Guest Blogger: Stephen Raulli

Happy Halloween!

Is anyone noticing how our beloved Disney princess’ get, um, altered around Halloween? I think these costumes redefine ‘Happily Ever After,’ if you get my drift.

(Ok, this one wasn’t a stretch)

Oh! And every princess needs her prince!

Well, not all of our Disney characters’ costumes have been altered…


18 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Stephen Raulli

  1. Kylie B. says:

    Pictures say a thousand words. Yes a cliche and a phrase that is extremely overused, but as Stephen has shown here, a lot can be said just by posting images. Halloween is no longer dressing up in homemade costumes sewn by our mothers (or fathers). We don’t go door to door at 8pm singing strange chants and yelling for candy. Halloween to our generation, to our age group has become all about sexuality. However, as we can see from these photographs, it is more on the women’s end.

    I find it funny how the costumes for men have them fully clothed while female costumes include low cut tops, short skirts and whatever else they decide to throw in for a bonus. Is this not saying that in order to be “cute” or “pretty” on halloween that we must go half-naked? I remember Halloween at HWS last year, I saw everything from Where’s Waldo to lingerie. Most girls chose to wear basically nothing, get way to drunk, and let all the guys stare at them. Why not parade yourself around? After watching the clip in class of Iron Jawed Angels, I almost get angry because Halloween in a sense degrades women.

    In terms of the “Happily Ever After” that Walt Disney has so graciously instilled in our minds, I think that the costumes for women are hinting that the men will get a little bit more than a hug goodbye at the end of the evening…

  2. Emily D'Addario says:

    As October approaches, discussion of Halloween and its accompanying festivities become very popular among a variety of age groups. For the younger children, it’s an occasion to carve pumpkins, trick-or-treat with friends and play harmless pranks. But for most teenagers and college students, the thrill of haunted houses and ghost tours fade away as the thought of slutty costumes are ones top priority. More than ever, Halloween is an adult oriented holiday revolving around parties and sex appeal.

    So, expect to see your favorite Disney character running around the streets of Geneva or up dancing on a bar. Too many females take advantage of this night to dress and act in a manner they normally would not. Halloween is a time when even the most innocent girl on campus can dress like a Playboy bunny and not lose sleep over it. Women like to dress sexy for Halloween because it is an open, acceptable opportunity to be “naughty” in a social setting. This simple holiday once devoted to children and their candy-filled baskets has turned into yet another event where females freely expose their bodies to the public.

    Of course, the media and prominent male figures have influenced the way women choose to project themselves. They encourage the less is more appeal when it comes to clothing. Many individuals think that showing off their body signifies a sense of independence and confidence. But Mary Wollstonecraft would argue that every woman needs to take responsibility for her actions. We have the capacity to stand strong, govern ourselves, and take control of our behavior. This, however, becomes a great struggle when we are caught up in competition for the sexiest look. Overall Halloween has become an over commercialized, adult oriented holiday that proves “sex sells.” This Halloween girls will compete for the best costume and those who show off the most skin will come away as winners.

  3. PJ says:

    It is obvious that halloween costumes are definitely inappropriate in many cases. But there has to have been a reason for this change. There are 3 points I would like to make here.

    First, look at what happened to the whole jersey fad. When jerseys became a fad everyone started wearing them… Guys would wear them with jeans and nike’s. Once that caught on, girls started doing the same thing. But eventually you started seeing them wear the jerseys as “dresses”. They used this to give the jerseys some “sex appeal”. They took a team supporting symbol and turned it into something sexual. These jerseys were never meant for that purpose.

    Second, I feel that the whole idea of these customes is simply supply and demand. When fads start clothing industries use that to make money. They see what’s hot and build on that to make money. They started showing more cleavage in costumes and making things more curvy and making skirts or dresses a lot shorter. Girls bought these costumes, im sure not because that is the only option for a costume. So when these costumes start flying off the shelves, supply and demand.

    Third, this goes back to the arguement off women empowering themselves through posing nude or with little clothes on in magazines. You can not complain about these costumes when women have been wanting to dress or act like this to empower themselves. For the women who do not agree with this I feel bad because yes this is demeaning and disrespectful to women. but there has obviously been enough demand for these outfits to create and continue them.

