Girl’s Best Friend

OK. Everyone pretty much knows by now that I have been on the hunt for, and have now purchased a dog. And that I am heading to Ohio this upcoming weekend to pick him up. With all of this shuffling around through emails and phone calls in finding the dog I want, I realize I have become that person.

A Dog Person.

I have always been a Cat Person. Because cat’s are cool. They have that fantastic attitude where no matter what, they remain calm and collected at all times. The Internet, as a whole, knows this. This is why cats are everywhere on the net. I am pretty sure everyone has seen one or two LOL Cats at some point.

and Stuff on My Cat is equally impressive.

I am a huge fan, myself, of Maru. If you have never seen a Maru video, you are not a true cat lover.

A Cat Person can usually recognize another Cat Person. On the whole, they are not generally sports fans but tend to favor a good, solid afternoon at a museum. They also tend to lean more toward jazz or classical music as opposed to heavy metal or country. A Cat Person is often like a cat themselves: full of attitude and try, above all, to remain cool.

I never minded identifying as a Cat Person.

So I have no idea where this Dog Person thing came in. Sometime last summer I just started really looking at dogs in a whole new way. As attitude heavy cats are—and as much as I love that part of them—the opposition of the floppy, silly and foolish dumbass dog has suddenly become endearing. And then I saw this:

I mean c’mon. How can anyone not fall in love with this? The goofiness this dog pulls off just by being itself is something a cat would never do. And if it did, accidentally get into this situation, it would not have looked around for a way out. It would have acted as if it actually belonged there.

Cats have power.

And so do dogs. But in a different way. Because every single thing they do is damn funny.

So I have come to the conclusion that for me, age has a lot to do with it. I have become a Dog Person because at this point in my life, I want something to keep me laughing. Like on a regular basis. But I know there are a lot of you that would identify as a Dog Person that has nothing to do with my reasons. Or maybe you identify as a Cat Person. So my question: which one? Why?


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  1. Janet says:

    I like cats. But dogs rule. They’re much more affectionate. Much more willing to show you unconditional love.

    I am easily identified by the dog hair that I shlep around with me.

  2. Sara Hollingshead says:

    I’m a dog person; I used to be a cat person, but I have since become a dog person (probably because my mom is allergic to cats, so it was never possible to have a cat, but I was able to convince my parents to get a dog- twice actually).
    In my lifetime I’ve had three dogs. The first one ran away when I was like 3 or 4 so I don’t really remember him- but my parents loved him and thought he was the best dog ever. We got another dog when I was in middle school, but somehow out of all the dogs at the shelter, we picked the dog that hated males (we didn’t learn about this until we were home). So we had “Angel” for about a year and a half, but the incessant barking and hatred of my dad was too much so we had to give her to another family. A year later though I convinced my parents to get another dog and although my parents and sisters get annoyed with her, I know they all love coming home to see Lizzie sitting in the front window and see her perk up when she sees you. Dogs will do this- unconditional love- they always greet you and can somehow always manage to put a smile on your face. They’re energetic and always want to play and fun. Dogs are people-animals. They love being around people, while cats, well most cats I know are fat and don’t really face the public. I think that’s why most people prefer dogs to cats. Besides the unconditional love, they will always be there to brighten up your day (sure- cats may be too, but you might have to search for them under the couch).

  3. Shane Simon says:

    Great post! I’m going to come clean right away – I am totally a dog person. I’ve got two, a French Basset hound and a Doberman Pinscher. I’ve always had dogs growing up and I wouldn’t think of living life without them.

    The problem is, I don’t know if I can necessarily define dog person like Michele defined cat person. There is one thing I caught on to, though. Michele said cats are “cool,” and “have attitude,” which I believe is definitely true. While some dogs certainly have attitude, they don’t care at all about being cool. If they’re going to see a squirrel, they chase it because they don’t care who’s watching. Most dogs will eat anything … and I mean ANYTHING! Dogs are spontaneous, playful, and wacky. Hang out with one for a few minutes and you’ll see what I mean. They’re all about just living.

    The great thing about dogs and the reason I love them is that always show that they care. They never get mad at you, they never hide, they want to help you do work and it seems like they’re born again every day because everything they see or smell is all of sudden the most fascinating thing in the entire world. I want to share a quick story (you may have seen it in the form of a viral e-mail) about why dogs care so much.

    It goes like this. There was a Mom, Dad, and six year old boy. Their dog was diagnosed with cancer by the Vet, and was very old. The parents did not want him to suffer and decided to put him down. After much deliberation, they thought it would be best if their six year old son watched, since he loved the dog very much.

    The next day they put the dog down and the family watched as he quietly and painlessly passed away. After several minutes of silence, the parents and the Vet began speaking about the sad fact that animals lives are shorter than humans. The little boy chimed into the conversation with an answer of his own.

    “I know why,” he said. “‘People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life — like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?” The parents and Vet nodded in agreement and the little boy continued. “Well,” he went on, “dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay as long.”

    That story epitomizes everything that a dog is and for me, is one of the main reasons why I absolutely love dogs. I’m counting down the years until I can finally raise my own puppy.

  4. Ashley Yang says:

    OMG. Just watched the “exercise fail” video. Might have peed myself a little. Just a little. My cat is also an exercise-fail cat.

