no. really? Really? NOOOOOOO…..

omg. can this week get any worse?


please. please someone save me from myself. without my Cheesy Tots, I am NOTHING.


8 thoughts on “no. really? Really? NOOOOOOO…..

  1. Tom Michaud says:

    A sad day in the life of Michele. Bet you never would have called that one. I’m not really a fan of cheesy tots, but i feel your pain. My favorite is the Jr. bacon cheeseburger because how can you go wrong with that? So delicious. I think that should be your new go to.

    RIP cheesy tots.

  2. stephen raulli says:

    How do you wanna do it Michele: razor blade, shotgun, or carbon monoxide?

  3. cs5647 says:

    Isn’t it always that the best foods are discontinued! I can’t say that I have ever experienced cheesy tots myself but I love cheese and I love tots so I would guess that they are pretty good! An experience of my own in the subject, Arby’s only has popcorn chicken bites instead of having the regular chicken tenders! What the heck! I have memories of going to the mall when I was little and eating the chicken tenders and curly fries because I was quite the connoisseur of chicken tenders. Considering chicken tenders were the only thing I would eat when I was little when we went out to eat or ate at a fast food restaurant, I knew which ones were good and ranked on my list of good chicken, and Arby’s was one of them. But the last few times I have been there they no longer carry their crispy chicken tenders of goodness! Oh well, I guess I will have to settle for popcorn chicken.

    And as far as Burger King, I wish we had one in Geneva. On the way home for every break, because my sister has to wait for me for so long to pack my belongings, we are always way past hungry when it comes time to head to the thruway for the trek home. Often we comment and say we wish there was a Burger King in Geneva because it would be a good alternative to the other fast food restaurants which I am not as big of a fan of. There is a Burger King on one of the thruway rest stops but by the time we get to that point on the drive home which would be at least an hour, it would be way to long for us to wait to get food, just to have Burger King. Oh well. I guess I will have to settle for some other unhealthy food to make it home. 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    I did not even know they had Cheesy Tots or their existence. Just by looking at the photo I had assumed they were chicken nuggets.
    I would have been opened to tasting it. Although I have become lactose intolerance, which I really despise. I can eat all the ice cream I want but have to suffer the consequences later on.

    I know for a fact that I love Burger King’s french fries! Best fast food fries I’ve tasted so far.
    Don’t worry Michele this end could lead to another really great food coming out soon.

  5. Katie says:

    I did not know that Cheesy Tots from Burger King, but I’m sad I missed the time they were there because they look soo good! I hate it when something so great is discontinued for no reason. The company probably thinks it is not a big deal to discontinue a product or a type of food, but it is a huge deal for the people that depend on it.

    Like Starbucks, for example, had this type of drink that I had religiously. It was so good. I believe it was called a coconut cream frapp and I really don’t understand why they would get rid of it because everyone I knew got it at least three times a week. The worst part is it is not a flavor you can just go buy at the grocery store so after having it almost every day, you had to cut it out of your life completely. It was so. annoying.

    Then when my friends and I went to Wegmans we wanted to get Dove lotion. I use it occasionally and dont really have any attachment to it, but once I found it was gone, i NEEDED it. It was like I never knew how much I liked it until it was gone. I know deep down inside that I dont really need/want it, but the fact that I cant have it made me want it more. My friend and I almost went as far as ordering it online, which is completely unnecessary. I’m learning to cope with the loss and starting to realize that I am being very irrational.

    I think part of the problem is people do not like change. Its the little things that you do not normally think about that you want later when you know you cant have them anymore. Like at college for some reason I really wanted cotton balls, even though that is not a necessity at all. Like, at all. But for some reason now that we dont have them my roommate and I keep finding obscure reasons for needing them. A great example of how people dont like change is facebook. When facebook’s administrators change the set up it is like half the world’s population goes into extreme shock and distress. Every facebook user curses the new facebook set up and even go as far as setting up facebook groups which are petitions to get the old facebook back. Then eventually everyone gets use to the new set up and then out of nowhere it changes again, sending another world-wide panic.
    People get comfortable with things, and then once they do they do not want it being tampered with.

