No, this isn’t problematic.

Diet Pepsi Debuts its Sleek, New Look at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Let’s get all critical on this shit.


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  1. Ashley Yang says:

    You should include this in your presentation for next week…fucked UP.

    We were having a conversation in my Women in American History class about how EVERYTHING is gendered–including food. And it’s always the diet or “healthy” foods that are advertised by or for women, and meat that’s advertised for or by men. Call me whatever you want, but sometimes, I like a good steak! Even the names of food products have gender connotations–and I bet you anything that “Hungry Man” portions are a heck of a lot larger than “Lean Cuisine.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s ridiculous that Pepsi is trying to persuade young girls to buy the soda in a thinner can thinking that they will shed pounds by drinking their product. They even try to display a young, thin model drinking the product. I admit the thinner can looks cooler and reminds me of red bull, but it doesn’t persuade me to want to buy the product any more than it looked before. I personally do not like pepsi, I actually prefer coke. The taste of coke is much sweeter and refreshing.

  3. wsherons15 says:

    This ad is obviously a deliberate tug at the heartstrings (use of pathos) teens and young adults (especially girls) who want to be just like the pop culture icons that they look up to. In this ad, they are particularly playing on the thin trend that has been obsessed over for ages and will never cease to preoccupy the thoughts and influence the actions of young people that feel they need to fit the mold.

    Making the can of a product that does not benefit health (and in fact hinders it) personify a desirable human trait, like being skinny, will indeed persuade some consumers to buy the product. The undermining trait of this manipulation is based on the fact that the consumer does not consciously know that what they may find so attractive about the can has more to do with themselves than with the product. This is essentially the definition of subliminal messaging, and it is a shame that it is able to influence young minds in the way that it does… there are more powerful companies and products that use this same technique on a larger scale.

    Interesting how much you can derive from one simple ad… good call.

  4. Jackie Minnehan says:

    My feelings mixed on this Pepsi ad. I think it’s a creative idea to have a skinny can for diet Pepsi. Pepsi is definitely targeting an audience who is focused on losing weight and being skinny – not a bad idea. However, I also see this ad to be degrading for women. Of course, they have a skinny beautiful white woman drinking from the new sleek can. I think the ad encourages the stereotype of women having to be skinny and perfect. I don’t think many men will drink from these cans! Not all women drink diet Pepsi, not all women are size zero, and not all women are perfect! Yes, the new can is very emotionally appealing – shiny silver, slender, sleek, and modern. However, is it right? Should women give into to genre stereotypes and drink from skinny Pepsi cans? I’m sure Pepsi’s new cans will receive a great deal of popularity from the consumers, but it does not mean it’s right. I think it sends a bad message in society, especially to the younger generations. Do we want young girls focused on dieting and weight because they are reminded on the female stereotypes every time they see a skinny Pepsi can?
    Although I may be reading into the new creation a little too much, it concerns me. Our society has such strong traditional stereotypes, and if we keep giving into them they will never go away. I’m sure I will drink a new skinny Pepsi can, but in the back of mind I will definitely to considering what I have said above. I wonder, do women like the female stereotypes? I have high goals in life, many which do not follow the stereotypical role of women. So, this ad definitely bothers me. Although I do think women should take care of themselves and look their best, it should only for their own happiness. Women should not be focused on making men happy.

  5. Esther Altomare says:

    I simply do not understand this ad. I mean how can a bottle of Pepsi possibly become “sexier”. The implications for this ad are tremendous, and the fact that it debuted at fashion week just comes to represent the serious problems that face our society about body image. What is the public supposed to think when a skinnier can of soda is advertised as being the new “attractive” option in beverages.

    “Our slim, attractive new can is the perfect complement to today’s most stylish looks, and we’re excited to throw its coming-out party during the biggest celebration of innovative design in the world.” This rhetoric alone, that is used to describe the product, directly correlates to body image and is so harmful to consumers.

    When it comes to beverages, I for one, do not pick the slimmest, bottle, I’d rather my bottle be larger and contain more of the beverage that I am paying for. This new design just doesn’t make logical sense to me. Also on pratical terms, this bottle isn’t going to fit in typical bottle holders or refridgerators it just doesn’t seem to make sense.

