Whoa, Noah! Hold the boat!

Well, I know you all know Miley Cyrus. Let me introduce you to her little sister, Noah Cyrus:

Cute, huh?

She’s an aspiring actress, having already appeared on a few eps of Hannah Montana and taking the lead voice in last year’s English version of Ponyo.

She is a pro at walking the red carpet.

Of course, many child actors are, so I suppose this is not a big deal. Until she walks the carpet dressed like this on Halloween:

No, I don’t suppose this is a big deal to anyone. It’s a costume, right? I mean, really. She’s cute!

I mean, it’s no big deal that she poses with a bunch of other girls—that’s her on the left, in the back—hanging onto a stripper pole.

If you are still struggling with this notion about how problematic it is when we sexualize our little girls, you need to start getting critical, fast.

It should make you uncomfortable to watch a little girl singing Akon’s “Smack That” in front of a group of adults. Encouraged by a group of adults.

Especially with lyrics like this:

smack that all on the floor / smack that give me some more
smack that ‘till you get sore / smack that, oh-oo

Or dancing to Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and posting it to You Tube:

And yeah, I got those lyrics, too:

Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack

You should wonder where her parents are when she leaves the house dressed like this:

That would be Noah in the middle. Wearing the push-up bra that is peeking out from under her shirt. And to be fair, I shouldn’t make you question where her parents are since I have given you the answer. Yeah, that’s Tish Cyrus, Noah and Miley’s mom right there on the left. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I mention that Noah is 10 yrs old?

She was only 9 when she made those videos. And posed on the red carpet. But hey, isn’t this how all 9 yr old American girls are behaving today? Think again.


36 thoughts on “Whoa, Noah! Hold the boat!

  1. Allison says:

    It is shocking how our culture is beginning to sexualize little girls, and in a way it is becoming a norm. In my media and society class last year we looked at various ads where women, or so we thought, were posed in very provocative ways. After looking at these advertisements, our teacher proceeded to tell us that some of these models were only twelve years old. While the twelve year old may provide the stick skinny body that advertisers want to use, this is portraying a false sense of reality, which then contributes to our skewed image of what skinny is supposed to be. It also forces sex appeal upon a twelve year old, which I think is definitely wrong.
    In the case of Noah Cyrus, her appearance is probably due to the fact that she wants to look like her older sister, and become famous. However, this is no excuse for a 10 year old to have her push-up bra hanging out in public, or to be posed on a stripper pole. It seems as though our younger generations are growing up much more quickly than we ever did, and this has a lot to do with the media that they are exposed to. Movies, magazines, and television shows have all become much more advanced than they used to be. When young girls are exposed to this media, they begin to act in the way that they see portrayed through these sources, and try to look older than they really are.
    Even in fashion, girls clothes are being designed to look more adult like. While this is completely fine in some aspects, some things are being taken too far. I don’t think it is that big of an issue for girls to be wearing short shorts, but for young girls to wear low cut shirts or really tight shirts just seems to contribute to the problem. Also, some girls, who are younger than ten years old, are beginning to wear makeup. I think this is ridiculous. I understand the point for a dance recital or competition, but I think it is unnecessary for a little girl to be wearing eye shadow at eight years old to go to school.
    I think we need to take a second ans look at the role models our younger generations are looking up to, and make sure that the definition of age-appropriate really means age appropriate.

  2. Cory Andrews says:

    Along the same lines as this post, students were having a discussion in another class that I’m in about sexually charged/borderline pornographic advertisements in mainstream media. A lot of the comments revolved around not “seeing what the big deal was,” that these women in the ads were being portrayed positively by being hot and sexy. Another common one was that the goal of advertising is to get attention, right? Well the topless woman being groped by 3 half-naked men in a particular Calvin Klein ad got my attention, so a job well done. The point of all this is not to say that sex, sexual expression, or being “sexy” is bad; but that, along with sexualization of young girls like Noah Cyrus, sexual images of women in mainstream media have become so normalized that it doesn’t strike us as anything out of the ordinary. While it’s a different story for young girls, if a woman of age wants to express herself in a particularly sexual way, I say go for it. The problem, as demonstrated by this post, is that from an extremely young age girls are presented with sexual objectification as the only option.

  3. Amaury Ramirez says:

    This “situation” is something that can be addressed and criticized in more than one way. For starters, Noah’s future as an entertainer has been pretty much outlined for her being that her sister is a huge success. And of course, what little girl wouldn’t love being the sister of one of the biggest pop stars in the world. If we look at the picture with mother Cyrus, Noah and Miley from left to right, we can see that the only one that is provocatively dressed is Noah. Miley is wearing a shirt that covers her chest with little shorts and the mother is dressed with jeans and a shirt that shows some cleavage. But Noah goes all out. She has both the real short shorts and the “cleavage” showing shirt. Ah, let me not forget the push up bra. The idea that people are looking older now a days has become a reality. But t isn’t biological or because of evolution, but because the kids are doing things that kids would never even think about 5 years prior.

    I must admit that I understand why she has been over sexualized. As we all know, sadly, sex sells. Miley, although a talented entertainer, is very attractive and has many little girls that want to be like her. Disney Channel who targets their shows to children has also sexualized its artists. In every one of their episodes they make relationships in the show that little kids see. I have a little cousin who is nine years old and it bothers me that she tells me how certain characters are dating and that they either kiss or are going to.

    Back to Noah.

    She is going to be an entertainer and it seems that her family believes that the younger she becomes sexualized, the more successful her career will become. I completely disagree, and if Noah’s career doesn’t pan out, she will regret it forever.