    It’s kind of funny actually. Back in high school when I had problems with compulsive exercise (hah, oh how I wish I still struggled with those impulses now) I’d randomly drop and do crunches because I was so obsessive. And my cat had this freaky way of sensing when I was up to my tricks. She’d show up at the door to my dad’s office in the basement where I did my homework (and my exercising) and start yowling. If I didn’t let her in, she’d open the door herself by hanging all her weight on the handle until it gave, and then pushing the door open. And then she’d sit on me. And let me tell you, 16 pounds of cat sitting on your ribcage makes doing crunches a hell of a lot harder. Inevitably, I gave up. I think she did it deliberately: She didn’t want me to get too skinny, because then my lap wouldn’t be big enough for her to sit on (again: she’s a big girl)

    See I think cats just get a bad rep. I think it’s that nature/nurture argument, and I’m in favor of nurture: If cats are raised in a social environment, there’s no reason they wont’ be as social as dogs. My cat follows us around, begs for scraps from the table, and runs to the doorbell when it rings. MOST of the time she’ll even come when we call (not right away mind you. But within like 15 minutes or so she’ll saunter in if we’ve been calling her name). Cats are like teenagers; dogs are like children. Dogs love unconditionally and aren’t afraid to show it. Cats love deeply as well but they’re gonna make you work for it. They’re not going to fall over themselves and look undignified. And personally, I find that even funnier and more rewarding to work with.

  5. Antonia Rutter says:

    I would have to say Im a cat person, maybe because I have never had a dog myself. My family has always had cats, and I do love them, perhaps a bit too much. My mom always recounts how I use to stuff my cats into my dolls clothes, take my mothers very nice Rosary Beads and use it for a necklace for them, and strap them into a stroller and walk them down the street. This always resulted in my cats running around the neighborhood looking like a runaway grandma and me walking an empty stroller. They have a mind of their own and they dont need a humans validation; if they dont like you then your not getting near them. I think thats why I like them, but even more so, because when they do like you and you have that bond, its a great feeling- like you have won them over. However, I must say I do love how you can see the wheels turning in a dogs head, if its confused, wants food, or just excited, its nice to be able to make that kind of connection with an animal.

  6. Rebecca Felt says:

    Well, I was a child that desperately loved cats. I loved them so much I used to pick them up and squeeze them…I could never understood why cats didn’t want to cuddle. As a child I moved too quickly, spoke too loudly and general drove cats deep under beds, in the top of closets, outside etc… I swear I oozed this “warning signal” because whenever I entered a room cats would flee.

    I became resigned to the fact, that through process of elimination, I became a “dog person.” I mean really, is it a person’s preference or merely the attitude of the animals in question?

    Dogs tolerated me, as a child I had a huge boxer. Sammy would let me chase him, dress him up, sing to him, nap on his spot on the couch and generally terrorize him with good humor.

    So I became a dog person through and through… until we got Jackson.

    Our 50lb solid bulldog, Jack doesn’t like to cuddle. He’ll even glare if you sit down next to him on the couch (and occasionally kicks his back legs at you until you move) For the first month or two as a new puppy, Jack would beach himself under the couch if I even stepped foot in the room, reminiscent of my early “cat days”

    So as of late, it appears that I am back to square 1, the animals have spoken.

  7. Shane Simon says:

    I am definitely a dog person. Like Michele said in the post, I think Cats have a certain attitude about them. Dogs, though, totally don’t care. They’ll do whatever whenever. They are so aloof and goofy. As the other comments have already pointed out, probably the greatest trait of dogs is that they care so deeply about you and they are always there for you, not curled up in a corner or under the couch.

    I wanted to share a story about dogs that I read on the internet somewhere. I can’t remember the exact words so I’ll paraphrase.

    It goes like this:

    There was a family of a Mom, Dad, and six year old boy. Their dog was very old and suffering from cancer. After talking with the Vet, the parents decided to put the dog down so it wouldn’t have to suffer. After talking amongst themselves, the parents decided it would be beneficial for the boy to watch both because he loved the old dog very much, and so he could understand what was happening and why.

    When the day came, the family went to the Vet’s office and watched as the dog peacefully and painlessly passed away. After it was done, there were a few moments of silence. The parents and the Vet began to talk and lamented the fact that animals lives had to be so short. Before long, the little boy chimed in. “I think I know why dogs live for so little,” he said. The parents and the Vet encouraged him to go on. He continued, saying “Well humans are born and spend their whole lives trying to learn how to be nice and love people, right?” The parents nodded their heads. The little boy finished, “Well dogs already know how to do that so they don’t have to live as long.”

    As adorable and cheesy as that story may sound it is undoubtedly true!

  8. I am most definitely a dog person. My family had two dogs when I was growing up, so I’ve always been around them. And both my sister and my dad are allergic to cats, so that was a no-go since day one.

    About a year before I was born, my parents got a Brittany. They named her Molly. I don’t really remember the beginning, but I guess Molly and I had a trying relationship. Technically, she was my parents’ “baby.” Needless to say, she wasn’t too pleased when I came into the picture. After time, though, we accepted each other and developed a better relationship.

    We got our second puppy when I was in middle school—Mandy, a Bernese Mountain dog. Mandy absolutely adored Molly, but Molly wasn’t too fond of her. From Molly’s perspective, a new cute puppy was invading her family. And she didn’t like it. Sadly, we ended up giving Mandy back to the breeder—she bit both my mom and one of my sisters. A few months later, Mandy died of liver/kidney related complications.

    Now, my family is adopting a Greyhound. I have to say, it’s quite an intense and complicated process. My mom submitted an application – complete with references – to the Pennsylvania-based organization a few weeks ago. In a few days I believe, the Greyhound people are visiting the house to survey the area and to determine if it’s appropriate for a retired race dog. Everyone’s thrilled to have a dog in the house again. My dad needed to be convinced at first, but now he’s excited. (His exact words were, “If you get a dog name it Dad, because if it stays, I’m leaving.” Ha.)

