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  1. Sara Hollingshead says:

    The picture here clearly tells the story of socialization and gender roles. The boy and girl in this picture have probably gone through a fight/break-up/disagreement and the boy “leaves” the girl. In other words, the boy and the girl here have been socialized and taken on their gender roles, already at a young age. The girl stands in the background, in oversized high heels, crying, as the boy walks away (and is positioned in the foreground of the photograph) clearly in a powerful position. The children have gone through the process of socialization and have learned the norms and behavior of their gender and have accepted the gender roles- women are expected to be timid, inferior, emotional, while men are supposed to be powerful, superior, and strong, clearly displayed in this picture.
    Looking at what the boy and girl are standing on, wood with words engraved into it, brings the question of socialization and gender roles into a global field. Although the words are not exactly clear, I can hardly make out the words. I can tell it is written using the English alphabet (there’s even an “I love(with a heart) you) but that’s about it. So I wonder if this picture is from the U.S.A., or abroad—like the U.K. or Australia? If so, then it just goes to show how socialization and gender roles are global “issues.”
    But go beyond telling the story/explaining the picture — is this wrong for children this young (look at how small their hands and feet are) to be acting this way? And whom do you blame (if you can even call it blame) this on- society? The children’s parents?

  2. Torie Solomon says:

    Haha this picture makes me laugh every time. I can absolutely see the message of gender roles behind it. She’s in the background in tiny heels crying and obviously representing the role of the weaker one in the relationship. While the little guy looks relatively emotionless (typical) and is leaving her with quite a strong looking step in that walk. But, it is a hilarious picture that should not be judged too politically. Little does this girl know what she is in for. But who knows, 10 years from now she may meet that boy again and crush his little heart. And for now, I’m sure she’ll wake up tomorrow and realize there’s bigger and better to be met on the playground.

  3. Courtney O'Brien says:

    I would have to agree with what Sara’s response to this post. I feel as though this image totally fits that of socialization and gender roles. Here we have two children whom are probably under the age of five years old, however, they both represent the emotions of a thirty year old. The young boy and girl are standing on a bridge, one walking away from the other. The girl is in the background hysterically crying about their “break up”, in her heels with her arms to her sides feeling completely helpless. The boy is walking towards the photographer feeling powerful with this stern look and arms swaying along his sides. The position of the photograph definitely implies some type of domination. It is interesting to recognize that as part of our socialization roles, these children have developed the norms of society. At four years old, these children are demonstrating how socialization and gender roles are represented in today’s society. In gender roles, the men are often expected to be strong, powerful, stern and superior and women are expected to be powerless, shy, inferior and afraid. This is definitely portrayed in this image. Although we don’t know exactly what is happening in their situation, we do know that both children are fulfilling their expected gender roles. And at such a young age, I really find this to be wrong. But who has influenced these kids? How do they already know their expected positions? Why are they acting so advanced for their age? Are they influenced by their parents or society as a whole?

  4. Grace B says:

    Terrible as it may sound what struck me first about this photograph was how unappealing these children are. They are really just not cute kids, which takes away from my initial impression behind the intentionality of this photo. At first I thought it fell into that genre of humorous postcard pictures with little cherubic boys and girls in precocious outfits kissing or holding hands. However, both the boy and the girl are particularly creepy little people, alluding to a different kind of intentionality behind this photo. Even the setting of the photograph is somewhat creepy and peculiar. It looks as though the children are on a vacation at club med, engaged in some type of domestic dispute; not so cute or Hallmark-esque. However I don’t think that the content it suggest is as mature as everyone seems to think. If you were to to ask me I would say that this boy has just poked, kicked, or made fun of this little girl, as many young boys do because they don’t know how to treat their foreign, cootie-ridden female counterparts. And the young girl is of course retaliating with hysterics, a young child’s best defense in that it attracts the attention of others and elicits sympathy.
    I don’t believe that this picture is suggesting that gender roles and socialization in terms of male dominance, and female submissiveness starts during pre-school years because of the aesthetic, visual and circumstantial choices, although I do see how this could be construed as what is going on.

  5. the rg spot says:

    this picture is priceless! i legitimately laughed out loud when i saw it. So hears the story of what happened here…

    this boy was the biggest player on the entire block. this girl ws upset that she wasnt his only girlfriend. He said listen you are easily replaceable so if you cannot deal with being 3rd place in my heart then there is no way we can contiune to make this work. so she obvisously started crying and complaining…this guy the badass he is just walked away and never looked back…

    hes a stud.