  6. Richard Jarrett says:

    This is a little ridiculous, but what I believe is a very smart and technical ad. I still don’t think that it is right for companies to release ad’s that make people examine themselves, hoping to find something that they can improve, but hell, that is what the advertisement industry is all about. Why this ad is successful? Pepsi is one of the biggest corporations on the planet, so they definitely have the ethos. The emotional part of this, or, the pathos, is evident. Pepsi is trying to persuade that you will get skinny if you drink their product (although, this may actually result in either cancer, or cavities). That is definitely emotional. The logos part of this ad is also very clear. Look at the women who is drinking the can. She is skinny, pretty, and sheik. So, if you drink out of the skinny can, you will automatically become skinny, pretty, and sheik… Right?

  7. acar2284 says:

    I agree that this is a clever idea on Pepsi’s part. People will be persuaded by this advertising technique because they’re attracted to products that will appear to make them thinner. It’s amazing how just that visual distortion can make such an impact on consumer value. But I can also see how this particular ad could be offensive. Pepsi may be accurate in assuming that more women would be enticed by the prospect of losing weight, but still the assumption is a disappointing reflection of social expectations. Some of the images of what society thinks women should look like are really unfair and degrading. People have to stop being so obsessed with this concept of the ideal “perfect figure” that’s being cultivated in the world today. More individuals should be concerned with being healthy rather than just being skinny. And while these two things may coincide, one should never aim to get slimmer at the expense of one’s health.

  8. carlagaynor2 says:

    I can not believe this ad. What about a skinny can makes it sexier or more appealing? I found that the old can worked just fine. Actually, it probably worked better, theres a reason almost every soda can is the same size and shape.

    Also, this definitely targets young women. If one drinks Diet Pepsi, they are most likely health conscious, or concerned about their image. Having a beautiful, skinny model on the ad catches the attention or young women and girls. Not everyone is a size zero, but this advertisement adds to the common idea that everyone should be. This thought has been popularized by the media to the extreme. This Pepsi ad is not helping in the least.

  9. Ben Ayres says:

    I think this ad is rediculous and not a good look for pepsi at all. I have heard of genderizing food, (the yoplait yogurt for women, wings and beefy burgers for men), but i always thought that diet pepsi was for both genders. I knwo for a fact that many men drink diet pepsi, so it doesnt really make sense for pepsi to go after just women on a product that has been for both men and women. I think that now, diet pepsi for the most part will be seen as a drink for women, and would be slightly embarrassing for men to be seen drinking a beverage that is “designed” for women. Also, by trying to go after women, i think they missed the point of going for the skinny factor. I understand that the can is alot skinnier to portray that there is not many calories in diet pepsi, but are they trying to say that this is a drink to thin out? I understand it doesnt have as much calories in it as regular pepsi but there is no way one is going on the “skinny can diet pepsi diet”, it just wont work. I dont really agree with what pepsi was going for in this ad, i think that it misses the point that they were trying to achieve.

  10. Sheridan French says:

    Good ad. In the world of marketing, you don’t really care if you hurt peoples feelings, as long as you get a good income. SHOCKING, I KNOW. Is it just the diet pepsi that is in the slimmer can? or all pepsi? So really, it’s quite obvious that this can is portraying the message “drink from this can, it’s more appealing.” and sub-consciously, i think people think it’s more healthy because it’s skinnier. it’ll be interesting to see if people really to buy more.

    What i first thought of when i saw this was what, if anything, should coke do now? personally, i think they should just stay coke. it’s not worth risking losing money on a stupid campaign.

    I also wonder if the new shape of the can saves them money on the material the can is made out of. If that is the case, which i don’t believe it is, but that would be really impressive.

  11. Sheridan French says:

    ^Professor Polak, could you please delete the comment above, i wasn’t done^

    Good ad. It attracts people from many different angles. First off, HOLY ETHOS! pepsi = enough said. also, the woman drinking from the can is (if you hadn’t noticed) attractive. And the fact that she is wearing the big sun hat and drinking from a straw suggest that if you drink the new pepsi, you’re classy. and if you don’t. well, our just not.

