Get some sleep.

So this is the opening paragraph of a news article I just read on

“We all know that getting enough shut-eye is good for us, but now a new study suggests that getting too little sleep can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular disease that can result in early death.”

I am not certain there is an adult—and I use that term loosely—that hasn’t heard that getting enough sleep is key to good health. But I wonder how many of these specialists that advocate six to eight hours of sleep a night know the reality of a student’s life?

We are in our fifth week of school, at present. Not only are many, many of you hacking away at bronchitis and impending flu but many of you are still coming off of Superbowl weekend so most likely, you are already behind in most of the work due this week. So this idea of getting six to eight hours? Yeah. Right. Really?

Right about now in the semester, many of you are not only trying to get yourselves organized with any collaborative work you have been assigned in several of your classes but you also are trying to sort through what your personal responsibility on collaborative assignments might be.

Add in your commitment to various campus groups—and pretty much all of my students are members of some such campus organization that is either academic, athletic or social—and any sort of social life and there is no way six to eight hours is going to happen.

I know that for myself, if a new episode of Jersey Shore reruns at 11p and I have yet to see it, I am up until at least midnight, despite my ability to set my DVR.

So ‘tis the season. For mono.

I can usually call it. One look at a student on the first day of class and I can tell if they are going to be my mono pick for the semester. Many of you think I might be brilliant when I call it since I am usually right; the student I think will get hit with mono is usually the student who does.

It doesn’t take Bill Nye to figure this out.

today’s generation of traditional students tend to overbook and overachieve. Lack of sleep = illness. So plotting out who the mono recipient might be isn’t too hard. I look for which one of you is most stressed, least focused and sniffling for more than a week straight. As I said, you are not too hard to find.

My only hope is that you make it to your mono bed without passing that germ-infested warfare on to me. So far, so good. But then, I am a huge advocate of these:

and these:

And honest: apples and oranges really work. So get yourself to the dining hall and start stocking up on some fruit. And get some sleep.

Note: go hit up yawn in the Google image bank and see if you can scroll through that page without yawning at least once. Go ahead. I dare you.


33 thoughts on “Get some sleep.

  1. danielle moreau says:

    i know that sleep is so important, especially as a college athlete under a lot of stress, but sometimes it seems IMPOSSIBLE to get decent shut-eye. (obviously you can tell i stay up to do homework by the fact that I am answering this at 11:40pm)…

    it’s crazy all the evidence out there that shows how much of an impact sleep, or lack thereof, has on the body, mind and their performance. From personal experience I know that if I do not get enough sleep, focusing in class is a STRUGGLE!!!

    i think it is wise for me, and probably many other students as well, to come up with some type of strategy or plan in order to cut down on the late night/early morning combinations. I think maybe trying to do more homework during my short breaks between classes will help ease the workload at night so as not to conflict with the time i should be sleeping….. we’ll see how that one goes.

  2. Sheridan French says:

    This is so true! It’s fact that only a few students actually go to bed before 1 A.M. on weekdays, even if the have to get up at 7 the next morning. It just kind of happens, when all your friends are around and you don’t watch the time as much as your do when your alone. I would agree that the two variables of wellness and getting enough sleep have some relation to each other, but there are too many other third variable problems that could be causing one or the other.

    Being in college, germs spread. It’s inevitable with all the kids hanging out with each other. Out of all the kids, the thing is that kids don’t think much about missing class, but staying in the dorm let alone your room is just unheard of. If one person on the floor gets sick, there is a very high chance everyone on the floor is getting sick as well.

    I 100% say that college kids need more sleep, but it’s not the reason we are all getting sick, at least, that’s my point of view. It is more of our rather repulsive way of living. sharing drinks, touching all the same doorknobs, always popping in on each other. it’s a doctors nightmare (or, actually probably a doctors dream) But college dorm hygiene plays a bigger role why we are all sick.

    This is probably easiest for you to call out who will get mono and who won’t. If the person seems to all together and organized, they are most likely quite hygienic. But people (as you saw today) are often sick, and not organized, they might come off as forgetful. Meaning they sometimes forget to cover their mouths, or brush their teeth or god forbid forget to shower often, the chance of them getting sick is much higher.

