Guest Blogger: Brooke Nasypany

Toot it and Boot it!

Rap lyrics are pretty notorious for degrading women and being explicit. When I stumbled up the song “Toot it and Boot It” by YG I thought it was pretty funny.

When I listened to the lyrics it wasn’t as funny as I realized what toot it and boot it meant—fucking a girl and kicking her out. The some of the lyrics include

I asked her name and then I said I wanna fuck / and I’m YG and you know I fucked /
and she fucked back like a little slut / and she fell in love ya /
and she felt stupid cuz you know / I toot it and boot it

I don’t know why this particular song bothers me because most of the songs I listen to are similar to this. But I guess this is part of our culture now, with songs like this and TV shows like Jersey Shore provide examples of “Toot it and Boot It”. Every episode Mike and Pauly bring home “DTF” girls and kick them out soon after smushing. It’s interesting because I laugh at these episodes and listen to all these songs but when I think about the concept of it, it is pretty nasty. Are these types of things acceptable? Are these behaviors acceptable?


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  1. Tom Michaud says:

    i really hate this idea that as a man you need to find a girl, fuck her, and then kick her out. To me it really proves that some people are just using these women as sex objects. They are basically prostitutes without getting paid. And the fact that our culture is so accepting of this ideal sickens me. Whenever i turn on MTV its always some stupid show (like Jersey Shore) where they glorify these men and do not shed them in the vile and disgusting light that they deserve. I would like to think that Jersey Shore is just a huge satire on american life, but i really can’t tell if these guys are that douchey. Whenever you use a woman or a man like that it is not ok. These girls are people too, and should be treated as such. They arent just some sex toy for guys to have their way with then tell to get out soon after. this is just objectifying women at a very base level. And the fact that our culture displays this so openly and proudly is problematic. What does that say about us as americans? as people? Im not trying to say that sex should just be about love, but if you can’t remember the persons name the day after, we have a problem. and a huge one at that. We don’t see many women in the media engaging in these kinds of activities. even some of the girls on Jersey Shore have boyfriends (or at least one of them does). I think this just serves to further the gendered stereotypes in our society. Its saying that women get more emotionally attached than men do. None of the guys have a girlfriend. Why would they want that when they can just fuck a different “groupie” every night? that right there is the problem, they make a mockery of our traditional values and then promote promiscuity. Im not sure who the target audience is for this show, but i know that young impressionable minds watch a lot of tv. Is this the kind of behavior we want our children learning and emulating?

  2. MEM12 says:

    After reading this blog it made me realize that this morning my friends and I were driving to wal-mart and this rap song was on. I don’t know the exact name or the exact line but it was somewhere along the lines of, “pound her so hard til her head hurts.” I couldn’t believe when I heard it. The majority of music I listen to is rap and all of the songs are degrading to women. I never really thought about the lyrics. The songs and this phrase just reiterate that women are just sex objects to men. I myself now have begun to question the motives of the guys I meet, whether they are talking to me because they actually like me or I am just another girl to fuck to them. It is said that girls get more attached to guys, but actually the fact is is that girls get hurt more than guys. Most Women actually try to like the guy they are going to fuck that night rather than fucking them one minute and then moving on to the next.

  3. Amaury Ramirez says:

    There are many songs that talk about having a sex and then kicking the women out. It is all about how entertaining it is to the public. Rappers are just like any business; they try and target what the public wants. And although you find it sickening, there are many folks that think its funny. The fact that people like its funny shows how society has molded men to think this is a way to exercise their masculinity. Then you have women who think this could never happen to them. But they are wrong, getting disrespected and kicked out after having a sex with a man can happen to any female.

    “Jersey Shore” is a ridiculous show that profits on having men and women live lives that are not realistic. The problem with this is that people who watch the show believe they can actually live this way, but the reality is that the actors in the show are just that, actors. When they go to clubs and bring girls back, those girls are actually models that are contracted by the show to be part of it. No one truly knows if they actually have sex with the ladies and then kick them out. Or is if its part of the show and it something that sells the show to the public. Think about how many fans would be at the clubs they go to if the club was open to anyone to just show up? Someone like Mike “the situation” would not be able to act the way he does in the real world. But because they act this way on T.V, people begin to believe this is the right way to behave. Kids who see the shows think being disrespectful to women is how you get a woman’s attention in real life. This is false.

