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Racism Is Not Dead In 2011

Why is it in 2011 people are still so damn ignorant? The video below shows a diverse group of skaters minding their business and a racist white woman comes out of nowhere and starts spewing hatred towards them. When I saw this video I was extremely pissed off, even as I write this post my heart is still trying to recuperate. Why are people so ignorant?

Racism Still Alive: Old White Lady Sweats A Mixed Minority Group Of Skaters In Las Vegas! “I Am Sick And Tired Of Seeing Black & Whites Together”


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  1. Karen Romero says:

    Unfortunately, racism still does exist and it’s sad, however it does not surprise me. I also am furious that people still have ignorant views. Here we see teenagers of different ethnicities hanging out and having a good time, not caring about the differences between them. Like these teenagers, many people of this generation no longer have ignorant and racist views, and it is a shame that people who are prejudice want to impose their views on others. The reason why most people are outraged by this video and the lady’s reaction is because she is so open about her opinions. Reality is that there are people who have racist views, however they are not as open about it and hide it from society. This is why the topic of racism needs to be talked about instead of ignored and kept in the dark. People are uncomfortable when talking about racism, I have seen it in class, but it needs to be talked about in order to eradicate prejudice views and educate those with those views.
    What I also noticed in this video is the reaction of the boys skateboarding. I realized that they laughed at what the woman was saying. Instead of being angry and respond with violent and aggressive words, they asked “Do you not believe in equality?”
    I wonder how I would have reacted to disturbing comments like this.

  2. Peter Cruice says:

    It unfortuanate that racism still exists today. I first thought that this was a staged clip, until I could tell how angry the woman actually was. It is a problem when a White woman or man bring up about racial differences, and White Privledge. I was suprised that the skaters in the clip didn’t get angry at the woman, they more or less laughed it off. This woman was very vocal and voiced her opinons. I respect her for voiceing her opinon, but have no respect for what came out of her mouth. It was totally uncalled for and wrong in every sense. People in society need to make more of an effort to cut down on racism. If no one fights to stop it or continue to shrugg it off it will never be resolved. In my social justice class we discuss these topics. It’s difficult to talk about, but people need to discuss racism in order to get over it.

  3. Jena Ko says:

    I definitely agree that racism is definitely not over. I think it’s not the fact that people are racist but rather ignorant of the other races culture. There are many states now in the united states where you see many races mixed and living together well in one peace but other states like down south, there aren’t many races but the superior living there, so these people are not exposed to the culture of the different races. Living in NYC you would never turn your head once to see an African, Spanish, or Asian walking by, but hearing stories from my friends, down in missisippi and other very predominately white states, you would see families staring. But I believe racism does not only pertain to the African Americans but as to spanish, asians, and some other nationalities. These racism comments are really due to the fact that these racists have never actually had a decent conversation with the victims, instead they have disputes of who is better…etc. There is a recent explosion of a white girl from UCLA trashing on Asians. As an asian, I do not take offense of this but rather consider to be extremely dumb. As many of the reply comments mention, the girl has her information all wrong, and she definitely does not understand the asian culture.

  4. Kelly- Ann Smith says:

    I had seen this video recently and I must say I was pretty shocked. I’m not surprised that there is still racism going on even in the year 2011 but, what I am surprised at is there are people that blatantly say things like this out loud. A friend of mine told me that recently when he went home, he and his friend was walking down the street and some guy shouted the N-word out of his car at them. At first all they did was laugh out of disbelief just like the skateboarders in the video. It’s difficult to actually imagine someone saying something out of hate to you because of your race, nationality, gender, sexuality, etc; especially to your face. I’m not sure what I would do in a situation like that. My first reaction truthfully, would have been anger even though I know that wouldn’t solve anything at the moment.

    I agree with Karen that one way to try and put an end to racism is to talk about it more. Many think if ignore the topic of race then, racism will magically disappear. I would have to disagree, we have to collectively talk about these things in order to be aware. We should take this into consideration especially with our generation who has been fortunate to see people from many different backgrounds be in positions of power– from a black president to a women being our secretary of state. We are living in a very different country than fifty years ago. I’m surprised people haven’t realized that yet.

  5. Kyle Leahy says:

    I just cant believe how blatant this is. It was like stepping back to the 50’s and 60’s seeing her strutting around and shouting that with no reservations. It is hard for me to think that someone could be so narrow-minded and ignorant. I agree with Karen’s previous response, I have definitely seen subtle forms of racism in random settings but this video is a rude awakening to the reality that racism does still exist. Even though woman is older and may have been brought up by a prejudicial and racist family, it still is inexcusable for her to refuse to realize that that kind of vulgar and extreme racism is wrong. While i can offer no personal experiences with racism, and have not been subjected to it; I agree with Karen that it is something that remains uncomfortable to talk about. This video honestly made me feel embarrassed, embarrassed that the elderly white woman was so forwardly racist and embarrassed that situations and feelings like the ones displayed in this video can still exist in our societies today.

