I am such a pushover.

OK, look. I am not going to deny that I have a sweet tooth. I mean, look at me. If you have had a class with me, you know I am a total pushover for all the foods that are bad for me (and, well, anyone). And yes, I have many food-related posts on this blog already (and several on past blogs, just check the links below). I guess I am saying you should pretty much expect a post like this from me every now and then. Because when moments such as this occur…well.

Have you tried this fantastically orgasmic taste sensation yet?

Oh, Jesus wept. It is damn good.


6 thoughts on “I am such a pushover.

  1. Ashley Yang says:

    YES. OH sweet Jesus, YES. I’ve always loved Reeses but my one complaint has been, “But they’re milk chocolate!” Well my complaints have been silenced forever. Call me a chocolate snob but milk chocolate has never done it for me. Hershey’s special dark was always my guilty pleasure but after a time I even became too good for that. Now in the depths of a horrific craving I’ll take one of those little trapezoids of foil-wrapped goodness, but really, my first choice is Dove–or better yet, those Ghirdelli chocolate mint squares. I eat the edges first, then peel the top layer off with my front teeth, then lick the mint filling, and THEN eat the bottom. My friend says it’s like watching surgery performed by the insane.

  2. Katharina Luther says:

    Ok, since I am German and officially addicted to ice-cream and chocolate I am a bit picky concerning the whole chocolate issue. I believe that Reese’s, along with Ben and Jerry’s, is one of the few chocolate related candies that are actually real good American goodies. Honestly, most of the US chocolate just contains too much sugar and too less chocolate. Therefore, I find it too sweet and not rich enough. But the dark Reese’s could just represent a solution to this, very personal, issue. Do not get me wrong here, I am not saying that US sweets are bad per se, I am just arguing that some chocolates contain too much sugar. What I also find very funny is that your soft drinks, on the other hand, appear to not contain any sugar at all, but something magical called “corn-syrup”. How amazing is this? No sugar! But wait, is not corn-syrup mostly made up by glucose… and wait is not glucose just a more differentiated definition of sugar? Well, since I am not a soft-drink consumer I do not mind this as long as you could please increase the amount of chocolate in you chocolates. Thanks.

  3. Dan Dechert says:

    With a nickname such as mine (The Candy Man) I felt obligated to comment on this entry, although talking about snacks gives me close to as much satisfaction as eating them. What I have found to be universally true, be it candy or anything else, is that the greatest joys come from variety. I think you’d have a difficult time finding a person who didn’t care for a Reeses Cup now and then, but for a candy connoisseur such as myself you search for the new thing or something that shakes things up a bit. Of course I’ve had every Reese’s cup choice known to man (remember the white chocolate or one of the more unique candy moves: Reese’s peanut butter and jelly cups) and all I can say is that I could do that. In fact that’s my dream job; the men and women who get paid to test out new and exciting formulas to tantalize America’s taste buds with these sweet treats live a spoiled existence. What I also wish to bring to light is that candy is filled with such instant gratification that it becomes hard not to reach for a pack of wild berry skittles after a rough day in the office. Some may take this blog another direction and discuss how these countless sugary options are part of what lends to America’s incredibly high obesity and other health related issues, but not this guy. Sure, I may avoid the dentist like the plague but I’m happy and ignorance in this case absolutely is bliss. My goal in this response is not to convert all of my peers into candy addicts like me, but what I do suggest is that everyone go out and spend a few minutes in the bulk section at Wegman’s and be a kid again; taste the rainbow. Take it from someone who lives life one Airhead at a time, don’t listen to people who tell you candy is for little kids or that it’ll rot your teeth out. Live a little bit, and remember that the only thing worse than a candy-induced stomach ache is not getting to enjoy the treats at all.

  4. Katie York says:

    Reeses is my favorite candy ever and I did not even know Reeses dark chocolate existed! Although I don’t like dark chocolate by itself it’s pretty good with its mixed with other flavors. Like mounds are making with dark chocolate and those are so good! Have you tried the new flavors of M&Ms yet? They have come out with so many new ones. Over break I tried the new pretzel M&Ms and those are soo good. I also had the new coconut ones and they taste exactly like little mounds. It’s great.

    I like how companies are starting to get creative with their candy. A couple weeks ago I had a lollypop in the shape of a light bulb that lit up every time you licked it and spun around when you hit a button. Now that’s creative. My sister actually just went to Harry Potter World in Disney and bought me some of the candies from one of the shops. She got me a chocolate frog which looked scarily realistic and exactly how they do in the movies and also a chocolate cauldron which was filled with like a million flavors of different chocolate. She also got me every flavored jelly beans which were NOT good, but still pretty fun to eat.

  5. lizbramley says:

    CHOCOLATE. I would like to consider myself somewhat of an expert. If something is chocolate I will eat it. Honestly, i don’t even care if its the cheap waxy kind like what you got in your easter basket from your Grandma as a child. In every sense I am an addict and have to have it everyday. Furthermore, reese’s is an integral part of my beginning love for chocolate. My dad would buy a bag (not just the two cups but a bag!)whenever we went grocery shopping and we would eat the ENTIRE thing before we went home so Mom wouldn’t yell at us. So not only are reese’s delicious, but I associate fond childhood memories with them, and now with dark chocolate my memories will be bittersweet! I love puns 🙂 But anyways, back to the topic on hand, I love dark, milk, white, super dark(like 88% cocoa), mint, raspberry or orange chocolate. Especially lindt lindor truffles. Hands down the best thing ever. So so so so so so bad for you but amazingly decadent and scrumptious. They have a hard chocolate shell and then a soft creamy melt in your mouth center. For those of you who love reese’s, they also have them with peanut butter in the middle, or carmel, or raspberry filing. It’s a perfect gift for any holiday. The other chocolate item I highly recommend is Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Its literally an whole orange, with slices and a core and everything but it’s made out of orange flavored chocolate. Its wrapped up in aluminum foil and you have to bang it against the table flat to separate all the slices. My mom used to buy them and parcel slices out to me and my brother. So amazing. I’d write about more, but I’m craving chocolate hardcore after this, so I’m going to hunt down someone in my dorm who has some. I already ate all of mine!

  6. laurenthinks says:

    Thank the Lord that I have fun-size Hershey’s dark chocolate in my desk drawer because as soon I saw that visual image I went into chocolate withdrawal. Chocolate is legitimately an addiction– like coffee. But we won’t get into that. Dark chocolate Reese’s are amazing, but whats better? The white chocolate Reese’s. And let’s not completely forget the CLASSIC milk chocolate reese’s. And Reese’s pieces anyone? I could go on forever.
    Besides chocolate peanut butter, which is a great combination of course, my personal favorite is chocolate mint. Andie’s candies, like what you get with your check at Olive Garden– my favorite. And mint chocolate chip ice cream? Amazing.
    More on my chocohalic tangent: Dove. Not the bird, not the soap. The chocolate. Heaven. They even have messages on the foil wrappers like “go conquer day” and other inspirational shit like that. Who doesn’t want to hear that, along with the creamy, decadent chocolate?

    I guess I’m a pushover too.

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