    Personally, I identify more with dogs. I’ve always been an outgoing, athletic person, and I think dogs personify that more than cats. I feel like dogs have distinct personalities, which my cat-loving friends say isn’t always the case with their counterparts. I’m also a little worried that a cranky little cat will claw my eyes out. Haha.

  9. dahboiwonda says:

    Honestly, I am not a cat or dog person. Frankly I am not too fond of pets. If I were to have any pet, the pet would definitely be something like a fish or a turtle. Something that is in somewhere I can find it at all times. Not like a dog who thinks wherever they are is the bathroom. Many people are going to argue that dogs can be trained and so they won’t use the bathroom on the carpet. But I think having the dog trained doesn’t solve all the problems. As a puppy the dog is like a baby, therefore if it isn’t sleeping, then you can’t fall asleep. I don’t know about you guys but I value my sleep. Also, if you have a dog that sheds, you house is filled with hair. Then your clothes start to suffer. You start seeing hair on your clothes. I think that’s just nasty. Adding to that, you have to feed a dog. So you can’t go on vacation because you have to make sure someone takes care of your dog. Or you have to take it with you. So what do I say to a dog or cat? No thank you!

    I do love your dog. But that is because it is a puppy. Something new is always fun. Also, those videos are so good. I actually saw a picture of a cat that is driving a car. Priceless!

  10. the rg spot says:

    I absolutely hate cats. I am a dog person. Your new puppy is adorable. I want to get another dog since you have been bringing him to class. The only tough part of new puppies is the fact that they aren’t trained. It does get rather annoying when you are constantly cleaning up messes. I would much rather clean up these messes for the first few months than deal with cleaning the litter box over and over again. That just seems horrible. Cats are so annoying as well. They are always up on the counters, tables, and are scratching and meowing, not to mention the damn hair getting everywhere! after talking about my hatred of cats i’m getting all heated up. So i will leave it with saying dogs are way better than cats.

  11. Rachel says:

    I am definetly a dog perosn. I’ve never really had a thing for cats, they kind of bore me. My sister is a HUGE animal person, you name an animal, we have had it in our house! She is just obsessed. Her greatest animal passion is dogs though. We used to cover up all the breed names of dogs in a dog book and just by the pictures try to guess what kind of dog it was, we would keep score with who could guess which one right, obsurd! Of course as the younger sibling I always followed what she did. Before my parents had actually got us a dog, I WAS THE DOG. She would seriously put a collar and leash on me and i’d have to crawl around on all fours. Oh the embarrassment to think of it now. I did have a pretty cool talent where I could itch my head like a dog, yes this means I would sit on the ground and bring my leg to the top of my head, just as a dog does. Anyway thank god my parents got her a dog soon after! I think they felt bad for the tourment I was put through. My first dog was awesome! His name was Rolly, and he just licked everything, our shoes especially, ha! He was a maltese/shitz tzu mix and a runt of his liter.. aka about the size of my plam when he was brought home! Unfortunatley he had alot of health problems and died after 4 short years : ( Theeeen we got Tessy. Ah she is a brat, she loves eveyone in the family but me. My mom blames this on me cause I was always traveling for soccer when she was first brought into the family.. interesting, like a kid mad at their parents for not being around, haha! but thats what is cool about dogs though, they show emotion, where cats are just so serious all the time and no fun!

    There is this webpage I always think of when I hear DOGS VS CATS.. It cracks me up everytime I read it! I’m sure most of you have seen it but I thought id share it:

  12. Grace B says:

    I identify as neither a dog person nor a cat person. I think that there are great cats and awful cats, and similarly great dogs and awful dogs. This rule applies to humans as well. I was never one of those pet people, and I am perpetually amused by people who are pet obsessed. My favorites are the pet owners who have no objection to letting their pets practically make out with them. Absolutely disgusting.
    I really do think that animals are adorable and that many make nice companions but I personally would not want to live with one. Extra money, mess, hassel and attention.
    My mother has two cats that in the wake up my brother and I growing up, she has become increasingly obsessed with. I tell her often that at 49 it is a bit premature for her to be a cat lady. Furthermore, both of these cats, for lack of a more articulate term, suck. They are at two polar ends of the kitty spectrum. We found Lola, the older, female cat in our backyard when she was just a few weeks old and nursed her back to health. Lola is sweet but dumb as a rock, and petrified of her shadow and everything around her. She spends most of her time hiding under beds. Then there’s Duma who my brother and I got for christmas a few years back. He is terror of an animal, clawing away at furniture and abusing Lola. When I wake up in the morning he is waiting outside of my door hissing at me, making for very inhospitable relations in my house. I’ve told my mom on numerous occasions that its me, or Duma, and time and time again she chooses him.
    As for dogs, they are growing on me. I’ve grown up in fear of dogs because of the large scar on my fathers bald head. When he was 7 years old he tried to defend his dog from another dog, and the bad dog essentially took a huge bite out of his head. Ever since I learned where that scar was from I have steered clear of dogs no matter what size molars. But as of late I have been meeting very easy going, cute dogs such as Jimmy Pugnose and my friend Alex’s dog Eddie, who my roommates and I babysit every friday. Although my pet aversion is growing smaller, I doubt the day will come when I will be ok with picking up someone else’s feces.

  13. Chip Siarnacki says:

    When I read this post, I was very eager to respond. First off, Michele, your dog is very cute and has a great personality. His name is a perfect fit, and it was fun to see him running around the classroom causing a little mischief. Back to the point. I have never been a cat person and never will be. I view a pet as a companion, and I think dogs fill this role perfectly. Growing up, my family always had a dog, and it was sad when my parents decided not to get another one due to their frequent traveling etc. In other words, it would not be fair to the dog, and I agree with that.