    In the world of marketing, you don’t really care if you hurt peoples feelings, as long as you get a good income. SHOCKING, I KNOW. Is it just the diet pepsi that is in the slimmer can? or all pepsi? So really, it’s quite obvious that this can is portraying the message “drink from this can, it’s more appealing.” and sub-consciously, i think people think it’s more healthy because it’s skinnier. it’ll be interesting to see if people really to buy more.

    What i first thought of when i saw this was what, if anything, should coke do now? personally, i think they should just stay coke. it’s not worth risking losing money on a stupid campaign.

    I also wonder if the new shape of the can saves them money on the material the can is made out of. If that is the case, which i don’t believe it is, but that would be really impressive.

  12. a lot of things come to mind when i look at this ad. some things that i have noticed is the cool blue background that also matches the blue of her hat and the blue of her dress. i also notice how the woman is an attractive woman and her red lipstick is vibrant matching the red in the pepsi logo. i also think about how well of a job that they did in the detail within the ad such as the color scheme, the nice lettering up along the side, and what i found very appealing the straw with the red and blue stripes. i feel like this ad is targeted to females because its expressing the new “slim” can of diet pepsi with zero calories, and shes sipping through a straw with a classy look that can also be seen as chill. overall i think that this is a very nice appealing ad and i also find interesting to what sheridan said about if the new can is eco friendly saving money and material

  13. jay montross says:

    hahahah you almost have to laugh when you look at something like this. The fact pepsi goes this overboard to show how sexy and untouchable there new can is; i might throw up. They go all the way in making this can look as cool as slice bread. The sad part is the lengths companies will go to just get a second of someone times. Some little 5th grader is going to look at this add and drink pepsi just because he thinks babes are attracted to the can. All these companies want is just a glimpse of your time and with this add they get more than just a glimpse. What values are companies willing to throw away just to get people attention. I am pretty sure these adds weren’t around in the 60’s. Maybe companies should not leap and climb all over the sex appeal and look to other kinds of publicity.

  14. Yosh Karbowniczak says:

    I am learning about these kinds of ads in my Media and society class… they make sick. I honestly feel bad for woman that actually take these ads seriously and think that these woman are real when there really all computers. It completely kills a woman’s self confidence and makes them feel like in order to be accepted in society, they have to be as skinny and elegant as the woman in the picture.

  15. Angelo Crea says:

    I believe that this is an amazing marketing ad because it has a new sleek design. A picture like that it is going to obtain the viewers attention easily because of the slim can and as well as the ad in general. Pros of the ad: Classy woman drinking the pepsi out of a straw. When I saw this I thought that this would reach out to everyone. It can go to the upper class because its a classy women. It reaches out to the other social economic classes because they would want to buy it to feel sophisticated. Do I think that the ad is okay? No,because I believe that it is basically saying that if your skinny you can drink this or if you want to be skinny drink this. But they do not care what they say or who they hurt as long as they make money. I do believe that this is genderizing because i feel that this only reaches out to women.

  16. Graham Pastor says:

    It’s sad that this is the type of ad that is common in the world today. They obviously emphasizing the word “new” in the ad, which we commonly associate with being good. Although the ad is appealing, it has clear negative aspects. The advertisers are taking advantage of people’s insecurities so they’ll buy they’re product. It is gender specific advertisement and it will probably be successful. The ad clearly suggests that women need to be thinner (and to ridiculous extents like the woman in the picture). I mean, it is not quite as bad as some ad’s that used to be around ( for reference) but the implicit messages are certainly harmful to society.

  17. seanyh91 says:

    Sex sells people! this ad is great. After learning all about advertising last semester in my seminar, this ad makes perfect sense. A very sexy female with the hot red lipstick, matching the logo of the new thin pepsi. The colors are key; pepsi is red and blue, so what do they have the woman wear? red and blue. Another great thing that pepsi did in this ad was keep the product in the middle of the page. If you look at it, the pepsi can sits in the dead center of the image with the woman to the side. The can doesnt necessarily come to your attention first because of the model on the left side of the image, but once you notice the can right in the middle it makes the ad very effective. Product placement is key.

