Smell my finger.

These ads are so problematic to begin with. But this one…..oh, I don’t even know where to begin.


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  1. Peter Cruice says:

    I think this is a funny commercial. I can see how the scent and smell of the axe product made the girl “excited”, then watching him walk by and where the girls hand was where his hair had been parted aka the smell of her fingers. I think its an ok advertisement, but I still feel that they lacked a lot of important selling points. Axe sells a lot of different types of hair care/ body care products. I prefer an axe commerical that makes a girl more attracted the guy then just have the girls dreaming of the smell of “Greg’s” hair. This advertisement is trying to appeal to college age males. The setting looks like its taking place in a college setting. The two girls now love the scent of gregs hair but do they like more than just the smell of Greg’s hair?

  2. Mac Swenson says:

    Pete, I think you’re missing a pretty glaring sexual innuendo that the commercial tries to slip in. I think Axe originally came out with deodorants when I was in middle school, or at least thats when I first noticed them, and I can honestly say that I’ve never bought a single one of their products. Even before their recent advertisements I could never stand the scent of any of their products. I can destincly remember gagging on clouds of Axe spray after gym class in middle school and even in high school. Covering up the smell of sweat with Axe is not a substitute for taking a shower…ever.

  3. ghawk65 says:

    Why did he have to be named Greg….

    Anyway AXE’s push for sex in advertisements must work in some way or the company would be dead. However I don’t see it. Not the innuendos but the part where I’m driven from watching this to choosing one of their AXE products over one of my other normal choices in hair products.

    Now I’m not saying this about people who use AXE products, and I’m not saying what you use defines you as a person. Seriously I’m not so don’t be offended. But with theses advertising campaigns I’ve grown up as seeing these products as the “asshole” product. That guy who thinks that with a dab of AXE’s miracle cure everyone would want him… or at least his bod…

    Now, I have heard of some AXE products that genuinely are worth buying. That’s great but because of these commercials I’m deterred for life. I don’t know about you guys but do you seriously want the ladies to be running around sniffing each others fingers for the scent of your hair? I don’t. Even if the scent that powerful, anyone with half a brain would just by the bottle and sniff their sexually stressed worries away.

  4. Sandra says:

    This commercial was funny dumb, especially the guy’s reaction.

    The commercial shows girls and a guy that would be around our age group and the setting seems to be a school. Young men definitely want to be smelling good, and Axe just does not guarantee that but that girls will want to smell you.However, I do not think that girls would go around asking someone else to smell her finger. They would look at her as if she was crazy, I know I would. 😀

    Axe does do a good job by promoting their products with commercials that appeal to guys. Although this situation is somewhat unrealistic(maybe except in the case of obsession), guys do go for the Axe products when they go to the pharmacy. They want to be appealing to the opposite sex. Sometimes guys do overdo it with the amount they use. Too much is not appealing!

  5. Rachel says:

    Ha this ad got me laughing, I admit i was a little confused at first. i thought the smell my fingers would be about the man’s armpit. (If you’ve seen the movie superstar, you’d know what i was talking about) But this commercial does do a good job appealing to the male audience who their selling their product to, I mean what guy doesnt want multiple chicks talking about him, i guess even if it’s a little creepy.

  6. Antonia Rutter says:

    As a media and society major, I am so baffled by commercials like this. The fact that more than one person thought of this commercial, pitched it to AXE, then more people thought it would be a good idea to put money into it and produce it, and then others agreed to have it on the air, is so amazing. Did no one say “hey, maybe this is not the kind of image we want for our company.” I get it, sex sells, blah blah, teenagers, whatever, but this is not so much sexy as it is sort of gross. Also, I dont understand why there are commercials for products that promote undesirable aspects of it- ‘use our shampoo and anyone who touches your hair will reek of its smell and your hair will stick in that position.’ While it is suppose to be comical, any time I have seen it I have felt uncomfortable, ESPECIALLY if anyone else is in the room; parents, roommate, a friend, whoever, there is this awkward silence and quizzical look on peoples faces. It doesnt strike me as funny, just sort of a shot at cheep humor. But then again, I dont really associate AXE with classiness to begin with.