  4. levenstein says:

    Noah is certainly cute, there’s no denying that. But cute, and not sexy, is what she should be at the age of 9. Like Amaury said, her life as an entertainer has already been set forth, however she does not need to start this early. When I watched those videos of her the first thing I noticed was how young she sounded. I was immediately reminded of the annoying 9-yr old girls at my church. She is not old enough to be dressing so provocatively and singing about such sexual topics. It’s clear to me that she doesn’t understand the lyrics she is singing- how could she know understand the reference to Jack Daniels? Society’s influences create the star, as opposed to the other way around (The star creating their image).

    I was drawn to her appearance in each of the photos above. Blowing kisses, pushing lipstick on, wearing a sexy halloween costume, drinking red bull (I don’t even drink red bull and I’m 20 yrs old), and most important wearing a BRA when she doesn’t even need to. When I was 9 I was wearing leggings- in fact I wore leggings until about 12. Our notion of what is beautiful has certainly been influenced by the media. Minimal skin covering, lots of makeup, and promiscuous behavior have been valued in music videos and on the cover of magazines. If this is how people want to sell their image, fine. But what I find very problematic is the fact that young girls are being pulled into this. Let them enjoy their childhood and wait until they are at least 13 to throw them on the runway in a sexy outfit.

    Allison and Amaury both talked about Miley’s influence on Noah. I think this is very important. As with any family most younger girls look up to their older sisters. How could they not? They have experience in the girl world and can provide insight. Miley is a huge star, pretty, and talented. Who else would Noah look up to? Miley will encourage her sister, but someone needs to redefine Noah’s image. The fact that her mother openly supports such behavior is not okay. I, for one would not allow my daughter to reveal any sort of cleavage until she’s at least in high school. I think this shows us that society has become more influential in many cases than the important role models, such as parents. This makes me a little nervous for the future of our culture.

  5. Jr. Woodard says:

    This is kind of crazy to me. I’m at a loss of words. I have a 7 year old sister that is becoming more and more in tuned with the whole pop culture era. Always asking for Miley Cyrus cd’s and clothes and other things. She even sometimes sings a lot of songs we hear on the radio. Songs that are prtimarily for children maybe 16 and older but she still hears it and is smart enough to remember the words sometimes. She does dance class, she does gymnastics and she is very active in other sports in the winter like basketball. She is living a different lifestyle than Noah Cyrus because unlike Noah, my sister’s surroundings aren’t like hers. I am not a pop star and is going to have my sister around me at all times at concerts and stuff of that nature. Noah is brought up differently because of her lifestyle and I am not saying it is right how she is dressed or is perceived as acting or looking in these pictures but I am saying that I might not see anything too wrong with how she is acting. She is 9 years old, at that age kids love attention and will gather you in a circle so you can watch them sing and dance sometime. The bra is out in the open and that is not what you want to see on 9 year old kid but it is what it is. Who are we to say anything about how her mother is raising her kids? I mean, then again, Miley turned out fine right?

  6. kelly olney says:

    I guess this would be alarming to anyone at first, for the fact that a nine year old girl is acting inappropriate and “knows how to smack her ass” but personally I am not alarmed. She sings and dances to the song ‘Smack That’ by Akon, which in reality is an inappropriate song but like Amaury says she is a potential musician that was raised in a family with a rather large musical background. This isn’t normal for a nine year old girl but what we must realize is that her older sister is a musical icon, and like most older siblings Miley has the greatest influence on her little sis. In her defense, you shouldn’t compare her to the President’s nine year old daughter because they come from totally different backgrounds with different influences. I’m sure that Sasha Obama sings and dances to all kinds of music in her privacy. For all that we know, Noah could become a successful musician or whatever and Sasha Obama could get sick of the good girl act and become a wild child later in life. I just feel that Noah is being judged harshly, and believe that it is not just our generation that is going over the edge. When at that age, Drew Barrymore was getting into drugs and alcohol, so clearly this type of behavior has been present for a while. She is acting a little old for her age but her parents have already raised Miley into stardom and I’m sure they can raise Noah the same way.

  7. oliviacarb says:

    This post terrifies me on so many levels… primarily because I’m pretty sure that was me when I was nine, much to my parents chagrin. It was the thing to do at sleepovers, stuff your shirts, put on skimpy hand-me-downs from older sisters, wear make-up, “look hot” and of course… have a photoshoot for the grand debut of the new “you.” Except girls are growing up too quickly these days it seems. It is so engrained in our society that girls must strive to reach ideal beauty standards set forth by the media and it’s evident here and in society in general (walk into Abercrombie kids…) that looking hot and sexy must be learned early on… so as to master it by highschool?

    The increase in our ability to cross-communicate via text, facebook, email, myspace, twitter, tumblr, etc etc has also increased young-girls self-awareness … barely-tweens have facebook these days. Can having a facebook in a time where online bullying seems to be the biggest trend can’t be the best ideas… especially for young girls, where shrill cattiness and jealousy and hormones are erupting at disturbing levels and severely damaging one anothers self-esteem. While many female celebrities have been deemed “good role models” they still exude the beauty ideals girls yearn to adhere to. Even Ugly Betty wasn’t “ugly” by the end of the series. With these flourishing hormones comes the realization for many young girls that they like boys…. and what better way to get their attention then to have your AAA “push-up” bra “peeping” out? And it is here we can see the earliest stage of female “dependence” on man for validation. She defines herself not in terms of what she wants to wear but how what she wears will is attracting the attention of others, primarily fellow boys but also tween-girls who are also trying to attract the 7th grade stud.

