Guest Blogger: Shane Samuel

The Sexual Secrets in Disney Movies

Disney is known to many for its squeaky ‘clean’ image and for being the birthplace of the infamous Mickey Mouse. However, Disney has a dark side, one that seems to have a fascination with explicit images and sex. Almost every major Disney film, from the Lion King to the Little Mermaid has been under fire for the use of explicit images. Many would say that it is not the fault of Disney instead it is the artists who draw the images that are at fault, but I disagree. I am sure the people in Disney review the films before shipping them around the world and definitely see the images. That is like saying Disney producers do not realize that all of the villains in their films are of a darker skin tone. Even more interestingly, not only is Disney infamous for it sex sells attitude but for its blatant racism and sex is good ideology. For example, in the film Who Framed Rodger Rabbit Donald Duck called him “a goddam stupid nigger,” another example is in the movie Aladdin, where Aladdin is heard saying “Good teenagers take off your clothes.” Disney seems to have a clear perversion for telling children about sex. Below are stills from some of our favorite Disney movies and the explicit images found within:

The Lion King:

The word ‘sex’ is clearly seen in the stars.

The Little Mermaid:

The Priest is erect.

The image of a penis is seen in one of the kingdom’s tower.

The Rescuers:

A naked woman is seen the background.


29 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Shane Samuel

  1. Yosh K says:

    I agree with you. Disney is rediculous for trying to blame the artist for these images. It is 100% thier fault and them blaming someone else is very unprofessional. Seriously, like they didn’t view these videos before sending them out. If Disney hired these artist to do the work, i wonder if Disney actually told them to make those explicit images; otherwise I dont get why an artist would do that. I mean they probably got paid a lot of money to produce these images, I dont think they would risk loosing a job like this by prodcuing these images themselves, i feel Disney was without a doubt, involved. Some of these images are rediculous, like the naked woman in the backround, but others, like the penis in the kingdom towe, and the erection on the priest are just silly. I dont think the author intended for it to be a penis or an erection, people just are making assumptions.

  2. acar2284 says:

    I think that it can be easy to speculate about things like this, and people often assume the worst in certain situations. To some extent, it is often the case that people see what they want to see. I’m a little skeptical of the notion that Disney had some elaborate conspiracy to corrupt our country’s youth through its films. Any of the alleged subliminal messages are fleeting at best and can barely be detected by adult observers, let alone Disney’s target audience. I sincerely doubt that any 5-year olds would pick up on the described subtle sexual innuendos. Such messages are scarcely audible, if not fabricated. That being said, I don’t really see the harm in any minor, potentially explicit images that filmmakers hide within their productions, since they are undetectable to kids. The movies are still good entertainment for young people, and adults can also have a few giggles.

    Claims concerning Disney’s promotion of racism are also somewhat flimsy. Any offensive remarks made by the movie characters are largely imperceptible. Also, Disney villains are not consistently of a darker skin tone (See Ursula in The Little Mermaid). Therefore, I do not see any real “blatant” incidences of racism or sexual indecency in Disney films. With respect to their audience, it’s my opinion that these movies are wholly appropriate and harmless.

  3. I agree with acar2284 one this one. Disney was targeting an audience and was not out to corrupt the minds of young children with these sexual innuendos. Personally, when i think of disney i think it is fun for young and old. I love going back and watching old disney classics. I think disney knew this was going to be the case with a lot of people, and maybe they just added these hidden messages to be funny. I mean, when i read this article, i died. i wasn’t angry, i thought it was hilarious. Lets face it, kids are not going to pick up on those kinds of things. So Disney’s sexual innuendos are fine by me.
    You can lecture me about how “the mind sees all” and how “there going to subconsciously understand” but i think that’s a load of crap. This was just a tricky way for disney to give its older crowd something to giggle at.

    It is also about what the mind sees. Obviously older people are finding out about these little hidden secrets. That is because obviously older people think about sex more than Disneys younger crowd. There are so many other things that could be taken sexually in other shows watched by children as well. people have talked about how is not correct that Mr. Krabs lives in bikini bottom because its suggesting a message about the disease crabs. its all about how you understand things. If your trying to connect something to something else, then you might find what your looking for. But, for the random viewer, these are just childish tales every kid grows up with.

