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Over break, I made it my personal mission to find the scariest horror movie that Netflix could instantly provide me. After sorting through ratings and topics, I decided on The Girl Next Door, a 2007 film directed by Gregory Wilson. I had no idea what to expect, but after finishing the movie, I could not sleep for two nights.

“Horror” is not the category that I would place this film in. Instead, maybe “highly disturbing physiological gore” would do. The film follows the lives two young girls who are sent to live with their Aunt Ruth because their parents died in a car accident. Aunt Ruth turns out to be OBSESSED with purity when it comes to the girls. She attacks the girls, calling them “sluts”, because the new generation (this is in the 50’s) is “impure”.


This idea of feminist purity leads her to let her sons do whatever they please with the girls. Aunt Ruth lives alone, because her husband cheated on her. The hatred for sexual young girls may stem from his actions. Her sons treat her as a Queen, and she has rule over the entire masculine household. The battle between the issue of femininity and masculinity domination does not last long, because in the end, the boys (and Ruth) take all power.

I suggest that if you have an interest in Women’s Studies that you watch the film, because it encapsulates a jaded old women’s control over two young girls, through her sons. This movie was based on the true story of the torture of Sylvia Likens. Do not watch it just because Saw didn’t scare you. The gruesome events that take place in the film will make your stomach churn.


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  1. Kylie B. says:

    This post is rather eery and though it is frightening I am instantly drawn to it. I would have to say that I am definitely planning on watching it, not only to scare myself but to also compare the 50’s to present day America and how our tolerance for violence has changed.

    After watching the movie clip it is abundantly clear to me that times have changed. The setting of this film was during the second wave of feminism which as we learned in class is when women started fighting for rights and recognition of sexual and domestic violence, began protesting frequently and really began to show the world that they were equal. What bothers me is that this is a woman beating another woman. The issues of impurity that Grace highlights in her analysis seems to be the root cause of her hatred towards the girls but if this type of beating happened today (3rd wave), it would not be tolerated. Another interesting aspect of this film is though the boys are younger than the girls that move into the home they still dominate them. This male vs. female dominance is intriguing since I personally have never seen it taken to extremes such as the ones shown in the clip.

    What would our lives be like if we were still ridiculed and beaten for impurity? Would celibacy be cherished and the norm again? Sitting here in 2010 I realize how much times have changed. Purity and impurity are no longer major issues unless one is highly religious. We have shelters, hotlines, and police corporate when women ask for help…times have definitely changed, at least in my eyes.

  2. Alex Cragg says:

    I love scary movies like the original versions of The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, The Omen. Especially around Halloween time, these movies seem to a certain magic about them, but I know when movies are too scary for me and when to stop watching. I would never rent Saw or anything by Rob Zombie because I know I wouldn’t enjoy it. The parts of movies like these that I have seen don’t give me the rush of being scared, they just gross me out.
    I made the mistake of going to see the newest version of Last House on the Left last year. Not only was it way too gory for my taste but there was a very graphic rape scene in it that I legitimately had to close my eyes for. It baffles me how anybody could watch that. Because of that movie, I will forever look at the description of why movies are rated what they’re rated. Needless to say, I will never watch The Girl Next Door. It seems like another “Last House on the Left” kind of movie, the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice. I’m thrilled you posted this blog because now I know not to rent it.

  3. Tom Michaud says:

    i haven’t seen this movie, but when you talk about how it should not be called a horror film, it made me think about how just about every “horror” movie thats come out in the recent past is not a horror movie. I heard someone refer to this new genre as “torture porn” like Saw, for example. These films just show gratuitous violence and even rape in some cases. I used to watch horror movies to get scared, but im with Grace on this one, now they just make me sick. Its like they just show the most shocking scenes they can think of. Theres no suspense or building in these movies, its just violence and more violence. I can understand the trend going toward more gritty, and disgusting subject matter, i mean come on times change, but that doesn’t mean that i agree with it. Alfred Hitchcock made great suspenseful and scary movies that impliment way less violence and completely shying away from rape. Rape is bad enough, we dont need to see it all over the media. And when i go to the movies, i dont need to see teasers about rape, or scenes of rape. Just because im in a movie that is gross and disgusting does not mean that movies where people are tortured, raped and killed are what i want to be viewing.

  4. Tommy Mascia says:

    Iam a HUGE scary music fan. I’ve been known to take a good ten bucks go to the local movie store and spend twenty dollars to have some fun watching people get their shit tossed. I really cannot get to into the supernatural movies, although I do find the paranormal movies absolutely terrifying, but I enjoy any movie that consists of some form of rabid serial killer attacking white middle class high school sophomores. By far and away my favorite movie is Mr. Jingles. Probably the lowest budget on a movie you can get the masterpiece that is this script in unbelievable. First, due to the fact it looks like a homemade video, any reputable towards realism is completely lost. BUT THATS HALF THE FUN. It looks like they just grabbed people off the street and asked them to run around show their boobs and yell.Secondly the classic dialogue in this movie is second to non. For example, spitting out such classic lines as “someone made a tinkle, they need to be punished” and “you just a slamhole” Mr. Jungles (a rabid killer clown) is a huge creeper but somehow likeable at the same time. I think the problem with horror movies in theaters these days is that they take themselves to seriously. In order to get back into what horror movies actually are, they need to take a page out of Mr. Jingles book. Make it fun..Make it humorous..And Make it bloody

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