  4. Salvador Forte says:

    I’m not sure if the sex appeal aspect of Halloween has changed much. I feel like it has always been like this, especially in the college age group. I feel that little kids are still going around door to door, chanting crazy songs, and asking for candy, just as we did when we were younger. And in those same times, college aged students paraded around the streets wearing very little. I remember looking at the costume catalog at Party City, and seeing the clear difference between little kids and adult costumes (Party City didn’t have the craziest skimpy costumes, but there was still a difference). Nowadays with the internet and specialty shops, anyone can be anyone they want to be and dress whichever way they please. Society has definitely become more lenient on certain costumes. I just hope that this sex appeal mentality doesn’t trickle down to little kids costumes, but then again has anyone seen beauty pageant girls and their moms!?

  5. Grace Hennigan says:

    Stephen, I am SO glad that you posted this. Ok, so Halloween costumes. What do we think of? As a college student (and even in High school), one word comes to mind: SKANKS! Now, not all girls dress up as “sex kittens”, “sexy nurses”, and “sexy bunnies”, but from what I have witnessed, for the most part around this campus, “sexy” is the popular theme for costumes. I am not going to leave out the boys, since I have seen some interesting ensembles from them (I cannot forget coming to my open house tour on accepted students weekend-which was the day after Halloween-and seeing a huge box with arm holes that read “BAC CALULCATOR: BLOW HERE”, pointing to a straw by the penis) and also the typical Chippendale guy running around, MJ Simon at Delta Chi last year, to be specific. Also, girls and guys both cannot forget the famous Cady quote from “Mean Girls”, that “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”. It’s TRUE! Yes, last year I donned a sexy “risky business” outfit, so I am included in this dirty holiday category, but I think that it is fun to have an excuse to be sexy one night a year (JK I am always sexy) LOL. No, but really. Some people bash Halloween for the filthiness it brings to younger and younger girls each year (I don’t see Party City carrying many sheet-ghosts or witches for girls over age 13 these days) but other people, like me, agree that it is just plain fun. It is a choice. I could run around in a giant pumpkin all night, or I could throw on high heels and mini dress with cat ears and get some minds racing. For me, being sexy is part of being a girl. For others, a giant pumpkin can bring just as much fun. But when I am drunk and dancing at fraternities come October 31st, I think that I will ditch the pumpkin and bring out the goodies.

  6. Tom Michaud says:

    ok, i see your point but who wants to see a slutty prince charming? and how would that work? Are we talking about making prince charming look like some douche from the jersey shore? a blow out and orange skin? while i think its ridiculous that people have so “sluttified” my childhood, i can understand it. People grow up, and so do their costume ideas. whats wrong with trying to get people to notice you? Nothing. Guys wear ridiculous costumes too. all halloween costumes are just ridiculous in their own right. Zombies? who wants to hook up with a zombie? (hopefully no one because thats messed up and also called necrophilia) but while girls outfits get sluttier on halloween, guys look worse or even more stupid than we already are. so id rather have acostume that people want to look at than one that people are grossed out by

  7. “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Ok, so I stole this from the movie “Mean Girls,” but I think it summarizes this conversation quite concisely.

    Using “Mean Girls” as an example, Cady witnessed firsthand how the real world and “girl world” are drastically different. She attends the Halloween party at Aaron Samuels’ house, and she is the only girl who’s wearing a legitimate amount of clothing. (Regina, Gretchen, and Karen all dress up as some kind of animal and wear lingerie.) Another one of my favorite lines from this scene—Karen: “Why are you dressed so scary?” Cady: “It’s Halloween.” It’s funny, yet rather sad, that Karen – who represents the stereotypical, naive (if you will), follower in the group – can’t comprehend the fact that Cady dressed up as a scary, not slutty, creature for Halloween.

    I’m glad Stephan also brought up the Disney Princess point. Granted, the more recent Disney films have been a little better (like “Monsters Inc.” and “Finding Nemo”), but the originals depict women in an extremely negative light. There’s Ariel, who changes herself (from a mermaid to a woman) to chase after her prince. Don’t even get me started about what her lack of voice/inability to speak on land implicitly suggests. I won’t list all of the princesses and their infamous characteristics, but the underlying theme is the same: They are portrayed as passive individuals who need to be rescued by men—the classic damsel in distress.

    This kind of has me wondering … What if Disney, or some other big-time movie corporation, produced a film in which the woman saves the man? How do the think the audience would react?

