oh my GAWD. The Olympics are in sight!

I am so excited, I can hardly stand myself!


5 thoughts on “oh my GAWD. The Olympics are in sight!

  1. Katie Levenstein says:

    I also can’t wait for the olympics to being! I predict that you will be posting various photos such as this one during the olympics to make sure the rest of us are in check with all the accidents that take place.

    I wonder what that poor female skating was thinking when her face hit the ice…
    “Fuck my partner, I’m ditching him.”
    “Well, my career can pay for my plastic surgery.”
    “Ouch, my body has never bent this way before.”
    Oh the possibilities are endless.

  2. The RG Spot says:

    I am very excited for the Olympics as well. I am excited to see many of the events and also I am very excited to see some of the epic fails such as this one. When you talk of how much you like figure skating just for the crashes, I just think of the movie Blades of Glory where they do that weird move and the guys gets his head chopped off by the skate blade. I don’t know if you have seen it but I recommend it if you want to see some funny figure skating.

  3. Rebecca Felt says:

    This certainly is a reminder to pick your partner carefully!

    My god if I was in that position all I would be thinking about would be getting my fingers sliced off by his skates. I cannot wait for the Olympics, does anyone know any Canadian channels that we may get? I find that US coverage tends to be slightly… erm… bias, only showing US athletes. I like to balance by watching both US and Canadian channels for better coverage… my poor roommate.

    Keep your eye on Erin Hamlin representing the US in the Luge. She’s a favorite… and from my hometown.

  4. I keep forgetting how close the Olympics are! I’m a huge sports fan, but I’m more of a summer Olympics gal—basketball, track and field, gymnastics, simply the best of the best, in my opinion.

    With all the college basketball games going on, I’ve been watching a lot of ESPN, ESPN 2, and CBS, but what strikes me is the lack of publicity for the 2010 Games. During the 2008 Olympics, the entire nation jumped on the Phelps bandwagon and followed his epic ride to winning eight medals. And there was a lot of publicity beforehand—commercials, ads for products, you name it.

    What’s lacking from this year’s Games is a star athlete. A standout. Obviously with the 2008 Games it was Phelps, but one could make a strong case for the May-Treanor and Walsh (beach volleyball) duo or Shawn Johnson (gymnastics). I’ve logged a lot of hours watching this season’s bball games, but I haven’t seen a single commercial sponsored by the Olympic Committee.

    One guy I have seen a lot of, though, is Apolo Ohno. This speed skater has been in a couple of DayQuil and NyQuil commercials. But for every one Ohno commercial, I’ve seen two of Phelps’ Subway commercials.

    This is a clever marketing scheme. By showing Ohno and Phelps commercials on the same channel – and in many cases, one right after the other – TV executives are aiming to spark the association between the two athletes. Phelps was the big winner in 2008, so the execs are suggesting Ohno will come home with a handful of medals this year. Sure, Ohno isn’t a household name yet, but after the 2010 Games he will be. And I think in general, the Winter Games aren’t as popular as the Summer ones, so perhaps the execs are also comparing Phelps to Ohno so viewers can understand how big Ohno is in the world of speed skating—probably something like Phelps is to swimming as Ohno is to speed skating.

    On the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated, Lindsey Vonn – a skier – graces the cover. The Feb. 8 edition offers the reader a chance to meet Team USA and meet the magazine’s medal picks, both typical elements of a pre-Olympics publication. But Lindsey Vonn, who are you? I mean, I guess she’s a big deal, but before I picked up this issue I’ve never even heard her name. Yes, I’ll read the article, but I’m surprised SI didn’t put Ohno on the cover—that would be great for his campaign.

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