    Just thought i would add my input on the subject of sleep and illness
    – Sincerely, an average HWS first year

  3. dana Nachbar says:

    I completely agree on everything about this blog post, I probably should be sleeping right now especially since those lovely baby yawning pictures provoked me to yawn. I also agree on the fact that eating lots of fruits such as oranges and apples can help boost the immune system and fight the typical college dorm sicknesses that spread like wildfires. It is quite impossible to not get sick this time of the year as well, I have already been infected with two different cold viruses:(

  4. Ashley Yang says:

    I didn’t get through that POST without yawning!

    I’m pretty amazed I’ve never gotten mono. My sleep habits are horrible. However, it pays to be a germaphobe, and I’m quite sure that’s the reason I remain as healthy as I do: half the reason college kids are so sick all the time has less to do with their sleep habits and more to do with their hygiene. Here’s a thought: Stop digging your hands into a communal bag of chips, drinking out of each other’s beverages, and maybe wipe down common surfaces with disinfectant once in awhile–you know how grody door handles are? Your laptop keyboard? Your phone? Wash your hands after you use those nasty, nasty library computers and before you go eat at the cafe. Sure, lack of sleep wears down your immune system, but mono doesn’t spread from sleepiness alone.

  5. Jackie Minnehan says:

    Thanks to this blog, I am now non-stop yawning……

    I absolutely agree with everything written in the blog. Right now, I’m sitting in the library, stressed, on a Monday morning, the weather sucks, and I’m running on an empty tank. The weekends kill me. This blog made me remember how important sleep truly is. However, we’re in college. Is it possible to get the required eight hours as a young college student? No way! There is ALWAYS something we want or should be doing. Whether it be weekend festivities that leave us dead in our beds on both Saturday and Sunday, the countless homework assignments that we have yet to finish, or gossiping in the café or pub – there is no time for sleep. Yes, I love sleep…. but sometimes I just follow the saying “you can sleep when you’re dead.” However, I do not have the same amount of energy I had in middle school…not even close. I never wanted or enjoyed sleeping, that was the last thing on my mind as a child. Things have definitely changed. All I think about now is sleep (or food ha ha… not a good mix). So, sleep is all I think about, yet I never have time for it. On top of this problem, I have the problem of living away from home cooked meals for the first time. The options are limited for food in college, and fruit is not always the most appealing option. Reading this blog has definitely made me eager to go home, thank gosh break is only two weeks away! This break will one hundred percent be devoted to sleep. I cannot wait. Home cooked meals, comfy beds, A HOUSE….ahhhhhh the next two weeks are going to be rough.

  6. Yuliana Baez says:

    This post caught my attention right away. Partially because right now I am sick, I know it is horrible right? But anyways, I got something to say about this.

    One the amount of work we get for each week is a lot. Sometimes even with the all night sessions we still don’t finish all of our work. I don’t think Professor realize that they aren’t the only class that we are taking. As students we take four classes (some of us even five), we have clubs, sports, and such things. Plus we got to fit in sleep and gym time (we do need our exercise). It is unfair sometimes the amount of work that we are given. Granted that we are in college but I feel some Professors should just take into consideration that we are human beings and if we are not well then we cannot do our work to the best of our abilities.

    Next about being sick, mono, and such things. Really guys come on COVER YOUR MOUTH! Oh my god! I do not know how many times I am walking around campus and people just cough in the air like it is going to disappear. No! In reality you are just spreading your germs to everyone who is around you. Then they want to go to the bathroom and not wash your hands spreading more germs. I am tired of this. Then our health center is not much help which I am not going to get into. I go through this every year that I been here and as much as I avoid getting sick it happens.

    So as Michele said use your meal plans get yourself some apples and oranges and COVER YOUR MOUTH!