  8. Sam Higgs says:

    HAHA this is funny! My view of Halloween changed in college. I never usually went to class on halloween in high school because it was one of those half day things and basically a waste. I heard some girls wore some outlandish stuff but never saw it. So freshman year Halloween roles around. Late october, hella cold! I go to a party, see what looked something like the most beautiful devil I have ever seen. If hell contains more of these girls i’m going with gasoline shorts on. Thats not it! Girls get realll creative on Halloween. If the beautiful devil (makes sense) wasnt enough, I saw what looked like a naked female with wings on her back. Now I’m not sure if she was an angel for Halloween, but if my gaurdian angel looked like that, I probally would not be in college right now. Might be working full time supporting the three kids I have with this angel of mine! This goes to say – if you want to be something for Halloween, represent properly. If you want to be a half naked girl in upstate new york late october, you should stand on the corner and wait for the accountant who wants to cheat on his wife who wont touch him anymore. But if you want to be snow white or a vampire, dont sell out to the trend of misrepresentation and represent your costume to the fullest!

  9. Isabella Comstock says:

    I agree that Halloween is an easy excuse for people to put on a persona that they normally do not embody on a day to day basis. This is the appeal of it – it is also the appeal of acting to many people who are in the movie/theater business. But I feel that it is a generalization to say that every girl uses it as a time to get as sexy and skimpy as possible. I know many people, girls, who dress up with humor as their main influence. I, for example, dressed up like a Geico Caveman one year with actual fake facial hair, and a friend of mine dressed up as a giant dead chicken, fully clothed and covered up. Who are we to pass judgement on what these girls choose to dress in on Halloween. It is denying them their own sexuality and by judging girls who dress up sexy on Halloween it is reinforcing gender stereotypes by assuming that they are being whores and competing with one another when they may simply be expressing themselves and their sexuality in a way that is taboo the rest of the year.

  10. ar5047 says:


    What is this post trying to say?

    I see that the pictures show a little more skin in the new ways the costumes look. But doesn’t this have to do with how wearing a big “princess” dress would be much more expensive than a regular dress. I have actually seen better and provocative Halloween costumes. I think Michele did a bad job in picking the pictures. I still love you though.

    I really want to mention on how women are the ones who make clothing seductive. I was talking to my friend PJ about this post and we landed on how Professional jerseys became very popular at one point. Then women started using these jerseys as dresses. When stylist began to see this happening, they began to make dresses in the material that is used to make the jerseys. This is why I am always bothered when people say large corporations try to impose the “sexy” look on women.

    Clothing companies make clothing according to what people are buying. Therefore they only make things that are going to be bought. So what I am trying to say is that if women didn’t buy these things then clothing companies wouldn’t make it. So if anything, this post should come with this is what women are doing to clothes.

  11. Stephen raulli says:

    Tom, no I’m not asking to see princes become skankified. I just find it funny girls must be “slutty” on Halloween, even if it means ruining a childhood memory.

    I understand the point that Halloween is the one night of the year where girls can dress up “slutty” and not get judged. But, are some of the costumes we see on girls that far off from what they wear on a Saturday night? The difference between a sexy devil and a red dress is a detachable tail and a pair of horns worn as a headband.

    • Stephen raulli says:

      Also, if Halloween is the one night of the year, then why are there frat parties like “Golf Pros and Tiger’s Hos?”

  12. Katie Levenstein says:

    Okay I must ask- has anyone seen the Disney porno? I believe since it’s release a few years ago it has been take off the internet (but if you’re really good at searching things I bet it cane be found somewhere out in cyber space). Anyways, that video definitely ruined Disney for me. I find it not only disturbing but fascinating that such innocent, perfect characters can be turned into sexy, dirty, and bad characters. Why does anyone feel compelled to take children’s idols and turn them into a parent’s worst nightmare? Here’s a possible answer: our society is hooked on SEX.

    Stephen couldn’t have worded it more perfectly- the costumes he presented all come with the slogan ‘Happily Ever After.’ Halloween is a night for the goody-two-shoes to be promiscuous and not be questioned. Carrie pulls the perfect quote from Mean Girls to explain this. Halloween is the night for someone to embody the character of someone they normally wouldn’t be, but why is it that a sexy Disney character is so intriguing? I have never seen a sexy costume and thought, “oh wow, that’s creative!” because in reality it’s not. All you have to do is put the word sexy in front of any role and it’s a fit for a Halloween costume. To list a few:
    -sexy maid
    -sexy fire woman
    -sexy teacher
    -sexy dentist
    -sexy librarian

    To Tom’s point, I’d rather look at a costume that’s appealing and creative, not sloppy and revealing. If I wanted to see slutty girls running around with candy I’d go elsewhere (maybe a strip club?) but not on Halloween night. Halloween is a night for tradition and fun. Too bad Disney isn’t alive, he’d certainly put a stop to all of this.