  4. Ashlinn Barber says:

    Like all rappers, YG has done it again. Here we are in 2010, women can be doctors, lawyers, state senators, and “a little slut”. How is it that this YG character sells music? Personally, I don’t see anything attractive about this guy. Get another tattoo please, I don’t think you have enough, YG! In one song, a rapper will tell you a) how great he is and how every girl wants him and b) how stupid all females are with their “big booties”. I will never understand the development of rap. Why is it that allmost all rappers degrade women? Imagine if you were Beyonce. Here you are, a successful music artist, world icon, and your husband is telling us that he has “99 Problems but a bitch aint one”. I don’t know how anyone else feels, but Beyonce is no “bitch”. I find two main sources of fault for rap music. First, all rappers themselves and second, society. Rappers generally write their own lyrics. They pride themselves on their ability to use personal issues to write music. Where do these rappers find these women who “toot it and boot it”? I refuse to believe that all of these rappers creating such lyrics actually experience the plot lines the sing about. Society accepts these rappers and their degrading comments because they sell cds, concerts and other media production. The demographic that rap appeals to continues to support poor treatment of women. It is the responsibility of all women to stop listening to rap music that negatively expresses females.

  5. Emily Harris says:

    I think Mem12 makes an interesting point when she says, “Most Women actually try to like the guy they are going to fuck that night rather than fucking them one minute and then moving on to the next.” The key word is most in this sentence because I think a lot of women are trying to detach themselves from being the romantic type. A lot of women try to suppress their emotions when it comes to sexual encounters or flings because they sometimes think that that’s what guys want. Now I don’t think all guys just want a one night stand or a fling, but when women are hearing songs like “toot it and boot it” and are having encounters with men that prove guys only want one thing, what are women supposed to do? Men like the “The situation” and Pauly D feed the fire. Some people who watch it see no problem with their behavior and that is a problem. But the show makes money, and “toot it and boot it” makes money so that is what prevails disregarding the social harm it has on our society. Girls want attention and girls have been conditioned to think that sexual attention is good and in turn, that’s what men give. But women also need to realize that it is okay to want more than just a hook up and stop thinking “if I hook up with him maybe he’ll end up being my boyfriend.”

  6. Sarah Drapela says:

    I have never heard this particular song before but I have heard many like it. It always amazes me how popular these songs become and how many people have no idea what is really being said in the lyrics. I personally find these songs to be absolutely disgusting and I think it is inexcusable that we allow this kind of music to be so accepted in our society. I understand that people have the right to say whatever they want but that does not mean that we as a society have to accept and support these messages. Songs like this absolutely are demeaning to women and they imply that we are less than human since it is ok to treat us as such. I am always shocked to hear women in particular who will sing along and claim to like music like this because it sends the message that the language being used by these artist is acceptable. It is almost as if we are saying it is ok to treat us like less than humans. I have always had a problem with music that takes on such a violent tone and I truly believe that we have a moral obligation to fight against it. I know people have different tastes and like different types of music but I honestly don’t think we can call this music when all it does is promote hate. By supporting songs and artists that send this kind of message we are hurting ourselves and making it ok for others to do the same.

  7. Obi Juan Breton says:

    This post embodies the two world’s both women and men are torn between, in that the same music (almost any genre) that takes this approach to lyrics leaves listeners with a feel good melody but a disruptive message. Although some might not agree with their favorite artist or some random artist who produces a catchy tune once every 6 years, the tune seems to have more bearing on whether they like the song or not. I’m quite sure you can catch me walking down Pulteney rapping out some kind of derogatory lyrics. But that does not necessarily mean that I agree with them. I only do it because the way some artist put words together in a rhyme leave me thinking like why couldn’t I make a million disrespecting some “b***h n-word” or some girl that I had a bad run in with and have nothing but bad things to say about her. The only problem is I can’t take that approach in calling out someone that does me wrong to make a quick million. But at the same time some artist leave me hopeful for music in that they try to empower the feminine image by speaking about their mom or some woman who has left a positive impact on their life. Take the latest artist who is “heavy on my rotation” Big Sean who talks about his mother in his song “Whatever You Want”:

