foreign to me as sushi. We NEVER get this kind of weather. and not to mention the fact that our trees are evergreens and not palm trees. Hell, i get pissed when it gets over like 75. I cant imagine being in a place like this where it is just constantly roasting. ew

  2. Kat Copeland says:

    I absolutely love the sun and everything about it. Without any sun in my life, I would be the saddest person ever. My perfect day would be sitting on a beach in the warm sun with my friends. Many people question why I want to spend my days in freezing cold Geneva, NY. I guess that is something I am still trying to figure out. To me, the sun represents happiness and friends and fun. I think the people who work in the south don’t know how lucky they have it! Sure they have to be worried about hurricanes and illegal immigrants, but it is totally worth it to be able to have the warm sun on you all the time! Although, this doesn’t seem to be the case recently. It has been in the 20’s in Florida and even colder in other parts of the south. I can’t even imagine that. Over the past couple of days, the Carolina’s have been hit with a snow storm and with just a few inches of snow everything has been shut down. I have a friend who goes to Guilford and she was upset because there’s like 2 inches of snow on the ground and the library is closed because “the roads are too dangerous.” When I get out of school, the first thing I am doing is moving to somewhere warm; maybe not for my whole life, but definitely for a good portion of it, just to get a little warmed up.

  3. Abby Eustance says:

    i absolutely love CSI Miami! it is really fun to make fun of the main guy because he is such a bad actor. during break me and my mom would watch csi miami all the time and it seemed like we laughed about every 5 minutes. I dont know how to take him seriously. I heard that he got fired from his earlier job because he thought he was so good that he told the producers that he would quit if they didnt give him more money and the producers were just like ok cya! i thought that was really funny!

  4. I have to disagree on the sun thing. I am a huge fan of when the sun shines! That is one of my biggest problems about winter, the fact that it gets dark at 4:00 or 4:30 on some days. I vividly remember during first semester Freshman year getting out of class at 4:00 and it already being dark. Now that just makes me depressed. I could actually have SAD.
    For the past two years, my family has made the trip down to Florida during winter break to visit family down there as well as to get a little warmth during the cold winter months. The first winter we went down to Florida it was 75 or 80 degrees everyday… and I loved it! We went to the beach almost everyday and ate meals outside, something I was not about to do in Upstate New York. But, this past winter it was cold in Florida! It was warmer than it was in New York so I guess it was better then spending my entire winter break here. One day, we went to a theme park at it was 45 degrees so we all got windburn on the roller coasters. Come on people, its Florida! Its supposed to be warm! But it was a fun trip regardless.
    In response to the television shows, I am a fan of a few of them. The Golden Girls Show reminds me of good memories. My great-grandmother used to watch my sister and I after school and let us eat Cookie Crisp and often times we would watch the show with her. So whenever I see that show on TV or a picture of it, I am always reminded of my Grandma Eve.
    I have never seen Dexter, Miami Vice, or Miami Ink, but I am a fan of Burn Notice, and CSI Miami. CSI Miami reminds me of the summer as well because of the continual marathons that would be on TV when I really did not feel like doing anything or when I would sit down with my parents when they were watching TV. I love the one-liners that Horatio always says. I always joke about them with my Dad because my mom calls him H sometimes because his name begins with an H, and in the show, Horatio answers the phone saying H. My sister and I get my Dad to say one of the one-liners and put on his sunglasses to pretend he is Horatio. I must say, he does pretty good impersonation of Horatio.

  5. ghawk65 says:

    I can’t say that I have a disagreable nature toward sunny weather, however i am one who appreciates moderation. We all know the first moments of spring are the first refreshing changes from the winter monogamy. In a strange sense of irony the rain comes and dashes all aspirations of Frisbee and other outside activities. At first I don’t. I don’t mind the fresh feel of rain without the painful sting of frost. But seriously it isn’t too long before I would like to go outside without wondering why I even bothered to dry myself when I got out of the shower. After that comes summer, and after that comes that actual summer where one would spend an eternity in search for any form of water apart from the sweat streaming from every pore. So ya summer sun sucks. Spring and fall is where it’s supposed to be. Apart from the never ending rain and leaf lookers.