  13. Jr. Woodard says:

    Ya to me. I flat out hate the costumes and how they are coming out to look for girls not of age during Halloween. I mean i have a little sister and she’s getting older by the minute and she just wants to wear this and that and try this. The choices she has are slim though because she knows for a fact that me and my older brothers and parents will barely let her wear what these disney costumes come out to look like aoround halloween. She is a huge Disney fan too, so she will always pick out one of the characters to be but the costume just doesnt fit the description of my innocent sister haha. That stuff has to change its disgusting and wrong.

  14. Dan Dechert says:

    Stephen, very interesting topic and certainly appropriate for this time of year seeing as how we are approaching fall and will soon be engulfed in the Halloween spirit, which used to consist of large consumptions of candy and scary-ass movies. Now it seems that Halloween has become traditionally a time for my peers and I, especially girls, to dress as scantily clad as they’d like and not have everyone and their Mother passing judgment on them. I have read many of the comments and I, too, immediately thought of the Mean Girls reference to Halloween and what becomes acceptable to wear on that day.

    Being a twenty year-old man I will acknowledge that seeing some of my most desirable peers dressing up as sexy Jasmines (Aladdin) or Ariels (Little Mermaid) is one of the finer things in life, but for sake of argument I’m going to play devil’s advocate on this one. I believe that on a college campus it is more than appropriate for young people to express themselves vocally and sexually, so a few slutted-out costumes are fine by me. However, when young, impressionable girls see their favorite Disney princesses transformed into objects of lust the wrong message may be sent.

    The problem is while pre-teens don’t inhabit this campus come Halloween night I know that across the country Pocahontas and her Disney peers are showing up on people’s doorsteps looking like they’re ready for more than a fun-sized pack of skittles. What I mean is that young girls who are still at the ages where princesses are sacred and magical are having their image of their heroes tarnished. There is something pure and innocent about Disney characters, and the princess character in specific, which makes them all the more likely to be sexualized. Does this lead to such ramifications as our youth becoming exposed to sexuality at too young of an age where innocence and purity is lost? I can’t say either way because of my age and gender, but this does leave you with something to think about. In the meantime, I look forward to all that Halloween has to offer on campus thanks to my Billy Smith peers.

  15. Grace B says:

    I would like to start this post off by saying that store bought, pre-fabricated costumes such as these are tasteless and lack luster choices for halloween to begin with, and unless you were born with only a functioning left side of the brain there is no excuse for such lack of originality on an eve as fun and creative as halloween.
    Although I recognize that as Tina Fay so smartly wrote in her script, halloween is the only night of the year that a girl can dress like a total slut, i think the problem isn’t really halloween we are dealing with. Chances are that girls who choose to wear slutty cliches of halloween costumes are probably the girls who dress and conduct themselves in a similar manner every weekend sans synthetic princess dress.
    I wish that we lived in a society where both men and were free to parade around in their skivvies and no judgments would be passed, but that is not the reality of the current state of affairs. If a girl goes out in a skirt that hardly covers her rear end she is sending a message about the kind of attention she is looking to receive. She is aware of these indirectly spoken messages, and so her choice to wear said clothing is a conscious and informed decision. Is that her prerogative? Yes. Is it showing her sexuality? Yes. Is it REALLY empowering? Debatable.
    Thank you Stephen for bringing up the Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes themed party that a certain fraternity held last year. Don’t forget that the night before there was a party at the fraternity across the street themed “G.I. Joes and Army Hoes”. Let’s look at our choices for dress for the weekend, ho or ho! Ridiculous! Although I do sympathize to an extent with the girls who attended said parties on this campus. It’s not like this school allows a space and means for girl’s to throw their own parties with a theme of their choice. But that is a whole other can of worms…
    Should girls choose to dress themselves like the prototypical sleezy male stereotype of a “hot chick”, chances are you will find a guy willing to take you home with him… but try getting him to take you to dinner, or even introduce you to his friends. This halloween, girls, guys,whatever you identify as, by all means be sexy! But remember that nothing is sexier then confidence, and confidence is born out of SELF RESPECT. So ditch the pre-packaged skank wear.

  16. Becky says:

    I think people generally feel that if they are going to dress up for halloween as an adult, they might as well dress sleazy because they can. We don’t always dress like certain characters so why not heat things up and dress a little sexier. Although we see women as the main focus of these sexualized costumes, men also have very sexualized costume options.

    For example, one male costume I found highly sexualized and sleazy was a firefighter outfit with an attached hose in the area of his penis. We know the hose does not go there but for the purpose of the costume it did. So I don’t think female costumes are the only sexualized options. I think now things in this genre have become more equal. Although we wouldn’t necessarily say to that “firefighter” that they look slutty like we would a “slutty princess” but I think the cases are quite similar.

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