    Let me tell you about a bad ass chick everybody wanna grab her
    Tryna climb on that looking for a ladder
    Niggas wanna stab her, dag her, dag it
    Everybody want it
    Ain’t too many had it
    Beauty and brains, went to all the classes
    Graduated too even went and got a masters
    Bad ass chick probably could have been an actress
    So what she do?
    She want to be an actress

    It’s an awful thing when “tracks” are better excepted because of their tune rather than their message. This is coming from a person who has his headphones in every time he’s out of class or not on the practice field. I am guilty of this, but am I in the wrong as well? I honestly don’t think I am, but I have to open to criticism for I do promote some of these songs.

  8. Conor Callahan says:

    yeah this is pretty lame. The worst part is I have three sisters and one is younger. I’m always scared when I see her and she tells me all the new songs she has on her Ipod. Last summer it was an akon CD and one of the songs was “I wanna Fuck You.” I couldn’t believe it. I took her ipod and erased everything and put on a bunch of Four Seasons, Christmas Music, and all my country music. She didn’t talk to me for 2 days and within a week she had all the music back on it. The worst part is that she can easily hop on the internet and throw all this crap on her ipod. It is mass culture at its finest, because people like it, it continues to be made. The other thing that kind of pisses me off is that some girls promote this stuff. I mean look at the video for this song here “Toot it and Boot it”, there is a group of girls in white tank-tops dancing to the song being sprayed by water. I mean I’m always more mad at the women who are saying yeah this is fine, we are getting paid a lot to make this video. The men are obviously saying all these things in the video but why would these women support this?

    • Mike says:

      I agree with Mr. Callahan on this one. the fact that songs like these are huge hits is outrageous. having a sister who just turned 13 and is being exposed to songs like this is appalling. moreover, there are women artists who make songs just like “toot it and boot it”. Rihanna is a perfect example:
      “Come here, rude boy, boy, can you get it up?
      Come here, rude boy, boy, is you big enough?
      Take it, take it, baby, baby, take it, take it, love me, love me

      Tonight I’ma give it to ya harder
      Tonight I’ma turn ya body out
      Relax; let me do it how I wanna
      If you got it I need it and I’ma put it down
      Buckle up; I’ma give it to ya stronger
      Hands up; we could go a little longer.”

      This song is being played on the radio all over the coutry. Are you kidding me? My 13 year old sister attended a rihanna concert with all of her friends and this song was the encore. I was furious. however, like conor said, these type of songs are all over the internet and accepted by the media so that makes it ok right? Unbelieveable!

  9. Kyle Tritten says:

    I am completely shocked by everyone who has posted to this bolg post. I feel that everyone one only looks at one perspective when it comes to these things. There are females out there just as much as males that do this. Look even at Jersey shore, Snooki is trying to find a gorilla juice head and just hook up also. I feel we only see men doing these things because they make it more noticeable and females are just trying to hide this aspect of them to try and keep their good girl look. They don’t men to know that they are a little slutty at all. But i do argue, i know many of women on this campus that do just the same as men. I actually have had this happen to me once in my three years. I completely caught off gaurd by it actually, that speaks alot for our culture. But i feel we never dive deeper into these situations we find ourselves talking about in these blogs. Take a rap artist, Khia she’s a female she came out with My Neck My Back is the link i dare you to watch and see what you say? you’ll prolly say oh that’s one female in alot, she doesn’t hold true to most women. I beg to differ, becasue women are more likely to have a one night stand than men now adays. Also if you dont believe me look up the song Milkshake by Kelis and there is another women. So people need to stop just accusing men of doing this and actually look at the whole picture. I know people on this specific blog post for a fact have had many one night stands and then not want to talk about them and they are female. So let’s not jump to conclusions here. So people i encourage you to look deeper into this and look at yourself and hold yourself accountable if you do this and not just point the finger at other people. I’ll admit i have done this before, ill be the first to say, let’s see if anyone else will be true enough to admit it also.