    Or is this self-expression? Honestly… most forms of “self-expression” shouldn’t leave your house. If the girl wants to dress up and look pretty like mommy and Miley, go for it… but don’t sashay into public looking like a prepubescent call-girl (if you can’t fill it out, don’t wear it). While she may be “expressing herself” and her “independence” and is being “rocker chic” like her deadbeat dad, this is just far too disturbing and exemplifies how the sexualization of women starts at a very young age.

    These young girls are looking up to the women in the magazines, on TV and in the movies… perhaps Noah accidentally got her hands on her dads Maxim? Most likely not. She is emmulating qualities of her role model, her older sister who apparently was supposed to be a role model to millions of girls as “Hanana Montana” but now wants to be seen as more “mature.” Right, Miley… I like that the definition of “maturing” is singing about how she “can’t be tamed” and wearing sheer, tattered clothes easily found in a crackden. Maturity to Miley is going wild, showing more skin, making fun of asians, and accidentally misplacing her purity ring, same goes for Taylor Momsen from The Gringe.. being taken “seriously” and “maturing” is characterized by lace corsets, lucite stripper heels, raccoon eyes, and flashing her audience (mind you, she’s 17)… I’m glad to see Noah has some quality girls to look up to!

  8. Mike Brown says:

    These pictures and the lifestyle which her parents have her in honestly disgust me, unlike everyone else I won’t say that it is her future to be an entertainer because I believe theres just as much a risk of her being a train wreck.
    The list of child stars who started at or before 13 and are still successful is minute compared to those struggling with drug addiction, suicide or suicide attempts, or (in Britney Spears’ case) just plain crazy.
    Here’s a short list

    Drew Barrymore (smoking by 9, drinking by 10, addicted to cocaine y 12)
    Michael Jackson (self-explanatory)
    Britney Spears (once again self-explanatory)
    The Olsen Twins (anorexia while teens and alcoholism)
    Macaulay Culkin (addicted to prescription pills)

    Her parents with all their resources have set her up with a disadvantage in life, and we as a society should realize that kids her age AREN’T READY to live a life in the spotlight.

  9. gracehennigan says:

    First off, I cannot believe that Noah Cyrus is wearing a push-up bra. She has nothing to push up!!! All three Cyrus girls (obviously the Mom is wearing skinny jeans and a plunging neckline) look like they posed for this photo, meaning, Noah knew her bra was hanging out. I am guessing that she dresses sexy because Miley has been dressing sexy for the past year. Miley has made it clear that she “can’t be tamed” with her outfits and dance moves. Along with recently dying her hair (like Miley does) Noah is also copying Miley’s the jean shorts and moccasins… it’s evident that she wants to look just like her sister. Her halloween costume is just the cherry on top of my disgust. Patent leather lace-up stripper boots and a dress just passing her pre-pubescent vagina is NOT what a normal 9 year old should be spotted on a red carpet with! There are millions of girls who will see that photo, and Noah should know better. She should be taking tips from the Obama girls.. opaque tights under a wholesome knee-length dress suits a 9 year old much better. I know that I am ranting, but when will this stop? A decade ago we wouldnt have seen this… not at 9 years old… maybe at 13 was pushing it. What’s next? 5 year olds in lingerie?Toddlers in Tiaras is on it’s way to that point.

    Noah should recognize her stardom and take responsibility of it by dressing like a 9 year old should dress. This halloween, she should try a princess, preferably with a dress that covers her va-jay jay.

  10. Dan Dechert says:

    Why is the behavior of little Noah Cyrus so troubling, and why should this epidemic of over-sexualized youths, especially females, be disheartening? The answer is simple: What starts out as innocent “dress-up” or performing to a famous pop song has implications that lead to many more issues for these young girls down the road. Sexuality is not a topic that can be fully comprehended, if at all, by someone who hasn’t even reached middle school yet. As this exposure continues, with the help of pop culture and mass media, these little girls will grow up with extremely disturbing images of the role that sexuality plays in culture.
    The perfect example of a pop star’s younger sibling being caught up in this whirlwind is the sister of Brittany Spears, Jamie Lynn. She grew up emulating her older sister and behaving in a way that shadowed the decisions that Brittany made, and as well all know that is not a smart choice. Just as Brittany Spears entered a world of innocence versus hyper sexuality, so too did Miley Cyrus, both dragging behind them their younger siblings to face the same sexually provocative culture, but at much younger age. It didn’t seem to work out so well for Jamie Lynn, as she ended up pregnant at about age fifteen with a much older baby-daddy. I am not asserting blame on Brittany or the sexualized media, simply showing the parallels of the two family situations and declaring that this premature loss of innocence can wreak havoc on a young person’s life.
    I ask where the mother in this situation is and why she is not attempting to enforce some kind of boundaries that separate her prepubescent daughter from the sexually explicit culture that her older sister has been thrown into. But the answer becomes clear with the photograph of Noah, with her push-up bra popping out, standing next to big sis and her mom. When the mother doesn’t have the wherewithal to comprehend the damage this could do to her daughter I guess all you can say for little Noah is good luck.

