Ice Skating: OUT. Gymnastics: IN.

This afternoon was the Tyson American Cup. This is a pretty big deal for gymnastics—not only is it the major international meet on American soil, it is the first meet of the season when most gymnasts present their newest routines for the first time. What premiered today gave us an idea of who might end up in London in two years.

I won’t tell you who won—you can hit up the website and check out for yourself. And I am sure that the videos will be up on YouTube before the night is out. I just have this to ask: will the Romanians ever reclaim their brilliance? Check out 1984. ‘Cuz seriously, they really are the best gymnasts out there but this last decade and a half, they have pretty much faltered.

So the Romanians have two years to get their act together. Which is just enough time for me to start getting you all pumped with excitement.

Yes, I know I am going to hell. You all told me that when I posted my last round of athlete’s accidents before the 2010 Olympic disaster. For the record, there is not a gymnastic accident on video that I have never seen. Just so you know.

While not an accident or blooper, a bad-ass beam routine:


9 thoughts on “Ice Skating: OUT. Gymnastics: IN.

  1. Unfortunately, I did not watch the Tyson Cup yesterday afternoon. I was too busy having a heart attack and watching Syracuse lose to Louisville for the second time this season. I don’t wanna talk about it.

    But Michele, I have to agree with you—gymnastics trumps ice-skating. I mean, both are in my top ten Olympic sports, but I would rather watch Shawn Johnson perform an epic balance beam routine than hear how Rachel Flatt got accepted to Stanford. (Not to take anything away from her, of course.) In general, I think the commentary during ice-skating becomes very repetitive. Also, I tend to like the style and rhetoric of gymnastics articles more than ice-skating ones. And above all, there have been more scandals in recent history relating to the gymnastics, so that sport definitely has the upper hand, in my opinion.

    In the March 8 edition of “Sports Illustrated,” the magazine stated that the IGF (International Gymnastics Federation) released a statement, which suggested that China be stripped of a bronze medal that it won at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. After an extreme amount of investigation, the committee discovered that one of China’s gymnastics – Dong Fangxiao – was actually 14 years of age during the Games, not the required age of 16. The case now goes to the IOC (International Olympic Committee), and they have the power to disqualify her. And if that does happen, the US would inherit the bronze medal, for it placed fourth in the all-around event.

    But I can’t help but wonder, if China sent underage athletes to the 2000 Games, I’m willing to bet they did the same at Beijing. I know that specific investigation has already been finished, but there is no way those gymnastics were 16. They looked like they were 10, and that’s being generous.

    • PS – I’m SUPER excited for London! Hopefully I’ll be there covering the Games for “Sports Illustrated” or “ESPN: The Magazine” =)

    • Michele says:

      yep Carrie…I have been following the China issue like a shadow. I believe that they did strip her of the medal. You know–none of the news reports said anything about the US Team getting the Bronze.

      I am all about gymnastics. I think in my past life, I died at 14 doing a Thomas salto at Worlds. But it was worth it.

    • Peter Cruice says:

      I agree with you Michele that ice skating as in figure skating is out and gymnastics is now in. I remember watching the gymnastics in the Beijing Olympics, and how I actually enjoyed watching it. I remember watching the Romanian woman and how they were so superior to everyone else. I liked to watch the United States of American girls, like Shawn Johnson for example. She was not only very good and young, but she will only become better and better. She will help create more interest in the sport to aspiring young individuals.

      I would say that ice skating (Figure Skating) is very boring and nothing exciting really happens. I can only remembering watching one particular individual, Michelle Kwan, and how wonderful she was to watch. Since her absence it is not only boring to watch the sport, it’s also become a question to ask why even air figure skating on television? I really dislike figure skating and I’m not the biggest fan of gymnastics, but it is indeed completely noticeable how it is so much more fascinating to watch gymnastics over figure skating. The color commentary on ice skating videos almost puts me to sleep. It doesn’t have any energy or anything that would make it desirable to watch and listen to. The color commentary on the gymnastics is much more intriguing. I could fall asleep if i was tired watching gymnastics, but it wouldn’t be because of a lack of color commentary or the sport itself. Watching people pull off ridiculous stunts is amazing to watch, and with a good color commentator you can really get into watching it.

      I also remember hearing about the girl from China who got her medal taken away from her because of her age, but I also recall a case in where a Romanian gymnast’s gold medal was taken from her because she had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Her name is Andreea Raducan, and she was the reason for Romania’s “gold medal” in the 2000 Olympics. On a side note I am happy to see that gymnastics is getting more publicity than figure skating.

  2. Ashley Yang says:

    That third-to-last video, with the girl landing with the beam up her crotch??

    Yeah. My future children felt that. Holy OUCH.

  3. Those videos are rediculous! I can not believe some of those people were able to walk away okay! Like that guy who landed on the bar with his neck, that looks like it ridiculously hurt. I feel like all that pressure would have broken his neck, thank god it didnt. Also you have to give props to that girl in the first video who got back on the bar to finish her routine after landing really painfully on it. These people can tolerate pain so well. Like that one girl who got knocked out doing that super spin move thing and then just keeps trying to get up and repetitively falls. I think some are not crying at the pain but just at the fact that they messed up their chances. I think that would be the worst part of all of it. I feel bad for the girl in the pink in the first video, she just failed twice in a row. That must be so annoying after doing to perfectly in practice. It’s hard to watch some of the anke injury ones, you can almost see the ankle breaking! OUCH!

  4. king4648 says:

    Wow! This is so crazy! This is really a life risking job. One can definitely die from these aforementioned accidents. It seems like the girl in the second video is going to die. The crazy part is how they still get up to finish and pretend they not hurt. Like the guy in the fist video, he twisted his ankle but he had to stand firm and pretended he is not hurt. Even the girl in the first video as well: even though she landed on the bar really hard, she had to play it off and keep on going until she finish, which is absurd. This hard to watch these, especially the ankle breaking ones because sometimes you see things and you get too emotional about them as imagining it happening to you. I feel really bad for the girl in the third-to-last. She landed on
    the beam up her vagina. That is very hurtful. She even cried afterwards.

    However, I wonder how some of them get really hurt and they do not die. Like I saw one of these videos where a lady landed on her neck. Though she was fine buh I thought that was the end of her life. These sports are VERY dangerous!

  5. Chip Siarnacki says:

    Gymnastics certainly trumps ice-skating as far as entertainment value is concerned; however, I have to admit that I enjoy watching both sports, especially during the Olympics. As far as difficulty and danger, I am not sure if one beats the other. Even though Gymnastics involves some very dangerous routines that would make anyone dizzy, the fact of the matter is a lot of the time much of a fall is absorbed by a patted mat. In ice-skating, there is nothing soft to fall on, except the hands of your partner and if that option is unavailable then its the hard ice. I am sure we have all been ice-skating at some point and have had a bad fall, not fun right?

    My mom used to be really involved in gymnastics, but never tried to put me or my two sisters in it when we were little. It is funny to see some pictures of my mom when she was doing gymnastics. I never knew my mom could do the splits while jumping in the air and grabbing her toes. Pretty impressive right?

    Carrie, I feel your pain about Syracuse. I had them winning the tournament from the start, and it was sad to see them lose on Friday. Wes Johnson should be a pretty high pick in the draft, but it would have nice to see him carry Syracuse to the final four and possibly a championship.

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