  4. these fall under the categories of subliminal messages. im not too sure what i feel about these images that producers or directors put into their films. i guess i find it a bit humorous but yet also find it kind of strange and weird. im just not sure why there are hidden things and they are always about sex for example the boobs in the background, spelling of sex in lion king and the erections. its all just a bit strange. its kinda disturbing too because its a little creepy that the people making these films direct them to strictly younger children they put sexual things in their films. i see it everywhere there are always things like this in ads. also a game for my iphone i got called dino rush there are random marijuana leaves everywhere and the game is irrelevant to weed. we will never know why people do things, hey we are who we are.

  5. Andrew King says:

    I mean considering that i grew up watching only disney movies and never once saw or speculated any of these signs, that fact that people are taking this really seriously is just stupid. Yea its a little perverted, but i am sure i can pick up a basket of fruit and people can speculate a lot worse things. I will defiantly give in to the photo of The Rescuers with the naked women in the background.. Because thats just simply messed up and put there on purpose by some perv who hates his job at diney. But i just do not see how the other ones are that bad. Like sex in the stars? come on now, that is just an innocent group of stars that some guy connected the dots the wrong way. And the penis in the Kingdom tower.. thats a joke. I barley new what my penis was when i watched these movies let a lone be able to spot one out in Little Mermaids Kingdom. Overall it comes down to how different people interpret different things, and sure some people can notice perverted signs in Disney movies.. but that doesnt change that fact that these are amazing award winning cartoons that I personally loved growing up.

  6. joeyiscool22 says:

    I find that these subliminal messages are quite disturbing. I find it very strange that there are these images in movies that millions of young children watch. Do I believe that the children will pick up on them? No, but it is all about morals. Why would the artist put something like these in their work that is going to be viewed by young kids. I wonder if it could be the same artist throughout all of these films because than it would make sense. Or maybe it is like a challenge who can put the best hidden message in a movie without people picking up on it. Im sure that there are many more in a variety of other movies out there. There needs to be some kind of common ground and agreement so that these incidents do not happen again. I really believe it reflects on the management of Disney because of the artist they chose to hire.

  7. Sean Harrison says:

    Last semester i wrote a final paper on the topic of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are hidden in music, television shows, commercials, and advertisements. The word subliminal means “below the threshold of consciousness. The threshold of consciousness is the dividing line between something that can be processed by the conscious mind and something that enters the subconscious mind without any such processing.” The worst part of it, is that we don’t know whether or not they are actually effecting us. I believe Disney is totally the one to blame and that noone else should be held accountable. These are obvious images that need to be changed because these are all movies in which are made for little kids. Parents dont want their 5 year olds sitting around looking at penis’, naked women, or whatever it may be. Disney, lets make it right and change these things. Everyone knows these subliminal messages are out there so just quit it.

  8. Richard Jarrett says:

    I think its badass. You all have to agree that when we were kids and watched this, we all got fooled by it. I never noticed anything until someone told me about it when I was 13. From then on I have been able to see the actual perverts that disney are. It was a little bit of a slap to the face, since I held these films in such high regard as a child. But they got away with it. Thats the point. While we had our eyes glazed to the screen, they were all behind the curtain, laughing their tails off. Props to Disney.

  9. Carla Gaynor says:

    As a kid I loved Disney. My favorite movie was actually the Lion King. I watched it once, maybe more, a day. Even being a huge Lion King fan, I do think Disney is responsible for this.

    Being a company that targets children, they need to make sure to edit their films and material to be totally child appropriate. True, as a child I did not notice any of this. Not even “sex” written in the sky after watching the Lion King hundreds of times. I’m sure many other children haven’t noticed this either. I don’t even think the parents would notice this. However, when parents see this in the news, or on television concern might, and should be raised. This is just not appropriate for a television show that focuses on young children as their audience.

  10. Eliss Manon says:

    Talking about this topic in class made me want to hear more about it because I could not believe it! And as I saw the blog I could not believe that it was really true. Why the hell would Disney allow for their artist to put these hidden images on their cartoon that are meant for children like really? But the best part is they just want to put to blame the artist as if they were not at fault as well.
    To be honest I would really want to know why they include these hidden messages in their movies, is it just a joke, like an insider for just them to know or are they really trying to sell sex to children by letting them know that “sex is good”? Whatever the reason is it is clear that everyone that is include in making the movies and editing them is to blame.
    I have to admit they do good job at hiding most of them because I have never notice them before or even that they existed. Although many people have probably complained about them and most of the secret message have been taken away from the movies I will definitely be on the lookout to see if I catch any hidden sexual messages in the old Disney movies.