  11. Maggie Bernay says:

    I find this post about Noah Cyrus extremely scary and troubling. Growing up as girl whose mother would not let her shop at stores such as Limited Too and other stores that sold the newest trendy clothes for young girls, I remember constantly wishing I could wear what some of my friends were wearing. However, looking back now, I am so glad that mother made it a point to keep me away from clothes like Noah is wearing. In a way, I got to keep my childhood because of mother’s decision. I do not remember once when I ever thought about looking sexy as a young girl. I always just wore the clothes that I thought were pretty and that mother thought were appropriate for my age. Noah is just trying to be like her older sister and her mother just like every young girl grows up. The difference between Noah and others is the role models she sees everyday. While it is perfectly fine for women to wear tasteful yet sexy clothing, it is not all right for a young girl to be wearing clothes because she too wants to look sexy. Noah’s mother and Miley should be guiding her to the options that fit her age, which in turn will keep her innocence and youth.

  12. Esther Altomare says:

    After reading this post I can’t help think about my 9-year-old self. I remember the day my mother bought my first bra. I was mortified and refused to wear it until I thought I actually needed it, which I see now was completely determined by when my closest friends starting wearing theirs. In the 4th grade, my mother still bought my clothes and the most reveling outfit I owned was composed of a striped yellow and black shirt paired with a yellow miniskirt that I was required to wear with tights. The idea of makeup had never crossed my mind and I definitely never thought about dying my hair like Noah so clearly has as shown by the much darker hair photographed in the image in which her bra is hanging out of her tank top. I would never have ever been let out of the house wearing anything even closely resembling what Noah has on in these photographs. And in the fourth grade, for Halloween, I’m pretty sure I stuffed with tube socks dressed as a Furby.

    Thinking about this time period is almost refreshing, this was a moment in my life where I didn’t feel the need to wake up early to apply my makeup like I do now, or find clothes that were the most flattering. I dressed for no one and really couldn’t care less as to what I looked like. This is one of the wonderful things about childhood.

    As stated by previous bloggers it is obvious that this girl’s life has been preplanned, and the influences in her life differ greatly from those in which I grew up with. This brings me back to my first bra experience, I guess just like Noah has been influenced by those closest to her I was too. I wore a bra when my friends started wearing bras it just goes to show how different influences can really impact ones life.

    This girl needs to realize that she has all her life to wear a push up bra, heels, apply makeup and drink red bulls if she so desires. Childhood; however, does not last forever and one can never get back the early years in one’s life. This display of young girls acting this way truly saddens me.

  13. Katie Smith says:

    it is really upsetting to see how young sexualization in females is starting. I thought that MILEY was bad (dressing provocatively/ pole dance at approx age 15). Noah is significantly younger and seems to be following in her older sisters footsteps. The first thing that came to my mind was how influential older siblings are…that was until I saw Mrs. Cyrus. Clearly, Miley is not the only negative example in Noah’s life.
    It is no surprise that Miley tried to break away from her good girl disney channel appearance as soon as she good (can’t be tamed album anyone?) apparently she doesn’t care that her younger sister is dying to be just like her. The thing that really got me was the picture of Noah’s halloween costume….no mother in her right mind should ever let a child wear something of that nature…hell I wouldnt even feel comfortable wearing that! it just really goes to show how society today and the expectations of teens is clearly having a poor effect on our youth. Hopefully Noah will understand her celeb status and can try to tone it down…she is not the only prepubescent female that dresses/acts like this. She should know however that she is an influence to other girls her age. The media should STOP promoting this (even if they are saying its funny and what not) because it makes others think that its ok

  14. Gian Contro says:

    I would like to go along with what Amaur and Junior have said. Sex does sell but why does it have to start at such a young age? Obviously it is the media making a point that it is ok for younger girls to start and act sexy at age 9. Seeing her dressed up in those black boots and short skirt made me think of a grown Marilyn Manson not Miley’s little sister. I think if she is going to be a star she should be advertised more positively. I have a sister who is 9 and I would hate to have her see this picture and think it’s cool. Little girls shouldnt have role models at a young age who look like Noah. Theres something thats not right about a girl that young thinking its ok to dress like that and the fact that her parents let it go on. I think the younger generation needs more positive role models rather than ones such as Noah.

  15. Courtney says:

    From the above post, no it is not okay to have these young stars be such role models for other girls but they are. Beyond the stardom, there are more underlying problems with the everyday girl. Not only ‘stars’ are dressing and acting like this. I work in a 5th grade classroom in the area where I was completely surprised by what I heard my first week of teaching. My cooperating teacher and I were talking and one of the student’s names came up. She told me a story about when this student was in 4th grade (the year before). At nine years old, she told everyone (including the teachers) that her goal was to be pregnant by age 11. The school of course notified her mother, who laughed. She informed the school that she knew and thought it was fine. Really? You think having your daughter be pregnant before she goes to middle school would be fine?! (I am not sure if that would even be possible) I tried to be at least a little optimistic in the situation saying, “She probably just does not know what it takes and means to have a baby.” Being the realist in the situation, my teacher told me about what happened last week in the lunchroom. A student in the class was caught talking about how he f***ed his girlfriend and they were trying to have a baby. Fifth graders/10 year olds! They know what it means to get pregnant and many do not have the support at home to know it is not okay. Then they watch these TV shows and see the stars dressing and acting sexual. It is just not a good situation.
    I’m still shocked at this conversation.

  16. Conor Callahan says:

    ok this absurd. I was a permanent substitute at a k-12 public school for 3 months a year after high school and saw some of this stuff a few years ago and was shocked but this just takes it to a new level. Girls and boys talking about blowjobs in 6th grade I found to be some of the worse. I didn’t know what that was at that age and it seems that kids are becoming more sexually accustomed every year. This is a direct result of the media and the mass culture we are subject to. The problem is, we are all supporting it, people still purchase all this shit and listen to it no matter how much we despise it. I mean to be honest, being the little sister to miley cyrus, I’m not even surprised, but the fact that her mother is okay with it is insane. To be a parent and be ok with your 10 year old dancing and singing to songs like this is beyond me. What kind of parent are you? The kind that never grows up apparently and cares more about being a celebrity than a decent person i guess. My daughter will certainly never wear that shit, she’ll still be wearing turtle necks and sweatshirts till she turns 21.

