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Boldly Breaking Through

A woman has been catching eyes and turning heads on the Bestseller list and in Vogue. Fatima Bhutto a twenty eight year old Pakistani woman who is at the heart of the politics in Pakistan and stolen the hearts of many admirers. Her book Song of Blood and Sword: A Daughter’s Memoir, has been released and shares Bhutto’s family history; a history that is violent, cruel, but also passionate, with the relationship between her and her father at its core.

What makes Fatima Bhutto such an inspiring figure is that she is able to rise in a country that is famous for silencing women. She comes from a family that has formed some of the most corrupted governments but also has broken walls (her Aunt was the first woman elected as Prime Minister in a Muslim state). Her Father Mir Murtaza was assassinated in 1996, and Bhutto refuses to remain silent about who she thinks is responsible, she does not play into the fear that has kept so many on their knees, instead she has pointed fingers and stood up for what she believes and knows to be true. She is truly an inspirational figure!

I first came across Bhutto in surprising place, Vogue magazine in an article entitled “Dreams of her Father” with a sub heading “Brilliant, beautiful, and outspoken, Fatima Bhutto adds fuel to the feud within Pakistan’s warring dynasty…” I was intrigued and quickly unraveled news reports, interviews, and reviews surrounding her books and her life. She is on a mission to help her country and those that need it the most, even though every time she goes home her life is at risk. At the end of the interview in Vogue, Bhutto states:

We are a rich country. We have gas, oil, resources, but because of endemic corruption we are forced to beg for help to take care of people who need it.

She has organized and supported many programs aimed at helping her people, and she does this knowing that her government and members of her ruling family have aided in ending the life of her father, grandfather, brother, and Aunt. I felt that this was a woman who should be known and read and reflected on, for she is a force that has overcome millions of obstacles and expectations in order to help serve her countrymen.


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  1. Matt says:

    Good post. Seems like Ms. Bhutto should be a role model for all young women.

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