    No one should ever get a dog unless they can devote the proper amount of time to it. Dogs require attention and love, and if you cannot provide them with that due to your job or whatever then it is only fair to not have have one until the circumstances are right. The amount of dogs that are abandoned is truly sad and serves as a testament to why some people should not have a dog. I cannot wait until I will be able to get my first dog, but that will not be for a while. Most likely it will be when I have a big enough place with a yard or at least access to a place where the dog can play.

    Adopting an animal is a great gesture, and anyone who does it is literally saving an animals life. The problem with adopting a dog lies in their past where the animal may have been abused or mistreated. This type of past is often reflected in the dog’s personality and behavior, as the canine may be skiddish, scared, and in some cases, violent. My sister adopted a beagle (Fenway) a couple of years ago and really struggled to develop a close relationship with him. He was scared and had terrible separation anxiety. He was obviously abused because anytime you had an object, like a plate or plastic bag, in your hand, he would get extremely scared and would try to hide. I assume that these objects remind him of his past. My sister was almost forced to get rid of him because he howled and barked all day when she was at work. People in her building complained, but overtime, he stopped this behavior and began to trust my sister. Go Dogs!!

  14. Courtney O'Brien says:

    I am definitely a dog person, always have been and always will. I am not saying I’ve never had a cat or would never want one again, but if someone gave me the option to choose a dog or a cat, I would choose the dog. My family has actually owned many cats. However, they are all barn cats and therefore they don’t live in the house nor do they care to. I have tried bringing our cats inside and for some reason they always freak out. We have probably owned ten cats since I can remember. When I was five years old we bought three of them and at that particular age was when I adored them the most. I named mine Sassy after the Sassy from Homeward Bound, and she actually outlived all of the cats we had, even the ones we got after her. She was definitely the best cat and the only reason I ever liked cats. At the same time though, we always had a dog; we’ve always had labs. Even though I was really attached to Sassy, I was always just as attached to the dogs. For some reason I feel as though dogs have more of a personality and they always love to cuddle! Dogs have always been referred to, as “man’s best friend” and I happen to really think this statement is true. I have never heard anyone say that they feel like their cat is their best friend. Cats tend to be skinny and mean. For some reason most cats always hate me. I am the girl that is most likely to get bit by a cat. There are so many things that make me resent these animals. I guess they’re just not my type of animal. The only time I would get a cat would be if it were a nice, big, chubby one. I like really big, fat cats. They are much more personable and cute and cuddly. Other than that, I prefer dogs.

  15. Kat Copeland says:

    Part Three: Course Blog Response Post:
    When I was younger, I was a 100% a cat person. Not to say that I didn’t love dogs, but I guess you could say that I always wanted what I couldn’t have and that would be a cat. I don’t know why, but my dad absolutely hated cats. Whenever we went and visited the local animal shelter, instead of running over and looking at the cute puppy dog eyes, I would go directly to the cat room. For every birthday or holiday I ever had, I always asked for a cat and nothing else. My dad eventually got creative and found ways to annoy me by saying “I have a cat” but never actually getting me one. The first thing he did was get me different things with cats on them. I would never wear them though because I thought it was stupid and I didn’t want him to continue to say that I had a cat when I clearly didn’t. Then, he decided to get me a porcelain cat for my 10th birthday. I have to give him credit though because gift idea this was very clever. He put it right on my dresser and said I can’t complain that I don’t have a cat anymore. The last attempt he made at getting me a cat was when I redid my room. He surprised me by having my room repainted and when it was done there was a cat painted over my doorway. At this point I just figured I’d give up and tell him that he won and that I realized I’d never be getting a cat. It wasn’t until we moved to Vermont that I finally got my wish. Along with our new house came two barn cats. There was nothing he could do about them because without the cats the barn would be infested with rodents. The cat’s names are C and D because the people who owned the house before us were engineers and were very systematic about everything. They had two house cats named A and B as well. Unfortunately two months ago, C passed away. This was sad for everyone except my dad who refused to talk about getting another cat to keep D company. Finally after many, many heated talks, he agreed to get a cat. When I get home next week we are going down to our local animal shelter to find another barn cat that has been misplaced from his home. So, I guess you could say that I used to be a cat person, now I am just an animal person. That is what happens when you move onto a farm with alpacas, dogs, cats and fish.
    I think that it is important to have animals in your life because I think it gives you a whole different outlook on life. I can’t describe what exactly the differences between the two are, but I strongly believe it. I also believe that having animals in your life brings another kind of happiness that you can only find in the company of something that doesn’t talk back. When I was little, I used to tell my dog secrets. She was my best friend for years. She and I shared this special bond that I am unable to describe. When I was first brought home from the hospital, she fainted because she had never seen a baby before and had no clue what I was. From that night until the day she died she slept underneath my bed. She taught me how to crawl and I used her as support when I first stood on my own two feet. I thought everything she did was correct. She taught me that loud noises, especially thunder was scary and that the only safe place to hide from it was under beds or tables. To this day I still hate thunder storms and loud noises in general. The day she died, I was at school and before I left I had this funny feeling that I had to say goodbye to her. I normally said goodbye before I left, but this time it felt like a different goodbye. During school, I got notified that she had died. I knew it was coming and I wasn’t horribly upset by it. What scared me was that I knew it before I had left for school. Since then, we have lost two other dogs and I have yet to feel the same way I did with her. This is just one of the many reasons why I think it is very important to have animals in your life. They bring a whole new level to your life and a happiness that no human has able to bring. I can’t see my life without it and it is so hard to be at school without being able to sleep with my dog or laugh at the totally outrageous things they do. I would change the saying from dog is man’s best friend to animals are man’s best friend.

