Chatroulette with Ben Folds

as promised, the video I started playing in class until our Community Partners arrived:


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  1. csnizzy says:

    THIS IS SO FUNNY! I’m not going to lie, I’ve been on chat roulette, just to see what all of the hype was about, and I was shocked. There are some weird, weird, weird people in this world. I was actually in my friend’s room and he was showing me the site. When flipping through people, he actually came across someone he knew from high school! Awkward? Yes. It was like, “what are you doing on this website?” but that went both ways.
    Ben Folds is too funny for doing this AT A LIVE CONCERT. There are other videos that were recommended when people created songs however the fact that their is an audience makes it so much better.

  2. Rebecca Felt says:

    Chatroulette is the creepiest thing I have come across in a long long time.
    I love how Ben Folds incorporated it into a live concert. It’s a nice contrast, especially since he is so geeky chic. I couldn’t help but wonder if the people he was “chatting” with believed that it was actually Ben Folds. I remember walking out into my common room one Saturday night quite late and a bunch of my friends were gathered around “talking” (and squealing) to the Jonas Brothers… it took awhile to figure out it was a video without sound (their lips moved differently than the voices). Ahem, it was hilarious, anyway my point being- that’s one hell of a story for them to tell their friends.

    Plus, god how clever can Ben Folds be? -making up musical conversation on the fly like that… jealous

  3. Katie York says:

    This is so great! I feel like the people who were on chatroulette at the time, usually alone, usually without a shirt, should be embarrassed to be on it, but they all seem pretty entertained. This was a great idea for Ben Folds to do, it’s very entertaining. The band also chose a fad that everyone knows about right now since chatroulette is creepily sweeping the nation, so they picked something there audience can definitely relate too. He’s great at the piano too for just playing it on the spot and not to meantion not running out of things to say.

    I have been on chatroulette to see what it’s like (I was not alone I was with friends) and it’s pretty weird. We only met one group of normal people who were checking it out to see what it is like. I like the clever people who just do ridiculous things in order to mock the people who take chatroulette seriously. Like that guy in the video who did the “if you look sideways I win” thing. There are some people who just wear like blue afros and the randomest things which is pretty funny too, but I feel like it’s more of a onetime experience and I don’t think I’ll be on it again anytime soon.
    Its sad that so many people are creepy on it because it would have been a kind of cool concept if people knew how to control themselves.

  4. Abby Eustance says:

    haha this is really funny! i love ben folds he is so good. he came up with all of that on the spot thats amazing! i wish that i was able to be on there when he was haha! that would have been weird. when i went on chatroulette all i saw was a lot of penises! it was pretty gross actually and i probably will only go on it if im really really bored with my friends!

  5. Mac Swenson says:

    I’ve got to say that I’ve never been on Chat Roulette, but I do know what it is, and this is a great way to show how creepy it can be. For Ben Folds to put this up on a big screen at one of his concerts just goes to show you how random the people on this site are. The one guy who has the lights off when he comes on screen at the concert has the most disingenuous idea ever. Does he really think that anyone would talk to him if they couldn’t see his face?

    While Chat Roulette is pretty harmless, this video just shows how ridiculous people have become with the internet

  6. adamrnardone says:

    I loved the “bitches ain’t shit” rendition he did a while back and when i saw this i just about peed my pants. I stumbled upon chatroulette one day when i walked into my friends room. Its so weird! Props to those who came up with this idea! I know one of my friends actually talked to Jessica Alba while she was chillin on the beach. So the fact that this celeb was on a random website is ridiculous! I could just hop on at any second and see way too many people masturbating or a person i would see on tv. Thats crazy! The use of this open website (for the time being) is great. It allows people to interact with some random other person. and people actually submit themselves to it.

  7. Chris says:

    I just think this is really cool. I didn’t read the other comments so I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this but Ben Folds is paying tribute to this guy Its a youtube sensation. This is the ultimate form of instantaneous, spontaneous connection, through the internet. I love the idea that in just one click you enter another persons world. If you get past all the perverts this chatroulette is pretty interesting and wild.