  18. Wes Traub says:

    From a sales standpoint, Pepsi receives an A for effort on this one. They used America’s fears and desires to their advantage. That’s obvious though; this ad is effective. It’s very similar to the “Skinny Cow” brand ice cream sandwiches that flew off the shelves earlier in the decade (Skinny Cow advertised using a very thin as a cow mascot, similar to pepsi’s approach).

    However, this kind of shit is just adding to the toxic stew we call marketing these days. Honestly Pepsi, you can’t think of anything else? You have to resort to attacking the insecure and jamming stereotyped gender roles down our throat? Although the can kind of pisses me off, what really gets me mad is the lady wearing the hat. She’s too perfect; wearing her stupid blue hat and drinking out of her perfectly positioned straw. PEOPLE LIKE THIS AREN’T REAL. I feel like if I met this lady in real life, she would be full of herself. Although I’m making some rash assumptions here, I don’t think America should act like this lady. Maybe it’s just me, but I like ads featuring real people, not stick thin mannequins like this.

  19. Andrew King says:

    ^ agreeing with Angelo… I think this a great ad and a fantastic marketing technique. All i am thinking right now is how badly I want to drink one of those nice slick pepsi cans…. and of course feel no guilt! I think everyone is taking the whole Skinny can equals everyone in the world should resemble that can a little too seriously. Yea I mean the lady in the ad is beautiful, but no one wants to look at some big girl with acne on her face.. its just not the world we live in today. Its pretty funny though how the eyes attention goes directly to the women at first.. but then that big ass hat brings ones eyes down to the can. It does a good job of linking the two together. Almost stating that if you drink this can you will look like this.

  20. Ali Schreiber says:

    I am going to be honest, if I were flipping through a magazine and if this ad were to appear in my path of turning pages, I would not think twice about it. Actually I would find it quite appealing. Not because of the “skinny” aspect that is tagged along with it, but simply because I find the can interesting and unique. Honestly how many times do you see a long skinny can with the Pepsi name brand on it? Maybe this is just me, but hey I think it is pretty appetizing looking.

    Now if I were to turn my magazine page and sit there critically analyzing the ad, then yes, I would definitely have A LOT to say about it. I would most likely state how it demoralizes women and how it sends a notion that all women should be skinny to be considered beautiful or attractive. But on another note, I am sure if you look objectively at all advertisement, then you would be able to say many “not so good things” about the most innocent type of ads. This ad is good marketing, at least to me it is. It might not be sending the best message out, but I can propound that just from this ad alone, Pepsi will become more successful. Also one has to take into consideration the rivalry between Pepsi and Coke products. Many chain restaurants carry Coca-Cola products. There is major competition and pressure for Pepsi to step up their game in the marketing world. I think this ad definitely will help them. However, let it be clear that I do not completely agree with the statement they are selling, I am just looking at it from a perspective of a future buyer.

  21. Stephanie Haddad says:

    It is cancer in a can people! Don’t get me wrong I love diet pepsi, but the ingredients are so detrimental to our health. And anyways, that is besides the point. So are they saying only models can drink this product? The so-called “innovations” that people are coming up with are flat out ridiculous. As if body image isn’t a serious issue already- why not make a “skinny” can of diet pepsi? Because of course, that’s what everyone must be drinking according to this ad. Also, wouldn’t people prefer to have more drink in their can? I mean isn’t this new skinny can reducing the amount of soda? Well, I personally think that blows. I’d rather have a nice large drink to sip out of. There are so many negative qualities about this ad. First of all, they’re promoting a product that, as I said before, should be completely eliminated out of our diets. Secondly, eating disorders are just going to increase more rapidly if this is the kind of perspective marketers are going to take on. THIRDLY, this is a completely gender-biased ad. It is so typical to promote this product with a woman. Men are just too buff and strong to be drinking out of a “skinny” can; they have to be seen eating some steak and drinking a big large beer. Yup, listen here women, you can turn into a model just like that woman featured in this ad just by taking a sip out of this unique “tall, skinny” can! Great, does that mean it’ll give me a few inches? This ad is just silly…