  16. sksae says:

    I am definitely a dog person. I recall at the beginning of the semester how you would talk about your cat and to see that your opinion has changed puts a smile on my face.  Also, just seeing that cute dog whenever I clicked on the course blog made my heart melt. I was interested to read about why your attention has switched now owning a dog.

    I enjoy looking at the pictures you post relating to the certain topic the post is about. The picture of the puppy at the beginning of the post drew my attention first and then I followed by reading the post. It gave me a visual image of the kind of puppy you had bought. Today I found out about the LOL cats and saw the IAMS picture.

    The videos are great to show behavior of cats and dogs. “Exercise Fail” was funny and evoked pity on my part for the man. All he wanted to do was crunches but he got hurt (the cat’s fault HAHAHA). I agree with you that cats have that cool attitude, which makes their actions funny. “Bizkit the sleeping walking dog” had me thinking, “What was that dog dreaming about?” The different types of media that are included support the ideas that you present in your post.

    I like dogs because they are more affectionate than other common household pets. Puppies are very playful. I like playing around with them. I find it so adorable when they try to act tough and bite you. They probably think that they are hurting you because you cannot or will not get free of its grip. In reality, I don’t want to hurt the puppy’s teeth/jaw. I agree that dogs will make your life more enjoyable than a cat would.

    This post is making me anxious to see your puppy on Monday. Once again, my notion to own a puppy has been sparked.

  17. chris says:

    Michele i am a proud cat person. I’ve had a cat ever since i was a baby. we (my family) have had five cats, counting the two right now. But I definitely always wanted a dog as well. I love animals and dogs are really man’s best friend. Cats do their own thing but show you love if you work for it. I have one male cat you would jump on a strange and just curl up with them and then I have a female cat you runs away from people, brother and sister but opposite personalities. Yet I see myself owning a dog in the future, one that I can go hiking with or wrestle. I can’t do the small toy dog thing.

  18. king4648 says:

    I chose this post for response because of my love for dogs; I am absolutely a dog person, especially when they are young. I never had a cat since I hate them with a passion. I do not know why but there is something about cats that I dislike. My family had a male dog while I was growip up so I am definitely used to dogs. Our dog was the best dog in our neighborhood. All the neighbors were scared of our dog because he was very wild.

    His name was Sabbath. We name him after the Sabbath day, which is Saturday. As a baby, he was very cute and funny. I used to carry him around all the time until he grew; he will make me laugh all the time. As he was growing, we trained him so he could listen. Just like every normal dog, he will follow me everywhere I go. Sometimes, he will get mad at me and not follow me; he will follow my other members of the family instead.

    Dogs are just fun to live with. To me, they are really useful. Growing up in Ghana, I realized the usefulness of having a dog. Sabbath will guard the house at night when we are all sleeping. Since people knew how wild he was, nobody came to our house at night. We could leave our doors open and he would watch the whole house. No thief or robber will risk his or her life and come to the house when Sabbath is in business.

    One thing I liked about him was that, he loves everyone; he was very friendly. Not only did he protect the members of the family, he also protected the people in our neighborhood (the ones he really knew). When you tell him to attack, he will act immediately; same as when you tell him to refrain from attacking or doing something stupid. He was very respectful.

    However, he was poisoned through food by some of our neighbors due to his wildness. He used to go people’s house since people liked playing with and being around him. I was very sad about his death. Up until now, we have not find who poisoned Sabbath. I do not think we will ever have a dog like him; he was great!

    I really like the pictures and how you use them to show the different attitudes between cats and dogs. I do not dislike anything about this post, I think it is great.  This post makes me want to get a dog again. Just look at Jimmy, he is so cute. I LOVE DOGS!

  19. Becky says:

    I am definitely a dog person. Every experience I have had with a cat has been horrendous. When I was younger and would go to friends’ homes for play dates, there always seemed to be a cat that would hiss or scratch. I have always been petrified of cats. For some reason, whenever I would step outside my house, I would always see a neighborhood cat run by or have a stray in my yard and freak out.
    My dog Sampson, RIP, was the best dog ever. He was a blind Dalmatian who arrived in my home before my brother and I came along. I think I was so closely connected to this dog because he was the reason my mother went into labor with me. AND it happened to be Friday the 13th, he just knocked right into her when she was walking him. When I was born, my parents told me, that sammy slept next to my crib every night when they would put me down to sleep. He was such a special dog and I have the fondest memories of him. Whenever my parents would call the pizza place, he knew exactly what was going on and waited by the door until it came. He truly was the most human dog there could be.
    Sammy was 13 years old and in extremely poor health. He lost his hearing and sight. We had to put him down soon after he lost his hearing. I remember holding him before my dad took him to the vet and vowing never to have another dog again. Although I am a dog person, I will never get another dog! and ESPECIALLY not a cat!

  20. dnachbar says:

    First off, welcome to the dog-owning club. It’s a very prestigious and rewarding club to be a member of, and you’ll soon find that the pay offs are much better than those that you would receive in the cat club. If you could not tell by now, I am a huuuge dog fan, in fact, my whole family is. So the pictures of your new pug-puppy are absolutely awesome! I remember when you brought him into class once and I was surprised at how big he was for a pug dog. He’s got some pretty big paws if I remember correctly, so he’s probably got a lot of growth in him!
    As for my own family, we have five dogs! One might say, “Wow, your family must really like dogs!” I might just respond with, “No, we’re pretty much just crazy.” We have a chocolate lab named Bailey, who is the oldest. Followed by an Old-English sheep dog named Brinkley (who we have just shortened to “Binkey”, who just recently was shaved down for the summer months. So he tends to look more like a schnauzer than anything else, at least when it’s hot outside. Then there’s the first yellow lab named Quincy. He is probably my favorite out of all our dogs. He is a gigantic yellow lab who almost comes up to my waist, and he is by far, the happiest dog I think I’ve ever seen. Which is a good thing to come home to, because you feel especially welcomed as he tries to knock you over by walking in between your legs. Then there’s the second yellow lab named Rosie. She is literally the complete opposite of tall, lanky, Quincy. She is stout, built like a bull dog, and quite hefty. Ironically, she has the deepest sounding bark of them all too. Lastly, there’s the newest addition to the pack which is a mix between a beagle and a Boston terrier. Her name is Remmy, but my mom insists on calling her Petunia.
    We have the quite the pack, and hopefully you’ll get addicted to dogs and get a pack of your own. Plus, I think it’s slightly less socially awkward to have a ton of dogs as opposed to a ton of cats…but I might just be biased. Hope you and your newest addition have a great time, good luck with the house-training, that’s definitely the most frustrating part.

