National Condom Week, Feb 14-21

Love the glove.  Yeah, it’s that simple.

Condom Basics: A User’s Manual

Ready to get familiar?

Meet chlamydia, that silent friend for many sexually active people that choose to use no protection during intercourse.

Why silent?  Because you can have chlamydia for a good week before you even recognize any symptoms.  Which means—guess what?  Without a condom, you are just passing that friend along every time you have sex.

Hey, how about genital warts?

Without using a condom during intercourse, you and your partner will get really familiar with these house guests.  And note that I pluralized it to guests.  Because genital warts never come to the party alone.  Expect a posse to arrive and never leave.

Dude!  You can be in great company!  Join Henry VIII, Al Capone, Vincent van Gogh, Vladimir Lenin—even Hitler!

Because they are part of the same group in history that all had syphilis.  What a treat!  Not only do you carry those nasty little sores that I hear are none too pleasant, but syphilis can move to your eyes, ears, heart, liver, oh hell.  Brain.  Yeah, it can totally make you nuts.  There’s a great SVU episode about it.  Even House has covered it.  Just know, it could be prevented.  If you wear a condom during intercourse.

Itching?  Burning?  Nope, not a sunburn.  Just herpes.  Yeah, get used to that itching and burning ‘cuz that shit never goes away.  Sure, they can tame it.  Valtrex, anyone?  I hear it’s like the M&M of young Hollywood.  Just ask Paris.

Or…you could use a condom.

And hey.  HIV/AIDS?  Hasn’t gone away just because you don’t want to think about it.

Look, the point here?  If you choose to stay abstinent, that’s cool.  If you choose celibacy, cool too.  But if you choose to be sexually active, choose safe sex.  Choose condoms.  They aren’t hard to find on campus—Hubbs Health Center has them.  The Women’s Collective, does too.  And I hear plenty of dorms are starting to carry them—just ask your RA.

Wear a freakin’ condom, people.  Every single time.

Just Say Yes

Planned Parenthood

Smarter Sex

And a holla’ to my girls! safe sex is safe sex, hetero or otherwise.  Make good choices, bitches!

Lesbians, bisexual women and safe sex


12 thoughts on “National Condom Week, Feb 14-21

  1. Ashley Yang says:

    For the record, the picture of the cauliflower was SO UNNECESSARY…I have JUST recovered from the 10th grade health class in which we were forced to view up-close-and-personal pix of a whole variety of flora and fauna growing on people’s nether regions. I wouldn’t eat vegetables for months.

    Which SVU covers syphilis?

  2. Michele says:

    Ashley, hit that SVU link…i linked it to the IMDb exact ep.

  3. Abby Eustance says:

    haha everytime i got into hubbs i get condoms! i just love it haha and when i went to college my mom put some in my suitcase without me knowing it haha it was really funny to find. i think the cauliflower is gross! haha i hope thats not what it looks like but then again i wouldnt know which is good ! its best to be safe!

  4. csnizzy says:

    Did Hitler really have syphilis?! And the video at the end is so funny!

  5. Sandra Saetama says:

    There is a lot of information available regarding sex, STDs, and related components but mishaps always happen. I think this is due to various reasons. and it is depends on both partner not just the guy.First, it is suppose to feel better without a condom. So, people decide that they dont want to use a condom so that they could enjoy it more.Second, it is I would say “traditional” for the male to have protection,this cause the females to become dependent upon the male always having to have the condom. However, there should be nothing wrong with the girl to be carrying portection. It could be they are embarrased to have to go get condoms like the women in the last video. They each have their own personality and it shows . The outspoken woman was thinking ahead. She knew in order to be protected it’d be cautious of them to buy some condoms. She is not shy about purchasing them and encourages the other two to buy some as well. The next taller woman was worried about what people would think of a woman her age buying condom(hey!, sex doesnt have an age limit). The third smallest woman was very naive about it. The way she took forever to pick up the hint that they should purchase condoms which was a bit annoying. It was hilarious when the sales clerk shouted them out each individually about buying condoms (through the mic! HAAAAAHAAAHAAAA).
    That video clip made me think of how in society sex is an issue that is very private. This is another reason why the unwanted occurs. My mother’s parents didn’t talk to her about sex, all she was told was not to have it because you will end up pregnant. Because of this my sexual education has come from what I learned throughout my school years(not through experience but through gym class and other people’s experience).
    Some people are just perturbed by the idea of having to talk about sex and everyone knows this. It is seen as ver bad for young adults to be having sex. This just makes them want to have sex just to defy norms or experiment. If parents were more understanding their children could confide in them a lot more. Howver there are parents who are really strict and make sure that their children is not exposed to an environment where they will hear, see, or know about sex.
    Back to the some-what naive lady. Condoms are offered in many places for free but they are not taken all the time. I dont think people who are private about their sex life would just walk up to stands or go to places where they are offered for free because these places are in public areas. This exposes them and its the last thing they would want others knowing.

