Less than: 24 hours!

the potential for the below possibilities is the only thing keeping me from going into

SVU withdrawl.

(and I LOVE this song)

ETA:  OK.  obviously, I do not, or did not, wish death on anyone in these Olympic Games.

But I will still watch to support and cross my fingers that entertainment comes our way as we are baffled by the amazing accomplishments of the human body.


11 thoughts on “Less than: 24 hours!

  1. Shane Simon says:

    I was shocked to hear of the death of the Georgian luge athlete on the day of the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. As the videos posted here illustrate, the sport is an obvious hazard to life and limb. What I can’t understand, however, is why the course wasn’t properly padded in order to prevent this kind of accident from happening – or at least minimize the damage done to the athletes.

    The video of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s crash is quite obviously, graphic. I watched in horror as his doll-like body careened off of the luge track and spiraled into the thick steel beams on the side of the course. I watched as the paramedics tried to revive his blood-stained body. The reality, though, is that no one could have survived such a crash. His sled was traveling at well over 90 mph and the coup de grace was the fact that those massive steel beams were NOT padded with any type of anything.

    I’m not saying that this would have saved the Georgian’s life. Maybe it would have just left him severely injured or paralyzed. Who knows. All that I’m arguing for is that padding should have been there, or even better, a higher wall. I used to play basketball in high school. Under each basket where the court met the wall, there would be several thick and plush pads to eliminate the contact force of an athlete who had sprinted a little too hard for a long pass or had been fouled on a driving layup. Clearly, top speeds in basketball are no where as high as in a luge race, but common sense is universal, right?

    Obviously, hindsight is 20/20, however I find it unfortunate that there must always be some sort of horrific tragedy before inquiries are initiated and potential life-saving changes are made in the sporting world. Consider the recent bevy of NFL rule changes to protect players against concussions and their after effects. Hopefully, the remaining races and all the other events will be safe and injury free, and, hopefully, the IOC will learn to prevent future disasters after this terrible occurrence.

  2. Ashley Yang says:

    I personally am pumped to watch the figureskating tonight. Nothing like watching gorgeously bedazzled male skaters in frighteningly low v-necks EAT IT on the ice. I’ve made it a Facebook event for my house of single, workaholic women–I’m even bringing brownies.

  3. Abby Eustance says:

    I am also guilty that i love to watch the olympics because yes i like to see if there is a crash. Whenever i am driving and there are a lot of sirens and police cars, i get excited because i really want to see what happened and see the accident. i know it sounds bad but i love it of course i hope they dont get that hurt! but it is still fun to see! i am shocked about the guy who died the day before the olympics i think that is very sad and it sucks because he didnt even get to go to the olympics. but i have yet to see more crashes for our entertainment.

  4. i just watched that owned video (the first one) and lets just say that as a snowboarder I’ve had my fair share of tumbles, so as bad as this…… Yet, I still find it hysterical t0 watch these things. The best part of people going huge is when they eat shit afterwards. The falls are just soooo entertaining to watch! I dont know why but people love to watch others injuring themselves doing stupid shit. I know that when jackass came out a bunch of my friends started to do that stuff too and film it.

  5. keysccr8412 says:

    Why is it that people love seeing other people crash? There are at least 100 shows dedicated to it. That’s actually really strange when you think about it. The first video looked really painful, but it was like addicting I could not stop watching it. My favorite was when the person went off a jump and completely misjudged the distance and flew into the other jump leaving a little person imprint. I hate the ones where you can actually see something break, those are too disturbing to watch.
    My favorite thing to watch for the Olympics is the figure skating. My older sister was a figure skater and I would always go to the competitions. I just remember every time I had to watch her perform I would hold my breath praying that she didn’t fall. It was team figure skating too which meant if you fall, then your letting down the whole team. So while I watch these Olympics I find that I am praying that they don’t fall and it is actually very stressful. Even though I have no personal connection to these skaters I guess I just keep that there family is holding their breath just like mine was.
    Oh and I think luge is a pretty stupid sport. Who thought it would be a good idea to go down a big hill with a sled (dangerous enough) on a sheet of pure ice. Also like I don’t understand how they go faster then each other, to me it seems like it would depend on the sled more than the person.

  6. samgerken says:

    I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics for partly the same reason. I still enjoy watching the various events to see the unbelievable feats some athletes accomplish for their country. But to be honest, a crash once and a while definitely keeps you watching much closer. I remember this year’s downhill skiing events and how ridiculous some of the crashes were. The course was so fast that many people were flying almost 200 feet in length at one part of the hill. They eventually changed the course to make it shorter and a little slower. Besides these crashes, an occasional ice skating crash definitely made it seem like I could feel the pain. Falling on hard ice seems like it would be so painful, especially in such thin clothing. As for the ice luge events, I think Nodar Kumaritashvili’s crash shows us how fast they are really going. They are all traveling at such a great speed that you don’t really realize the risk until a crash happens. While crashes and mishaps should not occur at all and are terrible, they provide some form of entertainment for the Olympics and make them very enjoyable at times.

  7. Isaias says:

    it is unfortunate that events like this occurs. however, we all get at least a little giggle when we see people fall. (i know i do) we love to laugh. especially when someone gets hurt. the other day in class i wrote about how my favorite movie was big daddy. in the movie, when julian is crying, adam sandler hurts him self just so julian can stop crying. julian gets a little chuckle and enjoys when someone suffers.
    I have fallen plenty of times. although it is embarrassing and painful, when everyone laughs i laugh as well.
    lets face it pain is entertainment. which is why we watch boxing, wrestling, and ufc. people love to watch another person suffer.

    over and out

  8. The RG Spot says:

    crashes in sports are hilarious. (as long as nobody gets seriously hurt) It was so tragic to hear about the death of the kid on the luge.

    On a lighter note. Did you see the cross country skiers sprints? the women fell off the corse and fell down into a ditch…she seriously dropped like 20ft. It was absolutly hilarious and now that shes alright i feel ok.

    these oylmpics are awesome and hockey beat canada last night which is so amazing bc canada was supposed to walk away with the gold medal…its looking like a two horse race now between us and sweden and we cant let sweden repeat because one of my roomates is swedish and he will not let us live it down…GO USA!

  9. ghawk65 says:

    I feel a cringe every time I watch one of these guys jump down the icy slope. Ya I know they are professionals and they have done this a billion time, but as these vids prove something can always go wrong. My only hope is that they are able to pick themselves back up and go at it again.

    There is no way anyone would see me do this though. It just seems like on of the dumbest ideas ever. At least with the bobsled one is semi protected in the hull of the over glorified sled. It strikes me with a certain sense of sick irony when one sees one of these guys wearing a helmet. After every bone is broken, and organ smashed at least the person’s face is still somewhat intact. Ugh…. not doing that

  10. csnizzy says:

    While some crashes are funny, ice luge crashes scare me so much! Going 90 miles an hour on solid ice with only a little sled can be very dangerous, and as we see, fatal!

    First of all, I’ve been very curious as to how people get involved with this sport. It’s not very popular and I feel that getting started with it would be very difficult. Where do you train for this!? I personally don’t know of many luge tracks around Geneva or at home.

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