Taking suggestions

I decided not to go anywhere for spring break. I am horribly behind on my writing and I am sure by the time spring break actually rolls around, I will be behind on my grading. Since I usually am. Plus, I have to learn a whole new software program for my Rhetorical Bytes class for a new project I am determined to teach. Here is an example of what we’ll be doing:

It’s called Kinetic Typography, if you are curious, btw. (I’ll be teaching the class again next spring semester, 2011 if this is something you are into.)

Anyway, since I will be working most of my break, today I decided that I need to buy myself a present. Not anything extravagant but something worth my time, something that makes me feel as if I am being rewarded for all my hard work. (Stop laughing. I can hear you all the way over here.)

You all know what a geek I am. So something tech-related would be cool.

Don’t be funny. I meant something I can afford. I thought I might buy a nano.

Since I only have my iPhone and seldom keep music on it since it is loaded with my day-to-day info. So the point here: what should I buy? What do you think will keep me entertained and rewarded through my totally dull upcoming spring break. Any ideas?


3 thoughts on “Taking suggestions

  1. Michele says:

    oh Ashley. You are not going to believe this…I actually own one of these. I am not kidding. I will even bring it in to class prove it. Seriously.

    And it totally works.

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