    • ghawk65 says:

      I just quickly looked over at my last post. I urge you to please look at this as a testament of the perils of spell check and/or forgetting to proof read and not an example of my usual form of writing…..

  6. king4648 says:

    Summer or Winter? I definitely prefer summer to winter, though I sleep good during cold weathers. Do you see how many people come out during summer comparing to winter? During summer, you see a lot of people outside. Even in the Bronx where I live is worst. Sometimes people don’t sleep (including myself) and enjoy the beautiful weather. During summer, the sun gives me the the opportunity to play soccer outside, wear shorts, chill out with my friends, and etc. Oh man! The beach! The scorching sun makes swimming really fun during the summer. If I want to be cold during summer, I would just turn on my air condition or fun or something to keep me cold. So I could enjoy being hot and cold during the summer! Sitting under trees with shades is spectacular and relaxing.

    Well, I guess I really like the sun because I have lived my first 15 years of my life without any winter. Growing up in Ghana was really fun; sun shine all the time. So I guess I am used to summer more than winter. Even though, the sun scorches really severe, which is very annoying, it is still the best!

  7. ssae12 says:

    My intended comment for this blog post:

    I’ve always said I like the winter and justified it by saying that I was born in December. However, that is not the case anymore. Coming to Geneva, has made me realize how I long for the brightness and warmth of the sun. It’s just too cold most of the times.
    Come summer, I will long for some cold weather because it will be too hot. I’m better off stating that the fall is my favorite season. When the sun is beating on me just as I step out of my house door, it’s a letdown because I know the rest of my day will we a sweaty and uncomfortable day. Days like these make me want to stay in, which I do unless I have to be elsewhere on that particular day.

    The sun, beaches, nice weather, Miami are all aspects that TV producers know will appeal to their audience. The numerous scenes would make the members of the audience want to be there. I have also put aside watching Dexter. From every corner I hear Dexter is good! Hopefully I will get to watching it sometime soon.

  8. keysccr8412 says:

    I love the sun! My whole life I have wanted to live in California and I was actually planning to go there but i found that every college was HUUUGE, crazy religious, or just to difficult to get into. Not to mention the plane ride wouldn’t work in my favor since I tend to bring my whole life to college. I actually don’t know how I ended up in Upstate NY. My best friend only applied to schools up here so we joke about how she was going to be freezing and how I was going to be warm. Turns out I am more north then she is! I think I must have been swayed by the beautiful weather and huge lake when I visited in the summer time. Also, it seems like the administration only takes pictures of HWS when it is a beautiful sun shining day in Geneva, at least those are the only pictures I saw of it online. I’m not stupid though, I’m from Connecticut and I know the brutal weather of upstate (I even think Connecticut is to cold.) I knew what I was getting myself into, and I’m glad I did because I really like the school, despite the fact that my dorm room is never warm. (i.e. I am now in a fluffy robe with an electric blanket around me.)

    Anyways back to being on topic, I love warm weather and that definitely effects the T.V. shows I watch. Shows that take place in warm places tend to make me happier and I always wish I could be there. An example of this is “The O.C.” which I know most people find be way to dramatic but it is personally my guilty pleasure. I love this show. Incase you don’t know the background it takes place is Orange County, California. It was sunny every single episode with the exception of one where it rained. (sounds like Michele Polak’s own personal version of hell.) But part of the reason I love that show so much is because I would love to live there! Seasons are nice, but why not have my favorite season all year round!

    Another show that I am borderline obsessed with is “LOST” which takes place on a tropical island. This show is so crazy I love it. I’m sure you heard of it since it basically has a cult following it, but its about a plane that crashed on a deserted island and all these supernatural things happen to the passengers while they are there. The new season starts Tuesday! I’m so excited.

