Take the action to the wall!

omg. OMG! Have you seen this?

I saw this commercial the other day. I can’t stand it. If this stuff existed when I was a kid, well, I am not sure that I would have ever left the house. Not only does this track go on the wall, you can connect it with tracks on the floor.

This is a great example of technology done right. This thing uses 3M Command Strips to hold the tracks up, which you put on with the use of a provided template. When you’re done with the playing, you just peel it off the wall.

I would imagine this could provide a lot of kids a good amount of play time. It would pretty much distract me if I had this little contraption. Look, I know I have written about toys so often in the blog already but c’mon, it attaches to the wall!


10 thoughts on “Take the action to the wall!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jolyon Davis
    WOW! The advancement of technology is really growing continuously. I can picture clearly from the times I grew up till now, and it has changed dramatically. This topic of hot wheels, now being able to be played upon on the wall is crazy. I never had the chance to do that growing up; they were always on the floor models, and very simple, but fun tracks. Now they have huge parts of track that can connect, and connect creating a huge kind of world for the hot wheels.
    In addition the Spiderman like sticking to the walls action. It really just blows my mind the things they are creating for the youth, and the scary part is it’s only getting better and better. Times of when I and anybody else who is fascinated with this blog of evolution will know this. The enhancement of toys and how they are being played are really changing. The makers of Hot Wheels found a way to safely play with toy cars on a track against the wall.
    All I know is, if I were to get my hands on an attraction such as this I would probably play with it every day, especially on those days in which the weather is not being suitable to be out in. It would definitely be a distraction; I think it would be played more than the Xbox 360 or ps3. I don’t think having this as a child would be a great thing, because it also can derive many bad habits, and behaviors. Children could start to slack off on other interests, such as being active playing sports, and going outside to play with friends. Instead they would play with their on the wall hot wheels set. It sounds like a great idea, but at the end of the day, they should be limited on play.
    Technology is becoming so advanced now the simple and fun things you used to do, technology does it all for you, and then more. I really think toys such as the on the wall hot wheel set should be profitable and children would love it, just wouldn’t let it take away from other activities. The thing is technology is improving constantly; industries look at the last product produced, and better it. This would have been a favorite toy of mine back when I was growing up.

  2. Jackie Minnehan says:

    Wow! You’re right this toy is AMAZING. It is astonishing to see the numerous advancements that have been made in the invention and production of children’s’ toys over the past few years. I still remember the days when the most popular games and toys consisted of Barbie’s, Candy Land, and Nintendo 64 – I would watch my cousin and sister play Zelda on Nintendo for hours. I can’t even imagine if Wii or Xbox existed when I was interested in video games – I wouldn’t have left the house! With the unbelievable advancements in technology, the animations and special effects in modern video games are almost too realistic – it is scary. Also, when you compare the simple Barbie doll form the past to the present, you would be amazed how much more complex and detailed Barbie’s have become. There are millions of different dolls available, whether it a movie star or a popular movie character. Along with the newly created dolls, they have also added tons of different Barbie accessories, Barbie cars, Barbie houses, Barbie babies, Barbie shoes, Barbie everything! Though I am singling out one specific toy, if you were to compare the toys or dolls or video games from ten years ago to today, you would think people thinking ten years ago were living in ancient times. It is crazy to think that so much development and improvement can be made in such a small gap of time. If we can create such luxurious and unbelievable toys within a single decade, imagine the other capabilities or our possibilities for the future… If we should take anything away from this simple Hot Wheels commercial, I think we should focus on the fact that our world, especially here in the United States, is growing and developing at an uncontrollable and unimaginable rate. Our abilities are only going to get better and better as time goes on!

  3. Okay! THIS IS AMAZING! Coming from a country like Pakistan, where toys like these are impossible to find just made me want to have this one in my room right now. I remember when I was little all I used to play with was Barbie or car or what so ever else and at that time I used to get all that stuff from either Dubai or some other place because toys in Pakistan are pointless and weird. I remember I used to be popular in my school just because I used to have the best toys. Honestly, I was wondering if toys like this and other video game equipments i.e. play station, Xbox, wii and other stuff like this would have existed at that time what would have happened then. Just because I was deprived of video games when I was young has made me so much fond of games now. YES! I love playing video games now! I end up playing games almost daily, its more like i am addicted to playing. Well as Jackie stated “if you were to compare the toys or dolls or video games from ten years ago to today, you would think people thinking ten years ago were living in ancient times. It is crazy to think that so much development and improvement can be made in such a small gap of time.” Well I am honestly laughing right now. If you used to have all that 10 years back by living in a developed country like USA! Imagine what would have I had when I was little and that too when I was in Pakistan? TRUST ME NOTHING AS COMPARED TO THE TOYS HERE! I think if we could go 20 years back from today in USA and look at the toys I think that is exactly what Pakistan would have 10 years back from now. It’s amazing to actually see how thing have developed and changed. If just in 10 year things have developed so much in USA I can’t even think how developed will things be after 10 years from now. I am actually excited to see that.

