As if.

I am not going to do a whole post about the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards because I so eloquently covered what I wanted to say last year.

I just want to note a tidbit about Kanye.

This guy is all over the news right now. Last week he posted a 32-post tweet on his Twitter apologizing to Taylor Swift for his interruption of her acceptance speech at last year’s awards. Didn’t he already apologize last year?

Of course he did. So this most recent slam of apologies all over the media right now appears to me that this guy is so absorbed in self-promotion, it ain’t even funny. As if we need to be reminded about the Kanye/Taylor incident.

As if we need to be reminded to tune into to this year’s award show.

As if.

As if I would miss it.


15 thoughts on “As if.

  1. kyle Tritten says:

    This is an interesting topic i believe, because with all the controversies involved with gender and race within the music industry. Two years ago Kayne came through with the most amazing performance to close out the show. His performance was said to be the best part to the show and without him the show would have been a failure. Then to follow up on last year’s stunt he pulled on Taylor Swift was kind of funny. In a matter of a year he droped his personal ratings from very high to rock bottom. But if you look at the stunt he pulled it was kind of interesting and relates to women studies.

  2. kyle Tritten says:

    The last part of the above post:

    A couple of years ago you would not have seen a male artist put his name and reputation out there to promote a female artist. So just in that i see as a pretty new perspective. And then there’s people who look at the stunt as white vs. black in a race issue. Although i don’t think he intended for it to come out like that, but it did. Race and gnder issues are so closely related is scary. In the music industry it is especially interesting to look at those two. I can’t wait to see what crazy things are done at this years video music awards, from Kayne to Lady Gaga.

    • Michele says:

      Kyle, i am glad you recognize how often race and gender intertwine….this is certainly something that became a focal point of discussion during the Second Wave.

      i remember this Kanye/Taylor issue last year….so many journalists noted the older black men and younger white girl, really making race a part of the issue.

  3. Michael Kane says:

    It seems from Kanye’s latest antics that self-promotion and publicity is his only motivation. Since leaking the first single, “Power”, off his long overdue follow up to Graduation, Kanye has done all he can to force himself back into the hip-hop/pop culture conversation.
    First, he performed for the BET awards, standing atop a mountain in a god-like pose. Second, he released a video for “Power” in which he stands motionless in the center of the shot. As the song progresses, the shot pans out to reveal many angels that worship, exalt, and praise him. Both of these served to promote his own self-infatuation, an ego that has spilled over into the realm of self-worship.
    Recently, Kanye decided that all members of his music label, “G.O.O.D. Music”, will be required to wear matching black suits whenever in the public eye. He described this move as intended to show that they are grown men. Personally, I felt it was Kanye’s own self-absorption, manifesting itself in a fight to control those around him.
    These publicity stunts, videos, and control “issues” show Kanye’s true nature and provide insight into the sincerity of his numerous “apologies” to Taylor Swift and just how shallow they are.
    Go ahead Kanye, run to another media outlet and apologize a third time, or a fourth, or a fifth, NO ONE BELIEVES YOU!

    • Ashlinn Barber says:

      Kanye really needs to stop tweeting to Taylor Swift. If the worlds sweetest teen sensation doesn’t accept your apology…you screwed up. The thing about Kanye apologizing to Taylor over and over again is that no one in the world is going to take Kanye’s side. Just look at the picture above! Poor Taylor is grabbing the microphone from Kanye with her head down. If you make Taylor cry, you have made a million 16 year old girls cry.

      The stunt that Kanye pulled last year wasn’t gender related, although it did probably angry a lot of teenage girls. It was simply Kanye being Kanye. While Kanye can post on twitter that he is sorry, who really believes him? What ever happened to face to face apologies? I’m sure Kanye is busy finding the latest diamond studded sunglasses, but really Kanye, try to talk to Taylor in person, or at least on the telephone. I doubt America’s sweetheart is going to throw a couple of punches. Here’s the thing Kanye; you are on a lot of people’s bad list now.

      Did anyone else see Taylor’s performance last night? While I respect where she was coming from with the whole dark scene and old fashioned dress, I was fairly disappointed with her performance. If I was Taylor I would have came out swinging at Kanye. She was really a let down. What Taylor does best is sing about her old boyfriends and put her hands in a “heart shape”.

    • Mike Brown says:

      I agree Michael, When I first heard about this and saw youtube clips I immediately declared Shenanigans. Lets just look at the result of thir actions. Kanye (an obvious drama queen) gets to play the role of the over-dramatic bad guy, and Taylor plays the role of the sweet,”weak and vulnerable” girl who gains everyones sympathy but is now strong and overcomes and forgives her oppresor. This sounds like the plot to a terrible disney movie. This is whole drama has been way too cliche to be anything other than an effective publicity stunt.

  4. Ashley Yang says:

    Only Kanye would perform a song calling for a toast to all the douchebags and assholes.

    And get applause.