  11. Kyle Leahy says:

    For a long time I had heard rumors about things like this and that Disney had been under fire for sexual imagery, however I always thought they were just myths. After seeing this post, I think that it is very clear that the Disney corporation was either ignorant or lackadaisical. There is no excuse for images like these to make their way into the homes of young children. It hits home for essentially everyone from our generation as well, so many of us grew up watching these movies. Movies like Aladdin and the Lion King are universal. The fact that something so innocent in my mind could be tainted with the evidence presented here is very disconcerting.

  12. Maggie Bernay says:

    I grew up watching almost every disney movie out there and not once did I ever notice these hidden images while watching as a young girl. Even though I never noticed them, I do not understand why they are there. I find it kind of disturbing that someone felt the need to include them in children’s movies. I still do not fully believe if Disney or the artist meant for these images to look the way they do or if other people are actually just trying to make something out of nothing. Which ever it is, I find it very strange that once again our society has to take something innocent and turn it into a huge debate and argument.

  13. Karen Romero says:

    I have been watching Disney movies for a very long time and never have I noticed these hidden messages. It is unfortunate that Disney movies, which are meant for young children, expose children to sexual and racist messages. Although I do agree that they are harmless to children since they are not able to pick up these messages because they are so young. I found these images quite funny and interesting. In a way, this is how Disney targets an older audience; not only are kids entertained by these movies, but so are adults who are picking on hidden messages they were not able to understand at the younger age.
    However, this does not justify the fact that young kids are being exposed to sexual and racist messages. I believe that the sexual messages are not as harmful as the racist messages. The reason why I say this is because the sexual hidden messages are less obvious than the racist messages. Racist views are engraved in people starting a younger age. Although Shane does not go in depth about Disney and other children shows being racist, if one looks up videos one will see that there is racism. I saw a compilation of 10 clips from children’s films, some from Aladdin, Peter Pan, and Jungle Book, where the stereotypes are blatant. Just google “racism in children’s movies” and you will see that there are many examples. The question is, when is the line crossed where these hidden messages are no longer funny, but actually harmful.

  14. Ali Schreiber says:

    I grew up watching Disney movies when I was younger so it really saddens me to see the negative sides to the films now that I am older. Looking back on my childhood while watching these movies I was never made aware of the sexual innuendos that are made throughout Disney’s films. As a matter of fact neither were my parents. While I do not agree with the mysterious sexual content that is now evident to me through this blog post, I think that if I were to ever have a child I would still allow them to watch these films. No child knows about those things nor are thinking about it while they watch the movie. As far as the racism remark, while although it may seem racist I do not believe that was Disney’s intent. I think that the way a child’s mind thinks is that light is good and dark is evil, kind of like an angel vs a devil. I realize it appears to look socially corrupt, however I do not think that was their intention.

    I am sure now that all of these issues of concern are coming to surface the web, that Disney has now been made aware of people being upset with them and that they will clean up their act more in future films to come, at least I sure hope so!

  15. Andrew Zdrojewski says:

    After reading this post I don’t know if I can really blame Disney for purposely putting these images in their movies, but I can definitely blame them for being lazy. There is really no excuse for letting these images be put into such famous children movies such as the Lion King. Yes they are very subliminal and hard to see, especially for a younger child but still there is no room for error when you know millions of people will be seeing these movies. These images kind of taint my image of Disney, it is supposed to be the happiest place on earth where families go on vacation to make great memories and to see Mickey Mouse, but now it would be kind of weird visiting there knowing grown adults are putting sexual imagery in children movies. Don’t get me wrong I will still visit Disney another time in my life but like I said earlier I will kind of be grossed out thinking about the adults doing these things. Disney should be more responsible with the people the hire as well as thoroughly going through the movie before the final production comes out to make sure no erections or secret words are hidden in the movies. As such a powerful force in children movies they are obligated to do so, if they decide not to do so I can imagine there being a serious incident where the Disney corporation would be held responsible.

  16. Brittany Betts says:

    I loved Disney movies as a kid and still love them today. Obviously I never noticed any of the sexual images in the movies until someone pointed them out to me. I don’t really see the purpose of putting them in the movies. I think it’s kind of funny that they sneak them in but that’s because I’m 20 and find things like that funny. I’m sure if I was a mom and my kids were watching movies with hidden sexual images I wouldn’t be too happy about it. There’s no way that the movies editors missed those images when they were editing the movies and I think it’s unprofessional for them to release these children’s’ movies without removing the images. I don’t think Walt Disney would be very proud.