  4. Guanqun Li says:

    Needless to say, this toy is amazing, fancy, and high-tech. Compared to what I had when I was young, these are super-attracting. If I have a sibling right now, who has this toy, I would definitely cajole him to watch television, and I would take his role in playing this toy.

    However, think twice, this toy can block the creativity and imagination of a kid because it is fully designed. You just need to put several pieces together and run a car. Compared to what we did, this is fancy but fairly simple. Although we used the plain blocks, we could build complex tracks: some of them work, some of them don’t. Then, we would find alternatives to make the tracks work better. It was more likely to be a task, which was explored and solved by us. Through these processes, our problem-solving abilities and creativity enhanced. Also, we felt self- satisfaction after solving it. We often showed off in front of our peers or parents. That’s one of the purposes of creating toys. However, the producers helped kids simplify the task by designing the tracks for them. Although they created the fancy stuff, they “killed” the creativity of kids.

    In order to make it more entertaining, the producer put more ideas into this toy. Kids love “violence”, especially boys. So, knocking down a couple of blocks works well. It can be attractive for a while; however, imaging you play it ten times straight, it will get boring because the same pattern just repeats again, again and again. Nevertheless, the old game often starts from scratch; and you can make your own designs, which have nearly infinite possibilities. It will never get boring.

  5. Steven Webb says:

    “TAKE THE ACTION TO THE WALL!” that itself along with the pictures of the race track with the swirls and roller-coaster looks just amuses me and makes me at least think about buying this unique and new style of playing with race cars! As a little kid growing up I myself personally was not interested in these little hot wheel cars but my younger brother Ben was and still kind of is. It just amazes me that they still sell these things and not only that but they keep coming out with bigger, better, and more fun ways to use and play with the how wheels. Moving the wheels from racing on ground to air brings it a whole new dimension because now as you race car with car (I’m assuming that’s what a lot of the younger children do) the weight of the car you’re trying to race against will affect how it’ll take the loops and all the other obstacles they have their for you to use. This just makes me want to think about what else could they possibly do with how wheels in the future! Like what else could you advance in with this being added for entertainment!?
    One thing I feel like they could add to this already, huge upgrade from floor racing and tricks to air, is the Hot Wheels company coming out with some kind of electronic race track, or even BETTER electronic racing cars that you could control personally to an extinct point to make the racing and entertainment more exciting for not only the younger children but I know older people would try it out and enjoy it! Everyone likes re-living there child hood ages. And also what I meant with electronic upgrade, I meant they could add a timing device at the end of the track for times on how fast that certain car got through the course, so that children could have fun trying to find ways to get there car to beat that record, just another thing that came to mind as I was just thinking of possible outcomes to improve this already exciting new invention. One thing I would say is that this is a very good new invention but doesn’t really compare to video-games of this generation.
    I’m definitely going to argue with Jolyon Davis with the whole XBOX 360, and PS3 being less entertaining for children than the new Hot Wheels racing track. Even though Hot Wheels new wall creation is more than likely a huge hit for younger children, in my opinion, if you were to ask children what would they like more to play with a brand new video-game or a new Hot Wheels course set to play with, they would choose a video game where they can make their own outcome but the buttons they hit than just putting a car on the track and watching it do what you expected it to do, that’s the huge difference between the two products and just our generation with entertainment. We want more and more power over things these days; cause with power comes satisfaction and joy.