  22. Kyle Leahy says:

    I agree, I think that it this ad (while immoral) is very effective. It is presented well and is visually appealing to look at. Pepsi is taking their product in a direction that you don’t normally see a soda product taken, it reminds me of a commercial for something like smirnoff where the company makes their product seem high class and fancy, something above normal society. Pepsi is using this tactic similarly and trying to appeal to girls who they believe desire to be more upscale and “slim.” It is an attempt by the corporation to skew the public perception of a soda that has been around for a long time, as well as simultaneously combating those who argue against soda for health reasons. The add is wrongly dictating how women should look, while creating a false image for diet pepsi.

  23. Tyler Garvey says:

    There are a lot of things wrong with this ad, but i will admit its a good idea. the can looks cooler and sleeker than the original, and i can see why people would buy it. clearly this ad is targeted towards women, because of the woman in the ad, and the zero calorie mark on the can that associates it with weight loss or being skinny. but you cant completely blame the company for being wrong in this situation. at a certain point you have to look at the consumer. i mean seriously, do you honestly think diet pepsi is any better for you if its served in a skinnier can? it really shouldnt be hard for the average american consumer to wrap their heads around this ad campaign

  24. Jena Ko says:

    Who in the hell think that drinking soda is sexy? Especially a chemically modified sugar free soda? But I have to say that this ad is quite clever. It completely makes drinking soda okay for people trying to watch their weigh. But I notice that so many people look at these ads as they work out and eat healthy as a way to stay thin. But many of us do not realize working out and eating healthy is a way to be healthy for longevity. Drinking modified soda is no where healthy for our bodies. We can all look thin but are we really giving our bodies the proper nutrients to prolong living? Instead of the soda can, they should replace it with a carrot stick or something similar. It’s very bizarre that our culture has developed the idea of thin is beautiful when in fact its quite disgusting on some people. People are genetically made to be different shapes….So why can’t we just all get that through our heads? It seems as if the companies have devised this plan to make us harm ourselves. Can’t people see that these ads are to boost the profits of companies and decrease the health of consumers?

  25. Maggie Bernay says:

    I must admit when I first saw this ad on the blog I become interested and liked this new look to Diet Pepsi can. The look of the can appealed to me. But after thinking critically, I realized that the ad did exactly what it was created for. It appealed to me, a young woman because of the sleek “skinny” can and the classic and thin woman sipping from it. This ad has so many implications about race and gender. The woman is not of a different race. She is white. The woman does not have curves. She is the exact opposite. This is a woman not a man. This ad tells a lot about our society today. It is ideal to be a skinny, white woman. I always wonder if the advertisers know that they have such an impact on society.

    • Shane Samuel says:

      I disagree with you and many of the other bloggers on this post. When I look at this ad I do not see anything that says “you have to be skinny” instead I see a can that goes with the title. It make sense to have a “slim” can for a “diet” soda because that is the goal of people who purchase the diet soda–to become slim. Also, the woman in the Ad is not white, in fact you cannot tell the race of the woman which is what I believe the Pepsi Company was going for and personally I believe that it is a smart idea. For you an many others to claim that woman is white shows me that noone really actually took the time to analyze the ad, instead everyone just saw the skinny can and a skinny light skinned woman and decided to blog about its ‘negativity’.

  26. Chryssy Abdool says:

    I really love the creativity of this ad. Pepsi marketing team is amazing! Love the colors and the use of the model and background. Now for the critical part, of course the media now a day loves beautiful, thin, light skin women! It is only right to make the “diet” pepsi can the same way. It is beautiful in terms of design, its “light” in terms of diet, and the impression that the pepsi bottle is trying to make is by drinking diet pepsi it can make the drinker lean and thin. Great way to advertise, I must say. The entire look is a nice spring summery look to it. Especially since during the summer is when women tend to go to the gym and work on looking good. Also this women looks tan, which is what most women do towards the summer time. The big sun hat helps with giving the whole ad a beachy and cool feel to it. The only thing in this ad that I really disagree with is the fact that the logo has the word “skinny” in it. It just shows how concrete this media is, and how open the word “skinny” can just be thrown around anywhere without any conscious about the other audience who are not skinny.