  9. Isaias says:

    I can’t tell you enough how much I despise the cold air. I hate the wind, snow, rain, and everything weather wise that isn’t related to heat. The summer is when people have the time to relax and chill. As young adults, we are going to lose this privlegde very soon. Therefore, we need to cherish the summer because it is the only time where we are able to have fun and see all our friends that we haven’t seen in a couple of months.
    As for the T.V shows, i only watch Miami Ink. I am a HUGE fan of creative tattoos (i have one too). So i enjoy watching these artist do what they love, which is the art of making INSANE TATTOOS. if i had the money I would go down to miami just to get a tattoo.

  10. GraceB says:

    The question of why our forefathers chose New York State to house hundreds of colleges and universities has always puzzled me, for I too believe that productivity is directly correlated to the weather and state of mind. However, I am in complete opposition to your larger argument, that being that gray, dreary days yield happiness and high levels of productivity. I have found that New York winters are not conducive to much activity at all, with maybe the exception of turning on the tv or brewing some tea . With no impetus to greet the day albeit dark skies and cold winds, getting out of bed and across campus the the gym, library, classes etc. becomes a much more daunting task then it would be under more temperate conditions.
    It is a well supported fact that college students do not get enough sleep due to our workload, extra-curricular commitments, athletic activities, social activities and general insomnia. This ever present fatigue is only heightened by the absence of the sun. I know that at least for my roommates and I, light is absolutely vital for accomplishing even the most minute of tasks (i.e. getting out of our cozy beds). Furthermore, the sun is a huge source of Vitamin D, a vitamin which is essential for calcium absorption (strong bones), regulating our immune systems, fighting off the common cold, keeping our brains sharp and maintaining a healthy body weight. In the winter I tend to be feel weaker, less focused and seem to be constantly attempting to alleviate a variety of weather induced illnesses whereas in the summer I am full of energy, healthy and active.
    Somehow the inhabitants of upstate New York for the most part manage to persevere through our dark chilly winters, get our work done and maintain a general level of contentedness. For some people (like Michele:D) this is because dark storminess is preferable and productive. For me however, it is the promise of the sunny skies and warm weather of the summer ahead that gets me through.

  11. dnachbar says:

    I think deep down you’d miss the sun if it were to suddenly disappear (excluding the whole life on Earth would end bit), but Geneva sounds like it is borderline the perfect place for someone who tends to not like the sun. There’s too much weather here, and it’s always cloudy, but luckily every once in awhile the sun makes a cameo and I feel my sanity returning. Since I am from Rochester, NY, I have become used to the lack of sun. It may be hard to believe, but that place can be even more gloomy than Geneva can, just without nearly as much lake effect snow.

    Shifting from gloomy weathers to gloomy shows is almost just as fitting. I happened to get through the first couple seasons of Dexter, and that show can be as gloomy as Geneva’s weather. However, the show itself has the best premise for a TV show I have ever heard of. I mean, how brilliant is that idea? A serial killer….who kills other serial killers for getting too out of hand?! An idea like that probably didn’t even need to be pitched when they went and talked to Showtime. As for the CSI shows, I feel like they’re all too melodramatic and slightly over-acted to the point where all the cheesy one-liners and crime scene “puns” just got annoying, much like the sun must do to you.

  12. Shane Simon says:

    I remember coming to Hobart for my prospective visit. It was late in April and when my father and I drove up here were were a bit perplexed as to why there was snow on the ground and the temperature was in the teens.

    When I studied abroad in Bath, England, the people at the Center for Global Education told me the weather in Bath would be just like Geneva. Cold, gray, and rainy. Boy, were they wrong. Bath was moderately sunny, temperate, and very enjoyable compared to the wintry doldrums of Geneva.

    As a senior, I think I’ve grown somewhat accustomed to the bleak surroundings of Geneva. I don’t really think the weather has too great of an impact on me, unless, of course, I’m outside shoveling snow – which I hate.