  6. yosh karbowniczak says:

    Why couldnt they have this when i was a little guy! i think my friends would think im a looney if i brought one back to my room and set it up on the wall. This is pretty sweet tho im not going to lie. I was a huge hotwheels fan when i was a kid. I had a hage travel bag full of cars that i would bring with me where ever i went. My favorite part about my travel bag was my blanket that i had with all these streets on that i could cruise my car on. Even when i was a todler hotwheels had some credibility. I know when i was a kid i wanted a hotwheels car no generic names. It just wasnt the same. Shows how popular hotwheels really is.
    This toy is really hightech compared to what i was use to playing with. Its cool how you can keep adding to this making the track bigger and bigger. This is also a good way to make money. Obviously a kid is going to want the biggest wall track they can have and is going to contiuously want to keep making it bigger. Kids will love this but I am not sure how the parents will feel after there kids want every little section.

  7. Clune says:

    Not going to lie when I was a kid and I was playing with my hot wheels I may or may not have thought of this idea. But that doesn’t take away from how awesome this truly is. At the rate that childhood toys are progressing, my future son (Clune Walsh V) will be able to fly around in a jet pack just for kicks. But serious props to Hot Wheels on this one. Why restrict the fun of racing around miniature cars to only the floor? I wouldn’t have even been able to comprehend the amount of fun I’d be having. Due to this breakthrough innovation in Hot Wheels technology, kids may actually spend more time pretending they’re the next Evil Kenievel instead of pretending they’re the next Mike “the situation”. The boys at Hasbro should really be taking notes on this. Childhood fun can still be found outside of an Xbox. There should be more toys and stuff like this being made to help disconnect kids from their iPads and their cell phones. Literally, over the summer I saw an eight year old on an iPad while texting on his cell phone. When I was eight years old I’m not even sure if I knew what a cell phone was and here’s this kid texting at speeds I can’t even text at. Bottom line is that Hot Wheels has the right idea here. Do you see any type of LCD screen involved with this toy? Any kind of 3D glasses needed to make it fun? No, no you don’t. It is what it is and that is awesomeness in pure form. When a sophomore in college has interest in buying a toy that is meant for 10 to 12 year olds, you know it’s good.

  8. Matt Riggi says:

    I honestly don’t know where my life would be if I had this when I was a kid. When I was younger I just had one track that just went around in a circle and I would just sit there for hours and watch the cars go around in a circle. If I had this toy when I was younger I would probably not have played football one terrible in school and have no friends because I would be playing with this the whole time. I am honestly thinking of buying one now and bringing it into my dorm room and setting it up. I would do that thing up; I would skip classes to set a sweet track up. Now to the argument about how X-BOX and other game systems are more entertaining to younger kids than this toy. I disagree with this statement, many times when kids are playing gaming systems they’re not really sure what’s going on, yea it may be entertaining, but not as entertaining as them watching a car go down a crazy awesome track. There is a certain age where a kid will change from wanting to watch and play something that they can feel and touch to playing something they can control the fate of another character. I can almost guarantee that when I have kids I am going to buy them one of these. I just hope that it is a little more sweet so when their playing with it I can join them.

  9. peter P says:

    OKay..enuff with the gung-ho remarks before.
    It is a creative twist and it should be welcomed (and patented?), but it is not the-best-ever toy /play-pastime. Tone it down pls.

    Anyway, my son wants it…I have a practical question no-one seems to answer (or think of):
    Stick to the wall: yes, but probably a clean dust free smooth wall.
    That is: No wall-paper, no wood, no plasterboard, etc..
    Do you have a kid’s room like that ?
    Our walls have wallpaper, and experiences with any sticky thing in the past (gummy poster stickers said to be re-usable..NOT) shows that nothing of the sticky stuff lasts.

    Wouldn’t that be a problem ? : either torn off pieces of wallpaper, 3M glue that attracts more and more dust…ah, oh yeah, you can order fresh ones…for how much again ?

    So; don’t cheer too soon.

  10. jhrabchak says:

    You know this is something that i would have thought someone would have comeup with earlier, i mean the technology was there, it just the traditional track with some thing to stick it to the wall. When i was younger, i tryed to make something like this, where i had a rediculous amoutn of track and would stick the starting point on top of something, like a table or chair and have the cars race down the track and do a loop at the bottom or something, but this “to the wall” part just puts me to shame. i never would have throught of trying to attach it to the wall. now that i think about it, it would have been possible just a little ducktape, or something like that. But i did used to love these things. I would spend entire days playing with them, trying to come up with new and creative tracks. It even looks like there are holders for the cars that stick to the wall. I used to have like a mini suitcase for the cars, i had so many. But this does look like an amazing toy and i think every kid should have them. They teach creativeness and the laws of physics.

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