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Spring Concert

What the hell is going on with the spring concert here at the colleges? There has been a great deal of confusion over this and everyone that I have talked to have been just as confused as me. Right now I believe that Real Big Fish is going to play.

Now, I can barely respect that decision at the least, but I think that the colleges definitely get a failing grade for this assignment. First, we received an email maybe three months ago stating that we were either going to host Chiddy Bang, which to say is a lot better than Reel Big Fish, or, we were going to bring in the popular Wiz Khalifa, which would have been sick.

Either of these choices are so much better than RBF, since I have actually listened to both of these artists in the last decade. But in my honest opinion, HWS sucks at scheduling concerts. Shawyze, our fall concert, was just ok.

But they should still be able to do a lot better than that. Since the email, we have heard no word of what is actually going on, making the HWS colleges way less appealing to me. This is a problem that needs to get fixed, and the Colleges need to actually start thinking about what is appealing to their students, cause that is how you keep them happy.


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  1. Ashley Yang says:

    Well, the thing is, Whiz Kalifa and Chiddy Bang were going to cost the Excess Fund $30K–PLUS, at one point, $10K from Senior Week. Reel Big Fish is part of CAB, so it’s coming out of their CLUB budget. As did Shwayze. Again–not great concerts. But neither are Whiz or Chiddybang, and at least the first 2 don’t cost 30K out of a fund that could go to way better uses. The thing is, you’ll never get a really good group to come to podunk Geneva. Our school’s not big enough to draw the big names. The closest they’d ever come would be Rochester or Syracuse.

    Frankly, we were quite happy last year with that band nobody had even heard of–Carolina Liar–on the quad. The music was great, there was no fuss about the cost, (I believe, as with RBF, it was through CAB’s Springfest) and there was that streaker that ran all the way from Medbury to the miniquad.

  2. acar2284 says:

    I happen to know that our campus organizations work very hard in order to provide fun events for HWS students. There are many dedicated individuals who put in a lot of time and effort to make our time spent here more enjoyable. And as for the spring concert, I don’t remember getting any confusing e-mails, but I think students have to be more understanding of the limitations that the colleges’ has. The Campus Activities Board only receives a certain amount of money per semester for student activities, and they just can’t afford to drop 30 grand on one concert. But if students want to make an impact on the decision-making process for what acts come to campus, then they should take an active approach and join CAB. We can’t make everything that we want happen, but at least it’s a way for student voices to be heard. In fact, I also happen to know that there will be a vote taking place this coming wednesday on what band will perform the the fall concert. So if you feel that your opinions are ignored, meet us in the S.A.C at 8pm!

    P.S. Have you really listened to Reel Big Fish? They kinda rock. And also, they actually have a song called “Beer.” I can’t imagine a subject that would be more “appealing” to college students.

  3. Ashley Yang says:

    ^acar2284 has a point. A recent article in “martini” by the president of WSC pointed out that essentially all major decisions regarding the campus (that are open to student input) are voted upon by the SIX members of HSG & WSC quorum–because nobody else goes to the meetings. Yet then the entire campus bitches about them. Meetings are open to everyone and advertised weekly. Why is it that no one can be bothered to speak up when they are given the opportunity, but can only complain after the fact?

  4. Ben Ayres says:

    Reel Big Fish is not the worst band in the world, but they were kind of a crappy nineties band. I would imagine that chiddy and wiz would be a crazy amount of money to bring into a small market and a very small school. I hope that they do bring in someone else though, other than a burnt out 90’s band. I heard something about deadmau5 coming and some other bands. I think that chiddy and wiz and other high up names would be a little unrealistic just because of the cost, but in the end i think that if they do happen to bring another performer on campus, it won’t be a huge name, probably anohter distant band from the 90s or early thousands.

  5. Sheridan French says:

    I feel like RBF is going to be a washout. Personally, I’m really debating going which was unexpected because when i got the email about chiddy bang and Wiz, i got really excited. If we can’t pay for these bands, why would there be an email that went out to students about the subject. it was such a buzz kill when i got the email that a band who i have never heard of will be performing instead of who i was expecting. I have talked with a few people and for the people who have heard of RBF, they like it and are excited. But, I don’t think i can get into their music. Basically, they do a lot of covers which will be O.K. and they sound like they’d be good in concert, so i think, for the people who go it will be a treat.

