Staticy Cat vs. Balloon

OK.  I already posted this on my FB wall but could not resist posting it here.

I don’t know why this is so damn funny to me.  I think it’s because I grew up always having cats around and I know they have that “What.” attitude.  Like they are going to look at you and suddenly they assume a Tony Soprano voice that says, “what the fuck you lookin’ at?”  In my mind, even fluffy kittens say this when you look at them.

So for an owner to do this to their cat…well.  It is just damn funny.  Because you know it is pissing the cat off but he is way too cool to admit it.


5 thoughts on “Staticy Cat vs. Balloon

  1. Ashley Yang says:

    Just showed this to my mom and sister last night. We were howling. Might try it on my cat…only problem is her belly is so close to dragging on the floor I don’t think she could actually fit a balloon under her….

  2. Cassie says:

    My mother and I just laughed until we started crying over this. The whole time my mom was saying “this is so mean!” What kills me is the music-it makes it so much funnier. The cat is clearly embarrassed and trying to escape but the camera man just follows. I love how the cat just keeps walking and acts like the balloon isn’t there. Hysterical.

    • Michele says:

      Ha! the music is the best part….it is actually a song from the early 60s called “Alley Cat.” How perfect is that?

      I know. that cat is just too cool to be humiliated.

  3. sth2391 says:

    Omg I love this video. I’m in the library right now watching this which is clearly a terrible idea! I hope people didn’t get too annoyed with my obnoxious laugh. Anyways, this is hilarious. I’ve always wanted a cat since my mom has a fear of dogs. I know what I’ll be begging for when I go home this summer. Hmmm maybe try this trick as well? Haha, this is great.

  4. Kat Copeland says:

    This is great!! I’ve always wanted a cat ever since I was little, but my dad has always been very against it. I’m not sure why. In order to avoid my constant whining for a cat, he painted one on my wall, got my a ceramic cat and gave me the nickname Kat. Then, once we moved to vt and acquired 2 barn cats, I finally had gotten my wish and he couldn’t do anything about it. The cats names are c and d because the people who owned our house before us were engineers and weren’t very creative ( i have nothing against engineers by the way). Anyway, the cats are adorable and are very goood at mousing (mouse hunting). The cats were raised with dogs so they are used to playing with dogs but our dogs were never introduced to cats. 2 out 3 of our dogs have gotten used to having cats around, but our little shihtzu is still a little bit unnerved by something as small as he is since our other 2 dogs are labs. Unfortunately one of our cats has recently passed away, but my dad is considering adopting another one to keep the alive one happy. hopefully he does! cats are adorable.

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