FW5: Corn Dog Movie

I have written about this several times already here, for example, so I will move onto my next favorite corn dog movie which is on my mind since we are butt middle into the Olympics:  The Cutting Edge.

This was a fantastic movie from the early 90s about a figure skater and hockey player that team up and form a pairs figure skating duo.  I love the movie for the mere fact that the it is so amazingly simple but full of fantastic one-liners:  “toe pick”!  to see this burly hockey player trying to do figure skating is beyond my reasoning.  LOVES it!  AND the father is played by Red from That 70s Show which is yet another fantastic moment of film usage.

The film ends, of course, in that typical fashion of Hollywood gala where the duo–who have only been paired for a few months–manage to win the Nationals and are off to the Olympics.  Gotta love it.  And while they never showed it, you KNOW they won the gold.  You just know it.

ETA: omg.  How can I be so confused?  when I got on IMDB to create a film link, I discover that the father in this film is NOT Red from That 70s Show but actually John Locke from Lost!  How can I confuse the two?  ah.  the power of the freewrite….to think on your feet and get your thoughts down.  but where.? Where was my head that I was not thinking about Locke?  Probably thinking about dinner.  I was uber hungry during class today.


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