    One thing I’m really concerned with is THE OPENER. the opener for for shwayze, was (sorry if you’re reading this) AWFUL! Yes it did make shwayze seem a lot better, but please, please don’t pt us through that again. especially because the main band is so unheard of.

    For one thing about getting better concerts in the future, it’s about being good at doing business. it’s possible to get good people to come to small colleges. You just have to know where to look. and once and a while it’s O.K. to drop a lot of money if it’s worth it. all i know is, I’m a first year and if all i get are these no name bands my whole time here. well, lets jus say i won’t be too pleased…

  6. this is a topic that really frustrates me because honestly i have not heard who the real big fish even are. and with the choice of being able to have chiddy bang or WIZ KHALIFA how is it even a decision? we all know that the majority of people on this campus is a fan of atleast one of wiz’s songs like come on who cares about the price. i mean we all know the tuition of this school its no secret, the school has the money so even if wiz was asking for a lot it still shouldnt have been a problem. also so many people would attend this out on the quad. i wish there was still a chance to get wiz to come play here. i also agree with someone above said that many artist would probably charge more considering we are in upstate geneva, ny.

  7. jay montross says:

    I completely agree, most of these concerts have sucked. The fall concert was terrible shawyze sucked and sang a couple good songs then peaced. I really did not enjoy the concert at all. He was suppose to be sick but i saw nothing of that. RBF is okay, i have been to a couple concerts in which they opened for a band. There nothing HWS deserves though, we should be getting sick artist. I feel the school doesn’t care so much about the students happiness towards events like this. If the school wanted to please the students we would have some nasty artist coming here. Until then here we go RBF.

  8. Before coming to the Colleges, I had looked up the artists and bands HWS hosted in the past and was not that impressed… EXCEPT for Bruce Springsteen in the 1970’s. Even though we are a small liberal arts college with an average endowment, we should bring a popular artist or band that students will actually be excited about… This year’s announcement that Reel Big Fish was coming was not very impressive when hearing rumors that Chiddy Bang and Khalifa were coming.

    It’s nice to have other colleges and universities around us because they usually host more popular artists like Mac Miller in Syracuse last night and Kid Cudi coming to Syracuse’s Spring Fest in April. Even though there is a cost to go to these concerts and our concerts are free, I rather pay twenty dollars to see an artist that I actually like! The Colleges obviously does not want to spend a huge amount on concerts each year but I don’t think students would mind spending a small amount of money on a ticket to a concert they would actually enjoy.

  9. Angelo Crea says:

    RBF where to even begin….. Am I excited for the concert ehhhh maybe. I am however upset when we are told one thing and than it keeps on changing. There are matters that need to be taken care of. For instance we need to have better communication from cab to the student body so we know what is actually going on. There are ways that I think that we could have handled this situation better such as, possibly having students commit to buying tickets for a set price to raise money to have a performer such as whiz of chiddy bang come to our school. There are not too many people who know the RBF and I only know them because of the movie Baseketball. I think that we should have a dj come to our school which would be a lot better in my eyes.

  10. Yosh Karbowniczak says:

    This is rediculous! This is a 50 thousand dollar school. I dont care how big we are, we have to be able to come up with the money for the big time artist. I had not even heard of big Fish until it was a possible concert selection. I mean the way i think of it is why even have a spring concert if its not something the majority of campus will like? There is no point! Instead of paying the extra money for Wiz we are just wasting money on these dumb fish.

  11. Ashley Yang says:

    The problem with WIZ & Chiddybang was that they were not THROUGH CAB–they were through the junior class presidents. They were taking money from the Excess fund and Senior Week,a nd charging something like $30 apiece. In order to just break even, they were counting on 800 ticket sales Judging from past years’ concerts, when ticket sales peaked at 350 at $20 and $25 apiece, there was no feasible way it was going to be worth it. Plus, this concert was going to be on a Sunday night very close to finals, April 29th or something. It was just very ill-timed and planned.

    Yeah, we are a $50k school, but personally, I want my tuition going towards something that will actually MATTER for me–and for future generations of students. I’d rather have a performing arts center for MANY nights of performances than a single night of a concert. I’d prefer wireless in my house so I’m not stuck in my room but can actually socialize with my housemates while we work. I want more dorms, so the freshmen can stop living on top of one another, the transfer rates will stop being so embarrassing, and maybe we can start recruiting higher-quality students instead of just ones that have to pay full-tuition, which has pretty much been Admissions’ game plan the past year or two. If we’re paying $50K a year, THOSE are the things I want my money to go towards.