  8. I don’t know how I missed this, but I honestly did not know about Chatroulette before this class. Before, I thought it was creepy to have chat rooms where you could talk to random people through the internet but now this! I am not sure if this is more or less creepy, because at least you can see the person that you are talking to on this source! I would like to know who came up with the idea of having a site with these features.

    But anyway, this video is very funny! It is a great idea to have this during the concert because I am sure that no one else has ever had this idea. I cannot image being the person on the other end of the chat who ended up being shown on the big screen at a Ben Folds concert! This also demonstrates that Ben Folds has great talent because he is able to develop a song based on what he sees on the screen on the spot during a concert.

    In general, I love concerts and by incorporating this idea in his concert, he made a more intimate setting which is definitely a plus for the people in attendance. Not only was he able to show his skills as a performer, but he has also was able to incorporate humor in the concert, including a fad in which many people participate in the United States. He seems to poke fun at the concept, by saying things about “the shirtless man,” which as I have been told is a common occurrence on the site. Overall, this video was great!

  9. the rg spot says:

    this is to damn funny! chatroulette is funny and creepy as hell at the exact same time. why would anyone:

    A) jerk off on chatroullete (like seriously what response are you looking for?)
    B) show your tits (what would your parents say?)
    C) or just even talk to anyone about anything (there are some messed up ppl out there why would you want to talk to them?)

    thats all i have to say on this issue.

  10. thergspot says:

    This post is one that I chose for response because it is a hilarious concept. Myself along with the rest of the world by this point have heard of or gone onto chatroullete. Obviously as everyone knows who has gone on it, that it is a really weird and creepy place. Ben Folds in this video is copying the idea of another youtube video where a man name “Merton” is playing the piano and singing to strangers, just as Ben Folds does in this video.

    I like this post because it is something that I can relate to. Chatroullete is a current fad and is something that most everyone is familiar with. I cannot help but laugh at this video every single time that I watch it. However, there are some things that I dislike about it. One thing that I dislike is that Ben Folds was not original when creating this video. The original videos (in the link above) are, I think even funnier than this one that Ben Folds did. Yes, it is at a live concert and obviously that makes it unbelievably funny and new, but the lyrics and melodies I think are better in Merton’s videos.
    This post shows the power of the Internet and technology today. This video puts strange people sitting on their computers at a live concert in Charlotte North Carolina. This is almost scary how connected everyone in the world is today. It is like you are never alone anymore.
    This post has definitely given me some comedic relief in a seriously stressed out past few weeks. But it really makes you think about what you are doing because as you can see from this video, you never know where your picture or face could end up.

  11. Rachel says:

    I have admittingly been on chatroullete. I dont find it to be all that exciting, and if anything I think its quick disturbing. Ben Folds idea to do this was genius. The people on there were so confused and put off it created for the audience to truley laugh. I loved his ability to improv a new song everytime a new person came up. This made me laugh out loud and I’ve showed it to so many friends who had the same reaction. Chatroullete should probably have some provisions upon entering the website because some stuff the happens on there is quite unorthadox.

  12. Sasha Borenstein says:

    I have never been on chatroullete nor will I ever go onto it. I think that it is really creepy and a waste of time. Although I think that chatroullete is useless I thought this video of Ben Folds singing and playing the piano to the random strangers as they came on the screen was hilarious. Most of the reactions of the people who came on to the screen were priceless and funny. And some didn’t even stay on long enough for him to sing to them. What shocks me the most though is how many guys did not have their shirts on. The fact that they are willing to be half naked on a webcam not knowing who was going to pop up next amazes me. Especially today you must be so careful with what you do online. Now more than ever employers and even faculty at the universities check what goes on sites like these. You never know who is taking a screen grab of you and posting it on the web for the world to see. This can not only get you in trouble in the moment, it can also prevent you from getting a job when you graduate. Beside this video which is very funny and entertaining, I believe that chatroullete is dangerous for people to go on, especially teenagers. There has to be other ways to keep ourselves entertained. I do not think that chatroullete should be allowed anymore, I really do not see any good in this program.

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