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And I thought Glee was a show that prided themselves in acceptance? The group portrays an image every 8pm on FOX news that anyone can join the glee club—you can be a football player or a nerd. What are these images showing us? Sex sells. I thought that there were already enough Gleeks following the hour long show each week.

The photo of Rachel posing in underwear and a bra, while straddling the locker room bench is not setting a good example. I am sure that many young girls find her to be a role model because she appears so sweet and innocent in character during the show…What would they think if they saw these photos? This is not to mention the photo of Finn in the middle of the two girls. And if people don’t think that young viewers will see these photos they’re wrong—the media is fully ingrained into little girls and boys in America, these photos are on the covers of magazines, which are conveniently located in checkout aisles at Wegman’s. No wonder Americas youth is growing up “too fast.”


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  1. PJ Julian says:

    I completely agree with these photos being inappropriate. The fact that these people are on a family show with lots of kids watching makes this disgusting. Two main things I would like to comment on regarding to this: role models and objectification of women.
    Now days, the divorce rate is higher than ever and people work so hard that families aren’t as close as they were 20, 30, 40 years ago. Children look for role models and the entertainment industry is more popular than ever with a very young audience. When these children look for role models because they don’t have a great home life or all the kids in Jimmy’s 4th grade class are talking about how Snooki hooked up with The Situation, they begin to think this stuff is normal and can’t see it as plain dumb entertainment. This ruins our nations youth. That is a fact. So when children watch Glee and see them as high school kids on the show and then see them in a magazine with 1/8 the clothes on in very sexual poses, they think that is what kids do. NOT OKAY!!!
    Second, notice the guy is dressed in clothes but the girls are bent over in cheekies sucking on a lollipop. This is just perpetuating the cycle of objectification of women. Our society calls for it and it bothers me. Women are supposed to be respected and are beautiful. Why can’t they allow poses like the guys, maybe in nice dresses or Old Navy clothes?

  2. Stephen raulli says:

    I wrote this in a Martini article but for a show that pats itself on the back for diversity they sure got their prettiest, whitest cast members! And it’s funny how the guy remarkably stays dressed throughout. I’ve alway found the whole schoolgirl fetish disturbing. It’s portraying a miner!! Yes these actors are adults but sexing up an adolescent is wrong. I just don’t see why they did this–the show doesn’t need ratings, and these photos won’t make the male demographic of the show grow. People always say the parents need to protect the kids but parents can only do so much. I just ask, ‘why?’ when I look at the photos. They’re unoriginal and go completely against the preaching the show does on a weekly basis. And the fact that the cover shows the guy holding the women’s butts is a sign of dominance–even though we want to think the show is about Lea Michele, she really is falling into the stereotype of having boys as her weakness. Not doing much for feminism.

  3. Ashley Yang says:

    m-i-n-o-r. Miners are the dudes who just got out in Chile.

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist, stephen!

    Moving on, I was so sad to see this hit the news. An avid Gleek myself, I love the show because it’s hilarious and adorable while still being clean. It’s the opposite of Jersey Shore–but possibly even more popular. So why did they have to go and do this photo shoot? It wasn’t even getting at the target audience; instead it targeted creepy old men! It follows a downward spiral that I’ve seen the show fall into this season. First the Amazing Shrinking Rachel–she must have lost 20 pounds between the end of season 1 and start of season 2, and she really didn’t have the 20 to lose–as well as her complete fashion makeover. Bangs? Fashionable clothes? Where’s the lovably awkwardly-dressed Rachel of Season 1? Now she’s this sex kitten…and THAT doesn’t go with the image of the Glee loser she’s still trying to portray. And now this?

    I just hope Glee picks itself back up to its original standards and doesn’t fall into the hollywood trap. I love that show and I’d hate to see it fall apart.

  4. Cory Andrews says:

    What I find most interesting is when people get outraged at hearing the comment the Parent’s Television Council (or something) made, saying this photo spread “portrayed pedophilia.” Right, they’re all adults and not ACTUALLY in high school, but the PTC didn’t say it was pedophilia, they said it was portraying it. Which it is. Because, as Stephen mentioned, these actors and actresses are famous for playing minors.