  12. JoJo Vinick says:

    I completely understand all of the frustration. As the past president of CAB I have worked tirelessly to bring bands to campus that the school actually wants to see. It is not nearly as easy as you think. While CAB does have a large budget (especially compared to other organizations on campus) it is not nearly enough to bring the type of musical acts that are people are talking about. Believe me, I would much rather have Bruno Mars than Reel Big Fish but there are several reasons that we can’t do that. Currently, I know there is a proposal in the works to the Board of Trustees asking to raise the Student Activities Fee so that ALL organizations on campus can have more money, CAB included. If you compare how much we are paying to our peer institutions, it is laughable. While HWS’ tuition has gone up an extraordinary amount in past 20 or so years, our Student Activities Fee has not changed – it has not adapted to the cost of musical groups, comedians, or any other type of activity CAB wants to share with the students.
    In terms of the emails you have been getting about Chiddy Bang and Wiz Khalifa, I am right there with you. Those emails have been sent out by the Class Presidents in hope of getting the student body’s support to ask for money from the Excess Fund to pay for that size of show. Unfortunately, the President’s concerts have not done as well as they would have liked so their funding from the excess fund has been cut for the most part. This is also, in part, due to the fact that CAB has completely changed the way they do things and are taking responsibility for the major concerts, as they should.
    Obviously, this is completely and totally my opinion but there are some facts that cannot be ignored. The cost of bringing musical groups that the school would love is far too high at this point so CAB is trying to bring fun and quality bands that the school can enjoy. I know that people really want Wiz or Chiddy but they are HORRIFIC to work with and put on a 35 minute set and aren’t very good live.
    Someone mentioned that we need to be good business people and try and get the most for our money – believe me when I say that I have done this. We have switched middling agents (the people who help us draw up contracts with the talent agencies and touring managers) so that we have a better understanding of the type of musical groups we brought in.
    We chose RBF because we know they will be a fantastic quad show and honestly, that’s all we care about.

    I am no longer the President of CAB but I can tell you the people working on the board now would love to hear your opinions. And if you are annoyed with the confusing emails telling you one thing and then the school gives you something else – say something.
    I do hope you will all at least give RBF a try – and I promise the opener for Shwayze will never be heard on our campus again.

  13. Graham Pastor says:

    Although I do like RBF, I think it is a strange choice for a concert. It seems like hardly anybody here had even heard of them until they were announced as the spring concert. Even now that a lot of people have listened they are hardly enthusiastic about the choice. Like a lot of people have mentioned, the tuition is quite high here and we still get what most people consider a second rate band for our spring concert. If these concerts are supposed to be for the students, shouldn’t we have band that the students want?

  14. seanyh91 says:

    Yosh brings up a valid point. Even though this is such a small school, we pay so much to come here. Well, our parents do, but still. Ithink that the colleges could find a way to come up with some money to reward their students after a tough year. Give the students what they want to see, not the fish. We want Wiz. Its not a mystery. Wiz Khalifa is the most hyped artist on campus and if he came to the colleges to perform the campus would go insane. A once in a lifetime opportunity like this needs to happen and needs to happen in 2011. I’ve heard people talking about this since the fall and no progression has been made. Figure it out people, and make the right decision.

  15. Wes Traub says:

    I agree with the previous 3 or 4 comments above me. However, I also understand that it would cost an arm and a leg to get Wiz Khalifa to show here. If the colleges are going to show RBF….. then why even bother having a concert? If the student body doesn’t support it (as seen on this blog post), then why waste valuable money in the first place?

    If we got Wiz Khalifa or Chiddy Bang to come here it would be money well spent. Everyone would have a fantastic time. If RFB came here…. it would be a huge waste of money and time. Why not send out a survey via campus email posing the question: “If RBF came to campus, would you attend?” Administration could tally the responses and then make an executive decision from there. If less than half of the student body responded positively, then they should cancel the concert all together and use the money towards something else. If we could scrap together money for Wiz that would be great. I think the student body would be appreciative. Real Big Fish….. not the same story. Take a campus wide survey; give the students what they want.