  17. Mike says:

    I agree with all of the males who have a younger sister and feel this is a major issue. My little sister grew up watching yound stars such as the Olsen twins and Lindsey Lohan. They were never perceived as sex objects at age 9. Now look at them! The Olsens had a drug problem and an eating disorder and Lohan is in and out of rehab. these are not the same girls that my little sister grew up watching and idolizing. the media has implimented heavy sex appeal for these stars and the pressures of living up to the expectations of this role have left negative impacts on their careers. the media continues to exploit this role on CHILDREN not teens but CHILDREN! I am so frustrated with this especially having a little sister who is growing up in this type of society.

  18. Sam Higgs says:

    Thats deep. Is that sexy to anyone? I think little girls dressing this way is a huge problem. Not only does it send the wrong message to young girls, its just nasty. Noah is already wealthy because of her family. But what about little girls around the world in different small towns. They see Noah on tv smiling wearing close to nothing. They want to follow their young idol. This causes problems in the household because of conflicting issues with the parents. I know for a fact I would not let my daughter dress in that halloween costume. Noah’s gaurdians need to step up. They have to set examples for society. What if the presidents daughter was dressed in the same clothing as Noah? We would probally look different at President Obama if he gave election speeches standing next to his daughter dressed the way Noah is. Bottom line, this has to stop some where.

  19. Grace B says:

    The first thing I thought of when I saw this post was a comment my grandmother, a daughter of he great depression said about Miley Cyrus “She is such a homely, ugly girl, just imagine her in 30 years!” When I saw these pictures of Noah I immediately thought “what an ugly, creepy looking little girl”, and thats when I realized just how problematic that thought process was. Why am I looking at pictures of this poor little girl who against he own will was born into the world the daughter to a celebrity and baby sis to teen dream Miley Cyrus. I mean the poor kid! The fact that Noah feels the need to post videos of herself and pose how she thinks is “sexy” as learned from Miley is really very sad to me, and it made me sadder still that I was judging her on he rlooks and self presentation, sic sick sick!
    All throughout high school I babysit a 7 year old girl named ginger who was obsessed with Fergie. She would always tell me how she wished her mama looked like fergie and would then proceed to “hump” the ground and gyrate as she performed her fergie dance for me nearly every tuesday night of the year. Ginger was an avid Miley fan. What I’m saying essentially is that Noah is no anomaly. I myself took pleasure in stuffing my bra and dressing up as baby spice circa 1997. Whatever the contributing factors that form a young girls sense of self identity in this day and age, we are indisputably influenced by the media, and especially the female figures in our life. And that often means precocious “expression of sexuality” because our culture is obsessed with the sexualization of women.
    Noah Cyrus being constantly in the limelight, and being the unfortunate heir to the hannah montana legacy has experienced this tenfold.

  20. Michael Rivera says:

    WOW! I wish I can just reply WOW. Because thats how I feel, I am speechless. Again, I find myself trying to piece together the domino effect that causes noah to dress this way, and how parents or gaurdians can allow such a thing. Can one really smile as their 9 year old daughter, niece, cousin walks the red carpet or dresses as such on halloween. Does this = happiness? Can having a young girl dress as such really make a parent feel proud? make a parent happy? make a parent feel good about how they are rasiing their daughter? Make a parent feel okay with exposing their daughter to such behavior?

    I understand that different cultures and different people may see things differently, and may have different clothing beliefs, but I am sure its safe to assume that mostly everyone will agree that this is to much, how can Americas media be okay with exposing young girls this way? If I were a photographer, I will make it my business to not snap photos of these youngs girls. Sadly enough if I were a photographer and did not take these photos, it will probably lead to me being fired, huh?

  21. Yanli Guo says:

    I don’t think it’s funny at all when watching a little kid to have a behavior like Noah. Is she doing all these to gain fame and popularity since all her family members are already popular celebrities? The thing that’s really bothering me the most is that she was actually enjoying every second of her actions. Adults were applauding and cheering her every move. She’s nine years old and a fourth grader only. It’s a bit sad that some people are considered these behaviors normal nowadays. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a nine year old to know a song or dance moves like that. If she’s doing it to be cute and funny today, I am not sure where she will be heading when she turns 15. Her parents should definitely try to let know that these acts are unsuitable for her age at all. OK, Noah is only 9 and she might not be able to determine what the exact lyrics means, but I am sure that her parents or sister (Miley) do. She’s also the one who uploaded the video to her website. I have no idea what she was thinking at all. What are Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus doing these days? Do parents still care about their kids’ behaviors anymore? On the other hand, it’s hard for the kids to act properly these days. They can go to YouTube to search for any songs or dances they prefer. Internet has helped many people to have an easier life, but it also has promoted many improper behaviors, especially for kids.

  22. Liz Liebman says:

    Is it that hard for a parent to say “no” to their child? Because that’s what Noah’s parents could easily be doing, and I’m sure that’s what many parents out there do when their child wants to do something that is not age appropriate for them. Why aren’t Noah’s parents doing anything about this other than posing next to her while she’s dressed a tad too inappropriately? And somehow I don’t think Noah bought that push-up bra on her own.

