Oh, will you look at the time?

by my clock, exactly one week and 6 minutes. But I’m cool. not a big deal. Really.


8 thoughts on “Oh, will you look at the time?

  1. Ashley Yang says:

    They’re starting to show teasers on TV. I’m flippin out.

  2. stephen raulli says:

    I can not get into this show. First, it follows the same pattern practically every episode: a bunch of diseases disguised as red herrings are brought up until House comes in and saves the day.

    I’ve always wondered this, not just since taking some courses: what if he were a woman? Would we so readily forgive a female doctor who’s addicted to pills? Would a female doctor be pursued if she treated patients like they were from the gutter? Would we tune in weekly to see a female doctor grumpily mumble and bark at her colleagues? Or, would we dismiss her as a bitch and flip the channel?

    Look at shows like The Closer, where a female protagonist is allowed to be seen as tough. But what House does is beyond ridiculous. Maybe because he has a cane–pun intended–we forgive him.

    • Ashley Yang says:

      Yes, we’d be all over that. Because she’d do everything House does–but she’d do it with Cuddy’s ass, and in Cuddy’s shoes. And THAT would be even MORE fantastic.

  3. Ashley Yang says:

    dude michele, you really suck at math…like 3 weeks ago you posted “119 hours”…

  4. Jr. Woodard says:

    This show I heard was alright. But honestly, you’re missing out if you dont watch Criminal Minds. IT is by far the best show on t.v. every new season. It’s suspense is crazy and keeps me glued to the t.v. everytime it comes on. Even repeats i would be caught watching over and over again just because it is that entertaining. This House stuff is not even close to up my ally. What is it? Some doctor that can like tell the future or something I dont know i havent seen it once. Don’t plan on it either. Because there is nothing about this show that makes me want to get involved. So pretty much what I’m trying to say is…. ENOUGH WITH THE HOUSE REMINDERS!!!!!

  5. Michele says:

    oh Stephen. you must suspend belief for TV. first of all, every TV show has a format: the climatic scene hits the 11 minute mark for a half hour show and 22 minute mark for an hour. and there is a show out there that plots what you propose. it’s on Showtime. i want to say it’s called Nurse Jackie. has Edie Falco.

    House is House. he makes no mistakes. and his grouchiness makes him endearing. hmph.

    • Stephen raulli says:

      Fox is on basic cable, but not everyone gets Showtime. So why not Nurse Jackie on after House or on a major network?

  6. Ashley Yang says:


    In celebration, my house put on Season I and watched it all day long. And I made an apple pie from scratch–with apples which, 24 hours ago, were still on the tree–and we demolished it in less than an hour. I think you’ll wholeheartedly approve.

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