  27. Karen Romero says:

    Without a doubt, this ad for Diet Pepsi is very creative, efficient, and appealing to the eye. To be honest, I like the way this ad looks and how clean and crisp it is, however, I do not agree with the message it is founded on. In this ad, the message being given is that women should aim to be slim because slim equals beauty, according to the media. American society has been brainwashed by the media to believe that perfection and beauty is synonymous for tall, slim, and of lighter complexion; if women do not fit this look than there is something wrong with them. Therefore, Pepsi Company was clever to create an ad that will support this idea of beauty and target women who wish to look this way, which is safe to say that most are.
    I agree with previous comments that point out how well designed this ad is. If we think in a business/consumer mind where your goal is to sell Pepsi Diet, than this ad is genius. The new Diet Pepsi can is “prettier,” has a high class and fancy look to it, which convinces people that if they want to fit this social group than they should buy it. It was also a smart move that they placed a thin white woman with bright red lipstick to represent sexiness and beauty. In the end, the people behind Diet Pepsi were strategic and savy in creating an ad that will pull in more consumers and knew exactly who to target; more ads that look like this will be created if the idea of beauty remains that beauty is being slim and of a lighter complexion.

  28. Katie York says:

    When I see this advertisement all I think about is that it seems like they are trying to rip me off. Since the can is skinnier I feel like it has less in it and the company is just using advertising to make me pay more for less. It would be one thing if it was to be ecofriendly like the new skinnier water bottles but its just false advertising. If it was for the environment I feel like it might sell even better because although it looks cool I don’t think people believe they will actually get skinnier if they drink those. The add does look cool and I think the new can will sell for looks and not really practicality. Also it seems like its taking the redbull look, long and skinny, and redbull actually sells coke now so I feel like it wont get points for originality.

  29. Jacqueline Murphy says:

    Well, this is a very creative advertisement that Pepsi came out with. Even if people don’t like the mixed messages that may be implied here Pepsi is still getting your attention. If you are against the advertisement you are still mentioning the Pepsi name brand and spreading their name around. From a sales standpoint this ad will go far because Pepsi is implying that diet soda will help women get to that point of skinniness they are striving for.
    My feelings about this ad could go both ways. I do agree that it is creative and that it is a good marketing approach. I don’t necessarily look at this Pepsi can as implying women have to be skinny. I feel as though they are trying to show people that diet soda has zero calories and that if indeed you are trying to lose weight diet soda will help to eliminate all of those calories in regular soda, juice, or other beverages. They are targeting those women and men who are trying to lose weight in hopes that they will buy more diet Pepsi.
    However, I can see where many people are coming from with saying this advertisement may degrade women in one way or another. The can itself does not degrade women in my own personal opinion. Yet, having a woman who as it appears is an incredibly skinny arm seductively drinking from the skinny Pepsi can I can understand that that may seem a little off. It encourages and pressures women to be skinny and perfect. I understand that this is my own personal opinion but it is wrong to constantly pressure women into being skinny and the “ideal” woman. Women should be who they want to be. Whatever makes them happy should be okay with society. We should not keep pressing the issue of being skinny if women are happy and content with their appearance.

