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2011 New York Mets

I am what many would consider to be a die-hard New York Mets fan. I have loved them like a brother my entire life. My father, who is also a Mets fan, was the one who originally got me into the Mets when I was very little.

Being a die-hard fan of the Mets is not an easy job, considering they are one of the most disappointing franchises of the past decade. But another part of my fanhood is being a die-hard critic. So, since I am such a harsh critic, one could expect me to write about how much I am not looking forward to the upcoming 2011 season for the Mets.

They have a ton of rebuilding to do, considering that compared to the other teams in the division, the Mets have no depth in their pitching rotation, a second basemen who plays like he is about to collapse to his death, no reliable catcher, and a management production team that doesn’t have any money. This is part of loving a franchise. Every team goes through its ups and downs (except for those damn Yankees) but to me, it just seems like the New York Mets are always a joke. But, I love em, thats for sure.


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  1. i totally know what you mean by this trust me. im from cleveland and where lebron went to high school st v’s was roughly 20 minutes from my high school. my friends saw him play in high school every one knew what he would mean to cleveland sports. ohio is the state where they love their sports and are die hard fans, so when we drafted lebron james first round first pick and he told he would give us a championship he sure did try but failed and gave up. he gave up and then left with the most terrible way possible. it sucks because you got to watch everyone of his games and go to his games but now its nothing exciting anymore and back to what they use to be a terrible team that loved the game and the fans. it sucks to play video games and see how bad they are and hear about their wins loss record. it hurt and it still sucks i believe fans in ohio will never get over it.

  2. Jay montross says:

    I am right there with you rich. I have loved a very terrible team since a very young age. The chicago cubs one of the most cursed teams in baseball ever since 1911. Why? Because a man was not allowed to enter wrigley field with his goat. Then he cursed the organization and said they would not win a world series for 100 years. Wow. I hope thats not true because the cubs are my favorite team and would die for a world series.
    Otherwise until then buddy i am right there with you and lets go any team that can beat them damn yankees.

  3. Wes Traub says:

    I feel you man. Being from Minnesota, I have loved the Vikings ever since I could walk. However, they are certified choke artists. They have been to 5 Superbowls in their long history and have lost every single one of them. Watching them is like a rollercoaster ride that ends horribly.

    First, they start out the season great, climbing forward steadily and winning games consistently. Then around the middle of the season they start to plunge into a slump and you feel like giving up on sports completely. Just about that time, they start winning again and everyone hops back on the band wagon. Towards the end of the season however, they hit the loopty-loop and then spiral off the tracks, causing the entire amusement park to go up in flames.

    More importantly than supporting a team who is “winning” or “popular”, is supporting a team that is truly “yours”. True fans stick with their team through the highs and the lows, through the interceptions and touchdowns, through the strikeouts and home runs. Anyone can throw on a Tampa Bay Rays jersey and claim they have liked the Rays for years before they got good. But is it the true fans that advocate for their teams during their toughest times. When I was 5 years old, the Vikings were down by several touchdowns at halftime. I looked at my father and said “Dad, I think I’m gonna root for the other team now.” He was quick to tell me that this type of fan-hood is not acceptable. To my surprise, the Vikings ended up making a miraculous comeback and winning the game. This showed me that when you least expect it, you’re team can pull through for you.

    Rich, I commend you for sticking with your Mets through their slumps and triumphs. I believe that the way a person reacts to sports is representative of who they are as a person.

  4. Andrew King says:

    I am not going to lie Rich, I feel a little bad for you ha. But no worries, I am a cubs fan so I cant say to much. Especially considering that its been about 100 years since our last world series win. But I do remember the days when you were considered the man for rocking a Mike Piazza jersey. Which was around the same time when you were even more of the man for wearing a Sammy Sosa jersey. I give you a lot of respect though for sticking by your mets, i mean if people like you didnt who would? I get so fed up with these fair weather fans who change there favorite team every 3 years depending on whos got talent. I mean after all one should have a special bond with their sports team that maybe goes through your families history… thats what the culture is all about.