    It’s one thing to play dress up and put on clothes like this every once in a while. The key work here is ‘play.’ That’s the whole idea behind playing dress up–you can wear whatever you like and pretend to be anything. So, when did Noah’s dress up become real life? There is no way my mother would have let me wear half the things that Noah is wearing, nor would I have been interested in wearing those clothes either. The fact that provocative clothes like that come in kids’ sizes is disturbing enough.

    I think that the media and the economy has been thriving on the sexualization of girls. But just because it’s popular now, doesn’t mean that a child has to participate in it. Parents are their to protect their children and make decisions for them that they aren’t mature enough to make yet.

    I don’t think Noah realizes the implications of many of the things she’s done. I don’t think she’s mature enough to grasp the the song lyrics she’s singing or the provocativeness of her clothes, but her parents have to see it. They’d have to be blind not to see it. And that’s a shame, because they don’t have to give in to it like they’re doing.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely appalling. How can anyone let their child (whether famous or not) to dress or act like this. Now we all know she has famous parents and a famous sister but where did the morals go. This cute little girl is growing up all to fast. She is missing out on her childhood. Noah needs to be at school with friends her age and be out of the lime light. For a small girl of her age to wear a push up bra is ridiculous. This should not be acceptable. Why do they even sell them in that small of a size? This is a show of how the media has such a strong influence on today’s children. She is wearing and portraying exactly what the media tells her to wear. based on today’s advertisement and social ideals Noah is fitting in swimmingly which is not a good thing at all.

  24. jm0392 says:

    As we have been recently discussing in class, pop culture can have a major impact on the way one looks and behaves. Noah Cyrus is obviously living a world that puts a large focus on pop culture. Being the younger sister to one of the most prominent young actresses and singers, Noah most likely feels pressured to achieve the same successes as her sister, Miley Cyrus. Unfortunately, I think that Noah’s lifestyle has led her towards a fast tract to adulthood. It seems as though she is missing out on a lot of the normal childhood activities and behaviors because of her sister’s influences and the pop culture around her. Noah is most likely f surrounded by beautiful models and celebrities frequently. Noah probably looks up to these people as role models. Although this could be a positive thing, celebrities are not perfect. In fact, many of the celebrities/models form bad habits or dress inappropriately for the young audience who look up to them. As a result, I think all young girls in society today have begun to grow up much faster than in the past. Pop culture influences us all. However, when we are young I think we are much more susceptible to outside influences because we are naïve and less mature. Especially for Noah Cyrus, having an older sister who is a well-known celebrity cannot be easy. Although it may sound amazing, I’m sure it has its downsides. Noah probably feels less important and seeks attention because she does not share the same successes as Miley. I think this is especially noticeable in the image of Noah in a very revealing Halloween costume on the red carpet. Is she seeking attention by wearing such a provocative outfit? It’s crazy to compare a picture like that to the one at the bottom of the blog (Obama’s daughter). I feel that the contrast between the two pictures definitely shows the results of diverse parenting. Obama most likely instills conservative ideals into his daughter. I feel that his parenting technique would be much more strict than that of the Cyrus’. I am not saying that Noah Cyrus’ mom and dad are bad parents, but I don’t’ think they taking enough time to teach their young girl certain morals and values between right and wrong.

  25. Graham Pastor says:

    Obviously the biggest victims of this strange phenomena are the children. I doubt most kids realize what half the lyrics to the songs mean, but the fact that adults encourage exposure to it is appalling. Things like child beauty pageants and the fact they even make push up bras for girls that young really is a sad reflection on America. America’s unhealthy obsession with celebrities is clearly taking its toll on not only the child stars, but the children who idolize the stars. The stars are clearly suffering as shown by the frequency of eating disorders and drug abuse amongst child stars. Kids idolize these stars, but the stars aren’t to blame.The real criminals are the parents who are letting their kids do this stuff. It seems like borderline child abuse to warp a child’s mind like this.

  26. carlagaynor2 says:

    It’s sad how our culture sexualized girls at such a young age. I see it everywhere, and not just with celebrities. But, its not hard to find out where they are getting these ideas. Many girls on the equestrian circuit where I am from live in Manhattan during the school week, and are either in my home town, Southampton, or in Wellington, Florida on the weekends (depending on the season). It was recently that I noticed more than a few girls, ages 9 to 13 dressed similarly to Noah. I’ve run into them out at restaurants on many occasions as late as 11 or 12 at night.I then saw pictures of them at the Player’s Night Club on a Saturday night, in Wellington. I still have no clue how they were even there. In some of the pictures they were dancing on chairs. I just couldn’t believe it.

    I then went to my god sister’s party with her school friends, all 7th graders. I could not believe how they were dressed, how they acted, and how they spoke. The parents just seemed to brush it off as “oh, she’s just mature”. Really, they’re trying to grow up too fast. It’s just sad.

  27. Chryssy Abdool says:

    WOW! I can’t say that I am surprised or if I see this all the time. It’s shocking that her parents will allow this behavior, but then again it is not because it’s the “Cyrus” family. Most of the time celebrities who have little brothers or sisters tend to follow their older brother or sister. Also children born into a celebrity lifestyle family are most exposed to the media as soon as they are born. Therefore, they have no choice but to entertain the media because that is exactly what they want.

    Even though they grew up in a celebrity household, their parents should know better than to encourage their children in such bad behavior. So, is it really the child to blame or is it the parents? Or maybe the media? I say that the children only adapt to the environment they are around. They learn from what they are exposed to, and since no one around them is correcting them, then they will continue to do what they do because they think it’s okay.

