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What does freedom mean to you?

A 22-year-old woman is selling her virginity online — offering her body to bidders nationwide in an auction that reportedly has netted a $3.7 million offer — and the law isn’t doing a thing to stop her.

The FBI isn’t interested. The U.S. attorney doesn’t care. Everything is fine by local police, and she isn’t breaking any laws.

That’s because Natalie Dylan, a made-up name for a real 22-year-old California college grad, is marketing her maidenhead in Nevada, where prostitution is legal. The Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the brothel that is arranging and hosting the deal, sounded especially gung-ho about Dylan.

“Natalie is a virgin and would like to sell this priceless and rare commodity in a very exclusive and private setting,” says the Bunny Ranch Web site.

Now, let’s go to another country, Kuala Lumpur, to be specific, where women are not granted the freedoms they are here.

A Malaysian teenager reportedly sold the chastity of his fiancee to another man to settle his gambling debts.

Harian Metro reported that he allowed the act to take place at his grandmother’s house in Lempaung, Betong, reports the Star Online.

The girl had reportedly gone to spend the night at the house at the invitation of her fiance. However, the man later left the house on the pretext of meeting someone.

Not long after that, another 19-year-old youth entered the house from the back door and entered the room where the girl was. He ordered her to lock the door and then raped her. It has been reported that throughout her ordeal, the victim repeatedly cried for help but her fiance’s grandmother, said to be in her 60s, was helpless because the room was locked from the inside.


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  1. Kylie B. says:

    After clicking on the Bunny Ranch website to find more information on Dylan I realized that it was not the best idea and either is the idea of selling your virginity as a “hot commodity.” Women of the 21st century in America have many rights that they do not have in other countries and this is because women of class and pose worked diligently to earn those rights. How can we watch women degrade themselves to earn money? This is coming from someone who wrote a paper on how prostitution can be legalized because there is no legal reason for it to be illegal–I believe I have changed my position to say the least.

    When women sell themselves by dancing or performing sexual acts with men who are willing to pay thousands, or in this case millions, of dollars we are supporting one of the worst industries in the world. Yes it was her decision to do this, I grant her that much but is it moral? Are we throwing all the rights we have as a woman out the door by allowing men to dominate us? Others may look at this and say this is the new feminism. Women having the ability to do what they want with their bodies and I can see their point but I find this appalling.

    Let us not take advantage of the rights we were given. We need to show the rest of the world that we respect ourselves otherwise our country may begin to think that this is a “normal” or “okay” thing to do. Prostitution or selling sex for money is seen as a taboo in many parts of the world, and unless you participate in one of the black market sex organizations in America you may find yourself agreeing with this ideology. Just look at the issue with the Malaysian teenager, do we want to think that this is okay? Certainly not. We must pride ourselves on the fact that we have rights and yes we can use those in the way that we choose but we must be conscious of the results of our actions.

  2. Sylvie says:

    The two examples chosen seem quite different at the first glance, but indeed, they are quite similar. Actually, both women are not free in their decisions. The first one, Natalie Dylan, is determined by the brothel, whereas the second one is dependent on her fiancee and relies on his decisions.

    Although Natalie lives in an open-minded and “free” state, she is not free at all, just like the Malaysian woman.
    But besides the question of freedom, it is also a question of gender. Would the same thing, which happened to the Malaysian girl, have happened to a young man, as well? I doubt. Females are often regarded as submissive and weak. Whereas men are considered to be tough, dominant and strong. If women don’t fulfill these characteristics naturally, they are told or taught to do so. It’s the same case with Natalie: She is taught to “serve” men as a prostitute, no matter how high the price is. That demoralizing fact has cultural origins, which determines gender roles and really can destroy an individual’s, especially a woman’s, life.

    As a conclusion, oppressed women are actually oppressed by society or their culture and not by any brothels or fiancees. Additionally, the law should be the institution who controls and “limit” freedom in a certain way, so that “law-dependent” institutions or individuals are definitely bound to it!