  6. sth2391 says:

    This image clearly displays social roles in our society. The emotions of the children in this photograph represent the emotions of full-grown adults. In the background, there is a young girl crying and standing helpless while wearing a pair of heels that clearly don’t fit. On the other hand, the boy is throwing on a “tough look” as he swiftly walks away from her. The result of this must have been from a bad breakup or fight of some sort. This image depicts the obvious control that men have over women. The little boy is standing in front of the picture with his back facing the young girl, displaying a dominant position he holds over the girl. It’s clear that the young boy wouldn’t even think twice about looking back because he must establish the powerful position that he holds over her emotions. As I mentioned before, the young girl is wearing oversized heels while the boy walks barefoot, which I thought further explained the tough personality men seem to hold while the little girl represents a weak and vulnerable character.
    I find this photograph to be somewhat disturbing because the dominance men hold over women can already be recognized at such a young age. After I looked at this picture for quite some time, I started to wonder who there was to blame and take responsibility for the behavior of these children. Could it be possible that they have already been influenced by society? Or could it be that their parents did something to make them act the way they are towards one another in this picture? Also could it be true that they’ve already matured at such a young age? I wonder how we could raise awareness of these issues arising regarding the role men play over women. Men have this mentality that they hold full control over women’s emotions, and I believe that women must take the initiative to stop them from thinking this is the case.

  7. Chryssy Abdool says:

    This is a hilarious photo! I can’t stop laughing. Of course this plays a gender role! its so obvious, but what if their brothers and sisters? And maybe the brother hit his sister or even yelled at her for wanting to grow up so fast? Or trying to act older than she is? Maybe the sister was bossing him around or trying to act all girly and be like the women she sees on T.V, and the brother was just not having it.

    But after all the being said, it does look like a relationship where it shows that women are weak and men are the superior and strong beings of all relationships. That women are meant to look weak and always cry and break down where as men hold their head up high and keep it moving. By the facial expression on his face, he sure does look really pissed off. Maybe she cheated on him? Or maybe he’s just an asshole and doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore.

    There’s so much to pictures like these, it all can tell so many different points of views.

  8. Oh boyyyyy!! I can’t believe the first thing that comes to my mind when i saw this picture is about the breakup i recently had with my boyfriend. haha, YES! I cried when we broke up because it was a five year long relationship, and i was really attached to him. It was really hard for me to overcome that, honestly, I tend to convince myself that i am over him but I really am not over him still. Everything i do reminds me of him, life goes on but all the time i spent with him is still in my heart, and i really value it. I know i am getting off topic.. so lets get back to topic and discuss the picture.

    This picture is reflecting a recent breakup a couple had, the guy supposedly dumped the women or broke up with her because of specific reason. This picture portrays that just women are know as the weaker sex, they end up crying. I do not really agree with women being the weaker sex, but i do agree that when it comes to heart and love women are weaker as compared to men. And i think this picture is completely showing that. Men as shown in the picture are the stronger sex, who have self control and can control how they feel, which i really do agree with, men are strong with emotion whereas, women are not. But i really do not go with men being the stronger sex and women being the weaker one, as for me and as much as i believe men and women are equal.

    Okay, honestly i do not know why whenever a situation like this comes, or no… whenever we see a girl and a guy together, the first thing that comes in our mind is “ohh look at that couple”.. I mean seriously i do not understand why our thinking in only and always going that way. Well i wouldn’t blame us for that because basically, its media who portrays it to our mind. Everything that is shown in media is about relationships, sex and breakups.. which i think is annoying and is changing the way we think.

  9. Ariel Trent says:

    As soon as I saw this picture I knew it was showing the difference between gender roles in society. First thing that makes it clear is the face that the guy is the focus in the picture while the girl is slightly blurred in the background. In addition to that the guy also has a serious face while the girl is crying. By that you can see that females in general tend to be more emotional then men and the males are seen as the stronger ones emotionally.

    Not only is this showing the level of rank but it also show how men see women and what women do for men in order to get their attention. If you notice the girl is where these pink heals that seem to be too big for her and to mature for her age. Women are always trying to impress men. Not saying all women try to look good for their man but I know a lot of females that go out of their way to look sexy and pretty so that there man doesn’t leave them and that there man likes them and wants them. I even do it myself. With my previous boyfriend I always tried to look pretty and I found myself buying new clothes all the time because I did not want him to see me in the same thing twice. I did not just do that when I was with him I also did that when we broke up. As a single individual, and probably like other females I wanted to look extra nice so other guys could get my attention and possible start “feeling me,” meaning wanting to talk to me. So there is this idea that women aren’t good enough as they are and they have to be pretty and fit this ideal skinny and beautiful look in order to get attention from the “higher ranked “ people such as males in society.

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