Guest Blogger: Sheridan French


by Rebecca Black

Music nowadays is a much different thing that it was twenty years ago. It’s becoming more repetitive and auto tuned to the point where anyone can do it with the help of a computer. There is a new song out that shows what exactly what music has come to. Friday by Rebecca Black has been one of the most controversial songs over the past few weeks. The song is about a teenage girl who is happy it is Friday. It has taken criticism from numerous critics and has been discussed on shows like Good Morning America and Tosh.0.

Rebecca Black is a 13 year old American teenager who is the main singer of the song Friday. She lives in Anaheim, California, and had no prior singing career until this song went viral. She is now probably known by a large percentage of teenagers who have access to the internet, even if she doesn’t want to be. She may also be referred to as the “worst singer ever,” “worse than Justin Bieber,” “or the reason my ears hurt.”

This song started out on and has become so popular, for all the wrong reasons, it is now sold on iTunes and has sold tens of millions of downloads. The song has become so well known that it has over 61 million views on and has the video was only uploaded a month and a half ago. It’s been criticized because of the lyrics, music video, Rebecca Black’s age and voice, and other numerous reasons.

The lyrics to this song are for the most part quite superficial. For a fair share of the song, the lyrics don’t make any sense, and when the lyrics do make sense, they are obvious, repetitive, or just downright boring. The song primarily runs through the order of the days in a week, a student’s routine on a Friday morning, and where to sit in a car full of her friends. She seems to put together phrases about things and didn’t alter them to be grammatically correct. For example,

R-B, Rebecca Black/So chillin’ in the front seat (In the front seat)/In the back seat (In the back seat)/I’m drivin’, cruisin’ (Yeah, yeah)/Fast lanes, switchin’ lanes/Wit’ a car up on my side (Woo!)/(C’mon) Passin’ by is a school bus in front of me/Makes tick tock, tick tock, wanna scream/Check my time, it’s Friday, it’s a weekend/We gonna have fun, c’mon, c’mon, y’all.

The music video to this song also contributes to a lot of criticism. It starts out with her getting out of bed and ready for school. Then, while waiting at the bus stop, she sees her friends who are all driving in a car. Problem here is that, if she is thirteen, her friends from school most likely don’t have their licenses and don’t know how to drive. The video also doesn’t help fix this problem because her friends don’t look old enough to drive either. Then, it shows her going to a party that looks like a party that would be stereotypically hosted by high school students, which if she is thirteen, may be hard to believe and portray the message that she is trying to be older than she thinks she is. The next part that is confusing is when a rapper who looks very similar to usher is shown driving in a car and does a rap that doesn’t make sense grammatically. (Quoted above) Lastly, she ends by singing for a crowd of people who have appeared out of now where. Overall leave the viewer of the video wondering about what has happened, because she was talking about going to school and then ends up singing for a crowd.

The tune of this song is catchy, but extremely repetitive. Also, Rebecca Black’s voice is quite monotone making the song more repetitive by not having a change in notes and sound. There are not many identifiable instruments playing in the background to the song, so it seems it was all done on the computer. One of my biggest problems with this song is that there is no rhyme scheme to the song, though she has several occasions to rhyme and doesn’t. It shows inexperience and makes it easy to criticize.

Rebecca Black is not the worst singer in the world, I believe. I personally think that the reason she is getting so much criticism is because she had no credibility, so no one knew who she was or if she could actually sing. And, the fact that the song is auto tuned to monotone makes the listener think that she is trying to hide something The song would still be questionable of someone famous were to sing it, so the fact that Rebecca Black, a young vulnerable 13 year old girl tried to come out of nowhere and sing it is why she is getting so much criticism.

The comments about this song have gotten completely out of hand. It has gotten to the point where there are hundreds of comments a minute and over 90% of them are not nice to say the least. There have been threats, complaints, and utter disturbing harassment left for everyone to see under the comments thread on the video on Rebecca Black and her family were interviewed on Good Morning America about how they felt about these comments. Reactions ranged from Rebecca’s tears, annoyance and her mother admitting she wanted to kill people at times. Today there are almost a million comments on her page and they are getting much worse, but at the time she was interviewed she said the most disturbing was “I hope you cut yourself. I hope you get an eating disorder so you can be pretty. And I hope you go cut and die.”

This video shows people that you can’t just post anything on the internet and not pay the consequences. The intention of this song and video was to make Rebecca Black famous, which it has, unfortunately for her. I think it will be a valuable lesson for users, be careful what you put on the internet.


