…”there’s a recession out there…we just choose not to participate.”

The wonderful Sarah Canavan posted this to my facebook wall. Given my recent post, it was too good to leave it there and not post it here:


One thought on “…”there’s a recession out there…we just choose not to participate.”

  1. Becky says:

    This is very funny but scary because I feel like this is how a lot of our generation is leaving college! We also expect that college sports (male) players are dumb and that although educated, still wont amount to anything, which is not the case, but is shown in this particular “spoof”. I know that this video is fake but at the same time there are plenty of people in the world, men and women, who have made it to high paying positions somehow without having really anything to offer.

    This is a good parallel to the stereotypes that women face in the workplace when we see that their male counterparts are not smarter or better than them. But still women are seen as inferior and lacking the knowledge and stability to run a successful business or be a part of one for that matter. If the man in this video were real, he would still probably have a better time getting a job than a woman graduating in his same class with the same degree. Scary but true!!

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