well this breaks it down nice and easy


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  1. Ashley Yang says:

    This is so funny, because I JUST started re-reading “Luna” today. And I’m getting mad at Regan all over again for letting Luna/Liam walk all over her. GROW a pair (speaking of improper gender terminology) and stand up for yourself, girl!!! I just can’t believe how many times she’s forced to miss school and play the shrink. That’s way too much for a sophomore to take on. I actually threw the book across the room. Twice.

  2. Michele says:

    oohh! i love that you are revisiting some of our texts from Adol Lit! I am just finishing The second Collins book–for the second time–in preparation for Mockingjay. Sometimes, these old books just stick with you.

  3. Brooke Nasypany says:

    This drawing/poster whatever it is goes really nice with our Fausto-Sterling reading “Dualing Dualisms.” Sex vs Gender is a sticky and confusing conversation for some people. As we sexs refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, and attributes that are appropriate for men and women. The problem I have with this is the social construction of it all. Someone may consider themself a female while society considers them a male. This is demonstrated in the left gender is column at the bottom, hello my name is ME! a personal identity. This is what gender is all about, how one views themself.

    I also like this because of its straightfowardness. I find it intersting the differences between the two columns. On the right hand side, the gender is not column most of this stuff is black and white, one or the other (male body parts or female body parts, straight or gay, and x chromozone or y chromozone). The gender is side is very vast and widely ranged. This side is all about expression, yourself, identity, all of which have a variety of aspects within.

  4. Esther Altomare says:

    This post brings me right back to a discussion had in adolescent literature regarding the difference between sex and gender. This was the first time I remember ever really noting a difference between the two, which I now see as being vastly different. At the time of the discussion I remember being slightly confused as to what the real difference was. I remember the discussion really had me thinking about gender roles and societies impact on them. While ones sex is made up of ones biological characteristics ones gender is often times purely constructed by the society in which we live.

    I wish I had seen this chart on that day because it really does a great job and summing up the issue. Gender is not defined by one’s biological parts and cannot be specified in black and white terms by the labels male or female. Gender can be a personal choice, and is an incredible mean to express oneself.

  5. Edlange Philistin says:

    Honestly there should be more of these as it really simplifies gender, a usually complex topic. It is unfortunate though that something like this is not receiving the attention that deserves. Most of us are so comfortable with the rigid roles that our overly conventional society has created for us. Any deviation from said roles would be unwelcomed and therefore wrong.

    But so what if a man wants to dress up in feminine clothing or vice versa? What ever happen to those little things we call free speech and the pursuit of happiness? If someone chooses to express themselves in a way that goes against the rules of society, you begin to witness the mean stares, the nods of contempt and disgust, complemented with the usual “Christ is our savior.” The amount of pressure being imposed on person who takes on gender role not “expected” of them forces them to literally crack under the pressure. For this, the may be labeled a monster, freak, etc. Tragedy (i.e. untimely death) has to happen for us to see the individual for who they really are. We are all people and have to the right to do what we please. By having references such as this chart maybe some members of our society will learn to be open minded and accepting. That way less lives will be lost.

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