31 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Sheridan French

  1. dana Nachbar says:

    After watching the music video of Rebecca Black singing “Friday,” My first reaction was wow she cannot sing and I actually couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. I am shocked that she has posted a music video on you tube of that song. What really shocks me even more is that she actually has a good voice. When she sang acapella for Good Morning America, she sang the national anthem pretty good. So I almost feel bad that she had to post that “Friday” song which makes her sound horrible and not to mention dumb. The lyrics of that song are lame and make her appear uneducated. Also the background music doesn’t mesh well with her voice it makes her voice sound off key and monotone. She also sounds much younger than she actually is. I think she should get some voice lessons to strengthen her voice, because she doesn’t have a bad voice its just a little weak.
    I think it was rude what people said about her, that was crossing the line. To tell someone to cut themselves or starve themselves is unjust and inhuman. Who would have the courage and ignorance to even say that comment. There are a lot of conceited people out there who don’t believe others deserve a little fame. They should just let her be and let the younger generation appreciate her. She may not have the best voice but she made a catchy song for young kids to enjoy.
    Although, I honestly don’t think she’ll make it any further in the hollywood industry. People like JoJo, Cheyenne Kimball, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson made a few popular hits but they are kind of drifting out of the spotlight now. People grow out of them like they grow out of clothes that were once “in.”

  2. I’m not really into the whole pop-culture youtube thing so I had never seen this video, nor had I ever heard of it. To be quite honest, after watching this video I almost vomited. It was atrocious. One of the biggest embarrassments to American society. Then I continued to the rest of the blog and I soon figured out that she was only 13 years old and it made me think. This girl made a video, it went viral on youtube, and now she is getting criticized by major critics.
    “This girl can’t sing.”
    “Her lyrics don’t make sense.”
    “She is dumb.”
    “Blah, blah, blah.”
    The fact of the matter is that SHE IS ONLY 13. Why do we feel the need to criticize a poor little 13 year old girl. I guarantee when little Rebecca Black made this video she had no idea that she was making a video that would get tens of millions of hits. So why do we have to hate her so much? Critics saying that her video is unreal because her friends can’t drive and she hops in her friends convertible. Who cares? Why do we have to crush her dreams? You see, the problem in America is not that kids are making movies like this, it is that people actually waste their time criticizing videos such as this, ripping this poor girls heart out. Who cares if it sucks? I mean, I think it sucks so I’m never going to watch it again. I’m sure that thousands of little 13 year old boys are infatuated by Ms. Black. So let them be. They are 13 years old. Let them have fun. Let them dream. Let’s stop wasting our time criticizing stupid youtube videos and get on with our lives.

  3. after reading the introduction to this blog post i wasnt actually sure how bad it could be. and after watching it its is probably one of the top 3 worst videos i have ever seen. thats terrible. it just shows that families with money can do great things for their child because of their repuation. like the girl got picked up by her friends in the nice convertible and talking about friday. its so middle school it looks like its terrible. but you also have to understand yeah just because its bad and shes terrible and will probably never produce another song or music video ever again you should never say explicit things to her or about her. that is just taking things way to far, if you feel you need to express how you feel about her as a musician then do it in a ordinary polite manner and dont say you did this wrong maybe state what you could do better, give feedback obviously society doesnt think like that and could care less what they say online

  4. Graham Pastor says:

    I agree with what others said, that even if this isn’t a good song people are going way too far. I think the only reason this video is popular at all is because of people mocking it. I first saw it after I stumbled upon some page that had the good morning America interview. I really think people should just leave her alone. Obviously the video and song is terrible, but that doesn’t mean people need to make sure cruel personal attacks. I can’t understand the mentality of people making those comments; do they actually think it is clever in any way? Nobody is forcing them to listen to the song; they can just close it any time they want to.

  5. joeyiscool22 says:

    There are ways that we are able to give constructive criticism to a young girl who could potentially become a good singer. You need to tell her what she can improve on instead of what her flaws are. In american idol for instance Simon Cowell was known as the ‘”asshole” because of his harsh comments. But on another note I would rather have someone give it to me straight up than have someone sugar coat it because if you sugar coat it than you do not know if you are actually good or not. When you get your criticism straight up than you know exactly what you have to improve on. There are pros and cons to this situation but, for a young girl or any aspiring singer at the age cannot take criticism like that.

  6. I find it crazy that young pre-teens are getting fame from a song that has hardly any deep meaning. This girl can NOT sing!!! Yet, so many people are watching her hit song on YouTube. Each time someone watches her video on YouTube, she is gaining fame and earning big bucks. Back when it was hard to become a “big” shot and when you had to put A LOT of time and effort to make your way to become famous, we did not have the technology and connectivity in our society. This girl only got popular through YouTube and Facebook- two websites that connect people to other people and more people. Without these websites and advancements, this girl would have not been famous in a matter of months.
    Now, I’m not trying to criticize this girl. She simply put her music video on YouTube like many other people would to show friends and family. I believe that these sites can make anyone gain publicity so quickly such as Rebecca. Do I think she is talented? No, I think it was mostly luck that got her here. I am sure she will now get a private singing coach and LEARN how to sing and will be make an album by the end of the spring.