    Hand sanitizer might be helpful too

  7. Ben Ayres says:

    I’m always prone to getting sick, i know that every year around the end of January I am going to get sick. It always seems to happen like that and to try to counteract my sickness sleeping is what i always do, but never really works for me. Even though i do get my work done anyways and whatever else i have to do whether thats go to the gym, go to practice or labs, sleeping is my number one priority when sick. I don’t think that adults need to be told to sleep, i figure they have enough common sense that they need to sleep, plus i thought that people love to sleep? But for me i know that i need to sleep so if i have alot of work that needs to be done and am not really getting it done, ill just go to bed,wake up a little early in the morning and finish it. Its not that big of a deal for me personally. But for the idea that college kids are getting sick from not getting enough sleep id have to say that thats mainly bullshit, think about it were all living together in a box full of germs on doors, railings, remotes and whatever we all use together. I think that those are bigger factors for getting sick than not getting enough sleep.

  8. acar2284 says:

    Personally, I have been very dedicated to getting enough sleep since I’ve been at college. I have always truly needed at least 9 hours in order to function properly the next day. Nevertheless, I seem to be on this inescapable viscious cycle where it’s impossible for me to fall asleep before midnight. Back in high school, I used to think that 11 o’clock was late. But the again, I had to be up at 6:30 every morning to catch a 6:55 school bus. So, I think it’s safe to say that my concept of a late night has changed a good deal in the past year. And though it seems really early now, I suppose that it’s nice not to have any classes before 8:30 in the morning here at HWS. If I had heard that this time last year, I would have been super excited at the prospect of sleeping in until 8:00!

    I also agree that it’s so important for college students to take good care of themselves; by getting enough sleep and otherwise. I’ve heard that mono is common among freshman like myself because most of us are on our own for the first time in our lives, and we have yet to learn how to properly look after our health. In an extra effort to protect myself from such diseases, I use an excessive amount of those individually wrapped anti-bacterial wipes. They’re really handy when I can’t get to a bathroom to wash my hands. I mean, there’s no need to be a germaphobe, but there are many easy ways to help prevent yourself from getting sick.

  9. i really believe that sleep is key to a healthy self. i know when you stay up really late and dont get the best sleep or sleep all day during the day you are usually more prone to waking up with atleast a cold or feel one coming on. ha i feel like at college your regular 9 oclock wake up feels like your getting up at 5 im not sure whether it is because its so cold out or just because we are always trying to get more sleep. i know i am not a morning person and 10 is usually the earliest i can wake up with still being happy haha. going to the mono discussion i dont think i have ever had it and hope i never get it knock on wood. but i know many people who never even knew they had it got tested and turns out that they had it. thats pretty scary because who knows if you have gotten it or not. college is a huge sick fest you learn during your freshman year but i mean atleast i always remember to keep the hand sanitizer on deck 🙂

  10. jay montross says:

    I always try to get the right amount of sleep and if possible sleep as long as i can. I scheduled all my classes in the later half of the day because i have the tendency to sleep through class. So unlike last semester i decide to not sleep though most of my classes and play the catch up game. Also, i sleep insane amount and i still got really sick because other people are afraid of being clean. Like boarding school when something goes around everyone gets its. Sleep i feel has a lot to do with getting sick but people here got sick regardless of sleep; including me.

  11. Coffee and Red Bull is what keeps our little college bodies awake! This is NOT healthy one bit. College students need more sleep…including me. The tiredness, laziness, and recklessness tends to hit me mid-week. We can all agree that the days at college go by SO fast and the weekend comes and goes before we know it. We start to lose sense of time and begin to stress because that paper that was due Thursday just creeped up on us. It is those weekends of partying and going out late that hurts our bodies physically Then it’s those long nights staying up late studying for exams or working papers that hurts our self mentally with stress.

    I find that taking a power nap helps me tremendously. I am very involved on campus with different organizations and always have meetings three to four times a week. I also like to go to the gym and hang out with my friends during the week and weekend but making time for a power nap is well worth it. Even if it is thirty minutes, this nap will make you feel refreshed.

  12. Yosh Karbowniczak says:

    I have the worst immune system known to man kind i swear, so a decent amount of sleep for me is key. In college there are so many distractions that keep you up and past your bedtime. Whether your laying in bed and forgot about a homework assignment, or your laying in bed wide awake from the nap you took earlier, sometimes i struggle to even fall asleep at night. The biggest problem is living in a fourced tripple with two other athletes. Throughout the week we all have different early workouts so every morning i am woken up by them changing and leaving. The only thing to do is make sure your work is done in the day time because i have learned it makes you alot less stressed out and when i am stressed is when i am the most tired!