  7. dahboiwonda says:

    Smell my finger? Haha

    I this commercial is great, so funny. I know there is an irony because they are the opposite sex but I don’t see a problem with this. I think it is pure entertainment and commercials that are remember the most are funny ones. This one for example is very amusing. I know I am probably going to have people upset at me but I feel that in some cases, smart business moves trump the possible hurt you could or could not cause to a group of people. I could make the argument that all commercials upset some type of person.

    Now if it would have been the opposite. Meaning a man smelling his two fingers, then I would think the commercial was a bit too much. But in this case it is the total opposite. The fact that we understand where this comes from does scare me. But I know that my niece (4) and nephew (2) would not understand the commercial. Honestly I think the commercials are sometimes seen as more than what they are. They are to entertain and to promote a product. I dare say they try not to offend anyone.

  8. Cassie Cloutier says:

    This commercial made me laugh and also pissed me off at the same time. I hate how Axe commercials always feature girls obsessing over some douche. But i guess that’s their point-whatever. The whole play on the smell my finger thing then they guy doing the walk of shame with his hair all messed up-pretty clever-but at whose expense? who are we really laughing at? are we really laughing because we know what the typical situation they are referring to is?

  9. Chip Siarnacki says:

    Wow! This is quite the commercial and am a little surprised that axe had the confidence to put on this on the televised air. However, I am not surprised that this commercial was from Axe, as most of their advertisements have some sort of sexual tone to them. I suppose that these ads are targeted towards people my age or possible slightly younger, but to be honest, this advertisement did nothing for me. In other words, I was not convinced to buy the product. I find axe products to be a little too powerful for me. For example, their body wash makes you reek. You smell like you dumped a bottle of cologne on yourself, and in opinion, that’s not attractive but embarrassing.

    It is interesting to think about the evolution of commercials. Think about the theme of commercials five years ago compared to now. There is such a dramatic difference in theme/intent and more specifically, visual rhetoric. Commercials that I find most humorous are often beer commercials, mostly the bud lights ones, but then again I am a college male who enjoys the occasional beer. I am over 21 so do not worry about it!

  10. Courtney O'Brien says:

    To be honest, this ad is really disturbing to me. Some of the ads they put up these days, I mean wow. This ad makes me think of being little. There are so many things that as a kid, I simply missed. Kids do not understand half of the things they are exposed to. An ad like this one, TV, movies, lyrics to songs etc are not meant for kids. But, the majority of people watching TV are kids. A kid may have some expression or response to something that they see, however, they really aren’t understanding the concept or joke of what they are seeing. What gets me the most is that when these ads are being made, they think they are trying to promote the item or product that they are trying to sell. However a commercial like this one doesn’t make me fall in love with the product. I don’t think to myself “hey, I need to go buy that shaving cream, axe, toothpaste” or what have you. I think an ad like this is not appealing or attractive and I don’t see why someone would feel the need to buy the product after viewing the ad.

  11. Gian Contro says:

    I recently came across this ad and had never seen it before. I thought it would be fitting to write about because I had not seen this before the dirty balls axe ad. Even though this one is much shorter I feel that it is much worse. I mean theyre using a pretty blatant sexual act to advertise the product. Ill admit I laughed but thats a perverted way to sell your product. Knowing the guys that I grew up with I know that they would run out and buy this because they thought the commercial was hilarious. I dont think the advertiser that work for axe sat around thinking up this commercial for years and then thought of it and were like god damn were smart. They know the age group that is willing to buy the products the offer and they know a commercial like this will get them right to the store to buy it.

  12. This is the first time I have seen this ad and find it to be a little much… I know most Axe commercials are geared towards college and graduate students but “smell my finger”??? I know Axe does a good job with promoting their products through humor that only a certain age group of people would actually consider purchasing. BUT we have to remember that all people are going to be watching this commercial on the air. I find this inappropriate and somewhat disturbing.

    Looking back ten years ago, this sexual humor would not appear in commercials. Today, we see this all the time! It may attract buyers but is it worth it for our society to be viewed like this?

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