Daylight Savings Time


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  1. king4648 says:

    I agree with the aforementioned statements and the image. I am really sure that everyone knows that safe sex is by using condom. However, people still get pregnant even though they use condom; how is that? One of the big possibility of getting pregnant even if people have sex with condoms is when the condom is expired. Condoms expire for a reason. Expired condoms means the lubricant and/or the materials are not good anymore and therefore is not guaranteed a safe to use. Thus, expired condoms can break easily while having sex.

    Normally, people do not really check the condom to see the expiration date. All they know is that having sex with condom is safe so inasmuch as they get a condom, they do not think about looking at the date (which is the next step to do when one gets a condom.) I really believe that the use of expired condoms is causing rampant teenage pregnancy today. Not only those is it increase teenage pregnancy or pregnancy in general, it also increases Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

  2. Becky says:

    I think this is a really great advertisement because so many people misuse condoms or use old condoms and think they are perfectly fine. Condoms are like any type of food; an expiration date is used as a tool to tell when that food should be tossed within a few days of the date posted, the same goes for condoms. And its funny because I know people that are so quick to toss foods even if they don’t appear to be bad but the date has recently passed, but they wouldn’t think to toss a condom away past expiration. Misusing a condom is extremely risky and not worth the possible repercussions that misusing it could have.

  3. Courtney O'Brien says:

    I really enjoyed this advertisement because I feel as though people don’t take into consideration that expired condoms will not work. I feel as though people assume that because it is still in the package it must be fine. As Becky mentioned about condoms being like any type of food, when there is an expiration date, this is implying you should probably throw it out; in other words, don’t use it! I find it kind of comical that people would convince themselves that an expired condom is still fine just because it’s in the package. Imagine though what the consequences can be after using an expired condom, just like there are consequences to expired foods. I think it is funny that people completely disregard the expiration date. It is interesting that people think to throw away expired foods, but they won’t throw away expired condoms. I think this add is very hilarious because it really does show that people have no concept of the fact that condoms do become expired after so many years.

  4. Kat Copeland says:

    I agree with what everyone has said. Daylight savings is a perfect time to check and make sure your condoms aren’t expired. Safe sex is very important because college students are granted to so much freedom that we need to be given reminders like these to keep us safe. At first I read this ad and was confused by how condoms and daylight savings related but then I understood it. I also think that it is genius because you already need to remember to switch your clocks why not your condoms. I feel like more and more condom companies are getting more creative to get their point across about safe sex and it is good because most of us are so used to seeing those types of commercials that we just dont pay attention anymore. I think they should continue to do that as well as do more promotion about sexual health. We can’t be too careful now a days.

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