  13. Angelo Crea says:

    I agree with this blog 100% because sleep is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. I know that I do not know anyone on my floor who goes to bed before 1 am. As a student athlete it is crucial that we get our sleep but unfortunately this does not happen for most of us. We are up all hours of the night doing hw and writing essays until 2 or 3am and than have to be up at 5am to get to lift on time. Also without sleep you are more prone to getting sick or catching something from someone. As you can see sleep is extremely important to a college student and I know I will try and do a better job at it.

  14. Graham Pastor says:

    I feel like we are constantly told that we need to be getting more sleep. They made a really big deal about it back at my high school and I’m hearing the same thing here at college. I still rarely get a full night of sleep while I’m at school. I don’t think college kids are ever going to get enough sleep. Everybody pretty much know’s by now how important sleep is and still don’t change their habits. I am now just substituting sleep with caffeine and have grown pretty much dependent on coffee before my morning classes.

  15. seanyh91 says:

    If lack of sleep caused heart attacks then I would have definitely suffered one already this year. The first year of college is insane. The workload is crazy and you must make your schedule yourself. There is nobody other than yourself that can make yourself do the work you need to do. I had classes, lifts, practice, meetings, hw. It doesnt seem like its too bad, but once this list goes on day after day it gets so old and stressful because as you can see i didnt mention sleep in that list. Sleep here at college is so overrated. Kids are pulling all-nighters, studying for tests, writing 20 page papers or whatever it may be, sleeping is the last option. I have experimented with different ways to make sure i get enough sleep and the only way was to make it so i had all afternoon classes. Maybe not the best solution, but its working out so far.

  16. Ali Schreiber says:

    I am very asthmatic and have had asthma since I was born. During my trips to the doctor’s office when I was younger, my mother would always bring up the fact that I was exhausted from the sleepover that I had the night before going to the doctors. My mother always made sure to mention something to me when the doctor was present in the room so that way he could object and tell me how it is imperative that I get sleep and especially being an asthmatic person how much more prone to sicknesses I am than the rest of my friends. All the way from middle school to high school there wasn’t at least one year that I was not hospitalized for some sort of illness rather it was mono, the stomach flu, asthma, etc. I had a bed with my name on it pretty much at the hospital. My doctor would always accuse me of not getting enough rest and being too active. However my social life and sports were more important than my health to me. Now present day, here I am at college. I am a student who has an over abundance of work, clubs that I am part of, on a horseback riding team, taking on a major and triple minor, and part of the education program and leadership program. Needless to say I do not get much sleep, at all. What do you know? Long and behold I was recently in the hospital again for being sick. It never ends! I am finally learning how to manage my time and to allow myself to get at least six hours of sleep a week. Now that I am on a normal sleep schedule I feel a lot healthier and more energetic.

  17. Stephanie Haddad says:

    I completely agree with the fact that the majority of college students lack a proper sleeping schedule. Ever since I started my internship, I feel like I’ve lost so many hours of sleep. I had to wake up at 7 in the morning on Saturdays! Talk about torture…. I mean I absolutely love this internship, but starting work at 8 am on a Saturday is just not right! Luckily, I’ve switched over to weekdays because Saturday is my favorite day of the week since it’s the one day I can actually catch up on sleep other than Sundays of course. Work is just endless at school, and it’s honestly become impossible to get a regular sleep routine in. It’s so true though- a lack of sleep truly drains my body. One week, I worked for 8 straight hours on a Saturday (might I add- standing up the whole time), and next thing I know I’m coughing up a lung and taking antibiotics. Getting sick really takes the life out of you. Increased risk “of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular disease that can result in early death.” Okay, now I’m freaking out. But not as much as my friend should be since she happens to pull all nighters here and there to finish up some huge projects. I definitely warned her about this one. Sleep deprived, I shall not be anymore. At least I hope… :/

  18. Kyle Leahy says:

    Yea I was up until five am the night before spring break and I had a class at eight in the morning. That week I had a political theory paper, political theory exam, WRRH paper, German exam and Oral exam, Bio Lab and quiz. I think it is impossible to plan on getting eight hours each night, and since I don’t take naps I am over tired constantly and It’s way too easy to get sick. Maybe partially due to my procrastination, but we all do it. When I was googling yawns before I even pressed enter on my computer I already felt like I was getting tired. What depresses me is that I actually make an effort to get the right amount of sleep each night and I still end up going to bed at 1 or 2 and waking up at 7 15 for an 8 am class. Yawn.