  7. Richard Jarrett says:

    This song is literally garbage. I agree with most of the stuff that Sheridan says, but I think that this guy’s (use link: response really sums it up for me. This song is just a perfect example with what is wrong with music these days. Being a music major, here at the colleges, I can guarantee you that my friends 12 yea-old brother could have written this piece of trash as a song. And even better, my illiterate 2 year-old nephew could have put together the very poetic lyrics. This girl needs to stop corrupting the youth, before all of them start using this song as their ringtone. Once everyone forgets what music is actually about (I consider to be the actual genius behind it all) then we are really screwed. This 13 year-old, under-age, slutty, party girl with her lame-ass 10 year-old friends are not professional musicians. They are amateurs, whose stage-parents need to find something that actually gives their children’s lives value.

  8. Carla Gaynor says:

    I first heard this song last week in Scandling. I didn’t even believe it was a real song, or trying to become a popular song. I thought it was some spoof on what music has come to. It is so auto tuned I could not even tell if she was a good singer before. The later that day I was on iTunes and saw that was there. I was shocked.

    Is this the standard music needs to live up to in order to become popular? Has America set their sights this low? The song does not even make sense really. A classmate from high school posted on his facebook mocking the lyrics “Kickin’ in the front seat Sittin’ in the back seat Gotta make my mind up Which seat can I take?” A friend of mine then commented “I hope she is not so much of a bitch that she has the option to take the four already taken seats. This really solidified to me how ridiculous this video, and these lyrics actually are.

    Then I came across Bob Dylan perform this same song. He actually made it sound sentimental. I was floored. I was also surprised to learn that this girl can actually sing, minus the auto tune.

  9. Ashley says:

    First of all, I hate this song. It should be removed from every website, every sound wave in the world, before anyone else has to subject themselves to it. It makes Bieber look like the Beatles in comparison. Partly for the lyrics, partly for the patheticness that is a 13year old trying to be hot shit, but mostly for the fact that IT GETS STUCK IN YOUR HEAD SO DAMN EASILY.

    All of that being said, I think many of the comments by users on the video have gone way, way out of line. Is she a stupid, self-centered, thirteen year old girl who just wanted to get famous? Yes. But most of us were guilty of that at some point, though hopefully we didn’t open ourselves up to such public means of humiliation in an attempt to get there. But to tell someone to self harm–especially a vulnerable adolescent–is simply abusive. Terrible music or not, there’s no excuse. If it offends you THAT much, simply turn it off, roll your eyes, make some derogatory comments to whoever you’re with, and move on. No need to personally harass the actual singer. God knows in 5 years or so when she matures a bit, she’ll have enough baggage, looking back on that video and wondering, “What the hell was I thinking?”

  10. I have gotten emails about this video as some felt she was cyberbullied with this video. Do I think she has a good voice? Um, not really as she is sounding a little like a computer when she sings here. However, she is only 13 and her voice has not completely developed yet. Give her a few years and she will grow into it. Also, its pathetic when people post mean things about a child like this. Give her a break, shes only 13! Those comments made to her were way out of line. If they were adults making them, that makes it twice as pathetic, IMO. I agree with the above and that is telling someone to go hurt themselves is abusive regardless.

  11. Esther Altomare says:

    I first heard this song when my roommate from last year posted it on my wall. I thought it was some sort of joke, and proceeded to yell at her for finding this shit. However, little did I know that soon the song would be all over the web and seem to creep into my everyday life. This song literally is everywhere. I hear it being blasted on the quad, played in saga and even belted out during parties. It’s really hard to get away from this song.

    I have to agree that this song is absolutely awful. From the plot to just its overall quality I don’t think there is any argument of just how poor of a song it really is. I also think that in essence music like this does work to taint the music industry. Is this really all it takes for an individual to become famous? The talent just seems to really be lacking on this one.

    With that being said I cant help but feel a bit sorry for the girl. The comments are out of hand. The girl isn’t stupid, I mean yeah this song does suck but it’s also bringing her an incredible about of media attention. This song is being talked about, good or bad.

    Personally, I’m a much bigger fun of “Sunday”.

  12. Eliss Manon says:

    When I first heard this song I thought it was a joke and immediately showed my friends! While we laughed about it for a while we started to look around at the comments people left about the songs and they were not nice at all. I’m not going to lie I did laugh at some of the comments until I got to the ones that were talking about here killing herself, now that was just too much. Yeah the song does suck and makes no sense what so ever, but that is no reason to wish death upon someone especially a 13 year old girl.
    At first I did not know that she was 13 years old because she looks a little bit older since she was wearing heals and all the things an older teenager would do, but after reading all the comments I started to realize that she was a 13 year old trying to look older. As I watch the video again I thought to myself what does a 13 year old girl know about “getting down on Friday” and if they do why the hell are your parents letting you attend this party that really does look like a high school party?
    The other thing that got to me was when she sings about deciding where she is going to sit in the front or back seat of her friends car, when clearly there is someone already in the front seat, that just shows how this song/ video makes no sense. But to top it all off they kid driving the car are not even old enough to even own a permits license. That was just ridiculous! This just annoyed me because it really does make American 13 year olds seem dumb because they don’t make sense, sound grammatically incorrect, and in this case don’t even know the laws of their own country LOL.
    Oh and the 50 year old man rapping, like really WTH is a 50 year old man doing going to a teenage party, can you say CREEPY!!!!!
    Beside everything I said about how stupid this song/ video is, people should not criticize it to the extent that they have because it was really disrespectful. On top of that her parents paid for her to have this experience so no one should take that away from her. Money does buy happiness and clearly fame too 😉

