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So there is a trendy new body beautification process that is getting a bit too popular for my tastes. It’s relatively new but has gotten press in the last month or so due to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s admission of her own Vagazzling experience.

They call it “vaginal adornment.”

With all of the sadly stupid things women feel they need to do with their bodies to be seen as “feminine” or “pretty,” this has to be the most problematic.

Due to its popularity, investigative reports have been researching Vajazzling in a fine, journalistic manner:

I Got Vajazzled (and had a camera crew)

Yep, like real journalism, they filmed the experience.

I can spew all kinds of reasons why I think this is problematic but you hear me spew about all kinds of stuff like this in class. So it’s up to you. Anything you would like to say about Vajazzling?

‘Cuz folks, there is a lot to say. Really.


12 thoughts on “Vajazzling

  1. Ashley Yang says:

    What…what the…WHY?? Okay, now to be fair, I did watch the videos and it was a whole lot tamer than I THOUGHT it was going to be. The name definitely made me freak out a bit.

    But seriously? What is the necessity? You felt bad after a breakup? Whatever happened to good old Ben & Jerry’s?

    Vajazzling: Like a tramp stamp, but for your front.

  2. JoJo Vinick says:

    This makes me so sad. First off – what does this mean for investigative reporting and journalism. The interviewer from the (if you could call her that) probably spent time studying journalism and her job was to go into a spa, drop her pants and lie there, on camera, getting her vagina bedazzled. I mean what does this say to little girls who are interested in journalism?
    Second of all, Jennifer Love Hewitt – what are you thinking? I know for a fact that girls find her beautiful and see her as a role model and she is telling them to feel better about themselves (after a break up) by making their vajayjays vajazzled. And to make matters worse – Lopex gets down on one knee to applaud her on her vajazzling. He’s basically screaming “You have made yourself sexier and that’s all that really matters.”
    If I learned anything from being in the Vagina Monologues is that a vagina is not supposed to be pretty. Why is it that they only way a girl can feel better after a break up (of course this is assuming that men only break up from women) is to make themselves sexy for the next man – I mean there is no way that it’s comfortable for a woman to have crystals glued to their lower stomach – imagine your jean line, or underwear or ugh. I just imagine itching a lot. And yet this is what JLH thinks is a good message to be sending in her book, and on national television.
    I feel bad for the young girls of this generation. What else will the world think of to make women appeal more to men?

    • Michele says:

      “If I learned anything from being in the Vagina Monologues is that a vagina is not supposed to be pretty.”

      Oh, I dunno….perhaps we need to redefine “pretty.”

      • Sam Dighton says:

        Gotta agree with this one…I think the vajayjay is pretty enough on its own without some cheap crystals!

  3. Sam Dighton says:

    SO DISTURBING! The worst part isn’t just that Jennifer Love Hewitt confessed to getting vajazzled, but her language choice: “You need to get vajazzled.” Excuuuuuuuse me.

    The woman at the spa says it’s especially popular around anniversaries, weddings, Valentines day–basically any “holiday” revolving around getting laid. But JLH claims she did it for herself…that’s a load of phooey if I’ve ever heard one. I have a friend who recently got her clitoris pierced (OWWWWWW) and her thing was that no one was supposed to see it, it was just for her to know it was there–private, as historically, vaginas were meant to be. Going on national television to talk about the wonderful little gift JLH gave to her vagina–oh but don’t worry, all the men she’s slept with love it!–seems a little contradictory, dontcha think?

    My question is, how long does this last? Can’t be permanent,especially if JHL is matching it to her outfits! And I’m sure it costs a pretty penny, that is after the requisite Brazilian…just ridiculous.

  4. Cassie says:

    What really bothers me about vajazzling is that in order to jazzle your vajay one must be completely waxed, which in my opinion, is something that has been popularized by the porn industry. So now, to be sexy, a girl must wax, and glue on crystals to the most sensitive part of her body. Great. What ever happened to getting a hair cut, facial, manicure, etc after a breakup? And when will penisjazzling become the rage? I think thats when the disco ball analogy will actually work.

  5. Wow, this is a loaded blog post. Several people have brought up this point, but going on national television Jennifer Love Hewitt to talk about your vajazzling experience? Seriously? And by kneeling down on one knee, George Lopez is condoning – basically applauding – her decision. So little girls, if you want to feel good about yourselves, get vajazzled. What a great message. Oh, wait …

    And the second video really concerns me. It deals with the issue of sexuality and what constitutes sexy (which, in this case, is really sad). But can we talk about the “investigative journalism,” if you can even call it that? The “reporter” did absolutely nothing for this story, except get a Brazilian beforehand, as Sam pointed out. But there was no research, no interviews, no data. If this were a true piece of journalism, I’d expect to learn relatively how popular and how expensive vajazzling is, in addition to the reactions of men, women, and even a few health professionals. I wouldn’t call this video a product of good journalism by any means. Essentially, the woman just laid on the bed while a video camera captured the “story.”

    There has to be some kind of warning before this procedure. How long does it last? Is there risk for infection? Are there any side effects?