  30. Ariel Trent says:

    I know the advertisement is selling the Pepsi but I feel like it’s just telling females in society that skinny is the “way to be.” To add to that, the Pepsi being sold is diet so it is sending a message about weight in some way and I think the message is to tell females that they should be skinny; the model in the picture is beautiful and skinny and the artist is showing how the “ideal girl” is supposed to look. I never really actually looked deep into a Pepsi advertisement, but from this advertisement I see that it is not about Pepsi. In society, being overweight is a problem which I do agree, but I do not think the artist should be telling female subliminally that if you are not skinny you are not attractive or appealing. If a big person is healthy but may look big on the outside, then it’s fine for her to be the way she is. She is taking care of her body.
    I rather be a little big than extremely skinny. Yes! Being overweight is a problem and can cause health problems within your body such as lung problems and over eating disorders but as bad as obesity is so it Anorexia! Being anorexic is definitely a problem as well! Starving yourself because you want to look skinny is not healthy. This advertisement can also send that as a message to some people and the youth. Some believe because they are overweight that it is wrong to eat and to alter that “problem” they take drastic measure, one of them being purging, binge eating and starving themselves.
    Not only is this advertisement for women but it is also for men. If men aren’t skinny then women won’t be attracted to them. The woman has her lips on the skinny straw and is drinking from a skinny Pepsi Can thus I believe another message is signaling men to work out and get fit. Men in general are drawn to attractive women and they want to have a woman like the model on the cover and this may be one of the reasons why men are always talking about working out. I doubt it’s for them as much as it is so that they can be accepted by society and women.
    In general, this advertisement is about weight and trying to show their audience how the “ideal person” should look. It is sad that people actually listen to advertisement like these. People should love how themselves for how they are and if they want to work out and lose weight, then they should do it for themselves rather than for acceptance. Society as a whole shouldn’t even advertise products just to get other messages out to the people.

  31. Gabby Mylod says:

    Is this problematic? Yes. Is it a good advertisement? Definitely. I am already a huge Diet Pepsi drinker, not necessarily because it has zero calories (although that is definitely a plus), but because I hate the taste of regular Pepsi. I feel like this ad appeals to so many different types of people in so many different ways, which is one of the reasons that I think it’s such a good ad. It’s pretty obvious that the ad appeals to women. My first thought was that this was all about women thinking that they can drink soda and still be thin. Which honestly, it’s true if it’s diet. Regular soda is just terrible all around, not to say that I don’t drink it because I love regular Coke, but soda has so much sugar it rots your teeth and excess sugar is one of the main causes of weight gain. However, lots of people say that diet soda is even worse for your body because it has all kinds of chemicals in it that cause cancer—but these days apparently everything causes cancer. But seriously, this woman is anorexically thin and that pisses me off because like someone else commented, these people are not real. And if they are real, they should be hospitalized immediately. But I guess when I look at an ad like this I ignore the thin-ness of the model because I know it’s not real and I’m perfectly comfortable with my weight. However, lots of women are very uncomfortable and self-conscious about their weight and the constant ads involving unreal looking women can’t help. I definitely agree with Jackie though that the media shouldn’t be pressuring women into being thin all the time because if women don’t care about being overweight then that’s their own decision. And if they’re not self-conscious about their appearance then go them! But for people that are self-conscious, these fake models are going to give these women eating disorders and that’s just not okay. Life shouldn’t revolve around being fat or skinny; there are way too many other things to live for. Life is too short to obsess over calories and weight. Which is why I think this is a good ad. It makes people that want to be thin say hey, I can drink soda and still be thin so I don’t have to obsess over calories. And I think that’s a great thing. Nothing is more annoying than a girl who sits at a meal and talks about how many calories are in what they’re eating and how bad it is for them I just want to say shut up you’re making my food unenjoyable for me because I don’t give a shit about calories. But I must admit this ad appeals to me because subconsciously a skinny can looks so much better for you than the regular can which is short and stout. But I also think the can looks sleek and modern and now I really want to go find these cans and get them.

    I also feel like the ad makes drinking soda classy and acceptable for women. The woman is wearing a sophisticated hat and she’s wearing bright red lipstick and sipping out of a straw. Women are “supposed” to drink water and that’s it, which goes back to the whole weight issue. I rarely see girls getting soda at Saga but almost every guy is getting it. I don’t know if women just don’t like soda as much as men but I definitely think this ad is promoting soda drinking in general.