  13. Maggie Bernay says:

    First this is a horrible song. However, this song shows a lot about our society and culture than one might think. First, Rebecca Black is clearly 13 but she is trying to act 16 or 17. The fact that this young girl is trying to act older than she is represents that our society forces young girls to try to act older than they are. Young girls are loosing their childhood and innocence earlier than ever before. They feel like they need to “party like it’s the weekend” when they are 13 instead of seeing movies or playing games and sports like they should be doing at the age of 13. Secondly, this songs represents Americans’ desire to exploit and emphasizes something horrible and take it as a joke. People threatened this young girl and harassed the girl instead of stating their opinion respectfully. This song shows society’s desire to tear others down when they do not agree.

  14. Stephanie Haddad says:

    Wow, this poor girl. I mean I’m going to be completely honest…. When I first saw this video, not many words other than awful, embarrassing, abominable, etc. came to mind. But hell, that’s most likely going to be the case with the majority of the older teenage population. I’d also hope the younger 13 year olds watching this video feel the same way, but you never know. I feel like we’re losing touch with the beauty of music. The lyrics and instruments that accompany the music are so important that we’re beginning to forget about all that with the new electronic, robotic, weird effects that are starting to accompany a lot of the music today.
    On a side note: 13 year olds don’t drive. Am I right? That’s just strange, and no one thinks it’s cool. And I mean we’re all looking to surf Youtube and get a little kick out of the people who tend to make a fool out of themselves, but I don’t think that the comments were appropriate in any way possible. No matter how awful a video may be, people need to stop themselves from posting such terrible words on the Internet. This girl isn’t hopeless. She’s only 13! She just needs to be exposed to more music and realize that what she created was pretty damn awful. Maybe she can take some music lessons and learn to play an instrument or something. Show us that real talent hidden deep underneath that uhhh… creepy video? Maybe I’m an optimist, but I’m just sayin’ that she has a LOT to learn about music.

  15. Jena Ko says:

    I do agree this song sucks…but for a 13 year old making her debut I give her a lot of props. Yes it’s true that it is very obvious that she lacks a kind of talent where it is entertaining to watch in a positive way but for her first video at such a young age, she did pretty alright. I mean we can take any 13 year old and I am pretty sure they would have done the very same. Also, this video in a way can be used that she has no talent to maintain in the entertainment industry, but it was worth a shot. And I heard that she had two songs to choose before recording it. One was about friday, the other was about sexuality or something of that kind. She chose to sing about Friday because she felt it was inappropriate for a young teenager to sing about something she has no relevance to, in addition, I believe she made the right choice. Fridays are awesome espeically for a young teenager. Also, why should we blame Rebecca when she was the only one to appear on the camera and record the song? There are song writers, producers and film directors who took part of this big issue. Maybe we can also say that the song writer, producer, and music video directors suck as well. I guess this debut is a way for Rebecca to realize that the entertainment industry is not for her, or she could try harder to please the audience in a more positive way. Still I give her props for trying!

  16. Ali Schreiber says:

    When I first heard this song I thought it was just another person on youtube and that my friend was just sending me a link to this video because it was something funny. Well mission accomplished on my friend’s behalf because I got a good laugh out of it. Then I quickly learned through the media viral activity that this was going to be BIG. The song is just so catch it gets stuck in your head, as a matter of fact thanks to this blog post it is currently stuck in my head, which I wish it was not. Although I am not a fan of this song or Rebecca Black’s initial intentions to get famous quickly, I must admit that she accomplished her main goal which was to provide the world with a song they wouldn’t forget. I think people in our world forget how young thirteen really is or remember how they acted when they were so young. I think that the criticism she received on Good Morning America was uncalled for especially for a girl of her young age. I also blame her parents for this. I know that her mother was apprehensive about the song choice, but I truly believed they were the ones to push her to do this. While I am all for supporting your child’s dreams, I think that if they were serious about this they should have looked into more options as far as music lessons and creditable people for Rebecca to work with.