  6. Katie York says:

    It’s true that racism is still very present, especially in some places. It’s sad that some people still refuse to move past it. Even here in Geneva I went on a field trip and there was a neighborhood with confederate flags lining the sides of the houses.
    I think a lot of it does infact come from the older generation though. I know my grandparents have their moment and its just because of the time period they grew up in. I feel like the younger generation is much more accepting and much more open diversity because they grew up in an environment that promotes it. It obviously depends on where you live though. My cousins live in California and I know it’s very different there then where I am from.
    This video is very suprising, I cant believe that woman would go out of her way to do that. She obviously grew up in a very sheltered place. Even if she does have those views, how does she believe its acceptable to share them? Not even share them but yell them. The fact that they laughed at what the woman was saying shows that they dont really let it effect them which is good because they aren’t letting it get to them. It shows that they are the much more open minded ones.
    I think it might help for people to stop addressing racism so frequently because addressing it keeps its lingering, instead of talking about why racism is bad people should promote equality.

  7. Esther Altomare says:

    This is absolutely revolting. I just don’t understand how people can possibly think like this at this point in our history. If we look back, prior to the Civil Rights era while the racism is in no way justified there is this notion of group think that is very apparent during this time period. It is easy to say that sometimes whites “didn’t know any better” because honestly, in many cases they didn’t. However, at this point in our history the fact that people like this still exist, and these thoughts still resonate within some is disturbing. Yes, this woman is elderly, but her age is no excuse she should know better as should the rest of our nation.

  8. this is pretty absurd…but i kinda question if this is a real video or not…you never know if that actually happened..if this is true i find this completely ridiculous and inappropriate, how could some random lady ever walk over to a group of teenagers and say those things. like come on what lady would ever do that in her right mind like lets get real this its 2011 baby racism should not exist…people are just very ignorant i guess like what the heck just because a color difference should never give someone the right to discriminate against either. but yet we still hear about cases to the extreme and not so extreme about racsim. that is just terrible that things like this still have to exist….in my juvenile deliquency class a student passed out a report from the geneva police and they said that they tell whose a townee and a colleges student by pants sagging and they depict gang members by certain clothes that have no relevance to anything at all gang related. thats descriminating right there like lets get real every one is a person just like ourselves no one should have any right to be racist in any way. i hate that this still exists…and referring to the comment above i completely agree who cares how old she is she should never have those words come out of her mouth ever again.

  9. mike ganoe says:

    i find this completely ridiculous and cannot believe that someone would ever say something like that…like come on its 2011 lets get real people… i hate the fact that racism still exists its a sad thing to say that it does. its very frustrating to me that people have to be that ignorant. i kinda question the reality of this video it seems kinda farfetched that a lady would actually say those words and perform those actions. it makes me mad. racism is most prevalent through cops because you always see cases where they discriminate and in my juvenile delinquency class a student passed out a hand out where it talked about what the gpd does to tell whose a townee and colleges student by pants sagging and telling whose a gang member by the clothes they were like come on anyone could where whatever. i hate racism and people should respect everyone who cares what color they are.

  10. Yosh Karbowniczak says:

    This should not be acceptable in today’s society. It proves that not everyone has matured, and we still cant all get along. This is something that I would expect to happen 50 years ago not now! What really gets me going is that the skaters were just minding their own business and lady comes out of no where starting problems. I really thought that we all had moved past these type of situations, but clearly we haven’t. I always blamed the older generation for this, saying that it was just the time they grew up in and they didn’t know any better. For me, its just sad. Sad that this had to happen. I really thought our country was making progress and this right here is like a slap in the face, and a step back in society.

  11. steezlaweez4 says:

    As serious as this matter is, much like the kids in the video, I could not help my self from historically laughing. Yes it is true, there are still a few ignorant people in or society. But I do not think that this one crazy lady speaks for todays racism at all. If anything this video shows how the younger generation is stepping in the right direction with equality. Here you have a group of skaters that are black, white, and asian, and they are all having the time of their life. Then there is the old lady who even dresses like she is stuck in the 60s, expressing her out dated view on racism. I mean does she not know that President Obama is black? If anything I am going to have to disagree with Shaun on this one. Instead of asking why people are so ignorant, you might want to shine on the reason why people are so equal? It also amuses me when taking into consideration that urban skaters are always thrown under the bus in the social later. Yet this video shows an upper class nice lady showing the maturity of a 6 year old. Gota love the 21st century!

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