    In response to the awesome Bill Nye reference, he was a classic and a big part of my early childhood TV career. He also drops F-bombs…..

  19. Brittany Betts says:

    I love sleep. Unfortunately, unless it’s between May and August, I’m not getting enough of it. They say how important it is, especially for college kids, to get at least 8.5 (ideally 9+ according to hours of sleep per night. I know for a fact there hasn’t been one school night since I’ve started college where I’ve slept that much; weekends are another story. But really we need the rest the most during the week when we’re going non stop ALL DAY. I can get through maybe one day on after a weak night sleep but if i don’t rest up the next few nights I’m screwed. Thankfully my roommate and I are pretty much on the same schedule so I don’t have to worry about her keeping the light on until 3am or waking me up early in the morning. But roommate issues aren’t the main problem, it’s the work. In order for me not to have any work at night I would have to go to the library immediately after my classes and work non continuously until about 10pm. Obviously that will never happen. Some teachers forget that we do actually have other commmitments besides schoolwork; not to mention the teachers who also forget we take three other classes so no, sorry, I can’t spend five hours a day reviewing my chem notes. I do the best I can to try to get around 7 hours a sleep a night, which isn’t great but I’m sure more than a lot of kids get here.

  20. Tyler Garvey says:

    A buddy of mine told me once that when you go to college you have 3 priorities sleep, school work, and a social life. but you can only choose 2 of the 3. no one has ever said anything so true to me. i find it pretty much impossible to consistently get enough sleep unless im being a bum at home on break. for instance, id have to go to be now if i wanted to get my 8 hours and wake up at 5 for football. its funny that even though you really only have like 2 hour of class a day it is still impossible to get enough sleep.

    I knew that sleep was important, but i was really surprised that not having enough of it could lead to heart problems and early death, i never realized it was so important. so with that, i guess i should probably go to bed

  21. Andrew Zdrojewski says:

    I agree that most college students do not get enough sleep, with the partying that goes on as well as the freedom of doing what you want without a parenting nagging at you to get some more sleep many students stay up well past midnight. Personally I almost never get 8 hours of sleep especially since we are in the spring semester with spring football. Monday Wednesday Friday I have to be up at 520 AM to go and run, on these nights I usually go to bed at 11 30 or 12 because I want to watch sports or Family Guy. On Tuesday or Thursday I have a class that starts at 8:45 so these nights I actually do get a decent amount of sleep, but I still feel pretty tired when I wake up. At home when I can wake up when I want to I feel so refreshed, I think it also helps that my bed at home is much bigger and much more comfortable. What I really notice the most is how sick I get when I come back to school, I basically have a full over the counter drug store underneath my bed to make me feel better. Living in a dorm simply sucks, it is so dirty it’s a breeding house for germs that can get me sick. The moment I wake up from my first night of sleep at Hobart I have a sore throat, EVERYTIME. I have stopped drinking so much pop (soda) and substituted OJ to try and get more vitamin C. Hopefully this works for me so I’m not always feeling so sick.

  22. Jena Ko says:

    Agreed. In fact studies show that college students and athletes should be getting more sleep than average because of all the shit we have to do. It sucks that college life promotes partying and drinking when in fact we should use the weekend to just fucking relax. Yes we have all the work loaded on our schedules and all the extraciricular stuff to do, and on top of that we have our social lives. It is indeed quite difficult to put all this into play, because we are human beings. College is in all ways detrimental to our health. We have unhealthy food in the dinning halls, unbelievable amounts of stress academically and personally, drinking promoted for every weekend which leads to unproductivity and cravings for fast and greasy food, and etc….Students making all nighter studying is making themselves a target to forgetting everything studied that night. Students need to plan better and relax better. Mono and viruses wouldn’t spread if we all just stayed in and took the time to really get our bodies back to its peak. But then again, if the unrelaxing lifestyle is what some students prefer, by all means we have to let them… It’s their life, their body.