  17. Andrew Zdrojewski says:

    I first time I saw this video on a post on Michele’s facebook I think her status read something like, “Learn this song now, it’ll be everywhere in a week.” When I first read the status I was thinking that it actually must be a good song so I clicked the link to try to see why Michele liked it so much. After hearing/watching the video I was thinking to myself that Michele was kind of crazy, I thought Michele actually liked the song but after seeing it on a few other of my friend’s status I realized how big of a joke the song was. Also, I realized Michele was right the song did indeed go everywhere. You could not go anywhere without hearing “It’s Friday Friday Friday!” Every Friday you would could rest assure that there would be status updates that shared links to her video, I’ll admit that I even did that one or even two Fridays. There are two things that I have seen in previous posts that I agree with, one is that she actually does not have an awful voice. When she sang the anthem it was not that bad, though it wasn’t that great either. To put it simply if she were auditioning for American Idol she would have gotten a golden ticket, but I don’t know if she would have gotten past the next round. The other thing I saw that I agree with and was thinking about myself is that her parents must be wealthy. I was thinking the whole time watching this video her parents must have paid the “rapper” who looks like an older version of Usher to produce her song and make an appearance in it, as well as auto tune the crap out of her voice. It is amusing to see what parents can get their children nowadays because of money. I’m just surprised someone didn’t step in to tell her that this song will be a disaster, but maybe that is what they were looking for something that is so bad that she will be become famous, something like “that idea is so crazy it has to work!” The sad thing is that “Friday” is not even the worst song produced by “Ark Music Factory” look up the songs “My Jeans” by Jenna Rose or “Butterflies” by Analee which are also songs produced by Ark, by the end of these songs you’ll be begging to hear “Which seat should I take?”

  18. Brittany Betts says:

    Well this song sucks and yeah, I think her voice is super annoying but I’m not going to make death threats over it. She’s only 13 and was just making a music video for the fun of it. If I made a music video when I was 13 I’m sure it would be embarassing too. What confuses me though is how the video got so popular, I mean yeah you can make fun of it but it’s nothing I could watch multiple times without getting a migrane. There are so many more funny videos on youtube that have far less views. What’s even more shocking is that people are actually paying money on itunes for this song. Does this mean there are people out there who ENJOY listening to “Friday”? Sorry, her voice just isn’t good.

  19. Kyle Leahy says:

    When I first saw this video, I could not stop laughing. I hated it with a huge passion just like all the people who have left abrasive comments on the video. I mean, it is just purely horrendous, not only is it the least talented display of musical ability I have ever witnessed; but really Rebecca? Making eye contact with the camera the whole time? How is that going to help us get passed the fact that your voice is like a broken car horn? It just keeps on blaring and there’s no off button. Anyway, I do feel bad for her because she had no idea that she was creating the most unfortunate auditory creation in history, and had no idea that people would be so insulted by it. I actually heard a story on the news that the random 30 year old guy driving the car is the head of the company that made the music video, and that he wrote the song for Rebecca. The company helps kids make music videos by providing lyrics, special effects and background characters. If this is true, then it begs the question: “What possible musical resume does this guy have that makes him qualified to write music?” This song is the least creative piece of writing in the history of music. It makes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star look like one of Mozart’s symphonies. He owes RB Rebecca Black a huge apology

  20. Katie York says:

    I heard that her song is based off of Bob Dylan’s song called “Friday” so she cant really be blamed for the bad lyrics. I think its sad that she’s so famous because people love making fun of her. When i saw an interview with her though she seemed pretty excited about it becoming so famous and did not mind all the negative comments. she said she cried at first but she was happy that it was now on youtube. She’s right about it being catchy though, it is constantly stuck in my head. I have even heard it at some college parties. She will definitely get a lot of money for it but for the price of her reputation. i wonder if she likes being recognized as the “girl from friday.” I’m sure this craze will all blow over and she will have just gotten a lot of money from it. She’s really playing into it though, she has a live acoustic version that she sang at her house. If I was her I would just lay low from now on.

  21. Wes Traub says:

    I’ll be quite honest; I find Rebecca Black to be extremely annoying and a prime example of everything that is WRONG with the music industry in America. So what if she got a zillion hits on Youtube? I don’t believe she has any special musical talents. If I had enough spare time I feel like I could record a similar sounding video in my dorm room. After listening to her song ‘Friday’, the irritating jingle was lodged so deeply in my brain that it remained there for days. I was even more appalled after watching her ‘Good Morning America’ interview and hearing her say that her main goal when writing a song is to get it stuck in her viewer’s heads. However, I think the violent “cyber-hate” threats that she received are even worse.
    The fact that people would go out of their way to watch her video and then personally attack her on issues that aren’t even related to music really scares me. If this is the direction in which our country is headed, then I’m a bit frightened actually. I’ll admit that when I watched the ‘Friday’ music video with my friends, we all laughed hysterically and couldn’t believe that a song of this nature would ever get that many views on Youtube. But that doesn’t mean that I took the time to attack her and comment “Go cut yourself” or “Develop an eating disorder” in the Youtube comment box. Although I claimed earlier that Rebecca Black is an example of everything wrong with the music industry, the arrogant pricks that responded to her video with extremely hateful slurs are examples of everything wrong with America in general. So what if you dislike Rebecca Blacks video? There’s no need to go insane and become a Youtube terrorist. Simply watch her video, laugh about if for a few minutes with your friends, close your laptop, and then go back to living your own life. Are these offensive verbal attackers really going to sleep better at night knowing that they made a 13 year-old girl cry? Keep to yourself people, and don’t write anything on Youtube that you wouldn’t want your own mother to see.