  3. Dan Dechert says:

    I tried to look through and find a blog post that I felt would be extremely controversial and affected me on a personal level; this blog fit the bill. Sexuality is such a big topic in our society, and because of it people are always trying to find a way to market it and make some money from the sexual exploitation of others. However, this is an example of a severely misguided and immorally driven young woman who is willing to put a price on a constantly devaluing commodity in our society: virginity. Some would argue that this shouldn’t be a big deal because so many people at her age have already lost their virginity in our culture, but the very idea of her auctioning off something that she has kept intact for that long of time is a crime (whether the law says so or not). She is in a sense exercising her freedom to do with her body what she wishes, but my main concern is the further devaluing of purity in our society and the way that young girls hearing about this event will change the views of their own body by putting a price on their sexuality.
    The story of the young Malaysian woman giving up her virginity to repay her husband’s gambling debt is even more disturbing because of the fact that she was likely forced into that contractual agreement against her will, and then she ends up being raped. Call me old fashioned, but what happened to people reserving intimate interaction to those who they have any type of feelings for? These are both solid examples of how our monetarily driven society, both domestically and abroad, are finding ways to replace values with value.

  4. Tristan Bartsch says:

    Oh virginity, the ultimate prize . . .

    I have to say; the cultural value of virginity is shocking. I don’t mean the numerical value necessarily, although a $3.7 million price tag is quite astonishing. I mean the value I have noticed in my own life, the value the men around me place on virginity. I once had a boyfriend tell me that he would be able to love me more if I had been a virgin when I met him. I was shocked and appalled at this statement. I furiously asked him why it mattered so much. He responded, “Because then I would feel like you were totally mine.”

    And that, fellow bloggers, is objectification in its essence. For me to be his he had to physically “own” me, to make his mark, like dog to fire hydrant.

    The male bidders taking part in Natalie Dylan’s virginity auction are not the only problematic components in her twisted sex-sale. The amount of money men will pay to “take” virginity and call it theirs is shocking. But I must also mention Natalie’s gross exploitation of her body and her manipulation of society’s grotesque obsession with purity. There are two sides to this scenario, the men who want to sleep with her, and the woman who uses her body as an item over which to bid. Rather than trying to fix the issue of the way these men view virginity, she manipulates the situation to her best ability, solely for her personal gain. It is all just too bizarre.

    So why do men feel the need to conquer women, to corrupt what is pure? I believe it comes from the male obsession with masculinity. Being the first to have sex with a woman is to give her her first experience of a real “man.” She has no other experiences to compare with, and can never give herself away to any one else in the same way. Wow, what an ego booster. I wonder who the lucky winner was.

  5. Emily Clemetson says:

    Honestly I think a woman should be able to do what she pleases with her body. The key word here is “pleases” if she doesn’t want to do something she shouldn’t feel forced but if a woman wants to sell her virginity then by all means if you can get that much for it why not.

    However, I find it appalling that the poor woman in Lempaung, Betong had her virginity sold by her fiancée so that he could settle his gambling debts. It absolutely sickens me that men have so much control over women. I can’t imagine living in a country where I felt helpless and unable to protect myself.

    What disgusts me even more is the fact that I stayed in Malaysia for a week and spent time with locals doing the things that the locals do, such as watching dragon boat racing, playing sepe tacro (I’m not sure how to spell this but it’s a game similar to juggling in soccer but with a hard woven ball and a circle of people) and eating the Durian but I never suspected that this was going on. It’s horribly saddening to learn of how women are so grossly mistreated in some countries.

    On a side note for anyone planning on taking a trip to Malaysia, the durian is a tropical fruit and is a favorite of the Malaysians. DON’T try it! It is absolutely disgusting. It smells like puke and it has the texture of uncooked dough and tastes gross.

  6. lizbramley says:

    I agree completely with Tristan. Why do men feel like girls are the one that have to be virgins? My parents always stressed to me to wait until marriage to have sex. I feel like they would be disappointed in me if they ever found out otherwise. However, for some reason it doesn’t matter if my older brother has sex because he’s a “boy”. What the fuck? This double standard seems to hit a nerve with me, and so does this girl selling her virginity.I understand that it’s her body and she can do what she wishes. But really? It’s to far in my opinion. Where is her respect not only for herself, but for the rights that women have fought so hard for. This country provides women with the ability to do great things and having amazing freedoms (even though not everything is totally equal yet on a social standard) that women in other parts of the world would and ARE dying for. So I don’t care if this is legal. To me its morally wrong and disrespectful to the women who have tried their whole lives to banish the stereotypes and negative sexual image women have.
    Furthermore, my heart goes out to women like the girl in the account above who have had this choice taken from them. I can only imagine the terror she felt and still feels today. It’s a real travesty that more people don’t know or choose not to pay attention to what’s going on in the world around us. After reading some of the topics on this blog I’m going to really put an effort into paying closer attention to the suffering of people around me.

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