    Also, creepy side note, the guy in these photos and the actor who plays the character Puck are both 28… anyone else weirded out by that, especially in the context of these photos?

  5. Alex Cragg says:

    Realistically, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Eventually, the actors of Glee were going to betray the squeaky clean image of the show. They’re not really in high school so it no big deal for them to pose for revealing photos. It’s hard to disassociate actors from the characters they play when you watch them play one character every week, especially if you’ve never seen that actor play any other role.
    As a avid Glee fan, the only problem I have is that the cover of the magazine features the name of the show. I think that if the actors are going to pose for pictures like that they should be representing themselves, not Glee. As the people who posted before me said, those pictures aren’t a good representation of the show and what it’s all about. It’s true that younger kids are going to be attracted to this magazine because it says “Glee” on it and then they see their favorite actors dressed in underwear on the cover. The solution I offer isn’t for them to not pose for pictures like this, but to feature the only the names of the actors on the cover instead of show.

  6. Becky says:

    I don’t see a problem with this. They are actors. The characters they portray on t.v. are not who they actually are and we know this. Children have always seen things that are deemed inappropriate by adults. We have all grown up with some sort of inappropriate images or television and we learn to see that such things are not exactly the model behavior. I understand that it is unfortunate that these actors portray such a diverse group of people on the show, but realistically we all know they are actors and that they are not necessarily nerds or cheerleaders, etc.

    As a child I was rarely shielded from inappropriate t.v. and magazines, although it was never encouraged. I think that kids who see these images may not even think differently about the show or begin to think of the show as something sexual. We all have filters. Even after seeing those images, I will still watch glee and still believe in the nature of those characters despite the sexually charged photographs.

  7. Maggie Bernay says:

    I think these photos from GQ are inappropriate. Glee is a family show that focuses on making young high school kids feel that they do not have to fit into the popular stereotypes but rather should focus on what they are passionate about. The show promotes diversity and gives real kids hope that they too can pursue their dreams even if it is not the “cool” thing to do. These photos and article completely contradict the entire point of the show. Young girls will be thinking that they have to look like the girls in the magazine and young boys will be thinking that this is normal behavior for men. We should be teaching young girls that they do not have to look like this if they want to be sexy and we should be teaching boys to not only think of physical appearances as sexy. I do not think it is wrong for girls to dress sexy if that is what they choose when they are old enough, it just bothers me because it seems as though that the female appearance is the only idea that is emphasized in the media today. While there are tons of beautiful women in the world who are smart, talented and sexy, the only idea that is emphasized in the media are their looks. It rather disappointing that the actors and actresses did not think of all the young kids who would be viewing these photos.

  8. Ashlinn Barber says:

    As a dedicated Glee fan, I am insulted. This show is about teenagers and should not convey a sexual image to this extent. While it is realistic for teenagers to be sexually developing, the measures that the cast went to are too far. While the cast members are not technically using the Glee name to promote these images, the implication behind the shots portray Glee. Posing in front of lockers and in locker rooms conveys the idea of sexuality in school. The characters sexuality goes beyond the image of the Glee cast members and further into the education system. On the show, education is rarely brought up even though the set takes place in a school. So already, Glee is influencing the youth of America that school is about socializing with friends. Moreover, on the show, Rachel is seen as “innocent”. She doesn’t not have sex with her boyfriend and dresses conservative. When Rachel shot these half naked images, she removed the innocence from her character. In addition, the front cover of this magazine conveys more than just sexuality. On the show, these characters are in a love triangle. The image on the front cover portrays a “threesome”. The fact that Fin has his hands on both of the females butts portrays a sexual image that takes the innocence away from teenagers in school.

  9. Colleen Lukas says:

    I agree with nearly everyone else when I say that these photos are definitely inappropriate. They are so unrepresentative of what the show is all about that it’s not even funny. These photos deeply reinforce the flawed gender roles in our society and the idea that a women’s purpose in life should be to please her man. Come on people where’s the Glee we know and love?