  32. Ami says:

    The view of body image with a Pespi bottle is just ridicules. what point are they are trying to make? maybe there are saying drinking a coke is no longer fating and unhealthy? this IMAGE GIVES ME TWO TYPES OF INTERPRETATION . one is that Pepsi is saying their drink is healthy to drink and two that people do not have to worry about their healthy is does not matter!!!!! Wow, i might just get me a Pepsi. Not.!!!!!!

  33. kristalongo says:

    At first glance, this ad is appealing. The colors really catch your eye and the picture as a whole is smooth and creative. But until you see the meaning behind this ad, those are the things that will get you to buy this new “skinny” can. The real meaning behind this ad is degrading to anyone who is not perfectly skinny. Its pretty much telling the world that skinny is in and if you’re fat that it is not okay. Yes diet pepsi is a zero calorie drink that can help you to lose weight, but I think they went too far in making this can to be skinny and perfect. The original cans were normal and to be honest, I never really saw an association between size and body shape. Until this can appeared in the markets. There is no need to promote “skinniness” for a diet pepsi commercial. Yes again it is a zero calorie drink but the purpose of it isn’t only to make you skinny. It should be promoting the delicious taste instead. Although I am not a huge soda drinker, I feel that should be the main focus on the ad rather than the perfect body shape you should have.

  34. xoklc says:

    this ad is offensive to anyone who is not “ideally skinny.” it is as if this ad is supposed to show you the ideal person that drinks diet pepsi. in a sense, this ad can be offensive in more then one way. not only for people not skinny, but for people who are skinny. i dont see why the renovations to the can were needed. the old can was the same as any other soda can. why did they feel they needed to make their can different and stick out from the rest? people drink pepis/diet pepsi because they like the taste, not because they like the shape of the can.

  35. AbbyMW says:

    This is depressing! I hate looking at ads, that are obviously computer retouched, that give women the impression that they aren’t beautiful unless they are “skinny”. This add just takes it to the next level though. Showing an extremely SKINNY model sipping oh so delicately from the SKINNY diet Pepsi can. Although this may be an extremely clever idea, the simple fact is that this is terrible! Pepsi is trying to make a connection that if you drink this SKINNY diet Pepsi, it is either because you are SKINNY or want to be SKINNY. This is wrong for several reasons, first, I don’t think any model or person that SKINNY is going anywhere near Pepsi products, or food in general. Second, people that want to be SKINNY aren’t going to get their wish by drinking diet Pepsi. This complete misrepresentation of the product is demeaning. Anyone that wants to be that SKINNY or who already is has severe body image problems. Also becoming toned and FIT is a much better goal then becoming SKINNY! Becoming toned and FIT shows that you care about your body. You are somebody that goes to the gym, and eats right. Not somebody that digests all the chemicals that are manufactured in a SKINNY diet Pepsi. Plus this just seems like a ploy for PepsiCo. to get as much money out of a “new product” as they can. It is an easy way to overcharge for the same old thing they have already been selling. Oh corporate America!

  36. Liz Douglass says:

    When first looking at this advertisement, I would say it is very effective and I would probably buy the drink. Yet, this ad brings up a huge topic of discussion that is commonly talked about in my Politics of Health (Women’s Studies) class. In this class, we have been discussing how women are portrayed in advertisements, and how their relationship to food is portrayed. This ad presents the typical way in which advertisers portray women.
    First, it presents the women in the ad in a very lustful and seductive manner. It does so through the positioning of her body, her outfit, and the way her lips are positioned in relation to the straw. This is an extremely common theme among advertisements involving women. Advertisers also tend to only put women in advertisements with food or beverages that will not compromise their body image or size. In this case, DIET Pepsi is a zero calorie drink that will supposedly not harm the women’s small figure.
    I am shocked at how perfectly this advertisement fits the protocol for advertising low calorie products with women. I hadn’t really noticed this depiction of women until our discussion in class, and this ad only further proves this idea to be true. Although it may be a gender discriminatory thing, I think advertisers are smart in doing so. They are trying to make profit, and this approach is probably extremely helpful with this. Women want to be thin, thus, they want low calorie products, and they want to look like the women in this advertisement. Although it may be somewhat wrong, it is definitely an effective advertisement.

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