  23. Maggie Bernay says:

    I completely agree with this idea that everyone needs to get more sleep. I certainly did not realize that sleep was so important until after my freshman year of college. My first semester of college, I went to sleep no earlier than about 1:30 am and I suffered the consequences. Getting bronchitis and pneumonia by first semester really took its toll on me and I know go to sleep around 12 or 12 30 because of that. But it is not just college students who should concentrate on getting more shut-eye. Everyone is so busy today that sleep is the last thing on everyone’s to-do list but it is really so important. It shows a lot about our society that everyone is so busy that we don’t even have time to sleep anymore.

  24. Wes Traub says:

    I whole-heartedly agree with this; sleep is so vitally important to happiness, health, and productivity. Right now for example, I am writing this blog on 6 hours of sleep. Trust me, it’s a struggle. If I don’t get a good 8 to 9 hours I’m so incredibly drained and unenthusiastic the next day that it’s difficult to function. Yes, I could down a few coffees and call it even, but this just builds up my tolerance to the stuff so later in life I will need to drink lots of it everyday.

    I think that getting proper sleep (over 8 hours) can solve the majority of college students problems. I constantly overhear conversations in Saga that go as follows: “OMG I have soooo much work today and I’m so tired from last night…” In my opinion, this could be resolved if the person was well-rested and therefore efficient during work time. They’d also be happier because they would be able to get outside and take a walk, throw a football around, or sit by the lake and read. When people don’t get enough sleep everything is seen in a negative light, and this is a HUGE problem today.

    Alright, so I have provided many negative aspects about sleep deprivation. But what about a solution? Sadly enough, there is no clearcut solution to this problem; it lies within each of us. The solution is the intrinsic motivation to get off facebook at 10pm, go brush your teeth, and get in bed. The solution is to get your work done early in the day so you’re not up until daybreak cranking out that philosophy midterm. The solution is to do whatever it takes to schedule your day accordingly so that you can ASSURE yourself of at least 8 hours of sack time a day.

  25. Katie York says:

    I have 7:30 class Tuesday and Thursday and have to wake up at 7:30 monday Wednesday Friday to teach at an elementary school. I am also a late night person so I never end up getting sleep! It’s so hard to have classes that early in college because its a late night life style. I even developed sleep paralysis from it meaning that sometimes when I’m falling asleep I get physically paralyzed and can not move anything, including opening my eyes. This happens as an effect of not enough sleep. Some people with sleep paralysis have it even worse. They see things and hear things along with being paralyzed and often people mistake it for a paranormal encounter. Luckily mines not that bad but its still scary when it happens!
    schizophrenia is also a cause of lack of sleep so sleep is very important! I have been trying harder to get to bed earlier and its been kind of working.
    Also, caffeine isn’t good for you!! I have way to much of it.

  26. rijarrett says:

    I chose this post to comment on because sleep is something that to me comes as a priority. This is different from most kids my age, I know this because my roommate finds himself justified to wake me up every morning and not care at all, and then wonders why I get aggravated with him.
    What I love about this post is that it approaches the dispute from all angles. I am in total agreement that we need to be getting the most sleep at this age, but I have to reiterate something that really, I believe, is the most important part of this debate, which is, the fact of how demanding the world around us is. I often find myself up at ridiculous times at night doing work that is demanded of me. Now I know that that’s just life, but maybe this should be something this country should change for the well being of its people.
    The digital media in this post justifies the facts about the issue. This debate is something that is written about in the New York Times at least once a week. It is because scientists are so invested in the issue and are constantly researching to reveal more about the issue.
    The post makes me actually want to go and get some sleep, but mainly get more critical about the issue. I can be the better person and begin to go to bed fifteen minutes earlier every night, but that wouldn’t make a difference on the well being of this country. I am waiting for scientists to find enough evidence so that we can make a big change that will impact millions.