  17. Peter Cruice says:

    I never actually heard or seen proof of these images until I came to HWS. I personally don’t know how many kids can pick up these visual images if I didn’t as a kid. I mean it’s probably a lot easier to pick out these sexual secrets in the disney movies at an older age, but I don’t think that many kids if not any will actually notice these images. I think it is very wrong of Disney to do this, and they should be fully responsible for them. I love Disney movies, and this hasn’t changed my perseption of them at all. I love Disney and most likely always will. I do blame the producers for not picking up on the images however I don’t know all the detail it takes to create a cartoon movie. I’m assuming its billons of drawings.

  18. Chryssy AbdoOl says:

    This is a good post! I love that Disney and his movies has been a big controversy for years. Again I agree with many people on this, when you are a child you would never even pick up on any of the sexual hidden messages that are with held
    in the Disney movies. Besides these images in these movies are reallyquicky they barley last a couple of seconds before there is another cut. For example in the Lion King the stuff in the sky is a motion, and motion creates invisiability to the eye especally in movies. When things are moving you barley catch any hidden messages. Also it last for like 2 seconds they only way you would point out the word sex in the sky is if you paused the movie on that exact moment and then look realy closley at the sky. Which I doubt any child would do.

    I honestly think it’s not a big deal because you can barely notice this sexual hidden messages. I really do believe that the artist who was working for Disney probably really didn’t like his job and was obsessed with sex and want to be funny by putting in these hidden messages because he knew he could get away with it. Especally back then people where not paying any attention to detail like we do now a days because now we are more knowledgable on how media and the society contructs us. Obviously these sexual images past right by the producers or the people who get the finally say in the movie because it’s such a small detail how could they possiably notice it, and in their minds it’s a kids movie they wouldn’t expect anything sexually coded within a childs movie.

    But I must agree with the fact that Disney was indeed rasist, either he was so intergrated within the social structure of society and just did movies on exactly what he saw in the real world or he just meant to do things racial messages on purpose. We have no idea what the truth is. But in all
    logic it seems that he did have a pattern for what he was trying to establish within his movies because he was clear on repeating them
    in almost every Disney child movie he has made. Until of course people started noticing and the Disney team then decided to start adjusting the movies tothe
    modern society

  19. Jena Ko says:

    Disney is AWESOME. But in relevance to these sexual images, I’m not entirely sure if these images were purposely slipped into the show. Sometimes people are bored and think of these ridiculous things like sexual images. I believe the eye is very powerful and if we imagine something to be, it could actually be seen especially when it is pointed out. If there were never any mentioning about explicit images on a children film production companies films, one would never even have noticed. I feel that this is a way people try to get money by suing or complaining or whatever to get recognition or money. People just need to take the images for what it is and not think of those silly images as something inappropiate. Also, this kind of has to do with Freud’s theories. those who caught those sexual images must of some sort of issue that may be relevant to the theories of freud.
    But ultimatly, teaching children about sex at a young age is not necessarily a bad thing. It may end up preventing all those negative aspects of teenage sex. Also, it may somehow end up maturing the younger children because children these days need some more maturity. Parents are all afraid of exposing their children to such outrageous things, but in the end, they will end up understanding everything their parents prevented them from knowing.

  20. Katie York says:

    I know!! Disney can be ridiculous! I love their movies but they do have some hidden messages. I don’t think you can only blame the artists either because if it is noticeable to the audience then it is noticeable to everyone making the movie. Have you noticed how in almost every Disney movie the main character looses or is missing either a mom or a dad?
    Have you ever noticed in the lion king how they have a scene that portrays scar and his hyenas as Hitler and his followers. Its like scary how similar the scene in the movie is to the real thing. Heres a youtube clip of it:
    Also here is another website that shows hidden images in Disney movie clips and pictures.

    I think its weird how they include this in movies made for little kids. It’s almost like they know they wont understand it so its just fun for them but I dont really see the point in it.

