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  1. jr. woodard says:

    I am commenting on this strictly because I think i just learned something new. There are expiration dates on our condoms? That’s crazy. I mean i understand when they’re wrinkled and the texture is lacking on the package that they should be thrown away but i didnt know there are actual dates. However, a good question is, would you still wear a condom that is a bit old and expired if it was the only one you had on you and you were getting ready to have sex or would you just go in raw? Me personally, i am probably putting that condom on. I’ll leave you with a great motto or quote that i live by:

    “Safe sex is great sex, you better wear a latex because you dont want that late text thats tells you i am late text.”–Lil Wayne

  2. Grace Hennigan says:

    I chose to comment on this post because no one else has yet. I think that its interesting that Planned Parenthood chose a girl for this cartoon, because when I think of condoms, I always think of men. In the only condom commercial that I’ve seen on TV ( a woman is in a bar surrounded by pigs. One of the pigs goes into the bathroom and buys a Trojan condom, and he is transformed into a handsome man who the woman is instantly drawn to. It is implied that she will have sex with him because the ad says “Use a condom every time”. This is a great advertisement because it helps advocate safe sex, yet, why couldn’t the woman have just been prepared herself? She could have had her own condom in her purse. I think that teaching women the responsibility of buying condoms is very important, especially since the risk of getting an STD is so high. This commercial is sexist and sends the message that it is a man’s job to protect himself. Well, I think that there should be commercials about women buying condoms, heck, even FEMALE condoms! Why are female condoms so frowned upon anyways? Labeling the safety of sex as the male’s duty is not going to help our youth become more sexually aware.

  3. Emily D'Addario says:

    Just about everybody will buy a condom at some point and the initial experience tends to bring about feelings of embarrassment, confusion, or frustration. Many men and women feel ashamed when buying condoms because of our cultural attitudes that label sex as a risky act, not something that should be flaunted in a public setting.

    I also think it is interesting that Plant Parenthood chose the cartoon image of a female holding the condoms. Although most people associate men with the condom, women have always had greater responsibility in regards to birth control. Condoms are nothing but protection and most women have realized this. Condom sales are booming because of women being more aware and taking responsibility for their own sexual protection. For instance, women purchased only 20 percent of condoms in Taiwan in the 1990s and today that number has risen to more than 40 percent. Our culture continues to make this task easier for its consumers by placing vending machines in rest rooms and all public places for quick, easy access.

    Buying and using condoms is one way in which a man can share responsibility for birth control. However, men are often fearful of purchasing such an item. It signifies a sense of responsibility and respect toward their partner, but the product is a serious attack to ones masculinity. Some men reject the responsibility in effort to embody their traditional superiority, keeping them safely within the bounds of ideal powerful, heterosexual behavior. Reversing the roles and making women accountable for purchasing the condom does less damage to a man’s masculine image.

  4. Amaury Ramirez says:

    I’m with Junior on this one. I had no idea that condoms had expiration date on them.

    I am commenting on this because I remember when I first bought a condom and I felt that it was embarrassing because I didn’t want the cashier to know about something so private. Then I started think about how men usually brag about having sex but when it comes to buying condoms, they are nervous. What is it that makes a guy nervous/embarrassed about buying a condom? Food for thought.

    Now back to the expiration date truth that I just learned. This needs to be in more places because I don’t think most people know that condoms expire. When you wear a condom you are protecting yourself, as you are thought, but if the condom is expired it may not work. The abstinence only teaching plan in high school ends up doing more damage than what it tries to solve. The sex is going to happen, but if kids are taught about consequences and more importantly protection, less pregnancies and deceases will be spread. A young mind is very impressionable. Teaching abstinence just tells students to stop listening, trust me I was there at one point. Lets get it together.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I knew that condoms had expiration dates but i rarely check them. This little comic is funny but does have a pretty strong meaning. IF the condoms you use are expired it defeats the whole purpose of the device. The purpose of this device is to of course prevent std’s and from getting pregnant. if the condom is bad then bad things are waiting for you. Don’t be a fool wrap your tool and make sure to check the expiration date. This seems like a bit of duh but look back at all the condoms you have used…. have you ever once considered that they might be expired. I know for a fact that I have not. this small but effective comic will be a constant reminder to practice safe sex, and to check the safety of your safety devices.

  6. Esther Altomare says:

    When it comes to condoms I’ve never really thought about expiration dates. I guess, in the way back of my mind, I’ve always known that condoms do in fact have a shelf life; but I can’t say I’ve ever stopped to make sure a condom was safe to use, which got me thinking about the amount of girls and boys alike who actually look at condoms expiration dates. Yeah, I probably wouldn’t use a condom if it was visibly beat up but what about an old condom that looks perfectly fine, yet dates back to the mid 90s?
    I, like the previous posters, haven’t seen many condom ads featuring women as the purchasers of condoms. Most ads are directed at men, using condoms in order to ensure they wont get their girl pregnant. It is important that women take the matter of safe sex into their own hands, especially when it comes to condoms. I know friends that count on the guys to have condoms and then proceed to have sex even if the guys “forgot.” The only way to truly make sure you are safe from STDs is to use condoms and the best way to do that is to provide the protection yourself.
    Teen pregnancy is only increasing and with such shows as 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom these pregnancies are becoming more of the norm. It is important that both sexes take steps for birth control and the prevention of STDs.

  7. Jackie Minnehan says:

    Like many of the comments to this blog, I had no idea condoms had expiration dates!

    Sex requires responsibility. If you choose to partake in sexual activities, I definitely think it is your job to understand the consequences and be responsible. Condoms are one of the first steps a male or female should take. Although most girls leave it to the guys to have a condom, what if they don’t? You may feel pressured, or you may not be a good state to make the right decision. As a result, you could make a huge mistake. Although you may not face any of the consequences, there is a chance you will. We’re in college; a baby would definitely mess up our futures. Also, an even more common result of unprotected sex in college is sexually transmitted diseases.

    The point of my comment is not to tell you the consequences of sex that we all know. I just don’t think it has been enough; sex is not something that should be taken lightly. I feel like it is so common in college that most people disregard the consequences. I definitely think high school and junior high schools need to do a better job of educating students about sex. Many of my health teachers tried to teach us by instilling a sense of fear when it came to sex, but I don’t think this is the right method. Sex is a common activity in our society…as weird as that sounds. High school students shouldn’t be scared by sex because it will only make the situation worse when they begin to experience it for the first time.

    This blog definitely sends an important message to young teens and adults. Sex takes responsibility. If you are not ready to take on those responsibilities, no matter what gender you are, you are not ready for sex.

  8. Condoms have expiration dates? WHAT? That’s something new I just learned. Anyways, I know the reason why at times women end up being pregnant even after using precautions. And the reason is not a lot of people (male and female) know that condoms have expiration dates. Whenever one thinks about using condom, nobody thinks about checking whether it’s safe to use because everyone think that condoms have lifetime expiration date, or no body even checks it. I agree with Jackie when she said that “sex requires responsibility and that if you choose to partake in sexual activities it is your job to understand the consequences and be responsible”. It’s actually true. Nowadays sex is getting really common, people are just too drunk to look at the expiration date when they’re having sex especially the teenagers. The consequences of not keeping track of the expiration date can be sexually transmitted diseases or a baby itself. Who wants a baby especially when you’re going to college? I definitely would not want any of the above, but if you look close enough there was a chance for me to get any of those, if I was sexually active. Sex even if it’s taken as a common type of way to get satisfaction, or anything else, the consequences are the same. These consequences are not only for college girls but are even for married couples. Therefore, keeping a track of expiration dates of condom can help you avoid the consequences.

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