Help out a fellow student!

William Smith student JoJo Ragon is is working on a project concerning pornography for one of her classes. Please take the time to fill out this three-question anonymous survey!

Questionnaire on Pornographic Material


3 thoughts on “Help out a fellow student!

  1. Ashley Yang says:

    Nothin like having THIS pop up larger than life in my living room in the honors house, causing me to yell out, “WHOAH ANCIENT PORN!!” and my housemates come tripping over themselves, knocking over lamps in an attempt to see it….

  2. jr. woodard says:

    Pornography? or Art? haha. This is pretty clever to make like this i must be honest. Unfrotunately, this doesnt need to be out to the public. It is a bad place for youth to run into it and have to encounter such exposure to sex. I believe pornography is ok to have in the world but our society should try harder to keep out of reach of the children in the world. They are clearly not ready to see and try to make out what is going on in this image.

  3. djravs says:

    I believe that in todays society everything is revolved around sex. Mostly every advertisement ad is based around sex. For example, the body wash commercials for axe are very provocative. Sex does sell but not at the expense of having it run our everyday lives. I believe that there should not be these types of commercials on channels such as disney or nickelodean. I would not want my little brother seeing something like this at the age of ten. I believe that he is not ready to be exposed to something like that image even though the image represents life or creating life. I believe pornography is okay but it should be monitored more so that it does not fall into the hands of young children.

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