“Date Mike. Nice to meet me.”

I am a huge fan of The Office.

I have been watching it since it premiered and the one-liners have made many an appearance on my FB wall. (My favorite: “The eyes are the groin of the head.”)

From the IMDb page:

A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior, and tedium.

This last week’s episode was damn funny. And I note this because the end of last season into the beginning of this season has kind of, well, sucked. But this week included Michael on a date. And I found this hilarious. Because he didn’t realize he was on a blind date until half the night was over. And when he made that realization, everything about him changed. He ran out to his car, took off his tie, put on a hat and declared to the camera, “Date Mike. Nice to meet me.”

I have had this happen. Great evenings out with friends and all is fun and jovial until somewhere along the way, the possibility of the hook-up begins to take shape. And suddenly, that guy that was just kind of cute with the same twisted sense of humor is suddenly offended when you laugh at a “mommy, mommy” joke. [“Mommy, mommy, daddy’s up!” “Shut up and reload.”]

Or that chick with the quirky and bubbly personality suddenly makes personal space non-existent as her hand has to land on your shoulder with every response she makes, tilting her head in a way that makes you want to snap it off if she giggles just one…more…time.

The hook-up, my friends, changes everything.

People that would never be caught dead leaving the house (or dorm) with a collar unpopped or an eyelash not mascara’d have no problem doing the inevitable Walk of Shame with their underwear in their back pocket.

Why is this? Why when the hook-up happens, men become stupid? Women become stupid? Everything involved with the hook-up becomes stupid? Suddenly, brilliant people forget the possibility of real human interaction and instead head into the falsities of lying about their money, their bodies, their intelligence, their passions. The need to feel that one-fleeting moment of some physical intimacy seems to drive all other rational thought out of our mind.

And given that probably 9 out of 10 hook-ups occur under the influence of alcohol—especially on a college campus—one begins to wonder how we so search for the hook-up, even though we know our performance will be less than stellar due to the alcohol. (Yeah, you know who you are.)

This is why when Michael says in last week’s episode, “I’m on a date. Lemme do my thing,” I laughed. Out loud. Because this is what we do when we hook-up. We assume a “thing” and we assume it’s cute. And desirous. And we cross our fingers and hope that our “thing” catches the eye of someone else looking to hook-up.


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  1. Amaury Ramirez says:

    I wasn’t a fan of the show before my roommate last year would put the seasons before we went to bed. Michael, a boss with no idea of what he is doing, continuously makes fun of Dwight. It’s funny how Dwight is oblivious to everything. Everyone in t he office hates him, and his girl friend, and he still tries to suck up to Michael—like an annoying child.

    I read and re-read your analysis of a “hook up”. How you mention that alcahol is the cause of the hook up but is also what messes up the hook up. I think its funny because when people are drunk, they know exactly what they are doing. I mean unless you get to a certain point, which most drinkers do not. People use alcahol as an excuse for things they might have wanted to do but didn’t think it would be socially acceptable. Or say things they have always wanted to say and just say it, and then blame it on the alcahol the next morning.
    Living in a college campus, most people do things because they want to be accepted. You would think we are past the time wher e we would want that feeling. It is sad, but many studetns over drink and do the things they do because they want to be accepted, they feel that others are doing it so they should also.

    Back to Micahel…

    Although he makes a mockery of everything, he usually brings many good points.

    • Peter Cruice says:

      I always watch this show when I see it on television or when someone has the DVD’s. I think it’s funny that Michael is signing up for an online dating service. He is looking for a username and says you he is going to use the little kid lover as his screen name. Michael says this is to show where his interests are. I think it’s funny how Michael does this as its part of his personality to be funny. If you had never watched the show to see how funny Michael is and what his “role” in the show is you would find this scene particularly creepy. When Michael talks about bro’s before ho’s I feel its pretty funny. Obviously Michael is upset about not having a girlfriend and how he thinks that “bro’s before hoe’s” is a good line to live off of because your best friend always has your back while a girl doesn’t. I agree with Amaury about how students poor judgmental mistakes while under the influence of alcohol lead to excuses. A lot of girls would say yeah I did this cause I was drunk, or I had sex with him and I was drunk. Too often people use the excuse ” well i was drunk” and in reality most people still know whats going on while they make that decision.

  2. Chris says:

    this is commentary on how some people are just not comfortable with themselves or that they feel like they need to transform into Self 2.0 when it comes to impressing a potential “hook-up”. There seems to be a cultural code on how to act in certain social situations ex. bars or parties. When their are people around individuals tend to act differently, its just they way some people work. This is unfortunate. This would mean that the girl or guy interacting with the person that is not acting like themselves is just attracted to a fake persona; but on the other hand the girl or guy might be acting on their fake persona as well so we get a nice equation of fake persona + fake persona = ‘drunk’ hook-up.

  3. Tom Michaud says:

    The reason people change their personalities due to their company (or date) is just because of performance. No one wants to dissappoint. and Plus if this is just a one night stand you’re trying for then you can make up a bunch of shit and get away with it. Hell you don’t even have to tell the person your own name. Now i know people will read this and be like, “OMG he’s such a dick!” But i promise i dont do this; i’m just saying its possible. But i digress, the performance of your personality is up to you. Why not try to look as appealing as possible to try and impress someone you’re only going to see for a day (or a few hours)? I mean if both parties were aware of what they had then i dont see anything wrong with making yourself look a little better.

  4. Sara McMenimen says:

    I completely agree with this post. While I have watched The Office only a handful of times, the majority of my high school was obsessed with it when it first came out. I think most of the humor of the show lies in the fact that it is relatively true. Of course the scenarios are exaggerated for television, but in such a way that makes us want to believe them.