  21. jm0392 says:

    Although this blog has opened my eyes, I am still very skeptical about the claims that are being made about Disney movies. I really hope that Disney does not have the cruel intentions to corrupt young kids with sexual references in movies. I watched Disney movies throughout my adolescent life, and I never took notice to sexual references in a single film. However, I don’t think young kids are developed or advanced enough to understand the sexual meanings behind certain images of dialogue. But, if these claims are true, whom is Disney trying to target and entertain? Maybe they are trying to help the parents out a little? Think about how agonizing it must be to have to watch Disney movies 24/7 with your kids…I would definitely go insane after a while. Disney may be trying to make the stressed out parents laugh a little!
    I remember when there was a big concern at my town primary school about banning the “Alice in Wonderland” movie in classrooms. Although it was not due to sex, parents were upset by the inappropriate drug references. Remember the fat caterpillar all cracked out smoking in the forest? There is a rumor that the author of the story, Lewis Caroll, was under the influences of opium when she wrote the story. Also, there is belief that Caroll created the character, Alice, based on a little girl that she had strong feelings for….ahhhhh creepy!! So, in some aspects I do agree with your thought that Disney does possess inappropriate material in their films. However, I really don’t think they have bad cruel intentions when or if they do it. And after reading this blog, it definitely makes me want watch all of my favorite Disney movies as a kid, and look for sexual images or statements. Hopefully I won’t have any luck…

  22. angelo says:

    I really do not know what to think about this because this is Disney we are talking about. To think that they are doing this in their movies is absolutely absurd. I grew up watching these movies and to think that there are pornographic images during the movie is heart breaking. I do not know why that they would do something like this. These images are disturbing and uneeded. To think that parents are letting their kids who are anywhere from three to ten or however old they maybe watch these movies is rediculous. It is not the parents fault it is Disney who is at stake. For a well run company such as Disney to have this going on in their company to me seems almost amature. Clearly Disney is a well runned company and for them to have something like this occur in there movies honestly just baffle me. This did not just happen in one movie it occured in a few and thats a problem in my eyes. They need to realize that this cannot happen anymore. Yes, it is cool to have hidden things in movies but not when they are pornographic images that is just uncalled for. Disney really dissapointed me with this.

  23. Yuliana Baez says:

    I think that sometimes we look to into these films. Maybe I might have been very naive but as a child I never noticed this. I would not look at the Lion King or other films and notice that they were bluntly talking about sex. I believe more that adults are the ones blamed for this. I noticed as I grew up I was able to notice more and more these hidden messages. This was because I was more conscious about my surrounds and as we grow up we got to face it most of the things that we think about is about SEX. This isn’t the only cartoon that they do this with. SpongeBob Square pants and the Teletubbies were some of the cartoons that have had been criticized about being gay. No freaking four year old thinks about sex or homosexuality. People now days just pick on anything and this is one of the things that they look deeper into. Nevertheless, the Disney artist should be blamed if anything.

    • Ariel Trent says:

      Agreed! I do believe the artist should be to blame but I feel like the producers should have said something if they noticed it.

  24. I do not really agree. How can actually people even think about blaming Disney? I think the person/people to blame are the artists not the producers. For your information plays are written before they are actually played. Therefore, I think of artists as the perverts who are trying to destroy Disney’s repo. I still am a fan of Disney and I honestly want to stay as a fan. Not everyone can notice everything that is indicated in the pictures. Even today if we all grown-ups watch Disney movie we will not be able to actually catch the points where pervert things like these are shown. You need to actually have a perverted eye to actually see them. Just like how you’re saying that Disney is full of sex and it’s amazing how we never noticed all these when we were young and etc., maybe that is exactly how the Disney people like the producer or the Disney team couldn’t notice the fault of the artists, then why to blame? You need to get deeply involved in the pictures/ video to actually take out stuff like that. I mean honestly its amazing how we enjoyed seeing this when we were young and now that we have grown up its weird how we’re pointing out the flaws of Disney.

    My favorite Disney movie was lion king and looking at the picture which accordingly has sex written on the stars is I think extremely pointless. I mean come on a perverted eye can see anything a pervert wants. I am not implying that on anyone. I am just saying. I am sure you guys believe what you guys have and want to, but I honestly do not want to believe it. And I do not want to start hating my favorite movie or the disney people. If someone is to be blamed then it should me no one then the Artists I guess.