  22. acar2284 says:

    I agree that a lot of modern music has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I feel like many lyrics have become so simple and meaningless in many modern pop hits. The primary reason that they are so popular is because they have a good beat that people can dance and party to. Also, I feel like a lot of pop music is not really that hard to make. The people who perform it don’t necessarily have to be very talented. They don’t actually play instruments, and their voices are usually digitally enhanced. I mean, I like a song with a good beat, but I definitely appreciate the musical artists from other generations a lot more.

    Now regarding Rebecca Black’s song, I am definitely not a fan. I only saw the video once, and that was enough for me. It is probably the worst song I have ever heard. The lyrics are just pointless and annoying. I have to believe that the thoughts of America’s pre-teens are slightly more intelligent than “fun, fun, fun, fun.” After hearing “Friday” for the first time, I honestly couldn’t understand why someone would create such a horrible thing and then release it out into the world. No one could seriously consider it a quality track. I assume that it must have been some kind of joke or a deliberate attempt to gain an absurd amount of attention. I mean, it’s a pretty clever way to get famous by making a such a terrible song that people just can’t look away from. That is, if you don’t mind signing your name to a shallow and ridiculous piece of work.

    There is definitely some great quality music being created by today’s artists, but there is also much being produced on the lower end of the talent pool. I think young people should make an effort to expose themselves to music from past decades in order to enrich their cultural experiences and find some better alternatives to modern pop tunes. “Friday” is simply a testament to how people today become obsessed with such low quality music.

  23. In response to all these comments, i’d like to say another little bit about where this song has gone. Friday is still played, talked about and often referenced, but the criticism has gone drastically down. Now it’s more about the song too, not hounding little Rebecca Black.

    A fair amount of you who commented mentioned the comparison to Rebecca Blacks’ Friday and Bob Dylan’s Friday. Well, i can see why a lot of you say that Bob Dylan’s song is better because there is more sincerity and fluctuation in his voice, what many good songs have. Also, Bob Dlyan has ethos, because he has done other songs that have been rally popular. But now there is another group who has redone the infamous Friday.

    In its most recent episode about Prom, the members of Glee sung a version of Friday, and personally, i thought it at least sounded a lot better. Out of the few people i have talked to about it, they said that the glee version sounds best. The scenario is the members of a high school glee club has been asked to sing at prom. the song is done by three guys, and everyone at the prom seems to be really enjoying it.

    It’s the same old lame lyrics, and background music, but the change in voices, the lack of a confusing and misunderstood music video and the small tweaks that were made in the song, i think really helped the song.

    Friday by glee is one of the top ten hottest songs on itunes but has still taken a fair amount of criticism. after the show aired, i saw facebook statuses like: “why the hell did glee sing Friday?” and “just when i thought it was gone, Friday came back to bite me in the ass” but after about an hour it was completely in the past.

    I thought it was interesting to analyze this as well. Glee has ethos for redoing songs and sometimes their good and sometimes they are just ok. so people (at least people who watch the show) often ask other what they thought of glee’s version. It will be interesting to see where this song goes and the path it will take.

  24. Jacqueline Murphy says:

    I have to admit that the first time I heard the song “Friday” I thought it was a joke. I thought that there is no possible way that this song is a legitimate song. It had to be a joke that someone put it up on YouTube to see how many hits it would get. Then I went and I saw the video to the song “Friday” that must have been an even bigger joke. The video is poorly put together; it doesn’t look like a credible production company produced it because the scenes look completely fake. Especially the car scene. Rebecca Black is thirteen years old, correct? So why are her friends who we would all assume are thirteen years old picking her up for school? Unless she has older friends who are sixteen or seventeen picking her up and dropping her off to middle school. Not only does this video show how bad the music industry has gotten over the past several years but how bad society has also declined over the years. Music companies will produce anything they feel will make them money whether it is good music or bad music. In today’s economy people are just trying to make money, and as sad as it sounds, Rebecca Black is making money because everyone hated her music so much that it actually became catchy and people became obsessed with making fun of her. For months facebook statuses were linked to her “Friday” lyrics every Friday or were sharing the song with many other friends. It became a hit because it was bad, people enjoy judging other people and therefore, we get enjoyment out of this video because it is funny and easy to make fun of. The second problem would have to be why is she trying to party on the weekends and hang out and drive around with friends. She is thirteen years old she should not be acting older than she really is. These days society is influencing force young girls to act older than they truly are. The way society acts they encourage girls to act older which in return causes them to miss out on their childhood. Now that Rebecca Black has become famous through her song due to her acting older than she truly is, she will miss out on the rest of her childhood now that she is “famous.”