  10. Sam Higgs says:

    I have to play both sides on this arguement. What is acceptable is different to many people. Personally, I have witnessed two extremes from both men and women. The media portrays heavily that women are objects. However, some of my friends that are female “think like men”. I hate using that line because it stereotypes men. Their throught process is going to clubs, meeting men they feel would be good in bed and/or has money. After sex, they either kick them to the curb or continue the relationship in order to prosper financially. On the other extreme, I know females who go to clubs to dance, leave with their boyfriend, and spend the night with the only person they are physically involved with. So, I think media portrays this equally. Songs such as toot it and boot it and my neck my back portray young adults that are just interested in sex. Songs such as we belong together and one and only portray couples who are only interested in each other. Why don’t we attack these songs: “omg how could he say he only wants one girl, who does that?”. We have to realize that people are different. We would be ignorant to judge every female due to the actions of a few. We would be ignorant to assume all men want to toot it and boot it. I know some girls that would slap YG if he tried that shit with them. I also know some girls that would probally go along with it. So are these behaviors acceptable? To who? To the people that participate in these lifestlyes? Beyond a certain age people are smart enough to do what they want instead of trying to follow others.

  11. Jr. Woodard says:

    Ya this song is a catchy tune and might have a disruptive message but so do a bunch of songs where there are girls rapping as well. A lot of girls in the music industry have deragatory messages and explicit lyrics but at the same time it makes good music. good music sells and thats their job. So i am not mad at anybody who makes money however they can. If its YG making this song knowing he was going to have a hit even if it brought negative backlash, i would do it. Simply for the fact that it’s his job to entertain and make good music. Also, that is the reality we live in. Girls use the same language about men but dont get any lash about it. Also, whoever wants to say that this gives a bad message to little kids and our youth, then the answer i will always have to that is it is not the singer or rapper’s fault it is the parents. Dont let them listen to it, check their ipods, teach them a thing or two about sex and relationships and things of that nature.

  12. Salvador Forte says:

    Sure songs and television portraying the promiscuous lifestyle of men and female are pretty raunchy and unacceptable. That does not take away from the reality of it though. “Jersey Shore” is reality television. Pauly D and The Situation would be doing the same things even if the cameras weren’t on them. They even tried settling down and taking it easy with just one girl. In regards to “Toot it and boot”, it’s a pretty bad song, but YG is describing his culture and his lifestyle. All of this unacceptable music is coming from somewhere. It is coming from the experiences these artists have. More of these machismo ideals are becoming public and turning into songs because of how comfortable and lenient the limitations on artistry is becoming. I’m not saying that these people are artists in the sense of creating masterpieces, but they are creating music (or whatever it is to them). They can say what they want to say, it’s not changing the way they think or how they act, it’s just letting the world know.

  13. Alex Cragg says:

    Personally, I like this song and there are a lot of other songs that I like are degrading to women. I know that sounds kind of horrible but like others have said, I don’t tend to think about the message of the lyrics when I listen to these songs. I think it’s possible to like a song but not agree with the message it sends. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m a dancer but whenever I hear a song the first thing that comes to my mind is dancing, not what the song is trying to tell me. If I sat down and actually analyzed what every song in my iTunes was trying to tell me, I’d probably disagree with most of it. I would bet that there are some artists that say things in their songs that they don’t agree with just to fit into the mainstream. This is what our culture has become: over sexualized and money hungry. I guess I’m just too used to it to care and I know that’s a problem. It takes a lot to offend me because I hear so many offensive things every day, whether it be offensive language or offensive phrases. I personally would never toot it and boot it but I know girls who do on a regular basis and well as guys who do on a regular basis. It’s their personal choice, and now because of YG, they have a theme song.

    • Kathryn says:

      I’m really happy Alex said something about this…I also like this song even though I don’t agree with the lyrics. In our society, vulgarity and sexual profanity are mainstream. If you only liked songs containing a message that you supported, I’m afraid you’d have little to choose from. Do I think YG is a positive role model? No. If I were in charge, would I have given him a record deal? No. But the point is that we live in a sexually-charged society, and while we are trying change current ideologies, we cannot focus on obsessing over the problems with each and every song, movie, tv show, commercial, advertisement, etc. because a) there isn’t enough time in the day and b) it all comes back to the same big issue manifested through different forms of media–over sexualization.