  6. sth2391 says:

    Vajazzling? Wait, seriously? This kind of stuff isn’t supposed to exist and if it does, then it should be a complete joke in everyone’s eyes! What on earth is Jennifer Love Hewitt thinking? I just got a whole new perspective on her and it’s gone down the drains. What’s happening to society? I understand appearance is an enormous issue in our community, but this is just taking it way too far. We might as well be advertising the merits to becoming a porn star. This is awful and to think woman may actually do this to themselves is absolutely pathetic. Why can’t we all just relax for once and maybe get a simple haircut or if you really want to go crazy, dye your hair or something! Oh but no… I guess vajazzling is the new in. I really hope this isn’t what the future holds. Pretty disappointing.

  7. Becky says:

    I think this is cool, I don’t really see an issue with vajazzling. This is kind of similar to body piercing I feel like. As years have gone on, more and more body parts(places other than earlobes) are being pierced and tattooed and that wasn’t necessarily the norm 100 years ago, but so what? Now it is very common to see body piercing and tattoos, it had to start somewhere and people probably felt the same way they do now about vajazzling. So what if someone wants to put jewels on their vagina? Thats their prerogative. It doesn’t make someone a bad person because they are experimenting with body art. And as far as journalism goes, some people are interested in the latest beauty scope and beauty fad, there will always be a need for journalists who enjoy exploring these areas.

  8. Grace B says:

    I have to agree with Becky on this one. I may be a bit biased when it comes to this issue due to my near irrational obsession with rhinestones, and other sparkly objects (just to look to at my cell phone), but I think that this vajazzling, in moderation of course, is fantastic. What I like about this beauty practice is that unlike many things women do now a days to play up to male fantasy and expectations, I think vajazzling is exempt from this. I think that there are very few men who would request a rhinestone incrusted pubic region on their lady for selfish reasons, its just too bizarre. Although Jennifer Love Hewitt made it seem as though men looooove her sparkly pubic area, we must remember that she is Jennifer Love Hewitt, and I doubt that any heterosexual male would care what said region looked like, given the fact that she’s jennifer Love Hewitt. I don’t think you can really say that have a vajazzled vagina is pretty. Ludicrous, over the top, and indulgent all seem to be much more fitting adjectives.
    I also don’t think that J. Love speaking out about her va-j-j sends a negative message to girls and women. In speaking about her disco ball of a crotch, she was publicly working in her own flashy way to remove the stigmatization around the word vagina, a word that is to this day heavily perceived as dirty. I think talking openly about vagina’s on national TV, whether they be bare, unkempt, sparkly or whatever is a step in the right direction.
    I even enjoyed Hewitt’s reason for getting her va-j-j bedazzled, that being a messy breakup with her boyfriend. When my ex and I split up, I went out and bought an extremely expensive pair of sandals which I suppose was a less temporally fleeting solution to the pain, as well as a better investment, but looking back in retrospect, I think walking around town with a vajazzled va-j-j would have made me feel a whole lot better. I can just imagine strolling down the street, passing strangers and thinking “I may be single, but if the sun hits my cooch at the right angle I could blind you”. Just the thought makes me giggle with self love.
    The way I see this riot of a beauty regime is that its not about being pretty, hating your vagina in its natural state, or appeasing men, its about spoiling yourself in an extremely flashy and excessive way. I see it as putting a temporary tattoo of a tiara on your crotch; a way of saying to yourself that this is my vagina, and it’s royalty.
    Obviously, what is appealing about vajazzling is that it is so temporary (5 day guarantee before you start to de-jazzle), and I think that any person who chooses to upkeep and maintain a vajazzled vagina every five days, is flaming mad. However, pimping out your lady part with jewels every once in a blue moon is outlandishly creative, hilarious and fabulous. Yes, it’s impractical, expensive, and frivolous, but having a swarovski crystal encrusted va-j-j for a few days certainly gives you something to smile secretly about, and an excellent reason to laugh at yourself, something in my opinion that people need to do a lot more frequently.

    Oh, and Michele, check this out, vajzzling made me think immediately of this skit. “Warning: Clitter may result in sparkle babies” Hilarious!

    • Michele says:

      You know, Grace…I think this skit was done way before Vajazzling came out. It makes me think that they got the idea from this skit! You ever get a piece of glitter in your eye? Can you imagine…yeah. Ouch.

  9. GT says:

    I’m not going to lie, vajazzling sounds pretty awesome. I don’t know if I’d ever do it but I love bedazzling other things. I was definitely one of the girls in high school and freshmen year of college walking around with a bedazzled phone or phone case. I have also put rhinestones on my middle finger so on the few times when I do give someone the finger it is a shimmery flash of it! Just as a side point: did you know that Victoria Beckham has a $1.8 million dollar diamond encrusted vibrator? This topic just made me think of that.
    Anyways, as for having a bright and sparkly va-j-j, all I can say is what ever floats your boat. It’s not very different from people that have a multitude of tattoo’s and piercings. I don’t judge those people, so I am not about to judge people that like the idea of their vagina glistening. It shouldn’t even be as big of a deal because it is in such a private place, it won’t be visible to everyone. People that have their entire arms tatted (sleeves) or chains connecting peircings on their face seems more of a societal issue than this.
    It’s possible that more people that participate in vajazzling have low self-esteem when it comes to their looks and their performance in bed and having a shimmering crotch makes them feel more comfortable about themselves. Sometimes just that one change can make you feel brand new.

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