  27. This past February, (around the time this blog was posted) I was out of school for a week with a bad flu. My friend Michelle had mono and strep throat, as well as tendonitis in both her feet. I know everyone says the end of Senior Year is supposed to be a breeze and nobody actually does any work, but if you know the Williams School, you know that is far from the truth. I was bogged down with activities, projects, and a ton of homework, my other friends were taking two or three APs, some still waiting to hear from colleges. The sad thing is, once you’re actually so sick you cannot keep going and you have to rest- all you do is think about how much you’re going to have to do to catch up when you get back in the game. How fair is that? One of my teachers was actually nice enough to shoot me an email saying that I should relax, and that it’s the end of Senior Year, and no matter what, I will graduate. Now that I’m in college, my roommates and I stay up until 1:30, generally, doing homework. I wake up each morning feeling a little more tired, a little more sore, sometimes my throat hurts…I’m a college student, I’m bound to get sick eventually. I’m just hoping by the time it ends up hitting me I’ll be safely on my way home for October Break and I can catch up on sleep and grab a few glasses of O.J.

  28. karinaaramboles says:

    Well let’s see, it is about 1AM and I’m currently commenting on this post…hrm. It’d not my fault though; this blog kept freezing my computer. NOT COOL! It may be different for certain people though. I usually stay up late to finish homework because it’s quiet and soothing. I guess knowing or at least hoping that everyone is asleep kind of makes me want to do my work so I could be asleep as well. I tend to concentrate more on the task itself rather than just horsing around with my friends at night. Most doctors would call me out and say that I need to get more sleep however if the best time for me to do my work is at night then I can’t do much about it. Sleep is important but the thing that is going to help you in the future is studying and getting everything together even if that means no sleep for you. That’s my philosophy! Nevertheless someone should not be staying up until 5am in order to finish an essay that is do that same day in the afternoon. This is a sign of a person who procrastinated and was not able to find ‘their place’ and do their work in peace. I may work better at night but I know not to do what I just described because the essay would literally not be acceptable.

  29. xoklc says:

    being a first year struggling with time management, sleep is probably the last thing stressing me out. unfortunately, knowing that sleep is crucial in order to stay healthy, actually going to sleep at a decent time, is easier said then done. last year just before midterms didnt i catch mono. lovely. it was the worst time of my life. the amount of school work and preparation for midterms i missed was horrible. i have serious problem. i tend to juggle more than i can physically handle. school, work, sports. way too much stress. my parents always warned me to slow down. they always complained that i was go go go constantly. which is true. my biggest pet peeve is sitting still when i know there is plenty of things i can do. with having the scare of getting sick due to lack of sleep, it should remind me to make time for sleep. i just need to work on my time management more i suppose..

  30. stfeldman says:

    Where to begin with this post? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I agree. I relate. I get it. After 4 weeks of college as a first year, there is nothing more appealing to me than the thought of crawling into my bed at home and sleeping the whole day. In college, would that ever be a possibility? Probably not. In the time I have been here, these are a few things that I have noticed that make the whole sleeping thing easier said than done. First off, roommates. I have 2. I love them both very very much, but sleeping just doesn’t work to well. My bunkmate, she’s a sleeptalker. My other roommate, she needs a fan on when she sleeps. Call be stubborn, but for the past 18 years I have had to be in a completely silent room in order to fall asleep. She has been in a room with the white noise of a fan in order to fall asleep. See where the problem is? We have now worked out a system where we alternate the nights of the week when the fan is on or off. So by default, I am only sleeping half of the week. Then, on the days when I can sleep in, my roommates have different schedules, meaning I get woken up. Naps? They are a luxury. Already I have rattled off multiple reasons why sleeping is an issue in college, and that’s not even mentioning the workload.

    The second piece I would like to address is the whole mono thing. Having recently been named as the person who will get it, honestly, though I HOPE that you are wrong, I see your point. For the past 4 years, like clockwork, I have come down with pneumonia, bronchitis, or even better, both. So in theory, yes it will probably be me. But like I said, no offense to you at all, but I really really hope that I can prove you wrong. I will promise to eat my vegetables, take my vitamins, and if need be, for the good of sleep, even fall asleep in class. Whatever it takes, to avoid getting the “kissing disease.” They really should change the name of that, don’t you think? How about “lack of sleep disease?” I guess the other one has a better ring to it, but oh well. I tried. On one last thought, how did you guess so quickly? Do I really look that tired? Uh oh.

