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  1. Brooke Nasypany says:

    I’m not really sure what this picture is all about but it reminded me of a picture I saw on the Tyra show. There was a segment on men breast feeding their babies. There was a story about a Sri Lankan man who lost his wife and was left his infant baby. The baby refused powdered milk the man provided his breast for breast feeding. It is not usually common for men to lactate but in some circumstances like this it is.

    Later on the show there was a male guest who wanted to be able to breast feed. He has been doing experiments to try and be able to do this. But what I found interesting about this was the interview. In it he said he wanted to be able to breast feed to feel more connected to his child and experience everything that a female goes through. I think this is intriguing because I don’t think most men would want to breast feed for these reasons. I think if his experiments are successful it would be interesting to see if men starting breast feeding and this becomes the new “thing.” Would some men want to do this? Would none at all? Not to mention it was nice to hear from a man that he wants to experience something women go through.

  2. I absolutely love this picture. It’s so beautiful. Look how happy he is. This photo is an ideal photo–capturing a genuine moment. No posing. The way the little girl is staring at the camera suggests strongly she is well taken care of. Her look suggests a tone of irritation, like the photographer interrupted her time with her father. She looks at us as to ask, ‘Will you leave us alone?’

    And that it’s a father is so refreshing. In our economy, how many times do we hear ‘There are so many working single mothers…’ I give single mothers credit, but because women tend to gain custody in divorces, they get the most credit. Fathers can be just as devoting. We have the phrase, ‘maternal instinct;’ it’s not ‘paternal instinct.’ Or Mother Nature–we rely on our mothers to take care of us. That’s why I love this photo so much. Look how happy that man is. We can see his daughter is his life.

  3. Esther Altomare says:

    After spending a lot of time over the past two weeks reading about the plight of the woman I cannot help but find this picture incredibly refreshing. Honestly, this photograph just makes me happy.

    I think one of the important things to keep in mind about the entire feminist movement is to make sure to separate individual men from the system in which woman are fighting against. The feminist movement was not created with the intent of hating on the male sex. Males are not the enemy and I think that is really important for females to realize this.

    This photo which represents a clearly overjoyed father demonstrates just how important that father role is.

  4. Becky says:

    I love this picture!!! The majority of the world believes that women should be the ones who stay home and take care of the children. But this is a perfect example of how the duties can be shared. I don’t know the background of this picture but who is to say that this father doesn’t work and also take care of the children, or that his wife doesn’t also work and that they share the duties or raising a child?
    There are definitely men in this world who take over raising the children and the women of the house are the ones who are out in the work force. One of my close friends was telling me how her father is the one who is the stay-at-home mom. Her mother is the one who works while her father does the “maternal” duties. Some may think her father to be feminine or weird but they are no different than any other family in our neighborhood. Her father isn’t less of a man because he sent them to school in the morning, or does their laundry. They still have family time and he still gets to do everything he enjoys, the same way a household functions with the mother raising the children primarily.
    This picture does justice to all the men who are at home raising the kids and still living meaningful lives!

  5. Allison May says:

    Wow, this really is a fabulous picture…and I am not just saying that because I am a sucker for photography. I think this photograph gives a voice to devoted and loving fathers everywhere, especially ones who raise their children completely on their own. They deserve a great deal of recognition.

    With that in mind, I would like to call attention to the movie “Babies”. It was a documentary that came out this summer about four babies from different locations throughout the world (Namibia, Mongolia, Japan and San Francisco to be exact). For the Mongolian baby, the only time I remember seeing a man was on the motorcycle ride back from the teeny hospital. For the Japanese and Namibian babies, I don’t recall any men at all. In fact, the only baby that actually had a father figure was the baby in San Francisco. It seemed to me that the film was more about babies and their relationship with their mothers than anything else. It would have been nice to see a father nurturing and caring for his child, much like this picture. I understand the point the movie was trying to make- that babies are adorable and need to be breast-fed, cared for, snuggled with…but fathers can do all of those things too! (well, maybe not the first thing…)

    If our society doesn’t recognize the fact that in a family, both mothers and fathers should share the responsibility of taking care of a baby, how is anything ever going to change? I know that oftentimes there are extenuating circumstances but I truly believe that single fathers should be given just as much recognition as single mothers!

  6. Edlange Philistin says:

    Wow and hats off to the man in the picture. I had the great opportunity to take the rarely offered course called Discourses of Rape last year and again I have to reiterate the elation I feel from this photo. Having had the opportunity to zoom in on the condition in which women of the African continent had to live in, it is an unfortunate fact that many of the men there were typically not doing anything positive. They were either rebels going on a raping spree or they were fathers that had deserted their families in order to escape the wrath of said rebels. I guess I don’t have to go into the details of field day these rebels had with the numerous mothers and children that were left behind.
    This picture is in fact the very first that I have seen with a father being present with his infant child, taking on the responsibilities that is rightfully his in that region of the world. After all, it does take two to tango. True you would typically see a mother in this exact position captured by the photo, but that does not mean he is incapable of doing some of the things that she does. We pay way too much attention to stifling gender roles. More fathers need to see this picture as it depicts a real man who wants to protect his kid.

  7. danielle moreau says:

    I LOVE THIS…my immediate reaction to this photo: happiness. I couldn’t help but smile at this photo that shows a dedicated father, unlike many of his counterparts, enjoying spending time with his daughter in an otherwise rough situation.

    i am proud of this man for not conforming to the typical behavior of runaway fathers in this type of environment, and it is incredibly refreshing to see the look of genuine joy on his face and in his eyes. it’s unfortunate that this is not the norm (or even close to it) in this region of the world, but a photo like this gives hope that those individuals who understand and respect their duties in family life will rise in number and strength.

  8. WOW!
    Fell in love with this picture. I have never seen this picture before but right when I saw it gender roles immediately came to my mind. In my International Relations class the other day, we talked about how women are usually characterized as care givers while men bring in the money with their better jobs. This photo just screams dad being the care giver! With the father’s great big smile, we see happiness! Women and male roles can be shared and this is shown in this picture with the male holding his child with a great big smile on his face. We usually don’t spot father’s holding their child or taking care of their child during the work day. This photo can tell a thousands words.

  9. Shane Samuel says:

    I find this image extremely promising. However, I find it interesting that there are only 8 comments on this post as oppose to previous post that have over 30-40 comments. This tells me that it is so driven in the minds of individuals that women are the caretakers of children that they do not notice that men can also be caretakers. I am personally happy to see this because I believe that the societal norm off women being the only caretaker is being challenged by this image.

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