I want your bad, bad romance….

…and bad, bad renditions that make me giggle till I hurt.

Welcome back, folks.  Only six more weeks to the end of the semester!


One thought on “I want your bad, bad romance….

  1. chiphi says:

    I am one of the very few men who will adamantly admit to being a LADY GAGA fan. I love Lady gaga and her music, Many people may take her music to be really mainstream but is one actually sits down listen to her lyrics and music, one will come to understand that we might be seeing a Michael Jacking or Madonna in the making in regards to their music and the souls they’ve touched.

    Unorthodox clothing choices, plays and writes her own music and still finds the time to write music for other famous artist today – sounds a lot like the path Madonna and Michael Jackson once walked. If one does not believe me, or believe that Lady Gaga is following their path or perhaps creating her own take a look at the video above.

    Lady Gaga through her wackiness has encouraged a group of about 30 grown adults to embarrass themselves. Lady Gaga has set the bar high, and as you can see in the video these gaga want to bees cannot come close.

    So why do I like this post? When all is does is show a group of adults making out to be fools? When I see this video, I see the impact that Lady Gaga has had on our society thus far. She has used the fame as a positive tool unlike many others. Fighting for homosexual equal rights, through her out of this world clothing and music videos, through her lyrics Lady Gaga is restoring confidence in individual’s lives and bring to the TV set the truth about our society. For example look at the Telephone video by Lady Gaga and understand how the lyrics may not fit the video, but how the video enlightens its views about female prison. This video is like a mini movie again another comparison that can be made to MJ and Madonna.

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