    That being said, I kinda want to get that played at senior toast in May…

  5. Maggie Bernay says:

    This incident between Kanye and Taylor Swift show how gender and race issues become intertwined. First I wonder if Kanye would have done the same to a male artist.
    After this incident, people were shocked by either Kayne’s diss of Taylor Swift as a female artist which is a gender issue or of his support of Beyonce which is then turned into a racial issue or both. While I don’t think Kanye’s comment had anything to do with race, I do believe the American public has a tendency to take one issue such as gender and bring in other issues like race just as shown in this incident.
    This year, Kanye is still making public apologies for his mistake while Taylor seems to have completely moved on. Why is he continually saying sorry? I believe he is doing this for attention. He is trying to keep his name out there in the public. To make matters worse, Kanye’s premier of his new song which lyrics included “Let’s have a toast for the douche bag” at the VMA’s last night was horrible. I felt he was trying to praise and make fun of himself for making this mistake last year and once again draw attention to himself and the incident. It seemed as though he was poking fun of situation where he offended a woman performer making it all seem like a joke and making his apologies really insincere.

  6. Tom Michaud says:

    First off, after just having watched it last night. I wasn’t surprised that kanye kept being talked about, but jesus, what was surprising is that stupid lady who was just sloppy all night and not funny at all. And who im talking about is the host. Why is she famous? Ive never heard of her and she wasnt funny at all; in fact i was kind of offended by some of the things she said. I think she should be the topic of discussion. What she did all night was worse than the one incident with kanye. At least when he spoke his mind he had something to back it up. this asshole (the host) just was being a huge bitch all night. But kanye did have his moment in the spotlight where he sang some awful new song of his. So in that respect i guess kanye was worth talking about.

    I guess my main point about this is that the vma’s a re so bad. Why? Because those are literally the first time i was seeing those music videos! the network MTV (which in case some people forgot) stands for MUSIC television. but all they show is f-ing reality tv! WHat happened to the music?

  7. Sam Higgs says:

    This post is interesting to me because I support Kanye’s music. I think his personality and lyrical talents create great music. Even his previous media attention proved him to be different. He does not care about what people think about him. However, there is a thin line between being yourself and trying too hard to get attention. Kanye is a very outspoken person, but to down-play another persons achievment because of your personal opinion is wrong. I can not support that. I agree with his opinion, but I would not embarace that little girl like that. As for the apologies, I do not buy it. Kanye contridicts himself with the apologies. The Kanye I support speaks his mind and does not follow trends or care about what people think of him. This Kanye wants to gain back some respect by saying sorry publically twice. Once might be sincere, twice means your in desperate need of public support. What I think Kanye should do is continue to make great music that touches people’s soles and stop worrying about the media. If he doesnt do that I wont go on stage when he performs and tell him he’s wrong. Not my place.

  8. Jr. Woodard says:

    I think the apologies are 100 % sincere no doubt. Everybody whoever listened to Kanye West music would say that Kanye is obviously a deep deep person. He was raised to respect women at all times from his single mother. Kanye West always speaks his mind and uses his heart when he goes into writing for a song. If you ever heard the song “Dear mama” then you would understand what I am saying. His mom meant everything to him and he always said she taught him how to respect women at all times. During that Jay leno video, Jay asked Kanye, ” What would your mother think of you after seeing what you did to Taylor?” Kanye broke down into tears during that interview on live television. It hit him hard that the question was asked. IT probably made him realize what he did was truthfully wrong and his mother would be embarrassed and ashamed he did such a thing. Kanye was also drunk that night and had to do rehab after the incident because he had an alcohol problem. We all know that people do dumb things when they are drunk and that was Kanye’s turn. He understands he was in the wrong and i think he is just still trying to make people believe him which is nothing wrong with that. His album is going to be crazy i already heard some leaks.

  9. Becky says:

    I think Kanye’s public apologies to Taylor Swift are, for the most part, a way to show people he is a kind guy who is repenting for his bad behavior. But ultimately, if last year’s vma ordeal was not so publicized, Kanye probably would not have made such a big deal apologizing on twitter and the internet and t.v. After people watched Kanye’s incident during last year’s vma, they began to boycott some of his work and began hating that man. I know that I totally was shocked and disappointed in his behavior because people, especially those in the public eye, do not disrupt the flow of a publicized show and belittle someone the way he did to Taylor.

    What is upsetting about this incident is how a man could feel so empowered to belittle a teenage girl on live television. It is weird to me that he felt the need to do so or even thought he had the authority and power which seemed to be because he is male and also older than she is. After this incident, Taylor really proved herself as a responsible young woman, whereas Kanye just looks like a complete fool who ended up hurting his own career.

  10. Matt Hursh says:

    It seems to me that an event like the VMA’s only feeds into the egotistical nature of artists, which makes it hard for me to blame them when something like the Kanye/ Taylor Swift drama occurs.