      Also, when trying to pinpoint why I like this song when the message behind the lyrics is repulsive, I realized that whether we like it or not, we often passively consume our media. YG is a jackass, but I think the beat of the song is fun and the memory this song brings up (riding in the car with a huge group of friends on the way to Toronto) is also fun. Furthermore, the lyrics are so outrageous I don’t find them very offensive. If anyone ever legitimately tried to say “I tooted someone last night” we all know that we would laugh out loud. Toot it and boot it is an absolutely absurd way of saying something–so ridiculous that I don’t take the message of the song seriously. If YG was saying “I take it and rape it” that would be a completely different story. That right there just shows the power of words–the way we choose to express something can greatly amplify or diminish how sincerely others will perceive it. To me, YG is a harmless idiot, and I will continue to enjoy this awesomely terrible song.

  14. Isaias says:

    Well since everyone commented on this post I figured I will as well. From the looks of it it seems as if people are bothered by the fact that our culture has accepted this type of music. Songs like my milkshake, one minute man, and rude boy are just as bad as YG’s song. They are just as sexual and harmful to a child’d ears. At least YG says toot it and boot it instead of I’m going to have sex you and kick you out in the morning.

    This is a lifestyle for the teens in High Schoolers and college kids. The fact that this is true is what I think bothers most people. Jersey shore is a great example of this. The situation goes out for one thing at night when he goes out to a club and that is to find a group good looking girls to bring them home and hopefully have sex with them to kick them out in the morning. It is a certain life style that some people do not agree with but everyone is different.

    Now I am not knocking this type of music, and I see why people are mad at the fact that this type of music is released but, at the end of the day there are songs out there that talk about killing people. Music is what people use to express how they feel in a creative way. So if most people do not agree with a certain topic should we not make any music at all? What would we do with out music????

    Over and out….

  15. Becky says:

    It is interesting to see that most people, including myself, rarely think about the lyrics in rap songs and how negative they are towards women and even other men sometimes.
    But to be honest- I don’t really care what a man or woman has to say in his or her song lyrics, it is there prerogative to speak however and to whomever they choose. It is us as the consumer and listener who decide whether we choose to listen and do nothing, or listen and attempt to reconstruct this type of lyric.

    I don’t agree with people who continually listen to music deemed offensive and then become irked or bothered by it. If it is that detrimental to your well being then shut it off and promote other artists with more meaningful and less offensive song lyrics. Music lyrics are like poetry. But when we read or hear an offensive poem we generally do not fuss as much over it as we do with music. I don’t see a difference in these two types of expressions. I think that just because a rapper is seen as ghetto or uneducated, we think that their music is not a piece of art. But because poetry is written by the educated- we have a generally different appreciation or lack there of for the works.

  16. Michele says:

    Posted for: Sylvie Scheubeck

    When I listened to the lyrics of the song it really made me laugh at first and then it really annoyed me. I laughed, not because it’s so funny what his song is about. Actually, I laughed because it’s so ridiculous, he is ridiculous! He thinks that every girl he is taking home immediately falls in love with him. That is very stereotypical, because girls are always supposed to deeply fall in love with a guy as soon as they have sex with him. YG says that he was drunk when he took her home. Maybe she was drunk as well and wouldn’t have considered him as her first choice or a choice at all if she was sober.

    But anyway, videos like YG’s are the reason why so many young girls have wrong ideas of how an attractive woman has to look like and how they are supposed to behave. They wear as less as possible, try to be as flirty as possible and are as “easy” as possible. Finally, they are wondering why men cannot take them seriously and why they are “booted”. But actually, I think it’s not really the girl’s fault. They just got fed with the wrong stuff by the media. If the media, songs and movies provided less misogynist ideas, I guess, girls would behave differently and more self-aware. The picture of the ideal woman to be skinny, half-naked, sexy and over-rouged is indeed not really something to laugh about. Actually, it’s pretty sad that society and ideology put us into that one strictly defined category of how to represent ourselves.