  31. Sasha Borenstein says:

    As a college student sleep is something I wish I had more of. I am on the basketball team here at school and with practice 6 days a week including some 6am practices and four classes worth of homework let’s just say sleep is not something I get a lot of. For me school does not come easy and assignments take a long time to complete. For me I cannot go to sleep knowing that I have not completed an assignment so I will stay up later to finish it, which definitely cuts into the time I am supposed to be sleeping. My whole life I have been the typical teenager who can sleep until two in the afternoon. I was always the one who had to be woken up at a decent time or else the day is almost over and I have little time to accomplish everything I need to do. Since I have been in college I have been getting less and less sleep and I am not too thrilled about it. I have one of the most comfortable beds here at school and I do not get to spend enough time in it, which is quite depressing to be honest. Every weekend I struggle so much with getting out of bed and no matter how hard I try, getting out of bed before ten is a real struggle for me. But I guess that is my body’s way of making sure I catch up a little bit on sleep that I have lacked all week. I am definitely one of those people that walks around all week looking like a zombie and I wish I was able to get more sleep during the week, but let’s face it; a college student never gets their desired amount of sleep that they want or even need.

  32. Liz Douglass says:

    As a college athlete, our coaches are always telling us that we must get at least eight hours of sleep a night. When we hear this, we usually look at each other and roll our eyes. As college students, let alone college student-athletes, it is nearly impossible to get eight hours of sleep a night. When we are not in class or at practice, we have impossible amounts of work to do. The only time we usually have to do this is at night, after practice, when we should be sleeping.
    This new study says that little sleep can lead to even more harmful effects than we originally thought, and this is a problem. I think it is probably rare that individuals get eight hours of sleep a night, but something should be done to accommodate this if it is putting the public’s health at risk. For a college student, specifically, I think many things can be done to accommodate this. First of all, it is common for our workloads from each course to all increase at once. Teachers could communicate with each other so this does not happen. I understand that they want to give substantial amounts of work, but to give it all at once is not helpful to the student’s health, as it generally brings about all-nighters. Yet, this also brings out the opposing side to this theory. This is that students aren’t managing their time well, and this is probably true. Thus, both sides should accommodate for one another in order to get enough sleep and be a healthier individual.

  33. jhrabchak says:

    Its interesting to me to hear that people cant get enough sleep. Maybe I am just good at using my time efficiently, but I have no problem, getting at least nine hours of sleep a night. I would associate this to the fact that I have no classes before ten in the morning and that mean that as long as I get to bed at least around midnight, that I will have plenty of sleep. Now alright, I’m technically not on a team, but I do find time to workout at least two hours a day and I still have plenty of time to do work. Something that might also contribute to this abundance of sleep for me is that I’m taking all introductory classes, and while I find them appropriately challenging, I don’t think that they load on the same amount of work that the higher level classes might. So I might have less work than most people at the moment. As for staying healthy, I do think that it is very important to sleep a lot, I have avoided becoming sick, for a long time, and I would contribute this to both the amount of sleep I get, and to the amount of orange juice I drink. Since I can’t stand the taste of milk, orange juice has been my number one favorite drink, and now that I’m at collage, and can drink as much of it as I want, I am drinking it with every meal. I would also recommend that other people follow suite, because I think it is a leading contributor to why I have not been sick in a long time. But on the subject of sleep, I think that the amount of sleep is also relative to the quality of sleep. For example, last night I slept for about nine hours, but I didn’t feel rested this morning because I kept waking up every ten minutes, and then falling asleep again. I think that this problem stems from when I try to go to bed. Where I usually try to get to bed before midnight. On days that I try to get to bed earlier, I just am not as tired and it’s hard to get sleep. It might also stem from this being a collage, and there are always people yelling down the hall, slamming doors, and in general, being loud. But I find it hard to blame them on account of this being a collage, and I understand that not everyone want to go to bed at a reasonable time.

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