  21. keysccr8412 says:

    I am most definitely a dog person. I don’t know why I am this way, I just am. I love cats too but if I had to choose it would definitely be a dog. I think it is partly because of what you were saying. Dogs just seem to live their life and not think to hard about what they are doing. I am pretty sure there mind works like this: sleep sleep sleep sleep, food food food food, excitement excitement excitement, love love love, and so on. The emotions they show are simply what they are thinking about at the time. Dogs do not contemplate there future or think about what they are doing tomorrow; they just live in the moment. The thing I love about dogs is there intense loyalty to their owners. An owner will leave there dog home alone all day and then the second they come home the dog will give them a warm excited welcome. Dogs don’t hold grudges against there owners for leaving them all day; they are just excited to see them eventually. Also if you accidently step on their foot and they howl in pain and you start petting and apologizing to them, its like instant forgiveness. They are even happier then they were before because you are giving them even more attention.

    This doesn’t mean that dogs cant get bored. I have seen my dogs a couple times just lie on the ground and grunt or sigh in boredom. But the great thing about dogs is you can just say a high-pitched word and their tale will shoot up with excitement and their ears like perk as high as they will go. It is so easy to entertain them. You can simply throw a carrot across the room and the dogs will be interested with it for a good 10 minutes.
    Dogs also get into such ridiculous situations that a cat would be too smart to be tricked into. My dogs accidently lock themselves in closets all the time, and they eat their disgusting medicine if it smells like bacon.
    There is such a thing as a smart dog though. One of my dogs is way too smart for his own good. We got one from a pound who is not bright at all, and one from a breeder. I don’t know if it is because they were brought up differently but one is definitely more intelligent. Dusty, the one from the breeder can outsmart me all the time. It’s not even fair. Once he was sitting near the table begging for food as I was eating my lunch and I just kept scolding him so he would stop. Then he went and rang the bell, which means he wants to go outside. So I start walking with to the door to let him out and right when I opened the door to let him out, he spun around and sprinted to the kitchen and jumped on my table and started eating my food. I was so impressed I wasn’t even mad. How many dogs are smart enough to do that? It’s impressive.

    Cats are way different though. Cats are soft and can be cuddling but they are also way to smart for their own good. I feel like they plot something in their head before acting, which is why they get away with 90% of the things they do.

    I decided to comment on this because I love dogs, there is just something about them that is adorable. It’s probably there short-term memory and their unconditional love.

  22. Ashley Yang says:

    Michele you need to post a Jimmy update!

  23. MEM12 says:

    I definitely can relate to this post! I am such an animal lover, especially dogs. I have had three dogs throughout my childhood and each dog has been equally special. I truly believe having a dog is honestly like having a fifth family member. There is such a special bond created and I personally have experienced twice that losing a dog is the same heartbreaking experience as losing a loved one in the family. Although experiencing death is one of the worst moments in a person’s life, you just have to remember and cherish the wonderful memories that were created. My family and I still laugh and cry when reliving some of the memories cherished by having a dog.

    An experience I will never forget was being able to witness the love and that natural animal instinct I saw between my elderly grandfather and my dog, “Demon”. Demon was a purebred Siberian Husky with one blue and one brown eye, with beautiful markings. This dog was so loveable and my grandfather just took such a liking to him. My grandfather was taking a nap, I opened the door and let Demon go ahead of me. He immediately ran to the bedroom where my grandfather was laying with his hand dangling of the edge of the bed. I walked in and there wass Demon licking my grandfathers hand. It is hard to explain the connection you saw between the two of them. It was as if Demon knew my grandfather was getting older and becoming weak. He would bring such joy to my granfather and family. No wonder why you see people bring in their dogs to nursing homes, these animals are capable of bringing such joy to a persons life, I saw it first hand. My grandfather is now in a nursing home and is starting to show signs of Alzheimers, but every now and then he will still ask about Demon, and actually howl just as Demon did. With Demon there was no barking but just this unique howl like a wolf.

    On a side note…You are probably wondering where we came up with the name Demon. The Disney movie “Snow Dogs” had just come out in theaters and the main dog looked just like Demon, same markings and everything, and his name was “Demon.”We just loved the movie and all decided the name was just perfect for him.

    Over all, I have gained such great experiences growing up with a dog. I learned what it was like to lose something so close to you and how to grieve since I am so blessed to have not had a death in our family. Having a dog taught my brother and I a sense of responsibilty. My family was not allowed to sit down at the dinner table until the animals were fed. Not having a dog currently in our family has been very hard and feels like there is something missing. I work on my parents everyday about having a dog again. One thing is for sure when I am on my own in my first apartment, I am getting a dog!