  5. joeyiscool22 says:

    I know what you mean because my uncle is a die hard mets fan and the rest of our family are yankee fans. He hears trash talking from us all the time because of how bad the mets organization really is. He does not care though because he has faith that one day the organization is going to take a turn for the better. When that day comes there are going to be a lot more happier people in New York. I believe they need a facelift such as a new general manager and to acquire new player who could bring some kind of spunk to the ball club. It is true that you have a catcher who is unreliable and have not had one since Piazza. Who is arguably the best hitting catcher of all time.

  6. Sean Harrison says:

    I think this post is perfect considering that tomorrow is opening day! Baseball season is awesome. When i think of baseball season i think of home runs, perfect games, intense moments, summer nights in yankee stadium with friends. Baseball is by far the longest season (162 games and playoffs). I have never been a mets fan, but i can definitely see where you are coming from on this. I grew up a yankees fan with everyone hating me because i am from new england where everyone loves the Red Sox. Except i can’t really get any crap for it because the yankees are by far the greatest team in all of sports. The Mets on the other side are what have got people talking. They have had some big name players, such as Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes, Johan Santana, just to name a few. These players are stars of the league and still havent found a way to bring home what Met’s fans want. Its tough to win a championship in any sport, but i agree that its about time that the yankees arent the only “Big Apple” team to bring one home.

  7. Esther Altomare says:

    The only sport I follow is baseball, and I too, am a Mets fan. I remember taking the train to Shea from a really young age and unlike the damn football games I was dragged to actually coming to love the sport and more importantly the Mets.

    I always get the same response when I tell people I’m a Mets fan, people’s faces drop a little, chuckle and respond with some version of “that must suck.” And in some ways I agree. It would be nice to see some fundamental improvements within the franchise and come to experience what it feels like to root for a winning team. However, I can’t help but love the team I grew up watching regardless of their struggles. I to get soooo annoyed with these fair-weather (Yankee’s) fans that surround me. Sporting their cute tee shirts during the final weeks of the season. At least when you meet a Mets fan, you know that these people are real, die-hard fans.

  8. Andrew Zdrojewski says:

    Rich, trust me it can be a whole lot worse I’m from Buffalo and you know what that means. SPORTS DISASTERS, and when I say disasters I mean F’ing catastrophes. The Sabres and Bills do not just loose; they build your hopes up so highly and then every single time I fall for it they rip my heart out and stomp on it. I feel like I’m the prisoner in Indiana Jones who gets his heart ripped out of his chest by the high priest, all I’m waiting for is someone to scream “Kalima” like in the movie. Let me just do a little run down for you of how Buffalo sports team have crushed me multiple occasions. First of and most famously they had 4 super bowl appearances in a row and they did not win once, I know I was only a baby for this run of super bowls but it does not matter it still sucks when someone talks about that stuff. Moving on because I can’t even think of “Wide Right” we can talk about Music City Miracle, Bills were beating the Titans in the 1st round of the playoffs by a field goal kicked by Steve Christie with about 3 seconds to go the Bills kickoff and Frank Wycheck throws an across the field “lateral” to Kevin Dyson who sprints down the left sideline for a score and the Titans victory. That was the last time the Bills have even made the playoffs because of huge draft pick busts ala Mike Williams top 5 selection JP Losman 1st round quarterback, who was supposed to save a franchise, Marshawn Lynch/ Willis McGahee who both started careers promisingly but both were traded and now fans hate them. Most reasonly Aaron Maybin who did not even dress for many games this yr and more than likely will be cut. Onto the Sabres where it does not get much better, how about “No Goal” where the Sabres lost on a blown call in game 6 of Stanley Cup finals which cost them the series. Or when the Flyers scored on a puck that went through the side of the net but the call was blown. Or how about when the Sabres made it to the Eastern Conference Finals against Hurricanes but lost almost all of their starting defenseman because of injuries and went onto loose game 7 basically with minor leaguers for defenseman. I’m not trying to be a baby, but I will say it can definitely be worse than a Mets fan just come up to Buffalo.

  9. Yuliana Baez says:

    I have to give it up to this post. I respect it because there are not a lot of Mets fan that actually criticize them. Granted that any fan would say that their team is the best but the Mets have to face reality that they do need a lot of work.