    Continuing on I’d like to say that the photos were not the only thing that concerned me about this situation. Looking at the GQ cover you immediately notice the sexualized photo showing two revealingly dressed girls with one guy. But look further, to left side of the cover and you read “Glee Gone Wild! We show you what happens when the teacher’s aren’t around.” Reading this, I immediately thought that this statement is just as concerning as the photo that accompanies it. Understanding this statement the reader is brought to the realization that these actors represent high school students and these high school students being extremely sexualized. This is so concerning because sexualizing high school students is tremendously inappropriate, and not to mention it doesn’t even accurately represent the show.

  10. Esther Altomare says:

    These photos are massively inappropriate.

    I am a self-proclaimed gleek; I love the show ever since the first episode I became hooked. Looking at these imagines I’m actually disturbed. As previous posts have pointed out glee is a family show. In fact while nannying this summer the 8 year old daughter and I bonded over this show. She new all the words, to all the songs and every single twisted convoluted plot line. With such a young audience, and such young characters being portrayed on the screen it is incredibly distastes to portray this character in such a way as GQ has done.

    Also, as Stephen has pointed out, the characters on the cover are in fact the least diversity of all characters on the show. The show prides itself on covering controversial issues and showing actors of all races and body types just as a high school is composed of these different components. However, up for display in this magazine is not what the show has come to promote.

    Overall this ad is distasteful and not something that makes me what to turn into the show, although it won’t defer me from watching either.

  11. Jillian McCarthy says:

    I thought what Cory said hit an interesting point, that the male actor in the pictures is 28. Using older actors like this to portray characters in high school isn’t exactly a phenomenon unique to Glee; most popular shows with teenage characters cast actors who are substantially older than the the characters they play. To me, this says that our society loves that school-girl innocence (like Lea Michele wearing those ridiculous socks in the pictures and the Dianna Agron wearing the pleated skirt) but wants the curves and sexual maturity unique to a slightly older demographic of women. High school girls are impressionable, sexually curious, and inexperienced, which for some reason appeals to many men, and older women exude that more mature sexiness coming from more experience, etc. Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, the actresses who play Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray, respectively, are each 24 years old. The characters they portray are maybe 16 years old. A lot changes between 16 and 24. Cast sexy older women to play innocent high school girls and you’ve got yourself a hit. Plus, if you publish sleazy pictures like these you’ll get the creepy old male demographic watching your show, too!

  12. Kelly- Ann Smith says:

    I agree with most of the comments that these pictures are a little inappropriate. I understand that these are actors and that in real life they are not these innocent characters they play on Glee; however, these pictures are a bit extreme. Especially since the only male kept on his three shirts through the whole photo shoot while both actresses were dressed in the sluttiest get-ups I have ever seen. That one actress, Rachel didn’t even wear anything but underwear throughout the whole photo shoot. I understand GQ is a magazine for men but their choice of clothing for the actors can be seen as a sexist and an objectification of women. if GQ really wanted to show a more mature side of these Glee actors, I think a form fitting dress on both actresses would have been more appropriate than whatever they were wearing. Also, the way the male actor is holding both actresses on the cover. In the photo he is palming both of their behinds with this cocky smile slapped on his face. While he oozes self confidence, the actresses are being portrayed as overly sexy which to me isn’t confidence at all.

  13. Ami says:

    I was shocked when i seen this pictures, but not surprised because what sells more is pictures like these. it is hard sometimes to find a role model to because they are in the media all the time and it is their job. Just because they play these characters does not mean that is how they are in real life. It is inappropriate pictures and something children should never be expose to, but what made them do this? who is making them do this? i think we need the full story before we judge to fast to harsh. All in all media needs major fixing. MAJOR!!!! these magazine companies

  14. I agree that these photos are inappropriate. It’s a complete misrepresentation of the plot of the show. Glee addresses important possibly inappropriate issues without actually showing anything inappropriate. This makes it suitable for kids. Seeing these pictures completely contradicts the meaning of the show. While I understand that the actors are not the same innocent characters that they play on the show and that they are free to pose like this is they so choose, it still sends a bad message to kids watching the show. The fact that these characters chose to all pose together makes it immediately about the show. Where as if it had only been one character posing that way it would have been easier to make the claim that it was not related to the show. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what they are trying to accomplish from these photos. Attract more male viewers? While that may work at first once the males that were drawn in by these images realize the show is nothing like these scandalous pictures, they will turn away. If the actors are trying to break away from their innocent roles on the show, there are so many better ways to do that.

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