  24. Alex Cragg says:

    Throughout my whole life, I’ve never had a pet. I got my first pet last year a it’s a fish. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sid Fishious but he’s not exactly a furry companion that I can play with. I’ve recently become a dog person which completely surprised me. When I was younger, I loved cats because my best friend had a couple so I deemed myself a cat person.
    One day when I was about 7, I was visiting my uncle who had a huge German Shepherd that everyone knew was mean. By mean, I’m saying that he would kill other small animals but my uncle loved him and wouldn’t put him down. That same uncle had a cat so naturally once I entered his house, I found the cat and started to play with it. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw the dog. I tried to ignore him but he was just standing in the doorway looking at me and it freaked me out so I slowly got up and started to walk toward the front door. All of the sudden, the dog went nuts and started running after me. So I ran out the door and found my mom and without hesitation, jumped and climbed up to her shoulders so the dog couldn’t get me. Ever since then, I HATED dogs. They terrified me and I wanted nothing to do with them. (A couple months later, that dog killed the cat I was playing with and my uncle put him down.)
    My boyfriend has a Yorkie named Max. He’s a cute, friendly, affectionate dog but I always ignored him because I just didn’t liked dogs. Two weeks ago, my boyfriend came home from CT and we were sitting on his couch watching a movie and Max jumped onto my lap and licked my nose. I don’t know what happened, but it was like my heart melted and for the rest of the weekend, Max and I were inseparable. He followed me everywhere and every time I would sit down he would jump onto my lap. He constantly wanted my attention and I gave it to him. I barely put him down all weekend.
    While I still have reservations towards dogs that I don’t know, I think I can officially call myself a dog person. I can’t let one bad dog affect how I feel about all dogs.

  25. Peter Cruice says:

    I would consider myself a dog person. Actually I wouldn’t consider I am fully a dog lover. When I was younger I grew up with dogs. My family had one dog, which was a Jack Russell Terrier. She was quite something. She had a special bond in the family as the only dog in the family at the time. My sister wanted a cat and she adopted one from the MSPCA. Now this cat was not like your ordinary cat. She would come inside to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. She must have been abused by her previous owner because she wasn’t very playful, and affectionate. She was given the nickname by my dad as the “shitty kitty”. She lived to be 17 years old. We got our second dog, which was a yellow Labrador. She was a sweetheart. She was amazing and I miss her dearly as she passed away four years ago. She had puppies and we kept one of them. He is one of my dogs, and he is by far my favorite. He loves to just hang and chill. I consider him one of my best friends. I then got myself a pug, and I love him too. Both my dogs sleep on my bed every night when I am home. I enjoy their company and play with them whenever I can. The pug trait grew in my family as my sister got one herself. Then my dad finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. He got himself a little black pug. It’s his new best friend. So the reason I am a dog lover is because they are always there when you need someone to cheer you up or just even to keep you company. They are great protectors for their masters. They sense when someone is around whom they feel would threaten you and they do what’s needed to protect you. I can just see a cat watching an intruder come or just running away. A dog is my personal companion and I will always keep one around in my lifetime. Dogs rule!

  26. carlagaynor2 says:

    I am definitely a dog person. My family has always had a dog, if not two or three in the house. When I was little we had a Golden Retriever named Emily. Emily was great, she let me dress her up, and do pretty much anything. She was a little antisocial though and slept in the bathtub most of the time.

    I did always want a cat. I don’t know why, I remember getting repetitively scratched by my aunt’s cat. In fact, I was even scratched by a cat today while I was at the barn. It latched on to my riding breeches and clawed at my leg. Cats are just too independent for me. They don’t like to cuddle, and they stay out of your way.

    Our current dog, Ginger, likes to cuddle. Actually, its impossible to sit more than 6 inches away from her on the couch. She also voices her opinion, loudly, at all hours of the day…. and night. It is impossible to not notice her presence.

    We also have Ziggy, my uncle’s dog that we watch frequently. Ziggy is a 150 pound yellow lab and bloodhound mix. He thinks he is a lap dog and will go to great effort to climb into your lap- whether you are sitting in a chair, or on the couch watching television.

    Cats just don’t do this. I’ve met very few who do. They’re cute, but they just don’t keep you company the way a dog does.

  27. danielle moreau says:

    As i’ve grown up, I’ve always had cats. With my parents and my busy schedule it has always been the easiest to have a cat as our animal companion. My current cat is literally just like a dog, he’s so desperate for attention and the’s the most loving animal i’ve had.

    However when I get a place of my own, I hope to buy a dog to keep me company, but i really quite prefer big dogs. I’m an outdoors person, so I would want a pet to run with and spent time outside with when I get the chance. My ideal dog would probably be a retriever of some sort or a German Shephard (spent a lot of time with them at a stable where I used to work).

  28. Shane Samuel says:

    I have phobia of dogs. Do not get me wrong I think they are cool and but I just freak out when they come near me. I do not know why but the thought of them touching me just scares me a little bit. I get antsy around any dog now matter how big or small they are, infact I do not even like my own dog touching me. As for cats I do not really have an issue with them I am not as animophobic as I am to dogs which I find strange. When I told my friends they laughed and said maybe it is because I veiw dogs as being dirty and cats as being class. Come to think of it, this might be true.

