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  1. Amaury Ramirez says:

    Although this girl looks foolish in the video, she does understand and explains in “lamest” terms what exactly it is. This can help many young kids understand what a thesis is. People usually remember things when there is a certain emotion that comes with it. Commercials and propaganda are fueled by this ideology. Many commercials are made to be funny or sad. This is because it makes people remember the commercial and what it is for. So what I am saying is that if students listen to things like this video, they will get a good laugh out of it but will probably remember what the girl was saying and so understanding a thesis.

    How many teachers have tried to make class funny in an effort to help students understand what they are trying to teach? In my experience, teachers don’t make classes fun. This can be something teachers could possibly look into. Since computers are very available to everyone, videos like these can help students entertain others while learn what they are doing. Although it may seem time consuming, kids understand computers much better than what we think. If the job of teachers is to truly teach students, then teaching should revolve students and what they feel comfortable with.

  2. ecgove says:

    I watched about ten seconds of this video before slamming my finger down on my computer’s mute button. I’m usually a fan of hilarious Youtube videos, but this one, while funny, falls more into the category of auditory torture. Sure I appreciate the creativity and the bravery it took for someone to put themselves at the mercy of the internet like that, but seriously that was just painful to watch. I feel as though Youtube is starting to get overrun with videos like this one. Their slogan is “Broadcast Yourself,” not “Broadcast Yourself Doing Something Annoying.” Youtube has been a career booster for all sorts of people who’s videos went viral, creating what we call Youtube stars. I understand the appeal of becoming a Youtube star because anyone can do it. It only takes a few seconds of film to change someones life. There’s an entire T.V. show called Tosh. on Comedy Central that’s based on making fun of internet videos. They track down the people who make funny videos and give them their 15 seconds of television fame. I guess I just get annoyed when I’m on Youtube and the majority of the videos don’t really entertain me.

    I need to end this Youtube rant though because I thought it was interesting how the girl in the video did her best to hide the fact that she was a girl. She’s wearing a large white t-shirt and her hair is covered by the sideways hat. Rap music is definitely a male-dominated field, with even the woman trying to fulfill the “gangsta” attitude. This girl did her best to fulfill the gangsta ideal short of getting a tatoo and carrying a gun. Even her voice shifts to a masculine tone while singing the chorus. Is it because if she had looked and sounded girly no one would have taken her song seriously? This video is definitely appropriate for a language and gender class, there’s a lot to consider in terms of competing gender roles and identities. It would be interesting to find out if that’s just a costume she put on for the video, or if she actually wears that outfit to school everyday.

  3. Chris Bramwell says:

    Ecgove, you raise interesting points. To answer one of your questions, I feel as though this video might have been more effective to a wider range of audience members had she “dressed girlie” because more people would have been able to relate to her, a woman singing to educate – after all, that IS the stereotype, right? I feel as though this author chose this avenue to target wanna-be “gangstas” as her specific demographic. To contrast ecgove, this author’s dress is not indicative of being a gangsta, but rather indicative of the comic stereotype of gangstas: hat to the side, large white T-shirt, weird gesticulations, etc. Real gangstas are widely different.

    Her means for conveying the message are clever. She wears the garb of a glorified gangsta, she uses the masculine voice, and she does all these things in a short web video, as this seems to be one of the best means to interact with the masses, let alone this particular demographic. Nobody wants to read anymore, and nobody wants to watch long videos; no, we want information fast.

    I do wonder why she choose black and white video. Was this rhetorical decision done to further conceal her femininity, or was it done to identify further with her target audience, the wanna-be gangsta? Or is there another reason?

  4. Jay Montross says:

    Seriously, the comments above could not say any better how stupid this video is. I agree it takes courage to put a video up but come one any idiot can film a video. For instance, a kid with the growth and body disorder progerria; posted a whole bunch of videos on youtube. Truly sad, but the kid said some of the most humanly racist remarks and made a fool of himself. That goes to show you any person can make a video. Wathing this makes me wonder whether todays percepetion of what is anything decent has gone to the way side? Do people think before they act?
    Watching this video had brought me painful agony but it also brought to light how stupid our pop culture is and maybe our moral values? Did people back in the old days make video rapping about non-sense?

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