    It was the first time I had watched a second of the VMA’s, and needless to say, I thought it was ridiculous. In fact, I thought its intent was to achieve the most ridiculous scene possible. First, we see a garbage-bag wearing Ke$ha strutting her stuff while talking to a star-struck male reporter. Then comes Lady Gaga, who, unsurprisingly trumped all others with her peacock costume. Only that scene could be followed by host Chelsea Handler, who hopped in the Jacuzzi with the infamous “Jersey Shore” cast only to subsequently emerge with an enormous pregnant belly. The whole thing was a celebration of the absurd: a freakshow st which all pop music fans can marvel.

    Now, I’m not trying to be the guy that says this kind of entertainment shouldn’t exist because it sets a bad example. Personally, I don’t enjoy it, but if others do, it’s their prerogative. However, it seems hypocritical to make so much of Kanye West’s actions from the 2009 VMA’s when the whole event celebrates people who dress up as peacocks and wear garbage bags on the red carpet. If you’re going to encourage artists to wear ridiculous outfits and put their egos on display in front of millions of viewers, it’s unreasonable to complain when their head gets as big as Kanye’s.

  11. Edlange Philistin says:

    I never forget how I learned about the Kanye/Taylor incident. Honestly, I didn’t even the VMAs were on that night. However, the second it happened, Twitter was loaded with a slew of comments on how a drama lover Kanye West was a certified douche bag. In my mind, I wondered what he could have done now. Taking into consideration the recent passing of his mother at that point, I decided to find out. When I finally did, I felt pity for his stupidity and even more for Taylor. I am not exactly a Taylor Swift fan, but I trust the MTV name enough to know that they don’t just give such a sought after as “Video of the Year” to just anybody.

    It’s simple Kanye, although a clever performer/artist, has idiotic tendencies. Wasn’t it Kanye that got mad as at MTV because he felt as though it did not acknowledge his work? Ever since he crossed over into the performing/vocal side of the music, he has had issues with the organization. For instance it was revealed that he was infuriated for not winning “Best Video” in the MTV Europe Music Awards, despite garnering an award for “Best Hip Hop artist.”

    Kanye claims he should have won the prize for his video “Touch The Sky,” because it “cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it. I was jumping across canyons.”

    “If I don’t win, the awards show loses credibility,” Kanye said. And let’s not mention Hurricane Katrina.

    Long story short: The guy has issues.

    But back to the Taylor Swift incident. Granted, he was in a drunken stupor, mixed with his sporadic foolishness, I can’t help but wonder if Kanye West would have done this had it been a guy or a more assertive woman that won this award?

    His career took a hit as a result as his reputation further waned. So I do believe the extra apologies are a part of a larger publicity scheme. If not, look at the song he chose to perform at the VMAs this year?

    New Song “Runaway” chorus:

    And I always find, yeah, I always find somethin’ wrong
    You been puttin’ up wit’ my shit just way too long
    I’m so gifted at findin’ what I don’t like the most
    So I think it’s time for us to have a toast

    Let’s have a toast for the douchebags,
    Let’s have a toast for the assholes,
    Let’s have a toast for the scumbags,
    Every one of them that I know
    Let’s have a toast to the jerkoffs
    That’ll never take work off
    Baby, I got a plan
    Run away fast as you can

    If that is not asking for more publicity, I honestly don’t know what is.

  12. Andrew Zdrojewski says:

    When I first had heard about what Kanye West had done the award show I was pretty surprised and wanted to see it right away. So of course I went to the greatest website ever, Youtube, typed in Kanye West and Taylor Swift and within a few short moments I had seen the incident the whole pop culture world was discussing. When I first saw it all I thought was that Kanye is truthfully going crazy, I’m not really into rap but Kanye’s first couple of albums I did love. He had become the only rapper I would ever listen too, I thought topics he talked about were incredible as well the sound he was producing. It was a big change for me because I typically like to listen to Bob Dylan (whose talent for writing lyrics in songs will never ever be challenged) but I still liked Kanye’s music a great amount. Recently though he has gotten into the voice toning thing that other rappers use such as T-Pain. I can’t stand that crap, it sounds so stupid I don’t want to hear a robot sing about being a monster or what makes him stronger. But that is somewhat besides the point, the point is that I do not feel race was the main issue here. I believe that Kanye saw an opportunity to get himself more attention and took advantage of it, he knew that everyone would be talking about how some sweet little girl was just embarrassed by some rapper on stage. I can’t really stand either of these people, Kanye or “T-Swift”, Kanye is just a person looking to draw attention to himself no matter what the cost. That is why I love the South Park episode where they make Kanye look like a complete idiot. Also there is not one person I cannot stand more then Taylor Swift, all she does is talk about how her love life sucks and her ex boyfriends. She is constantly thrown in my face and I HATE her, no song she could make would ever make me change my mind. And also I do believe was half right when he said she shouldn’t have won album of the yr, except neither did Beyonce, Dave Matthews Band album “Big Whiskey and the Gru Grux Kind” was incredible and by far better then either of the other two albums.

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