    I am a proud Yankee’s fan and represent with my attire. All the time I do crack jokes on the Mets. I feel that the Mets should get recognition as a New York City sports team. There are so many dedicated fans. Living in the city I have been able to attend games spoken to other Mets fans. As Esther said, these people have been going to these games since they were young. Although they haven’t gone far many of the players put in hard work just as any other team. Recently, I was looking through Facebook and encountered an advertisement that was placed in the city. It said why leave a city that has six professional sports teams, and the Mets? I found that to be a disrespectful. They should get support from everyone even though you may not be a fan. I think that many would be offended if they had said this about the Yankees.

    At the end we all love baseball but LET’S GO YANKS!


  10. Peter Cruice says:

    I agree, the Mets are one of the most dissapointing and embarassing franchises in professional baseball in the past twenty years. The reason for their stuggles all starts in the upper management. You need a new owner, general manager, and coaches. Once they shape up the front office, the team can focus on rebuilding the team. So far they have been a total disapointment and not rebuilding at the same time. There are many factors and reasons behind a failing franchise. Starting at the front office will help give the team a new focus. Happens in other professional sports and now it’s time for the Mets to make some serious changes. I am not a mets fan, but this is crucial in order to have a successful franchise in the future.

  11. Kyle Leahy says:

    While its different now I can relate to this post as a life long Red Sox fan. While the Red Sox recently have had success and in general have been a solid franchise, there was a stretch of 86 years when they did not win a world series. Decades of collapses and sheer disasters in the world series games plagued the Red Sox, due to what most Bostonians believe was “the curse of the Bambino,” which is derived from Babe Ruth’s trade to the Yankees back in the early 19 hundreds for 10,000 dollars which the Red Sox owner wanted to finance a play with. Growing up, I sat through some terrible seasons and tear-your-heart-out moments on my couch. My mom (who is a massive sox fan) and I watched every game. I grew up hearing stories of Bill Buckner (who lost the red sox the ’86 series when a ball went through his legs), Bucky Dent and various other travesties. I was obsessed with the Red Sox, I even freaking cried when Nomar Garciaparra was traded in 2004. Luckily that year they won the World Series, breaking the curse and sparking the franchise that they are today. So while a lot of people cheer for the Red Sox now because they are a big name franchise with a lot of money, I have more respect for the people who sat through 86 years of sheer misery. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a cubs fan.

  12. Richard Jarrett says:

    The 2011 New York Mets season is pretty much completely coming to a close, so I will update this blog post.

    As stated in my original post, the main problems were the pitching rotation, an unreliable second baseman, an inexperienced catcher, and no money. And alas, I was correct.

    Perhaps the biggest problem of the season was the amount of production the Mets had with their starting pitch. With the surprising good season that young pitcher Dillon Gee displayed, he is now one of the brighter spots going into next season. But still there is no Johan Santana. Which every fan just cant wait any longer to arrive off the DL.

    Justin Turner and Josh Thole with a little more experience, I feel will be prepared to fill the missing holes in second base and a catcher. Solving that mystery.

    Finally the money. As many know, the New York Mets hit the most out of any team with the conviction of Bernie Madolf as the Wilpons, (owners of the franchise) had a lot of money invested in Madolf. All this resulting in the talk of the loss of Jose Reyes, one of the faces of the team. But to the rescue came David Einhorn, with a 200 million dollar proposal to buy a large portion of the team. Its been the best news Mets fans heard all season, and we are all looking forward to seeing what Eihorn has to say and what he does.

    Overall, the season had some bright spots, but for someone who didn’t have such high expectations exactly, it was just a losing season, which is all it counts for. I although I am going to need some motivation with some offseason moves to become positive, I am looking for the Mets to bring in another top tier pitcher. As we have all season from the Phillies, pitching wins ballgames. Lets Go Mets!

  13. eurogate says:

    Being from right outside Washington DC I know the feeling. I think being a fan of a losing franchise isn’t necessarily bad. It gives the fans true heart. The skins haven’t been to the super bowl in almost 20 years (vs the Bills 1992). Since 93 the team has rotated through 8 coaches. This makes a good drama. I know win or lose the skins will have the support of me and my friends back home. True friends will stand by you through thick and thin, I feel that the same applies to sport teams. A true FAN will stick with a team through thick and thin. Always have hope for your team. eventually they will do god. Skins and Bills fans are some of the most diehard fans I have ever met. Because the teams are rarely favored this makes ever win that much better. I think you should look at the Mets in such a negative light. just keep supporting and being true to your team. If everyone won there would be no competition.

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