  25. Jackie Minnehan says:

    Oh no, not this song… haha. The first time I heard this song I was on my way to a soccer game with my best friend’s father, who began singing along with Rebecca Black as her new hit came onto the radio, “Friday.” This was both hilarious and a little scary! It was amazing to see how quickly a catchy song, created by a thirteen-year-old girl, could be spread and memorized. If you were to stop a random individual on the street, they would most likely know Rebecca Black and her hit song. The funny part about this is if you were to analyze the song, you would easily see that it did not take a genius to write the lyrics. Especially, when Rebecca Black explains the order of the weekdays…are you kidding me? Despite my critiques of this song, its lyrics, and the almost unbearable music video, I should truly be envious of Rebecca Black. She is prospering from her creation, and those of us who are giving our attention to the song (despite our feelings about it) are the people who are helping her to do so. I have read and heard various criticisms about the song “Friday,” some even life threatening and beyond inappropriate. I believe there is no reason for such intense cruelty to a young girl who is not even old enough to drive a car! By giving the video attention and sending these vicious statements to Rebecca Black, people are only making the song more popular and well known. Rebecca Black is not only world famous now, but also she is most likely making bank on her song and it’s highly viewed music video. If we should have any feelings toward Black and her song, I think they should be thankful and happy ones. “Friday” helps bring relief to the majority of the population, as we all struggle to reach the end of the week and freedom from work or school. “It’s Friday, Friday /
Gotta get down on Friday
/ Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend……..”

  26. Liz Douglass says:

    After viewing Rebecca Black’s music video ‘Friday’ last March, I was in awe. At first, I was sure it was a joke. After learning that this was, in fact, a serious music video and a serious song, I could not believe it. How could someone encourage, or even allow this young girl make a fool of herself in front of internet users around the world? This video traveled quickly through cyberspace, appearing all over popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Black gained fame quickly, but not the type of fame she wanted. Her song and music video quickly became the joke of America.
    The fact that the embarrassing performance of a 13-year-old girl trying to become famous could draw so much attention (mainly negative) from Americans says something about our nation and human nature. Do Americans, and the human race in general, thrive off of others’ humiliation? There are many other examples of large amounts of people finding enjoyment at the expense of others. Another similar example is American Idol. The first episodes of every season consist of an array of horrible performances by people that get immediately rejected from the show. Yet, these are probably the most popular episodes. Like Rebecca Black, many American Idol contestants found fame through their embarrassing performances. Reality shows such as ‘Jersey Shore’ are also examples of this, . The public enjoys watching the cast go out every night and act like drunk messes. I would be lying if I said I didn’t find entertainment in all of these shows. But why is it that we, as humans, find this enjoyment? This is an ongoing question that should be brought to the attention of all.
    However, many of Black’s viewers took their dismay at her video to an entirely new level. She has recieved many hurtful letters, and even death threats from millions. I agree that by releasing this video, Rebecca Black knew she could be subjecting herself to critique. But no one, especially an innocent 13-year-old deserves the treatment Black got. She was just another teen attempting to follow her dreams. Although ‘Friday’ may have been a disaster, and it brought about many reprocussions, it also brought Rebecca Black fame she has always wanted.

  27. My first reaction to this song was ‘IS THAT REALLY A SONG?’ I remember I first heard it in the library when we were sitting in the Presentation room going through a presentation my friend made and she suddenly played that song out of nowhere and I remember I was in a shock for complete 5 minutes listening to it.. Enjoying her voice and at the same point trying to make sense of the lyrics she was singing. I do not completely agree with people saying above that she cannot sing. I think she did a really job singing but the only thing that is wrong with this song is the lyrics and the video. I think they’re senseless. But her voice is a positive factor in it, itself. Even after all the bad comments she got on youtube, facebook and other websites this song is stuck in many people’s head, I do hear people repeating and singing this song over and over again and then making weird faces and saying ‘”EHH, WHY ON EARTH IS THIS WEIRD SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD!” well yeah no one can answer why is it stuck, but its obvious that this is a positive factor in itself; why? Because it gets stuck on peoples head and that is one way of advertising and that is exactly how a song can spread, WITHOUT OTHER ADVERTISEMENTS.

    Rebecca Black is not ugly, has an absolutely amazing voice, and considering the fact that she is only 13 years old when she sang that song, shows that she really does have a bright future. Therefore judging her on this one song is extremely stupid I guess. I mean, come on, she’s just 13. When we were 13 years old we did worse things as compared to her, the only different thing about her is that she uploaded her video on youtube just to be famous. Almost every other American teenager wants to be famous. Then why blame her?

    Look at the brighter side, SHE MADE A VIDEO, AN AMAZING VIDEO ALL BY HERSELF WITHOUT FLAWS (trying to ignore that the video is a bit stupid)! Which 13 year old is that talented to make a flawless video like that? Very few, I must say. Well, Glee even used the same song of Rebecca Black; will you call Glee team stupid too? NO! Because all of you are a fan of glee. If they would have played it on there first episode, who would have continued to watch it? I BET NO ONE!

    All I am trying to prove here is that in today’s world people do not look at the brighter side, all they want and look at are the flaws of the second person. Rebecca Black has a bright future, she just need to work on it and by actually saying bad stuff about her is not motivating her at all.. after reading the above posts and by going through other websites which indicates and talks about how she is going through a mental trauma that nobody appreciates her, and which is why she was even thinking about suicidal attempts really disappointed me .I personally think rather than just saying weird and bad stuff about her people could have actually helped her to get better by giving her feedbacks about her song. But in today’s world no body does that, people are just mean and selfish towards each other.