  16. Andrew King says:

    I completely agree. I mean yea 30k is an ridiculous amount of money.. but last time I checked that is not even enough money to pay for 1 student to go to HWS. So I say the admissions just sucks it up, pays the money, and gets Hobart on the “Social Map”.It is a bummer because since the fall when these concert should have been booked, Wiz was not anywhere close to a big as he is now. So that opportunity went right out the window. And Real big Phish? come on now.. how old are those guys like 50? Personally I think we should find fun up-incoming artist that make great music, and are still in the budget. People like Mac Miller, Diggy Simmons, or The Deans list… please just anybody but real big fish ha!

  17. Michele says:

    before this goes any further, a word from your Blog Master (or Mistress?):

    I do not usually allow HWS-centric issues on this blog but I knew that Rich’s post would contribute to a great discussion. I will be monitoring this thread. You are welcome to to continue arguing this issue as long as this thread is open. Just keep it kind and respectful. If I see any attempt at nastiness, I will delete this thread faster than you can all get from SAGA to The Pub.

    Have at it. Remember that this is discussion and we are all supposed to be learning something here.

  18. Sheridan French says:

    I think it’s time for a little ethos pathos logos on RBF…

    Ethos: RBF has basically no ethos, on the HWS campus at least. Few people know who they are, and they haven’t been popular since the nineties. (while we were all in elementary school.) Ethos grade: D

    Pathos: there are two kinds of pathos here; pathos from the announcement of RBF, and pathos at the actual concert. Obviously as you can see from the comments above, the announcement was a let down. BUT i think that the emotion at the concert might be a little different. It will be almost spring, kids will be out on the quad (unless the weather is bad) and RBF sounds like they will sound good live. another big part is what songs they play. Give me twenty minutes on the internet and i will give you a list of at least 40 songs done by RBF. they do a lot of songs that are humorous ad A LOT OF COVERS, which i think would be the best way to go for this concert. They have a song called “beer” which i figure CAB thought would be very attractive for college students. the pathos is iffy. Pathos grade: B-

    Logos: the logos here is quite simple, they sound good live and come cheap. that’s exactly what CAB was looking for. no it’s not really what the students wanted, but its what they could supply (supposedly) Logos grade: B+

    Overall grade: C/C- congrats CAB, you passed. sub-par job, but you passed.

  19. Ashley Yang says:

    I do seem to recall getting some sort of survey on “Which concert would you attend?” with the names of several bands listed. Unfortunately, “None of the above, these all suck” wasn’t an option to pick. You HAD to pick one–and if people were anything like me and didn’t know any of the listed bands you just clicked randomly in the hopes of winning free stuff. (I’m pretty sure they lie about all that free stuff they give away by the way). Also, conditions weren’t listed, like “Would you be willing to spend x on tickets?” or “This concert’s going to be the Sunday before finals begin, will you go anyway?” (as was the original Junior Presidents’ concert). Pretty sure questions like that would have made a big impact.

  20. Ali Schreiber says:

    I agree, we are not a big college, however we are one of the few colleges that have a strong alumni foundation as well as a good BAC program. I am not complaining about the concerts we have had in the past or the ones to come in the future. However, I think that if we were able to figure out some sort of fundraising that the whole school was allowed to actively participate in, then we would be allowed to draw in a bigger name band or singer. I guess this would be an incentive to have the students want to participate in a fundraiser. However, if there was not a lot of interest in a fundraising opportunity than there is no one to blame for not having a big name concert other than the students.

    I personally think that everyone who participates in BAC and clubs on this campus do an amazing job networking and saving money for our school. Without these dedicated people we would not even have concerts at our school most likely. We are also lucky enough to have students who are relevant to our generation be on the BAC board because we would have a lot more in common with them than we would with just anyone. I must admit however that sometimes my friends who go to other colleges have big name celebrities come and I often get envious, but sometimes bigger isn’t always better and I realize that.

  21. Kyle Leahy says:

    I agree that I was very excited when that email was sent out about the possible guest artists, it was a HUGE letdown to find out that those other artists were simply names that were thrown out. I think that an email should’ve only been sent if each of them were realistic, not simply suggestions that may or may not have happened. While it is convenient and useful to be updated on what the board is doing it is not helpful to be let down like that. If any of those artists had a legitimate chance of coming to HWS and if the school had the funding, then it would have been appropriate to send an informative email. It is pointless to drop money on a band that so few people care about, even if you are trying to spend less by not hiring Chiddy Bang or Wiz. Save the money for something better and something we all care more about.

