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  1. She looks kinda pissed here…..or there’s just a really bad smell around her

  2. stephen raulli says:

    why is she dressed like a supreme court judge?

  3. Shane Simon says:

    What can you say about Michele Obama? There are so many great things about her. I’m not saying she’s better than Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton when the were First Ladies, but I think Michelle is taking a more multi-faceted approach to it.

    Hillary tried to go all big time and push for major policy initiative reforms like healthcare and welfare. That was her prerogative, but she actually ended up hurting Bill’s push for healthcare in Congress because she was so adamant about it.

    Laura Bush focused primarily on literacy and she did a tremendous job. Old George tried to support her by passing No Child Left Behind, but we all know what a disaster that turned out to be.

    Michele Obama is taking a different approach. She really doesn’t pressure Barack to back her private initiatives with public support. That’s not her style. Michele does the talk-show circuit (I think she’s appeared on The View, Ellen, and a few others) and tries to encourage better parenting which is badly needed in this country. The great thing about better parenting is that it encompasses so much and Michele Obama articulates that wonderfully. She doesn’t just say “be there for your kid.” It’s read to your child, cook a healthy dinner for and eat with your child. Go outside and play with your child. The best part is she leads by example.

    She’s planted a vegetable garden at the White House for fresher food options and goes to Sasha and Malia’s school to read to the kids there. A lot of people said that when Obama was inaugurated it would be a return to the Age of Camelot when JFK, Jackie O, and their adorable young kids inhabited 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I sort of agree, only Barack isn’t a womanizer (that we know of) Michele is focused less on glamor and more on social issues, and the kids are a little bit older. Good job, Mrs. Obama and keep up the great work!

  4. Daphney says:

    Michele is awesome!
    I learned a lot from your post Shane.
    Most people make it seem that you can’t be doing good for society if you’re into fashion.
    Michele proves them wrong. As someone who is into fashion I appreciate that.
    It’s safe to say that she is a major force for fashion, she probably make designers more money than models.
    when she wears something, people want it.
    J.Crew was always popular, and I think she contributed to their rise, since she wears it often.
    She also introduced people to lesser name designers and labels.
    Many people did not know about Black House/White Market, but she wears a dress from them, and the dress was sold out within minutes.
    She’s doing great things!

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