Come As You Are

You know, the Puritans came across the pond way back in the 17th century. So tell me why we will never see an ad like this in the US?


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  1. Stephen raulli says:

    We’ll never see it because hate breeds hate. Saying a group of people don’t deserve equal rights based on something like sexual orientation is hate–not ignorance. The people spreading hate publicly spread it to their children. I wish I could say one day it will one day become where we laugh at these battles; but people still think we live in a “post-racist” era and then something happens when we’re reminded we’re clearly not.

    Matthew Sheperd’s mother said it best in her book “The Meaning of Matthew” (read it NOW!) “We need acceptance, not tolerance. You tolerate something like a bad hair day, not another human being.” A-fucking-men.

  2. Emily D'Addario says:

    I do not see a very strong correlation between a Big Mac and homosexuality. Although the state of social acceptance in France is far beyond the US, I think this ad missed the point on acceptance of everyone by everyone. I would understand this commercial more if there had been a previous sexual identity scandal at a McDonald’s counter in France. However, if the corporation is simply trying to depict itself as this judgment free homosexual environment then I don’t think the political statement here was strong enough.

    It appears McDonald’s is airing this commercial to show that they are okay and comfortable with gay people eating at their restaurants. But is this young boy even comfortable with himself? If he is still hiding his sexuality from his father then he has yet to feel much acceptance from anyone. The father continues to tell his son that, “you look just like me at your age…let me tell you I was quite the ladies’ man!” With new expectations from his father, the boy feels only more alienated and less willing to come out of the closet. He is put in a situation where he seems more trapped than before! This commercial almost downplays the seriousness of such an altering event in some teenagers lives.

    We will never see an ad like this in the US because of our lack of acceptance, diversity and overwhelming need to be like everyone else. There may not be a problem with homosexuality in France, but I still feel this ad was a weak attempt at showing inclusiveness and acceptance. A message of true social acceptance would have depicted a more direct, honest relationship between father and son.

  3. Michele says:

    Amaury Ramirez:

    This is a great commercial. A few reasons why:

    It is great because it is at a McDonalds, one of the most recognized franchises in the world.

    The father says something a father would typically say. He was a ladies man, even though he might have not been.

    The son just smiles not to disappoint his father, but doesn’t lie to him.

    And finally, because of the “live your life” saying at the end of the commercial.

    It is interesting how commercials like these are aired because I am pretty sure I have never seen anything like this here in the United States. Even with all the freedoms we have. Needless to say, France is much less conservative that we are. At least that is what this control says.

    I think we will start seeing commercials like this one. Eventually, these will be part of the norm as homosexuality is becoming more and more common in pop culture.

  4. Liz Liebman says:

    I strongly agree with Stephen on this commercial. Hate and lack of acceptance is seriously debilitating in our Hate comes in many different shapes and sizes. Hate crimes are still an issue in the U.S. The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Prevention Act was only passed last year. ELEVEN YEARS after Matthew Shepard was murdered. And hate is not always (and often not) that extreme. It can be as simple as a slur.

    The commercials we have simply reinforce our existing gender roles and sexual identities. I can turn the tv on and be bombarded by Axe commercials that make me cringe because of the gender stereotyping and sexual overtones. But I can’t see a commercial that portrays anything gay.

    Sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean a lot of the time), I am infuriated at people’s ignorance. Why can’t we all just accept everyone for they are? What is it about our society that tells us that we can’t accept everyone–that we have to reject certain people because they’re not like everyone else?

  5. Karen Romero says:

    I, too, agree this is a great commercial. Although I do not really see the connection between McDonalds and homosexuality, I love the fact that in other countries they are able to touch on taboo topics and speak about it and not see anything wrong with it. When I saw this commercial it took me by surprise because I am not use to seeing commercials like this on T.V. I could not help to be amazed that this commercial was being aired on television.
    The people behind this commercial show that there is still an issue with the acceptance of homosexuality because the boy can not speak openly about it to his father. However, they also show that it is okay to be gay because they decide to speak about it and publicize it rather than hide it as if it is wrong and should not be publicly talked about. I also love the “Come as you are” quote at the end of the commercial because it stands for acceptance. This commercial seems to implicate that the company McDonalds is behind gay rights, or if not is trying to target homosexuals as their customers. I hope that more companies and people take the same action and publicly speak about homosexuality and that there is nothing wrong with it.

  6. Kelly- Ann Smith says:

    I love this commercial! I applaud McDonald’s for taking the risk and making a commercial that deals with homosexuality (even if it though it should not be considered a “risk” because homosexuality should be considered a norm). What I love more is their message at the end of the commercial “Come as you are”, it definitely displays how they cater to people from all different walks of life. However I agree, we will never see a commercial like this in the United States because of the controversy that it would create. Many idiots would probably boycott McDonald’s because it is displaying an issue million of people around the world are struggling with everyday: hiding who they are because they believe they won’t be accepted. It’s pretty sad but i am happy that McDonald’s realize that airing a commercial like this an option in other places around the world. Congrats to them.

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