    When I really think about it, I dont actually know if I would like cheesy tots, but just the fact that I cant get them makes me want them! Usually when things are discontinued it is for the better though. It probably means they weren’t that good in the first place and there is something better that will replace them. So keep your head up, maybe there is a new food coming out which will blow cheesy tots out of the water. (Even though I am still trying to find a drink that is comparable to the coconut cream frapp at Starbucks.)

  6. Sara Hollingshead says:

    I remember your love for Cheesy Tots from my first class with you. I’ve never had them, and to tell you the truth, I’m not sure I’d like them. But I would love to know why Burger King is discontinuing them. I mean, they’ve been around for over a year, and I have to guess that people love them if they’ve been around for so long. Were they really affecting sales or BK’s reputation?
    I would love to know companies discontinue items. Especially Crispy M&M’s- those were my favorite, yet they are no where to be found- although I did find them in Europe a few summers ago, but not since. At home, I work at the customer service desk in a grocery store, and quite frequently customers ask me “What happened to ______ item?” Truth be told, I have no clue and I explain that there probably isn’t enough room on the shelf due to new items coming it, not enough interest etc. But really? I don’t believe any of these reasons.
    Or when companies decide to discontinue items, do they ever take the customer’s opinion into consideration? BK may lose money because you may not visit as frequently since you can’t get your Cheesy Tots.
    I can’t say for sure, but I would love to know the reasoning behind the discontinuation of items because it boggles my mind.

  7. Chip Siarnacki says:

    It’s funny, I never knew that Cheesy Tots even existed so I guess you could say that I am out of the loop. First of all, I have never been a fan of any kind of tots, as I prefer french fries and hash browns over them, but trust me, people often say, “I cannot believe that you don’t like tots.” Although I have no explanation for my choice, I sometimes feel a little left out at diners when all my friends are enjoying their tots with eggs and toast.

    I have pretty much stopped eating fast food. I am not sure why because I used to enjoy a whopper or some chicken nuggets once in a while. I will admit that I still like McDonalds’ fries and vanilla shakes. But who doesn’t like milk shakes or fries! Those people are hard to come by. When I did eat Burger King, I would always get the onion rings. I thought that it was the coolest thing that BK had rings and no other joint did, or at least the ones that I knew of.

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw a show about McDonalds and the controversy over their contribution to serious health problems due to the poor nutritional value of much of their food. Interestingly enough, McDonalds is one of the only fast food corporations that has made an effort to provide a variety of healthy alternatives on their menu. Does BK even have salad?

  8. Courtney O'Brien says:

    I didn’t realize that fast food places simply discontinue popular foods such as cheesy tots? I mean seriously? And I know how much you love your cheesy tots Michele! I’ve actually never had one, but from the pictures you’ve displayed in the last two years, they look pretty good to me. Plus I am kind of a fast food person myself. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes I simply can’t resist! It’s kind of a problem… There’s nothing better than a crispy chicken sandwich and fries (with ranch dressing)) from McDonalds on a Saturday morning after a late night out. This cheesy tot incident sounds just as dramatic as it would be for me if fast food places discontinued ranch dressing. God I hate to admit this, but I seriously love ranch dressing and I know how bad it is etc, but I mean you only live once right? So I say eat as much of it as you can! But honestly, I don’t think I would order McDonalds if they discontinued ranch cups because fries just wouldn’t be as good. It’s as simple as that. Maybe they should discontinue it, right? Then I wouldn’t feel the need to stop as much. Regardless, I think it is very unnecessary for a place such as Burger King to just stop selling something that has probably become really popular for customers. They sound delicious, look delicious and are probably really delicious, so what is the point? I truly wonder what the reason or why they would discontinue this item.

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