    It’s so ridiculous how a parent could let their child drink redbull, wear heels, short dresses, short pants, a push up bra, and better yet posing on a striper pole?? What are parents thinking? How can they allow their children to do such things, and know that the media is exposing this behavior which only makes the parents look bad? I guess the media portrays skimpy and whorish as the appealing look. But then again who’s to judge and say that looking this way is wrong. To a 10 year old yes it is, there is no judgment about that!

  28. Brittany Betts says:

    First off, her dress is far too short for any girl, not just a 9 year old. Seriously, what are the parents thinking when they let her leave the house and walk around in those skimpy outfits. By allowing her to dress like this when she’s only 9 concerns me as to think what they’ll allow her to wear when she’s 16. I’m not saying wear floor length skirts but maybe something a little more age appropriate, or even just appropriate. And drinking Red Bull? They’re not healthy for anyone, not to mention a young kid. How many kids do you think saw that picture and argued to their parents that if Noah Cyrus is drinking it, than they can drink it too? I blame the parents. She’s still a child and the parents have the right to tell her what she can/can’t wear or drink. It’s creepy that they would allow their daughter to be photographed looking like a little hoe. I don’t know, maybe fame got to their heads.

  29. wsherons15 says:

    I don’t know which concerns me more: the fact that this 9 year old girl is wearing the things she does, singing the songs she does, and being paraded around like ‘america’s next top wild child star’ or the fact that i’m not surprised by any of this. This blog immediately drew my attention because it’s investment in how dangerous aspects of modern pop culture are spreading not just to America’s youth in general, but now specifically to the EXTREMELY young and vulnerable.

    The use of many forms of literacy made this blog post especially interesting. I’m not one who enjoys reading all text all the time, and especially when dealing with subjects such as this one, it is important to use photos and video as well as text in order to effectively convey a point to the audience. I also liked how strong the appeals to logic (logos) and the appeal to emotion (pathos) were integrated into this article. It really made me think, as the reader, about how I did not agree with the current situation with young Noah. I also had to think about how logically, this trend (as it is highly publicized) can spread to many girls this age.

    I completely agree that the behaviors and attitudes exhibited by Noah’s “responsible” adult guardian and influences reflect how they have seriously dropped the ball in terms of instilling the proper values in such a young child with such a large presence in the public eye. The points you have brought up have really resonated with me in that I work with kids this age constantly when I am at home working as a youth soccer coach with Brit-Am Soccer Academy. I want to continue to help develop these kids as confident and bright people, which will hopefully give them a proper base for future decision-making, as opposed to the influences seen in the above examples.

  30. kristalongo says:

    Wow it’s ridiculous how some parents let their young children out dressed like that. It astonishes me how these not even 10 year old girls casually dress up like 30 year old prostitutes. If my daughter were to ever start dressing like that this young, she would get a serious talking to. I mean come on. First off at 10 years old you don’t have anything to flaunt. You don’t have boobs yet, no butt, or anything. And guys that age won’t know anything about it yet! So honestly what’s the point? It definitely has something to do with the fact that kids on television are wearing similar outfits. I remember watching tv one day and coming across a group of 7 year old dancers. I mean hey they were extremely good dancers and everything, but their outfits and dance moves were completely inappropriate. The three girls were wearing pretty much nothing. It looked like a bikini to say the least, and stripper boots that went up past their knees. Of coarse that would be exactly what I would want my daughter to be wearing on national television in front of the entire world at age 7!

    Little girls need better examples to show them how to dress and how to act. They see people they look up to, such as Miley Cyrus, go out and dress inappropriately and do things that they shouldn’t do. And these girls see this as okay because, “Oh Hannah Montana does it!”

  31. I don’t have very much respect for the Cyrus family since I saw Miley’s very revealing photo shoot and slowly watched the situation go from bad to worse. We’ve seen Miley dancing with a stripper pole in a barely there outfit, there’s a video of her on youtube doing salvia, she gave one of her music producers a lap dance. I feel very badly for Noah Cyrus, not only is she growing up with Miley as a role model, but her parents are allowing her (and her sister) to act way beyond their age and get away with it. I feel kids today are growing up way faster than I did- I realized this when I was a senior in high school, looking at the middle schoolers that had just come in. We have a lipsync at the beginning of the year, the seventh graders always go first. They came out in short skirts, with lots of makeup and tank tops. The way they moved around the stage had the whole school laughing, but it was also disturbing to see them dancing like they were 24 year olds in a club instead of 12 year olds performing in front of their school. One of my friends turned to me and said “I can’t even move like that now.” I can’t either, for that matter. We need to go back in time and help kids slow down, get them outside and using their imaginations to build things instead of sitting in front of the T.V. rotting their minds and wanting to grow up and be just like Snooki or to be the next “Teen Mom.”

  32. How do parents think that this is okay? How could they have possibly justified sending their child, their baby, out into the world to be objectified and judged? Maybe they think that because their seven year old thinks the outfit is cute and really fun, then its okay. Of course the girls like the outfits! They feel empowered and wanted, and isn’t that all anyone really wants from life? With parents not stepping up and doing their jobs to guide and protect their children, we are going to have a new breed of women on our hands. Women that feel the need to go directly to sex in order to get what they want. These girls are not being taught any other way to appropriately build self-esteem, be influential, or be well-liked. We have go to show these young women that there is a time and a place for everything, and sex might not always be appropriate. We need to teach them that beauty is inside and out. And the best way to teach is to lead by example. When our younger sisters, female cousins, and girls in our community see us getting all dressed up to go out (because that’s definitely the only way to fit in around here) or posting pictures of ourselves while we are inappropriately dressed (or doing something inappropriate), what else are young girls supposed to think? I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for girls who struggle with self-esteem and confidence to be constantly scrutinized and judged by the “flirty, popular” girls… These videos and pictures should really be a wake up call for my generation to really look at ourselves as our choices are reflected back at us through these children.