  25. Ariel Trent says:

    I have heard of Walt Disney films having hidden images in the movies they produce but I have never seen them and after having seen them it made me think differently about these movies. As a teenager and soon to be an adult I do not really watch these movies as often as I did when I was a child, but when I do I see so much more inappropriate language and jokes and now images then I did as a child. The question that arises in my head is if young children notice these images, jokes and inappropriate language too? Most parents trust these movies to show their children different morals in life and now seeing this I feel like some of their views might change.
    One movie that I loved as a child and I watched recently was “James and the Giant Peach,” which is a 1996 film by Walt Disney. In certain parts of the film one bug in the movie called James’s guardians “bitties,” which is a derogatory way of calling a female a bitch and can also refer to a women having huge breast. As a child, I had no recollection of that being in the movie maybe because I didn’t know what it meant. I feel like even though children that are watching this movie may not know what the exact word means but they notice some things and might pick up on languages and jokes and might start using those words, especially because children are easily influenced and depend on these movie to learn from and so do their parents . Another word I notice that was said from the bugs in the movie was “ass.” They used “ass” to talk about each other when they were arguing and I felt that was really inappropriate for any child. Children may watch this movie and could possibly mimic the actions of these characters.
    Another inappropriate act that I notice in Disney movies when I watch them over is that some of the characters are smoking, drinking beer or are drunk from drinking beer; some of these movies consists of Roger Rabbit, James and the Giant Peach, and Beauty and the Beast. Society is trying so hard to avoid the youth from smoking and drinking when the films these children have been watching movies involving smoking and drinking. This is actually promoting such acts rather than trying to lessen them. I would think if you want children to avoid smoking and drinking and doing drugs that movie producer or artists would avoid putting hidden images and jokes in films, especially when the audience is children.
    Even though I do believe these hidden secrets are inappropriate I still won’t abandon these Disney movies. I have grown up on these films and I can honestly say I love watching them and I did learn great morals from these movies. I just hope that these artist and producers have a better approach on movies that are coming out now; I hope they think about the affect they could have on society in this day and age.

  26. laurenthinks says:

    This is bizarre. Like many of the comments remarked, I’ve never noticed any of these things, although I’ve seen each of these movies millions of times. I don’t think it’s that huge of a deal if even the most avid Disney fans don’t pick up on the half a second flash of some vulgarity. I guess my question is, Why does Disney include this stuff? Maybe to see who picks up on it? Entertainment for the poor sucker parents stuck watching these films over and over again with their kids? I guess I just see it as kind of…irrelevant. I’m sure these questions have been presented to the Disney works who created each of these movies, and maybe they have given answers. Once again, I don’t think these things shown are major enough to persuade parents to deprive their four-year-olds of Disney. The young audience that these movies draw is not advanced enough to pick up on these things, let alone understand them.

  27. perezer says:

    Omgsh all of my beautiful and innocent childhood memories washed down the drain in a matter of minutes?! I started noticing that Disney wasn’t the same as I grew up. It seems like they barely have any Disney movies and cartoons and instead are focusing on shows for a teenage audience. What’s the problem with this? Children still watch these shows and shouldn’t be exposed to all of the double-meanings that shows today have. It may be true that children don’t notice these hidden messages however, this doesn’t stop an older brother or sister from bluntly saying it out loud. What then? the child will ask questions and will not stop until he/she gets answers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that parents need to eliminate all TV’s from their homes (that would be a crime haha) or take drastic measures but they should definitely try to watch some of these shows with their kids so that they can answer any questions if their child does have some. And remember, it’s just TV!

  28. Tacco26 says:

    I love the Disney classics and never even noticed these images! People have mentioned these “explicit images” but I didn’t believe them, this is the first time I have seen them! This is hilarious who would have thought Disney would do such a thing. I personally think it is funny that someone at Disney did this. These movies target audience are young kids who I highly doubt would even pick up on these images. I mean I have been watching these movies for years and have never noticed these images and I am an adult. The artist most likely put in these explicit images in attempt to be funny. They have to draw cartoons over and over all day I am sure they needed a little laugh. To me it is a harmless joke. When I am a parent some day and have to sit through all these movies with my kids it will be fun for me to look for these images. These movies are far from perfect yes but they are still very entertaining and everyone loves them. People are always looking for something to be wrong with everything; these explicit images were a harmless joke and are no reason to stop watching these movies or to get mad at Disney. Disney has been entertaining us for years and has been doing a great job; I personally am not going to hold this against them. Now next time I watch a Disney movie I guess I will have to look a bit closer.

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