    The fall and the late spring are the times I look forward to the most. These are very, very close to what my ideal climate would be. Top scientists say that if global warming/climate change/global heating/whichever politically [in]correct term you’d like to insert here continues, then this region of New York State (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse) will be the most temperate and comfortable place to live in the world, with a climate similar to that of the Carolinas or the South of Spain. If that’s the case then I might stay here forever.

    I’ll close with my thoughts on CSI Miami. Michele, you’re absolutely right. The show is jam-packed with imagery of sun, shore, and surf. It’s almost like they realize that they have terrible actors but they want you to yearn to take trip to sunny Miami only because it’s Miami. I try not to think that subconscious advertising and subliminal images affect me. Yet I’m still trying to figure out why my desktop background is a photo of the crystalline waters of the Maldives with a white sandy beach in the background.

    Could the fact that one of the main TV shows I watch is Lost on ABC, with its stunning scenery of the Hawaiian Islands explain it? I hope I don’t start reciting those crazy numbers next.

  13. The Mythical says:

    Alright so I’m going to go ahead and say I used to be a winter lover, Not nesasarily a summer hater, but I prefered winter over summer. This was mainly due to the fact that I thought I was a sweet-ass “boarder chick” who could shred through the snow. This changed quick, as I had come to realize that soccer was my true loved hobbie and thee best time to play is on those scorching hot summer days when you know you don’t have to walk out of an indoor center into a tundra, but instead get to go home and jump into a realxing pool! Also summer just reminds me of a break from BOOORING school work and TAN SKIN! Summer just makes everyone look better. This perpels me to take a greater likeing to summer more than any other season! I cannot wait to get the hell out of Upstate NY and travel south, hopefully to live!

    On another note, I have never watched any of these shows you’ve posted! That Dexter series looks insane but extremely intriguging. I like! Kind of reminds me of Nip/Tuck! If you have not watched it, I suggest you do so. Its the perfect mix, of sex, love, violence, betrayal, plastic surgery (blood), drama/death, hot older men, and of course those irresistable cougars the guys can’t get enough of. The earlier seasons are much better than the ones coming out now, but they are wrapping up the series soon, hopefully with a mind-blowing crazy end!

  14. Courtney O'Brien says:

    I would have to both agree and disagree with you on this one. There is a huge part of me that really loves being in the sun. If I had to choose a life with sun or without sun, I would definitely choose the sun. I love warm weather and I love having a tan. I have lived in Vermont most of my life and although I have loved growing up in the state, I have often had doubts about living there when I grow up. I still to this day tell my parents that I am going to move somewhere tropical, somewhere really warm, and a place that I have the ability to maintain a tan. I often question why I even go to school in upstate New York. These below zero degree-days are just about making me wish I went to school in Florida.
    Part of me feels like I have the Seasonal Affective Disorder because I often find myself very depressed during the winters. Unfortunately I live in Vermont and attend school at HWS in Geneva, therefore, it really makes winters hard for me. These are the times that make me want to live in Vermont, however, attend school elsewhere.
    On a slightly different note, I sometimes crave the “…stormy, windy, dreary kind of blur” days, which often have the ability to lift my spirits. This type of weather helps me to become more motivated. Although this may sound strange, I really do feel this way. Sunny days create lazy days and therefore I am not productive. On a dark and rainy day, I feel much more productive and able to do my work.
    As for the shows you have posted, I have never watched any of them. I love CSI. Ney York but have never felt the urge to watch the CSI. Miami for many of the same reasons that have been posted. The whole CSI. “Florida” just doesn’t do it for me. I have also never heard of the show Dexter and from the two minute clip that I watched, I don’t ever want to see it. Anyways, I would have to say that choosing whether I prefer sun or no sun depends on the location and time of year that I am in.