  33. Gabby Mylod says:

    This whole thing makes me angry and disgusted. I can’t believe that this little girl is doing all these trampy things at the age of 9. It’s just ridiculous. She probably doesn’t even know what she’s doing! She probably doesn’t even understand what sex is! I certainly didn’t at the age of 9. I think the most appalling thing out of this post is the picture of Noah with Miley and their mom. I just can’t believe the push-up bra sticking out of her shirt. She is literally as flat as a board. Nine-year-old girls are supposed to walk around looking cute as can be. Why does every little kid want to grow up so quickly? Why can’t little girls just wear cute dresses and look cute? Why does a 9-year-old pose in front of a pole?! This shouldn’t be legal! I think that the biggest issue for me is that girls shouldn’t be thinking about sex until they are physically mature enough to be thinking about sex—which clearly this girl is not. Most girls mature anywhere from age 11 to as late at 15 or 16. This girl is clearly not even close to maturity just looking at her body shape. Girls in this day and age are in such a rush to grow up. I don’t think I ever had this urge to grow up but I know that lots of people from me generation have. Some other blogger blames the media for this and I completely agree. The media wants everyone think it’s great to be a grown up but being almost a grown up now, I would do anything to go back and be a care-free 9-year-old.
    I do think that it’s really hard not to want to be grown up—especially for this little girl because her sister is famous and obviously her role model and she wants to look just like her big sister. But honestly, it’s sad. It’s sad that our society wants little girls to look like this. And the fact that her family is encouraging it is beyond me. I mean it’s funny for your family to see you dancing around to a song like “Smack that” and I think even my family would find it funny. But it’s not funny when the video is on youtube for the entire world to see. But what’s even worse is that this is just one of the many things that this girl is doing to get sexual attention and that’s just not okay for a nine-year-old.

  34. eurogate says:

    First of let me state I am a guy. Why do young girls do that? When I was 9 and 10 years old I wore whatever my mom laid on my bed. Do you think its society, her own choice or her parents?
    I dated a child film star back in middle school. We dated two separate occasions (6th grade 1 month, 8th grade 1.5). Looking back I would say that this experience impacted me greatly on my view of the celeb life. At the time I didn’t realize a lot of stuff. One time in 8th grade she went away on a trip to Oregon. I remember calling her on the phone and talking, Stupid 8th grade relationship bullshit. (not a real relationship at all) Years later I discovered she was filming a indie movie called Paranoid Park during that trip. A few years ago I was shocked to see a sex scene in this movie! She could not have been older than 13 or 14 at the time. I would not let my little girl film a sex scene! How could anyone’s parents let them do this!

    Anything in the name of stardom

  35. Tacco26 says:

    It is scary that a nine year old is being exposed to the world in such a revealing way. Never in a million years would my mother let me wear anything Noah has on. For one thing everything she wears is so tacky and more importantly it is extremely inappropriate for her age. I don’t think anyone should wear what she is wearing ever let alone be 9 years old! I guess I grew up in a very different way from the little Cyrus. I didn’t grow up in the spot light. I didn’t have a famous father or sister but that still doesn’t explain why her parents let her make those videos and dress the way she does. I guess she doesn’t have the best role models at home. Miley was never one to dress or act her age; she sexed it up every once in a while. You would think after growing up in the spot light and having people comment and criticize everything you do, say or wear you would want to protect your sister. I guess this isn’t the case because her sister is out there following in her footsteps and maybe even being a bit more outrageous. So watch out Miley, Noah has arrived in the public eye you may have some competition now because it seems that age doesn’t matter you can sexualize women at any age in the name of fame.

  36. karinaaramboles says:

    First let me begin by saying that the sexual-ization of young girls is totally our fault. Why do I say this? Well, let’s go back to the beginning. Most of us grew up in the 1990’s and we were into playing with the dolls, video games, Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys; I’m not saying that Britney Spears or the Spice Girls did not sell their sexuality through their music videos but our mentality was focused on other things other than what we wore etc. and most of us did not watch the music videos that went along with the songs. In today’s society young girls are exposed to many explicit things that they shouldn’t be exposed to at a young age either because they have older siblings/family members (in this case Noah has Miley) or because their parents don’t censor websites or channels when their kids are on the internet or watching television.
    Recently I have noticed that young children/teen stores are selling more provocative clothing and all I have to say is, “ewwwww” which is what every parent should be saying. I mean a child is supposed to look like a child, they are not supposed to be wearing ripped tights with low cut shirts that have padding inside. In the past few years the Hollister/Abercrombie companies have been getting into trouble because they are selling over sexualized clothing for young teens that include very low V-neck shirts and bikinis that have padding in the tops. This adds on to the problem because a mother is not going to go through many stores to try to find an appropriate outfit for their daughters. In other words, if this is the type of clothing that is sold in most stores then this is all the mother can buy for the child, and sometimes younger mothers tend to just let the kid find something they like and even though it’s something inappropriate they still buy it for them. To bring this back to Noah Cyrus, like this post clearly stated Noah is very much in the pubic eye, therefore young kids who observe her every move the want to do the types of things that she does. On one hand she inspires kids to become actors and have fun but in the other she inspires kids to basically dress not like a child (a slut).

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