  29. kristalongo says:

    I am definitely a dog person, there is not doubt in my mind. I grew up without any pets in my house until about six years ago. Even before that time, dogs were always my thing. Every time I would go to a friends house and they had a dog, I would play with them and cuddle with them. If my friends had cats, I would try to avoid them at all costs. Cats scare me. They have creepy eyes, they make secret, low noises, and they can jump like no other… They also don’t have a personality even close to the personality of a dog. You can’t cuddle with them because they don’t like to be near people, they don’t play fetch, and they don’t do tricks. And half of the time they’re missing and you don’t even see them! Dogs on the other hand do all the above. And on top of all that, they will protect you if you are ever in danger.
    My dog is the best. He is filled with a personality, loves people, knows A TON of tricks, and will protect me if I am ever in harm. He even knows how to say “I love you” like how some of the dogs are talking here:
    Now can cats do that?!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Dogs. I love them. Ever since I was little, I’ve had tons of dog books, pictures of puppies all over the place…We had two dogs when I was born, a Pug and a Jack Russell, we had some problems with both of them, so about…7 years later, we ended up with a Springer Spaniel. We had to get rid of him, too, because we were moving 😥 Now we have a tiny little Paris Hilton dog, he’s a Japanese Chin, his name is Pookie. Typical, right, giving him this little frilly name, but his name fits him perfectly.
    The thing that creeps me out about cats is their disgusting sandpapery tongue. And the cats that are actually friendly enough to come sit on your lap might think it’s okay to lick you, maybe they lick your hand or something, and BLEH! Get that thing away from me, it feels horrible…and I’m always scared they’re going to have a sudden change of heart and claw me across the face or something. Dogs are so friendly and so cute, and I love when you rub their bellies and their leg starts to twitch or whatever. They just look so happy, so relaxed, and you can go up and pet them and not have to worry about them hissing at you…well, maybe some might try to bite you, but that barely ever happens. I guess my trouble with cats began when I was a little girl, I went into my grandparents bathroom, and oops, there was their cat, Troubles, using her bathroom as well. Well…she didn’t like to be disturbed while using the little box, so she freaked out, hissing, spitting…needless to say I booked it out of there.

  31. AbbyMW says:

    I am an “Animal Person”. I love all things fluffy and fun! However after long deliberation and many years of being on the line between cat and dog I have finally chosen….DOG! It is not because I hate cats, or have anything against them, it is because I am infatuated with dogs!
    I used to have cats, but the problem is that once you have that one amazing cat you just can’t cope with getting another. For me this happened my sophmore year in high school. I had my cat since I was in elementary school. We adopted him from a family that was moving, and he became part of the family. He would lay with my dad while he was doing work during the day, and then “head butt” him when he wanted attention. He was the most amazing cat anyone could ask for. Finally old age hit in and he passed on. After a couple months past I wanted to get another cat, but after looking for new cats I couldn’t put myself through getting another one. It was like replacing my old cat, who’s name was Elvis by the way. I just couldn’t do it, my mom couldn’t do it, it just felt wrong. There would never be a cat good enough to compare to Elvis, and it wasn’t even worth trying to find a cat to put up to the task.
    Instead of getting a cat I searched for another dog. After a lot of research and convincing my parents finally agreed and we now have two dogs. Originally it was just my lab Lilly, with Elvis, but she needed company, so we now have an Australian Shepherd, Star. I just can’t get enough of them, Star and Lilly. After reading where the red fern grows in middle school I latched on to Lilly and didn’t let her go all night. There is just something about the company of a dog that can’t compare to that of a cat. They have such great personalities, as well as great intuition. I swear that my dogs know exactly what I am feeling when I am feeling it, “they get me”. I don’t think that I could ever live without a dog in my life, they bring such joy to my life. That is one thing that I love about this campus, all the dogs! There is one chemistry professor that has the cutest little dog named Jake, gosh he is adorable! It is really something when just seeing and petting a dog can change your entire attitude about the day ahead of you! Being with a dog can literally change my entire mood, and I think that is what I love most about dogs. They are there right by your side in every mood, and the supportive therapy that they offer is unlike anything else.

  32. Gabby Mylod says:

    First of all, I just have to say that those videos and pictures were hilarious, especially because I have seen my dogs and cats do some of those hilarious things. Although I have pets, I haven’t exactly been a huge pet person for my whole life. Growing up, I always seemed to focus on the annoying things about pets: pooping and peeing in the house, chewing up EVERYTHING you own, and always seeming to want something. It seemed like every time I sat down, one of my pets wanted to go outside and then two seconds later they wanted to come inside and then two seconds later they wanted food. It made me crazy.

    I have since then turned around and learned to love pets, particularly my little rat terrier. I think going to college has made me realize how much of a comfort a dog can be. I have had three dogs and two cats (or 8 if you include the 7 kittens that my first cat had when I was 8) throughout my life including a Golden Retriever, a Doberman Pinscher, and a rat terrier. Unfortunately, as I said before, I didn’t get to enjoy my first two dogs as much as I could have because I was so wrapped up in their annoyances, but thinking back, they were definitely perfect dogs. They were both so loyal and they just wanted to be loved. Luckily, I got a third chance on a dog with my rat terrier. He is the most adorable dog ever and everyone that meets him loves him and thinks he is hilarious. His signature move is jumping about 3 feet high (I’m not even exaggerating, it’s insane). Whether he’s jumping at the door to go outside or jumping by the counter to get a hold of whatever my mom is cooking, he always looks hilarious and adorable doing it.

    I have definitely had some of these experiences shown in these picture and videos with my pets. The exercise fail has definitely happened with my dog (except I didn’t get hurt in the process). Every time I get back from running, I stretch on my family room floor and my dog always comes up and sniffs me or tries to get into my lap and I crack up every time. I’ve also had a similar experience to the video of the cat and the box. I used to have a cat who if there was a plastic grocery bag on the floor would get into the bag and just sit in there. To my surprise, one of my friend’s cats did the same thing one time when it got into my school bag and just sat in there.

    I would definitely say that I’m a dog person though because I just love the closeness factor that they present. A cat will sit in your lap or cuddle up with you if they feel like it but a dog jumps right into your lap every time you sit on the couch. Dogs are also so loyal and will do anything cute to be loved by you. Cats really don’t give shit if you like them or not, they just do their own thing.

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