  15. Sheba Morgan says:

    I never thought I would find another person who loves dreary days. I am not saying I hate the sun, but if I did say such a thing, which I am not saying, but hypothetically of course if those words were to ever come out of my mouth or on paper, I would hear my dad nag me for days. He would go on and on about his daughter, who don’t love the sun. He will call me a shameful black person and say I was separated from home to long.
    So as I repeat I don’t hate sunny days it just light grey skies, chilly air and jackets with boots makes me happy. I love snuggling and relaxing in front of the television. Honestly the sun is overrated. It only makes me sweat way more than the average person, get so dehydrated that I drink more Kool Aid than healthy and pee more than I prefer. The sun requires people to always want to wear shorts and tank top and personally those are the two pieces of clothes I hate the most and my hair does not stay straight if I burn it with the flat iron.
    Give me an autumn day with friends, us all in sweaters, with our new textbook from classes, a show on a TV and a common room for us all to sit in and I will be more than happy. Just being comfortable with all the chips I want to eat because I don’t have to worry about my summer body for a couple of months and all of us laughing about a class. Who said the sun makes you happy the cold bring people together. Think of all the wonderful family holidays in the winter New years, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Even the indoor sports are better Basketball, ice skating, and indoor soccer, who really wants a grass rash anyway. I love dreary days. I think dreary days should be name cheery days because they are so great.

  16. Eliss Manon says:

    This blog really had me laughing; I thought it was going to be about how someone can get cancer by standing in the sun for too long if they don’t put sunscreen on. But it was definitely not about how dangerous it could be. Personally I don’t mind the sun and I can’t lie I love getting sun tans but too much of it does make my head hurt. And it is true know a days it seems like there are too many TV shows or reality shows happening in Miami where indeed there is a lot of sun.
    It makes you wonder what is so special about Miami, is it the sun or is it how glorious it looks to live there since there is sun. Because of the reality shows I all ways wondered what it would be like to live in Miami and look Fabulous every single day; but then the thought of having Sun around you everywhere you go and sweating underneath your clothes and it kind of gets to me.
    I don’t mind the sun for the three to four months we get it but having it all year round could get a little annoying. So for me, I’ll stick to watching these reality/ TV shows that are based in Miami with a lot of Sun and wishing it were hot in the NYC because when it comes for New York to get the Sun I will enjoy it for the couple of months that I can, then back to the winter. Hopefully I won’t get a headache from too much sun so that I can actually enjoy the beautiful whether.

  17. danielle moreau says:

    dude. I LOVE THE SUN… although I can definitely admit I see where you’re coming from. As far as having to sit in an organic chem or calc class while the sun is shining brightly outside: it sucks. And yes, the sun does wake me up (sometimes when I don’t want to be bothered), but once i’m up, I’d rather be in the sunlight than in some mildly depressing overcast dreary environment… namely HWS most of the the winter.

    I can’t stand when it’s constantly grey outside… I mean I’m from Maryland and we get our fair share of that, but it certainly isn’t all the time, and it CERTAINLY does not last for as long as it does here. I do not think that the weather would be enough reason for me to transfer, especially because when it is nice here it is GORGEOUS.

    However, I am now thinking seriously about going to grad school back in MD or a bit farther south… and don’t get me wrong, one of the main reasons IS weather. I have many friends in college currently in the Carolinas, in Alabama, etc… and it pisses me off to no end seeing their facebook statuses change as they go to the beach or the pool in mid to late march while I’m still wearing gloves when I practice outside or walk to class on a particularly sad cold morning….

    Hate to disagree, but I cannot wait for summer

  18. Kelly- Ann Smith says:

    Are you kidding? I LOVE the sun. Summer is my favorite season, yellow was once my favorite color growing up and “Golden Girls” is one of my favorite shows! The sun just makes me happy. However I do hate certain things that come along with the sun, such as bugs. When it comes to nice weather, there is always bugs lurking around. I can understand where you are coming from though, I have tons of friends that only leave their homes at night during the summer. I have to beg my friends to go to the beach with me, it’s pretty sad. Living in Geneva has made me appreciate the sun even more. the weather here is bi polar. I feel like I’m living in a mystical land, someplace like Narnia. I swear one day it rained, snowed and was hot all in the same day. I should have went to school someplace like Miami or even California but, really would I have gotten any school work done there?

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