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I am going to post this pic of Greg Gould and Aurelio Tiné:

They got married this weekend. I thought I would use my blog to announce it. Because New Hampshire’s Union Ledger refuses to post their marriage announcement.

Even though gay marriage is legal in the state of New Hampshire.

So screw you, Union Ledger.


6 thoughts on “It’s my blog, so….

  1. Cristy Beemer says:

    Yes, Michele. It’s a sad day for NH. This has made the rounds of us infuriated faculty here at UNH, but apparently this newspaper is renowned for sucking. So, at least it’s not a “respected” paper. But it just irritates me so much that a paper would go out of its way to HATE. I mean, it’s a legal celebration of love! What kind of person do you need to be to forbid printing a celebratory announcement in the paper? We have passed gay marriage here, but still couples have to endure hatred during what should be a very happy time. It’s so wrong.

  2. Jr. Woodard says:

    This is terrible. If you are goin to accept gay marriage within the state then show respect to those who are celebrating love. They hav a right to be noticed in the paper just as much as a man and wife that are getting married. It shocks me to see this coming from a paper. I havent heard anything about the response to them not posting it but i doubt it was an accident. It’s just hate. Gays try so hard to be accepted and this world is filled with so much hate of something different. Different is good. I am proud of them two. I am not a gay man or really pay too much attention to gays or even if it is right or wrong. But i will say that they are still human beings and deserve to be appreciated and recognized and treated with respect like anyone else. Especially if the state accepts gay marriages!!

  3. Bre Nasypany says:

    Live Free or Die, right NH?

    Free to do what? To buy a house, a car, a puppy? But apparently not choose a same-sex partner regardless of the law.

  4. PJ says:

    I have a gay cousin Nicky. About 5 years ago he married Frankie, a very respectable man that fits in perfectly with my family, like he has been around forever. Nicky and Frankie both have very good careers and have a kid (they mixed their man stuff together and had a woman who had the baby for them, apparently they wouldnt know who the father was but the Nicky is Italian and Frankie is Native American and their son is obviously Italian haha) Anyways, you would think that their household is Pleasantville when you go their because they have a great family, great house, great attitudes, and love life. They were obviously not married by the church but were by law. Now why does anyone have to make it difficult for two people like this to be happy? When it comes to life, the only true way to be content is to be with the people who are close to you and that’s where true happiness is found. If two gay people want to spend their lives together and live together, why not? Our laws are obviously religiously influenced, what happened to separation of church and state?
    And gay people are going to live together if they want, so why can’t you give them the official title of being together to make them happy? They deserve to be “officially” with someone just as much as any straight person.
    And with the divorce rate over 50% and the whole institution of marriage slowly being ruined by our generation, why cant gays be together because if they are like my cousins, the divorce rate would be 0%. I see so many straight couples who cheat, get divorced and get married for the money. If your argument is that gays go against the “norm” in regards to marriage, then you have to sit back and re-evaluate what the norm is now. What is marriage now days?
    New Hampshire is worse than those who wont allow gay marriage at all. How do you say “okay you can get married, but we refuse to let anyone know and we are going to hide your marriage.” What is wrong with our country? Im very disappointed in my country in a lot of ways.

  5. Tom Michaud says:

    being from a state whos only domestic border is NH i find it ridiculous that gay marriage is fine, but they wont publish it in a newspaper. When ME put gay marriage up to a vote, it was a sad day. The results came back and gay marriage was not allowed. That really pissed me off. Its your life, do what you want with it. Do what makes you happy. Our government claims to protect our happiness and well being, but when you show unequal treatment to those who do not deserve it, who’s rights are you really protecting? The fact that the newspaper wouldnt even print the announcement when gay marriage is perfectly legal and fine is ridiculous. It just shows how backwards our society really is. An issue may be ok on the surface, but when you look deeper, you can see that though gay marriage is legal, its not really ok or accepted. Will it really have any affect on your day whatsoever to read in the paper that two men got married? It shouldnt. How does that have any affect on you? All it does is inform people that a couple finally decided to tie the knot. Who cares if its a guy and a guy? If they love each other i see no problem with them being allowed the same rights that heterosexuals exercise daily. The idea of homosexuality is so stigmatized in america it makes me sick. Why is heterosexual ok, and homosexual is not? Sure it might not be what the bible says, but frankly, the bible has some pretty questionable things in it. So why do we continue to allow a book to rule our lives and others?

  6. Esther Altomare says:

    In one of my political science classes we were required to pick a state in the beginning of the semester and throughout the term research different aspects of the state; I choose New Hampshire. Upon first looking at this state I took note on how the state was one of the few states to recognize gay marriage, with homosexuals from all over the nation moving to the state in order for their love to be recognized.

    This news disgusts me. For a state that prides itself on this “Live Free” motto the state is not practicing what it is preaching. I’m tired of politicians dogging the issue of gay rights in order to not alienate voters within their bases. It’s time for the world to stop the hate, and insanity as John Stewart would say, and come to recognize the rights of these people. The gay rights debate really has never really made sense to me, with the conservative right comparing the practice of same sex marriage to the breeding of humans with cattle. This hate that exists within our nation needs to stop. And the so-called “progressive” states that have come forward to accept the fundamental, basic rights, of this group of people need to practice what they preach.

    One of the reasons as to why I picked New Hampshire as a state to research was because of their acceptance of gay right’s this news is despicable and the residents of New Hampshire should truly be ashamed. With that being said, congratulations Greg and Aurelio, here’s to wishing you a long happy marriage with lots of prosperity and good fortune!

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