  17. Michael Kane says:

    While I completely agree that rap lyrics are often degrading to women, I feel as though these lyrics must be put into context. One wonders if the sexist lyrics should be blamed on the artists.
    The other side to this argument says that many of these hip-hop artists are subject to the material that is being published by record labels. If an A&R at a label believes that these lyrics are what will sell then that is what they pursue. Artists are subject to these demands, and should they want to use rap as a means of a consistent income they must follow trends and submit music that falls within the parameters of what labels are trying to publish.
    I often wonder if these lyrics would be prevalent in the genre if artists published their own material. If they were in the ultimate control of distribution, would they resort to these demeaning lyrics in order to reach the masses? I don’t know, but it is worth questioning…

  18. Yuliana Baez says:

    Reading this guest blog post made me laugh a little for the simple fact that I am the same way. I listen to songs like this and I jam to them. Honestly we all know we do it unconsciously even though we do not believe in what they are saying. These songs are catchy and they play them everywhere. It is what has become main stream. We even see it in the popular MTV show ‘Jersey Shore’. It is one of my guilty pleasures but then again I wouldn’t want to be in the position where I am “tooted and booted” because I am considered DTF.

    What we also have to realize we live in a culture where sex plays a major role in all of our lives. All around us there is sex and it’s up to people to accept it or just choose not to listen and watch.

    Personally I can’t sit here and say that songs like this and shows like ‘Jersey Shore’ should be taken off the market because I am not going to be hypocritical. At the end of the day I will listen and watch. Everyone has their judgments based on their personal beliefs. We just all have to keep an open mind to everything.

  19. Eliss Manon says:

    It is something normal to hear a song and like how the artist voice flows with the beat or how the chorus is very catchy, but when you actually sit there and listen to the words you will realize that its talking about having sex with a girl and then kicking them out like we see in the lyrics to this song “toot it and boot it”, but then again that’s majority of the songs now a days! They talk about having sex with a girl, doing drugs and other ‘cool’ stuff like that and to teens in society it makes it seem like it is ok when it really is not. Then you have the shows such as Jersey Shore where they show cases where this type of action is taking place and the humor in the way they do it makes it seem ok when again it really isn’t.
    These types of songs as well as the shows make it seem like it cool which influence people to do it, but what they don’t realize is how that makes the girl feels. They are really degrading girls and taking away their dignity because they make them feel like they are worth nothing but a one night stand, I mean that’s why YG says: “you gotta go cause you aint my wife” and that’s after he says that he made her feel stupid because she fell in love and he didn’t want nothing else to do with her, like I mean come on what else does he need to say to make her feel useless. So in that note I agree with Tom that it makes it seem like these girls are “prostitutes without getting paid” and that the guys get what they want and then move on, sometimes not even knowing the name of the person they just had sexual relations with, and that is defiantly a problem.
    The thing about this song that really gets to me is the video, besides the fact that it is pointless (a graduation really?) it has girls dancing, while they are getting wet by sprinklers, shaking their butts off meanwhile the song is talking about having sex then kicking them out, I mean come on, they should have at least put guys to dance…ok maybe not (it would look really bad) but when your analyzing the song and looking at the video, once again it is basically saying that it is ok for guys to go ahead to toot it and boot it because it is cool and you won’t ever have to deal with the girl ever again.
    So maybe the song is catchy and has a nice rhythm to it but as long as the woman knows what her place is then they shouldn’t get offended by this type of song, because if you think about it like this; the guy got what he wanted who’s to say she didn’t get what she wanted, but then of course she called a slut (when he said that part It made me want to push him inside the pool that he was dancing in front of). But at the end of the day it really isn’t cute to dance to a song where it is offending girls making it seem as if they are less important than the rapper singing the song when in reality they are worth a lot more than they know.

  20. djravs says:

    The song is catchy enough where you can have it stuck in your head for a while but I personally feel that this is out of proportion. I think that there are numerous ways to look at this and that there is not right answer. Is the song degrading to women yes. Is the rapper making a financial increase because of the song yes. Are there female rappers who have songs just like this absolutely. No matter what way you look at it there are many ways that this situation can be taken in. Should this song be exposed to young teens? No. The fact that my little brother knows what a Donk is and knows other slang terms is beyond me and I do not think that it is right. He is too young and should not be exposed to this at such a early age.