  28. Clune says:

    Oh poor poor Rebecca Black…I must admit the first time I heard this song it wasn’t coming from Rebecca Black, it was coming from my good friend Wes during dinner at the Pub. Strangely enough it just so happen to be Friday. I suppose that would be the only reason for him to be uttering it in the first place. Although he wasn’t actually putting an effort fourth to truly recreate the song, I could tell that he was clearly mocking the song. Laughter from everyone at our table soon followed. I then automatically assumed that whatever my friend Wes was singing, it had undoubtedly sprouted from the world of YouTube. My friends found it shocking that I had not yet heard Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and as soon as we got back to the dorm they took the pleasure of showing me. The first thing I noticed was the 36 million dislikes. I knew I was in for a real doozie. It was just as I had suspected, a horribly made music video featuring a young teenage girl and copious amounts of auto tuning. What else is new in the music world today? I mean seriously it’s like I’ve become numb to this sort of thing. After all the Hilary Duffs and Miley Cyruses this type of thing almost struck me as normal. True, the quality of young Rebecca’s vocals and cinematography might have been slightly below the norm, but I don’t believe that it was worth millions upon millions of insulting comments and a few death threats. Rebecca may have been foolish to post such a video in the realm of YouTube, but kids are doing stuff like this all the time these days. Go on facebook and you’ll be able to find stuff worse than a terrible pop song. Kids the same age as Rebecca can be found posting pictures of them and their friends drinking, mooning people, and even shots of themselves past out with sharpie all over their face. Obviously as a college student I can understand how these pictures might be funny, but not with 13 or 14 year old kids. I wonder if they know their parents can easily make a facebook account and go check that stuff out.

  29. Tacco26 says:

    This song gets stuck in your head so easily!!! I am not a fan of the Rebecca Black video but if you don’t like it don’t watch it, find something better to do. To all those people who left mean comments on her video, newsflash you are the lame ones spending your time watching dumb YouTube videos. The people commenting on her video saying she should cut herself come on that is a bit extreme. Yes the video is dumb, she isn’t the best singer and the song is horrible and terribly repetitive but I giver props for doing it. I mean she actually got a producer and got in front of that camera and sang. I am a horrible singer and would never do such a thing so I don’t want to be too harsh on her video. She made the video and posted it on the Internet, she put it out there for people to see and judge. I am sure she wasn’t expecting everyone to hate it but she had to know there would be some who would dislike the song. I mean come on Rebecca the lyrics don’t even make sense. When she made it I am sure her goal was to become famous and that is what she got, maybe not how she wanted it to happen but now she is a famous YouTube sensation. So Rebecca Black your song isn’t very good but I give you credit for giving the whole trying to become famous on YouTube thing a try, I mean it did work for Bieber.

  30. Upon hearing this music video, I am ashamed that music has come to this. But what I don’t agree with is the hate that is being aimed at Rebecca Black. While the song is terrible, I don’t think she deserves to be harassed. She’s just a young 13 year old girl who wanted to share something she enjoyed doing with the youtube world. She didn’t play any part in making her video famous. There are plenty of other young girls that have music videos on youtube that are produced by the same people that produced Rebecca Black’s video and there’s have not gone viral. While she may be famous for unfortunate reasons she is making the most out of it. It reveals a lot of negativity in society because people refuse to ignore her flaws. I don’t believe she did anything wrong. She’s 13 years old….what is she supposed to sing about? At least she is singing about things that relate to her life rather than trying to sing about something completely foreign to her. She may not have the best voice but it demonstrates courage that she is confident enough to post a music video on youtube. She’s trying to share her talents with the world and instead of being applauded for being brave, she’s being torn down through youtube comments by people who probably are significantly less talented than she is. What does endlessly making fun of her accomplish? If people would think of more inventive and exciting ways to spend their time a lot of people would be more content with their lives.

  31. I’m a fan of the Biebs, Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez- jeez, anybody on Disney Channel, I listen to them. Rebecca Black though…oof. I have the Glee version of her song. I can’t say much for the lyrics, or her singing talents. The song just…sucks. It is easy to listen to, it gets stuck in your head easily, it’s fun to listen to, definitely, but otherwise it doesn’t really offer anything to the musical world. I guess based on my personal music tastes I don’t really deserve to ask this but…what is the music world coming to? But really…is there such a thing as good music? Or is music just based on personal preference? To be honest, I think it’s all about preference. But no matter what your musical preference is, I think it’s really unnecessary to attack an artist that you dislike and make fun of their talent (or lack thereof). That isn’t right, ever. And the fact that she is just a little kid makes it even worse, nobody deserves that kind of treatment. Bullying in any form is wrong. Just because she’s famous doesn’t take away from that, if she weren’t famous, I bet there’d be a national uproar about it or something. I agree with what Emily said- she’s just a kid who has the courage to put something out there, something that she enjoys, and now she’s being torn apart for it. And hey. How bad could she be? Katy Perry must think she’s pretty cool- she had R.B. in her music video for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)”

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