    As far as hooking up and dating goes, the way it is described to work in this post couldn’t be truer. On the average Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, the most popular nights to consume alcohol on the HWS campus, that is exactly what people do. They go out with one ultimate goal in mind: getting laid. I have witnessed friends completely change their personas and even their interests or senses of humor to adapt to that hot guy from their geoscience class. And I am not immune to this either. I once convinced a random guy I had met at a bar in Boston that I was 24, worked for Fidelity Investments, graduated from Dartmouth, and lived in a brownstone on Newbury Street. In truth I was 19, going into my junior year at HWS , and split my time between living with my parents during the summer and holidays and in a dorm for the other half of the year. But he believed me and even wanted to start seeing me seriously! I did not let this happen.

    Another point the show touches on is online dating. Once considered sort of sketchy or taboo, record numbers of people are trying and having success with websites such as eharmony and match.com. The Office is of course making fun at the fact of just how wrong you can read someone in an online dating chat forum. “Little Kid Lover” to Michael of course means that he loves kids, but most would take this the opposite way or at least assume the worst.

  5. Shane Simon says:

    The Office is one of my all-time favorite television shows, thanks largely to the antics of Steve Carrell as Michael Scott. He is the perfect combination of zany, annoying, awkward, and lovable. While I was abroad in England, I got a chance to watch a few episodes of the British version of The Office — this is the one the U.S. series was based off of. It was radically different. The humor was much drier and more caustic, not the silly slapstick kind we’re used to on our version. All of the characters on the British version has the dry cutting humor of Jim in the US version. Needless to say, I prefer our American cut better.

    Anyway, the concept of hookups is interesting. We’ve all heard the phrase “alcohol is a social lubricant.” It’s definitely true. It makes men and women a bit bolder in their actions, lets feelings come to the surface, and makes the truth come out a whole lot faster. It seems that when alcohol is involved in a hookup, the entire process becomes like a hyper-speed version of a relationship. A guy and a girl meet (maybe for the first time). They’ve been drinking. Names and pleasantries are exchanged and they get comfortable. More drinking. Maybe a hand on the shoulder or around the waist. More drinking. The sharing of deep personal stories. Then the hookup. It’s a relationship in an hour or so.

    As for the “our thing” it’s true as well. Everyone has some patented move they go to when they’re trying to hookup. It’s funny to observe these moves downtown in the bars. Most of them are all the same.

  6. Antonia Rutter says:

    Wow- I could not agree more with you. I find it especially amazing at our school, our tiny tiny bubble of a school, where we see one another, the same small collection of people, in our dorms, on campus, in Scandling, class, the gym, library, ect, but when Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night rolls around, we must put on the highest of heels, sluttiest of shirts, tightest of jeans, and all the make up our dorm hall has to offer. To look good of course, but its not like these people we are dressing to impress have not seen us before- they know what the normal/ sober version of ourselves looks like. And we would look like fools if we dressed like we do on a Friday night, to go to the gym or library. But what has changed? The hope of getting intimate with someone. We are still every so slightly immature, as Michael is, that we cant act normally in these situations and are too insecure to really be ourselves. So we get wasted, dress accordingly, and chose a personality. Some are extra flirty and complimentary, some get feisty,cocky and rude, shy, we stand on bars and scream, sing extra loud and declare our love and excitement for almost every song that plays, and hope this works out somehow. We find ourselves this way (in a matter of speaking), you realize you dont even like the guy that responds to your cutesy flirty act, and so we find what works for us. The Office gives me hope, hope that when we get out of college, there will still be people who are equally confused as we all are and therefore we wont be the most embarrassing one at the office Christmas party.

  7. Daphney says:

    I need to start watching the office. I’ve seen clips from it and I think it’s the most hilarious thing ever!!!!!!
    Is that where the phrase “that’s what she said” come from, or is it from “Wayne’s world”?
    But anyways,
    I think your take on “hooking up” is interesting, and hilarious.
    I’m cracking up that you wrote, “the hook-up, my friends, changes everything.” Ain’t that the truth.
    It’s weird looking at someone you’ve hooked up with.
    Hooking up is a term I learned in college. In high school, kissing on the first date was considered a big deal.
    It’s a very confusing term because it means different things to different people. I always took it as making out, or maybe 3rd base(another confusing term), while a lot of people think of it as having intercourse.
    Alcohol in hook-ups. I have so many opinions on that. I’ve never heard of a hook up that did not involve alcohol.

  8. samgerken says:

    I am a huge fan of the Office as well. I have seen nearly every episode because Michael Scott and Dwight are never without humor like in the clips above. One of my favorite episodes is the dinner at Michael Scott and his girlfriend’s house. It was destined to turn out terrible and Michael Scott and Dwight caused just that to happen. Last year I picked up the first season of the British Office television show and am growing to like that even more. I don’t know if you have seen any of the episodes but they are humorous but mostly in a wittier and more satirical manner. We are talking about the British here after all. I mean Monty Python always comes to mind concerning British comedy on TV, film, and stage. But the UK Office is definitely something to check out after thoroughly watching the US Office. It contains mostly similar characters but they definitely hold different elements to create the humor on screen. In a cinematic sense, the British Office use a much different style in its cinematography so it can be somewhat difficult to understand some of the humor. Its not quite a cultural lag in any way but just something you have to adjust to I guess.

    If I had to pick a favorite character in the Office in general it would probably be Michael Scott. While Dwight is always creating some childish humor on-screen, Michael Scott’s humor is much funnier because he is in the highest position at the company. Still Michael continues to “goof” off and pull pranks and the employees. In fact, the company theoretically does almost a bare minimum in terms of work and productivity. There are characters in the Office like Pam that is a pretty hard worker and contributes to the company. However, Michael just plain slows it down. But all in all, it is a comedy show and Michael Scott’s behavior must take place.

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