  6. hahahahahaha oh michele…… great post about being safe! Brings me back to last semester when we all passed the female condom around the room. I think its really funny how you brought all these famous people into this post. I know that I learned some things about some people today!

    But seriously, you make a very good point: condoms are readily available on this campus. SO USE THEM! Guys, don’t be a fool, wrap your tool. Its ridiculous to look at the std stats and see how many people it really effects. And I know a lot of random hooking up happens at parties so I think this is a great message to be sending out this week

  7. king4648 says:

    “Safe sex is safe sex.” Prevention is better than cure. Using condom is really a good idea, unless you not ready to do it (sex). Female condom seems so simple, but it’s not that common though. All that I see most of the time is male condoms. I think female condom is way easier to use, especially if the guy does not want to wear a condom. STD’s is very rampant nowadays so it is better have safe sex and prevent STD’s.

    Did Hitler really have syphilis? I never knew that!

  8. sth2391 says:

    I don’t understand why some people can be so stupid as to not be cautious about this. It’s such a big deal and most people take that for granted and then well guess what? They get to deal with all those fun sexually transmitted diseases… NOT. Anyways, like you said, if you choose to be sexually active, be smart people. This campus promotes safe sex EVERYWHERE. Oh and I agree that video at the end is hilarious!

  9. Kat Copeland says:

    hahah the last video literally was exactly like the first time i bought condoms for my friend Kayleigh. I was made at her for not using condoms the first couple of times and she said if I really care that much i should just go and buy them for her. So that is exactly what I did. I walked in found the condom aisle and began looking through which one to choose. This day in age, there are just so many to choose from and so many fun options, i dont know why you wouldn’t use them! anyway, after I had made my decision as to which one i thought her and her bf would enjoy most, which was actually more awkward then you think. I made my way to the cashier with 2 boxes. Of course i choose the 2 boxes that don’t have a price on them. After I was humiliated by the cashier asking for a price check, I had to hold up the line behind me for about 5 minutes. And as if it couldn’t get worse, a very cute guy was behind me in line and I’m sure he thought that I was a complete sexaholic. After this ordeal, I told my best friend the next time either of us needed condoms, she was buying them.

  10. The RG Spot says:

    Those pictures are rediculous. I will have nightmares for weeks….my stance on going green and wearing condoms was that im single handedly saving the environment by not wearing condoms but that was all a joke bc stds scare the shit out of me. Since its condom week or whatever i would like to point out that i hate going and buying condoms for some reason its almost as scary as stds.

  11. Rachel says:

    Hahaha this is great. I did not know it was national condom week, guess you learn something new everyday! I agree its always better to be safe then sorry. Condoms are cheap and its no fun to be sitting wondering if you are “good” or not. I mean I guess it gives the female one reason to be happy to get her period every month! However if people arent so dumb and just use a condom eevry time they wont have to worry about pregnancy as much, along with all those lovely and fun STDs. I mean plan B is expensive these days isnt? like 45 bucks? jeez who wants to go through that? Just pick up a couple rubbers I agree with you michele! People need to start to get smarter. Like the new info on the historical figures who have had STDs, always good to know and not something you learn in your everyday history class 😉

  12. ghawk65 says:

    what I find interesting about the subject is the stigma behind it. Many who go to buy condemns try to avoid judging stares, but here is the irony. If someone is buying condemns they are being conscientious about their sexual habits. If anything one should receive a appreciative look for being safe for the person’s partner and themselves. Funny world we live in.

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