  21. Karen Romero says:

    I would be a hypocrite if I said that I did not listen to songs like this one. I agree with past bloggers that say that just because I listen to songs like this does not mean that I agree with the messages it says. At first I saw this song as harmless and did not notice how degrading the lyrics were, but after actually reading an excerpt of the song I was amazed at what it was actually saying. Although it is disappointing that some people think like this and take advantage of women, it still is freedom of speech. This is the way certain musicians have decided to make money, they are not promoting positive messages in songs such as this one, yet there are still many who enjoy their music. People can complain and protest against songs like this but the chances that they will be stopped is unrealistic. As a girl, I enjoy listening to songs like this and will most likely be singing to these catchy songs, however it does not mean that I will follow what they say and allow men to dominate me, in the end it is just music. If one strongly detests these messages than they can decide to not listen to it and support their music. It is sad that society still degrades women and feel that there is nothing wrong with it, but it is up to women prove the contrary.

  22. carlagaynor2 says:

    I was reading previous posts and saw the comment that lyrics such as these are what the public wants. I agree with this statement, but find this fact upsetting. Why does the general public condone lyrics like this?
    The fact that the beginning of this music video took place at what seems like a high school graduation is even more appalling. This targets middle and high school students, who are roughly around the ages of twelve to eighteen. I really do not think lyrics like the ones found in “Toot it and Boot it” are in any way appropriate. The crowd of graduates seem to be smiling and bobbing their heads to this music, another hint that they want to hear this type of music.
    This is also so degrading to women. When I heard the lyrics for the first time I did not think about their meaning. I didn’t even really hear what he was saying. This post caught my attention though. Not only does he speak about sleeping with a woman and then kicking her out, but he also says “and she fell in love ya /
and she felt stupid cuz you know / I toot it and boot it”. Him saying “and she felt stupid” is totally out of line (as is the rest of this song).
    YG really should not be singled out on this one though. Neither should male artists. Some female singers call negative attention to themselves as well. Take, for example, Rihanna’s new song S&M. This song also had a catchy tune and has made the top music charts. I don’t feel that these lyrics should be looked over while criticizing YG. YG does take it a stepfather though. His statements are outright degrading to women.
    Whether it is right or not, it seems that female artists can get away with this more to a certain extent, because they are women. I am certainly not condoning this, but the general public does seem less concerned with female artists risqué lyrics. It may seem like a male artist makes a bigger statement and raises more of a concern. Either way, I find lyrics like these appalling, and something that should not be seen as okay to put on the radio.

  23. Jacqueline Murphy says:

    There can be two sides to every argument and I think I have opinions about each side. I can’t just side with one person/ one idea/ one issue on this. I think that it is wrong to degrade women, as I am a woman. Yet, people enjoy this kind of stuff. Now, degrading women is inevitable in rap music, it has been going on for years now and it just keeps getting worse. No one is putting any effort forth to end the degrading of women. Rather, women sing these songs and embrace the music. What message does that send to people when you are rapping songs about how you and going to be the “next” one and then you will gone immediately after it is over. It is absurd yet I don’t think that most women really know the words or the meaning of the song when they first start to sing it. It is portraying women as objects to literally be used for one purpose and one purpose only and then they are thrown away as if nothing happened.
    Sex sells, and YG knows it, he is just making music which he hopes will sell to those kids out there that like rap music and like having sex. I am not a huge rap lover to begin with but when you go out on the weekends all you hear is rap and these types of songs. And yes everyone who is there will belt them out to each other. This kind of music is what is popular in today society’s as unfortunate as it is some people enjoy this music even though it is super degrading to women. I believe that people will continue to listen to this kind of music because it is interesting to many people and many people enjoy listening to this music. They may not be interested in the words or lyrics of the song but the beat and tune instead. Either way people will continue to listen to this music as long as it is available. Women are not making an effort to change the way they are portrayed and used in society and therefore the music will not change. As for now, I think we either have to embrace the music that is being recorded or choose not to listen to it or women need to stand up for themselves if they are feeling violated.

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