  22. Brittany Betts says:

    It was definitely a bad idea for the school to even mention a chance of having wiz or chiddy bang come here because everyone got their hopes up. Not to mention it makes Real big Phish seem even more random. I know we’re not a big school like SU or others around here but seriously, with the money we’re paying to be here we deserve a little better than Real big Phish. I’m not saying they’re not talented, they’re just not exactly who you picture when you think of a college concert. To be fair I think the students should have voted for who we wanted to come since we’d be the ones buying the tickets. If the school cant justify bring any somewhat known name here for a concert they shouldn’t bother booking a group no one has heard about and probably won’t go see. Maybe we could do a concert every other year, that way we could combine the money from two years and book someone we’d actually get excited for. Just a thought.

  23. Andrew Zdrojewski says:

    I also do not agree that the email even suggesting bigger names like that should have been sent to the students of the colleges; if the club knew that the 30 K price was too big all along then why send a email like that? I mean I do not like rap at all, but even I know who Whiz Khalifa is so it must mean he is a pretty big name, I mean that song “Black and Yellow” was played about 10000 times during the Pittsburgh Steelers SuperBowl week, also how many remakes of that song have their been…about 100? I think it would have been cool to have him come to Hobart, I think kids from other colleges would have come here to see him, CAB probably could have made a ticket to the concert like $10 bucks if it were in the field house to cover at least some of the price and everyone on campus would have paid this price to see what probably would have been an exciting show. Now saying that I will admit when I was a little younger I listen to Reel Big Fish and they really are not that bad, they sing about partying a lot in their songs which is kind of what this day is about…being out on the quad have fun with friend listening to good music. Like one of the previous comments said the band last year was not a big well known band but the whole experience of the day was good overall. A lot of students were on the quad just enjoying one of the days that is actually nice when were on campus, so yea it is disappointing we are not getting a big name on campus, but still were getting a good band which will be fun to listen to.

  24. Maggie Bernay says:

    I also agree that it is a lot about the experience of the day. Finally being outside with your friends in the nice weather is all about what the spring concert is about. It is not about getting the biggest name in music to appear at our school. I don’t think it is right for the school to be spending so much money on the spring concert so I think that whatever budget they decide is fair and reasonable. However, I agree with Brittany. It would be really nice if the students could vote for which reasonable artist or band they would want to appear on campus. But in the end, I think it is just to remember we don’t come to school to have amazing concerts and the spring concert is a lot about getting back into the warm weather and having fun with friends before we all go home for summer.

  25. Yuliana Baez says:

    This is a topic that I see that many people are very passionate about. I am in the same boat as many people when I heard the announcement of who was going to be performing I was not happy about it. First of all I never even heard of the band. I mean I know that there would never be an artist that the whole campus agrees to but really though? RBF. I just think the campus should stop spending so much money on musicians and all these other activities that a lot of people don’t go to because in reality the majority of the campus will rather be partying then making a sign (even though they are really nice). I just feel as if they put more money into our Spring Concert and actually charge a fee for it then maybe we can get someone that is known and most people like. Also I think there are ways that we can fund raise the money for these big artists that we want. Aside from that this shouldn’t be only the effort of a small group of board members of CAB. This should be a campus wide effort we have a bunch of campus clubs and organization. I feel if we all end up pitching in then maybe we can one day get someone we want. People should stop complaining so much and actually take some action.

  26. To be honest I really don’t care who we get because we are never going to get a really good concert. Sure Chiddy Bang, or Wiz Khalifa would be really cool but the fact of the matter is that it was all our decision to go to a tiny school so you should expect not to get dope concerts. Someone made the point of our tuition being above $50,000 which is true. There are only like 30% of kids who actually pay full tuition. Syracuse’s tuition is just about $50,000. Syracuse has 20,000 students (undergrad and grad,) and Hobart has roughly 2,100 students. If you do the math Syracuse’s endowment is just a liiiiitle bit bigger then ours…wait…a lotttt bigger. This is why they get huge names like Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa.
    It is a fair argument to say that the school doesn’t really ask for our opinion for these concerts, but who are we kidding? There is no way we are ever going to get huge names. Reel Big Fish is going to be fun anyway. Anything is fun with a few drinks in the tank.

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