119 hours.

yes. I have decided to count it down by hours. As of the moment of this post, the season premiere of House MD is only 119 hours away. as House would say: Oh my GAWD.

[yeah, I know all these House posts don’t do a damn thing for classroom discussion but you know what? it’s MY blog. You don’t like it, git yer own damn blog. Hmph.]


4 thoughts on “119 hours.

  1. ar5047 says:

    Your obsession with TV shows is impressive. The fact that you can watch the TV shows and be a full time employ is something to congratulate you in. I am a student, with no worries in life, and I do not watch half as much TV as you do. But hey, how else would you be as informed as you are if you didn’t watch as much TV as you do.

    To be honest, there are plenty of TV shows that are a waste of time and teach the viewer absolutely nothing. I watched Jersey shore with some of the people in my building and although very entertaining, it didn’t teach me anything. Watching them party, something that I’d rather be doing made me upset. It sickens me that people like the “ situation” who looks like a fool makes so much money because people find it entertaining to watch them.

    I must say, I do have my guilty pleasures. I like the show Entourage and it doesn’t teach me anything, but it isn’t a dumb show that shows people argue over things that are unnecessary. And they live lives that are obviously not realistic. So in terms of jersey shore, not a fan!

  2. Esther Altomare says:

    right there with you, can’t wait

  3. Michele says:

    Amaury, i am posting this AFTER the day we watched Jersey Shore in He Says/She Says and discussed metaphir use. so really, you DID learn something from the show LOL!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god! i am counting down the days tooo! my mother got me completely hooked on this show and even if im just watching the reruns im still completely enthused by it. I dont watch very much television for the near fact that i dont have spare time to do so. although if you look at my DVR, there is a million showings of House taped which someday, i will finish watching. the relationship House has with his employees is so unprofessional but that is just the way House is. im not sure i would watch the show if he acted in any other manor. His humor and sarcasm reminds me a little of myself. i generally have a strong sarcastic tone which is similar to his. House has been some what of an inspiration to me. ever since watching it, ive had a dream of becoming a doctor. and well, im slowing getting on the right track of doing so.

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